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Phil Ivey Talks About the 10th Year Anniversary of Moneymaker's Win
Watch the in-depth interview of Phil Ivey discussing the 10-year anniversary of Chris Moneymaker's big win and how it changed poker. Ivey discusses how it attracted more people to poker and he reviews the impression Moneymaker had on him early in the tournament. Ivey thought he had a chance to win until he ran up against a bigger Moneymaker full house. Find out how Ivey feels about the possibility of winning a Main Event Bracelet in his future poker career.
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Phil Ivey's Greatest Weaknesses
Listen to Phil Ivey talk about his greatest weakness and learn how patience and practice lend themselves to his game.
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Phil Ivey Places A Few Crazy Prop Bets
Hear about some of the fun prop bets Phil Ivey has participated in and learn why vegetarianism and poker may not mix...
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Phil Ivey Exclusive Interview with ALL IN Magazine about Ivey Poker
Learn more about the Ivey Poker app created by Phil. Get exclusive details about its features, the celebrities who are participating, and why the app was created. Phil explains how you can play against, and interact with, the poker pros themselves! Ask questions, get tips, and play against the best of the best. If you're lucky, you might even get to go head to head with Phil!
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Phil Ivey Recaps the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event
Listen to Phil Ivey recap his journey through the 2013 World Series Main Event!
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WSOP Champion Ryan Riess Gives Post-Win Interview
ALL IN snags an interview with WSOP Main Event Final Table winner Ryan Reiss as his cash gets stacked behind him.
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Phil on Phil: Ivey On Playing with Hellmuth
Phil Ivey discusses what it's like to play with the colorful Phil Hellmuth AND gives ALL IN a great shout out!
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Chris Moneymaker Talks About Winning the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003
It's been 10 years since Chris Moneymaker's famous 2003 WSOP Final Table win! Watch the exclusive anniversary interview with Moneymaker in which he discusses the drawbacks of wining the Main Event in 2003, his quick rise to fame, and his notorious wins against Sammy Farha and Phil Ivey during that tournament.
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Chris Moneymaker Offers His Insights Into Online Poker
With Runner Runner coming out October 4th what better time than now to hear from Chris Moneymaker in regards to online poker. Get Chris Moneymaker's take on how he felt when online poker was banned, the future of online poker and what he did as an alternative to continue to play online poker after the ban. He feels once all 50 US states legalize online poker, the sport should blow up and more people will play. Chris is looking forward to the day when there are 12,000 people playing in the Main Event.
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ALL IN Talks to Scotty Nguyen at the 2013 WSOP
Scotty Nguyen divulges his best bluff ever and relives his classic 1998 Main Event hand that won him the WSOP. Check it out baby!
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ALL IN Magazine at the Runner Runner Movie Premiere
Ryan Johnson and Tasha Stonehouse, of All In Magazine conduct interviews at the movie premiere of Runner Runner with; David Levien, Screenwriter and Producer; Brian Koppelman Screenwriter and Producer; Brad Furman, Director; Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck, Jordan Beder, Meatloaf, Boyz II Men, and Carrot Top. And get post-movie reaction from Layne Flack, 6-time WSOP Bracelet Winner; Anthony Curtis, Las Vegas Advisor dot com; and Kasey Thompson, Poker Executive. Please comment with your thoughts of the ALL IN Magazine red carpet footage and be sure to watch the movie trailer: http://www.allinmag.com/2013/09/18/allin-runner-runner-premiere/
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2013 WSOP Recap: Part 1 - 10 Year Anniversary
Listen to the pros reflect on Chris Moneymaker's immortal WSOP Main Event win in 2003 and the staggering effect it has had on the poker world since. Part 1 of 3 of our 10 year anniversary series!
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ALL IN Talks to "Ship It Holla Ballas" Authors at the 2013 WSOP
Get some exclusive background on the book "Ship it Holla Ballas": a true story about a group of college dropouts who took the world of online poker by storm.
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2013 WSOP Recap: Part 2 - Black Friday
Erick Lindgren, Chris Moneymaker, Vanessa Selbst, and David Williams discuss the effects of Black Friday on the poker community and how they dealt with the blow themselves.
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2013 WSOP Runner Up Jay Farber Speaks With ALL IN
Listen to Jay Farber talk about his bittersweet loss to Ryan Riess in the 2013 WSOP Main Event Final Table.
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ALL IN: Jason Alexander - Seinfeld Poker
Watch Celebrity Poker Player, Jason Alexander, talk about which Seinfeld character would win in a game of Poker. Hear what he told ALL IN Magazine at the World Series of Poker. Comment or share this video if you are a fan of Jason Alexander and the rest of the Seinfeld cast.
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ALL IN Caught Up with Vanessa Selbst at the 2013 WSOP
Congratulations to Vanessa Selbst for winning the UK & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) High Roller Tournament defeating 176 players and winning £67,499. On behalf of Vanessa's victory we would like to post an interview the ALL IN team did with Vanessa at the 2013 WSOP. In ALL IN's interview with Selbst, she shares her thoughts on the deep run she made last year, some of her successful bluffs and the one she failed on by going all in. Share your thoughts of the ALL IN interview with Vanessa Selbst by leaving a comment below, liking the video and sharing it with your friends
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Brian Koppelman Calls Out Daniel Negreanu at Runner Runner Movie Premiere
All In Magazine caught up with famed Hollywood writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien during the Runner Runner Movie Premiere in Las Vegas. After answering "...who would win in a heads-up game between Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake", Brian proceeds to share his thoughts on who would win in a heads-up game between him and Daniel Negreanu. You never know what will come out on the red carpet - this was pretty cool! Check out complete coverage of the Runner Runner Premiere here: http://youtu.be/dgSHSvPjTQU
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ALL IN Stumbled Upon Ryan Riess's Old Babysitter at the 2013 Main Event Final Table for an Interview
Phil Hellumth gives us some insight into the simultaneous stress and excitement of commentating a live event!
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ALL IN Talks to Antonio Esfandiari at the 2013 WSOP
ALL IN Magazine catches up with Antonio Esfandiari at the 2013 World Series of Poker. Antonio Esfandiari was also featured on the cover of the ALL IN comeback magazine edition that was seen throughout the WSOP 2013. Hear what he had to say about his most memorable Main Event moment, which poker pros he likes to watch and his greatest bluff yet. How do your most memorable moments and best bluffs stack up to Antonio's?
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ALL IN Talks to Erick Lindgren at the 2013 WSOP
ALL IN Magazine catches up with Erick Lindgren at the World Series of Poker Main Event. Hear him talk about his favorite World Series of Poker memories, how he handles a cold streak in big games and how he once won a prop bet with Gavin Smith and Phil Ivey. Plus, find out how he prepares for big tournaments and what his advice is for newcomers to the poker tournament circuit.
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ALL IN Magazine Announces Our Winner of the Justin Timberlake Facebook Contest
Watch Ryan Johnson from All In Magazine on the red carpet event of Runner Runner ask Justin Timberlake the winning fan question from, the Facebook contest. Congratulations Greg Ezposito, for winning the Ask Justin Timberlake Facebook Contest. Your prize is on its way!
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2013 WSOP Recap: Part 3 - 2nd Poker Boom
Now that select states have legalized online poker, and others are preparing to follow suit, it looks like poker is ready for it's second big BOOM. Listen to a variety of poker personalities share their opinions about poker's comeback!
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ALL IN Talks to David Williams at the 2013 WSOP
ALL IN Magazine catches up with David Williams at the 2013 World Series of Poker. Hear him talk about his most memorable Main Event moment, what winning his bracelet was like and his favorite type of poker to play. Plus, he tells us how he handles the ups and downs of playing poker.
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ALL IN Talks to Mike Sexton at the 2013 WSOP
World Poker Tour host Mike Sexton recalls his most memorable World Series of Poker Main Event moments. Plus he tells ALL IN of a bluff where he was "right on the bubble to make the money in the Main Event".
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Koppelman vs Negreanu - The Rematch
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