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Theresa Gazard reading her poem Life of two halves 21 1 17
Theresa Gazard's poem "Life of two halves" comparing her life before and after being diagnosed with Parkinsons' Disease and its comparison with her love of Luton Town Football Club
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Armistice Day, Luton, 11 11 2017 ignored by Luton Council
Filmed outside Luton Town Hall on Armistice Day 11.11.17 - No-one from the Council, church or official organisation was there even to let people know the start and end times of the 2 minutes silence. In previous years Council and members of various religions addressed the residents from the steps of the Town Hal,l which is opposite the War Memorial, and a Salvation Army bugler played the last post from the balcony at the beginning and end of 2 minutes silence. It was left to a wonderful veteran from the British Legion to recite "At the going down of the sun..." and to thank people for coming. He said that he was glad that a few remembered 11.11. Is there another town or village in England which ignored this important event showing respect for those who gave their lives for our freedom? Luton did have a wonderful parade on Remembrance Sunday but 11.11. is acknowledged everywhere throughout the world as a time to remember the sacrifices made and are still being made by those who died or are still suffering to keep us free. Most stores in town, including Asda in Wigmore Luton, which supported our fight for the library by giving us their foyer for a week to get signatures held the 2 minutes silence. The 10,000 handwritten petn was described by Maggie Appleton, CEO of Luton Cultural Services Trust and now CEO of RAF Museum in Hendon, as just signatures. - That is democracy in Luton! Respect for English people, customs and culture are denigrated by Luton Council who are always boasting of their multi-culturism and social cohesion. I have not met many who agree. Everyone in the crowd on the 11th expressed their disgust at the lack of respect by Luton Council. Please see Discrimination against library closures in Luton Luton's Coronation meadow, Wigmore Valley Park - devastation of 70 acres of County wildlife park. I have been trying for 4 years to get Luton Council to behave democratically - if you could help with social media please contact me on Facebook Luton Libraries Arise. Thank you Doreen Steinberg Campaigner for democracy in Luton.
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Frank Batt, Poet  FILM
Frank Batt reading some of his own poems, mostly set in Bedfordshire. Frank's poetry is a mixture of amusing and serious poems bringing the past to life in many cases. Frank is a long time member of the Toddington Poetry Society which meets at 7.30 for 8pm at Hightown Community and Arts Centre, Concorde St, Luton LU2 0JD on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. All poets and lovers of poetry are welcome. Please see their Facebook page.
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Steven Eagell Toyota, Luton April 2017
Steven Eagell Toyota - everyone was friendly and professional. Buying this car was a pleasure. I highly recommend this dealership and its staff.
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Memorial Gates Constitution Hill, London   to Indian and   forces
Memorial to 5 Million volunteers from Africa, India and the Caribbean in WW I and II Trevor Holden
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Wigmore Valley Park Luton - destruction of 70 acres
Luton Council together with Luton Airport, which it owns, plans to build a road and commercial units on 70 acres of this County wildlife site which was planted 40 years ago on a landfill site and has a great variety of plant and bird species including orchids. This goes against their corporate plan - protect and enhance parks and open spaces. Give children wild spaces to run free.
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Saywell Rd Luton fly tipping 7 Feb 2017 Workers cut back not managers or directors
Masses of rubbish deliberately dropped while a car was moving to ensure the biggest mess over a large area before leaving the plastic bag at the side of the road. Luton Council has reduced the numbers of those who do work in all departments but not the directors and managers. Trevor Holden chief exec appoints deputy Trevor Holden ran 3 councils 2013 now has deputy
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Theresa Gazard reading her poem Life of two halves   her 12 year struggle with Parkinson's Disease a
Theresa 's poem combines her love of Luton Town Football Club with her struggle with Parkinson's Disease with humour and courage.
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Chiswick House Magic Lantern Festival 11 2 17
Fantastic displays, Chinese folklore, well organised, selection of food, children's rides
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Fly tipping Highover Close Luton 14 May 2017
Building material dumped in Highover Close Luton 24 May 2017 blocking 2 parking spaces. Luton Council failed to prosecute culprit of Oct 2016 Saywell Rd fly tipping despite proof
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Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park, London 20 11 17
https://youtu.be/V5xwqKcOYnA Luton Armistice Day 11.11.17 Ignored by Luton Council. Bomber Command memorial to 55,573 airmen from the UK, British Commonwealth and Allied nations who served with RAF Bomber Command and lost their lives over the course of the 2nd World War. Luton must be the only town, village or meeting place, including shops, gyms, etc, which had no official at their War Memorial to even let people know start and end of the 2 minutes silence. Despite this total disrespect for those who gave their lives for our freedom, Luton is attempting to be Best Council. I hope this travesty never happens.
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Theresa Gazard's poem "A Life of Two Halves"
Theresa's poem links her lifelong love of Luton Town Football Club with her 12 year struggle with Parkinson's Disease with courage and humour.
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Ian Ferguson busking in Luton on November 12, 2017
Ian Ferguson brought warmth and joy to Luton on a freezing cold day in November 2017 His music
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