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My personal DPH experience - Deliriant Trip Report (750mgs)
This was kinda rushed very lazily, but this is my personal experience with being delirious on Benadryl. Enjoy~ DISCLAIMER: Deliriants are very unpleasant substances with undesired effects. I do not condone the use of these substances for deliriant purposes, use at your own risk. Or just don't do it, that's probably the better option.
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DXM (Cough Syrup) Trip Report - The Delsym Days
Okay, so sorry this video took forever and a half to make. I'm not the most productive content creator out there, and this is more of a small hobby than a career of any sort. This is another video that is kind of short and rushed, but I feel still describes the effects of Cough Syrup pretty well. Hope you enjoy. The songs are from Bluebird Handwriting and their album Dextrobangers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DITOC1dOWg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb_sIzG5WOw
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Trip Report - Datura: The True Devil's Weed
This is the prototype of a series I might be making, where I read trip reports of various psychoactive substances, either from me or other people, drawing scenes to them to make the video not as boring. If you like these kinds of videos, please let me know, I would like to do more of these, especially deliriant reports. A lot of the drawings are kinda wonky, and some characters are off model, sorry if that's confusing. I drew most of the scenes at my job on receipt paper so that why it's all grainy. Also my reading skills are kinda bad but hopefully they will improve over time. Original Report: https://erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=16996
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Sanic Battle (vinesauce animation)
This is my first actual animation ever, and it's for vinny. I love when you play shit games dude. Keep up the bad work! :D Audio source: https://youtu.be/bwoJ6NmDL-I?t=51m14s
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Just look at those tweens and 60fps frame by frame editing. (This was a old ass flash that me and a friend did, I made him draw all the frames even though he wasn't too good at it, and I just randomly found this song from some baptist website, it sounds really giddy and kind of creepy, so it's perfect, and this is the main reason I havent deleted this video yet)
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Typical Day in the Partyvan
What happens when you truly use teamwork. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olspgUkwhrQ&layer_token=2419106758145b08
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Tf2 ponyfag shit
Watch me suck and stuff
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Derpy Draw Stream
I draw stuff and do things, lick my stick
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Playing ponyfag tf2 server
Look at me sucking all the dicks 0=
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