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Fans Camp Out To Get Prime Seats For BTS Concert At Staples Center
The Korean boy band kicks off their North American tour at Staples Center tonight. Jasmine Viel reports.
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LaMelo Ball Discusses Historic Game
After the basketball star scored 92 points he tweeted “love for Lexi” and then dedicated the game to her.
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"Karate Kid" Star Martin Kove Talks New Hit Show 'Cobra Kai'
Martin Kove, best known as John Kreese in "The Karate Kid," stops by the KCAL9 studios to talk about the new hit YouTube Red show "Cobra Kai."
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Older Brother Testifies In 8-Year-Olds's Murder Trial
Dave Lopez reports on the heart-wrenching testimony from a downtown L.A. courtroom.
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Packed School Board Meeting After Teacher's Anti-Military Rant
People packed a school board meeting in Pico Rivera after a recording of a teacher's rant against the military went viral. Tom Wait reports.
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Compton Security Company Issues Parking Tickets That May Be Fooling Drivers
A Compton security company has been issuing parking tickets that may be fooling drivers, according to CBS2 investigative reporter David Goldstein. Official Site: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSLA A Compton security company has been issuing parking tickets that may be fooling drivers, according to CBS2 investigative reporter David Goldstein. Private security guards who work for Management Security Services, Inc. and City Parking Enforcement, Inc. have been handing out citations that look similar to those issued by a city parking officer or police officer. Richard Raquidan received a $15 ticket from City Parking Enforcement in March for having a missing front license plate while parked in his apartment complex. "The ticket looks like it's from like, the city of Los Angeles," he said. The ticket, which came with a "you must respond within 10 days" message, also included an official-looking envelope to pay the fine, which was addressed to the Citation Processing Center in Los Angeles. "It has all the similar looking statements that make it look like a real ticket," Raquidan said. Raquidan's cousin Allan was cited for an invalid parking permit, which was a $50 fine. He told Goldstein that he has a valid permit, but it wasn't properly displayed. "It actually makes me very angry, as I said, that they would use the name City Parking Enforcement to legitimize what they are doing to unknowing citizens," Allan said. L.A. Department of Transportation Deputy Chief Brian Hale said people are being duped. "Clearly, the fact that they designed this to resemble an actual citation would indicate that clearly they were trying to mislead," he said. According to the California attorney general, private property owners have no authority to issue citations with monetary fines. Debbie Andelin said she got a citation in a Garden Grove lot, but found out the ticket could be worthless. Asked if she paid for it, Andelin said, "No. They can't [come after me.]" Garden Grove police are now investigating Management Security Services. "In my opinion, it may be fraudulent, and I think it could be a felony for them to be doing this depending on how many of these citations are out there," Garden Grove police Lt. Ben Stauffer said. Goldstein visited Jesus Flores, the owner of Management Security Services and the president of City Parking Enforcement, according to public records. Both companies operate out of a small storefront in Compton, the same site where Flores apparently used to run a taco restaurant. Asked if he has the right to give out such tickets, Flores said, "I do not know what you're talking about, sir." When Goldstein told Flores that the attorney general's office said that private property owners don't have the right to give out citations, Flores said, "Okay, well, that's their opinion."
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Suspect In Fatal Swatting Hoax Appears In LA Court, Will Not Fight Extradition
A South Los Angeles man who served prison time for making bomb threats to a local television station appeared in an L.A. County courtroom Wednesday, this time suspected of making a similar 911 call to Kansas police last week in a "swatting" prank that led to the shooting death of a man in Wichita. Kara Finnstrom reports.
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Chronic Pain Sufferer Says She Can't Get Pain Medication Amid Opioid Production Cuts
Getting opioid prescriptions has become increasingly difficult as production is being cut. Suzie Suh reports.
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'NCIS: Los Angeles' Stars Discuss This Season
"NCIS: Los Angeles" stars Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah stopped by CBS2 News This Morning Monday to discuss this season airing Mondays on CBS2 at 10 p.m. Subscribe to CBS Los Angeles for more updates now: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Official Site: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSLA
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Man Goes The Distance For Tiny Hummingbird His Dog Helped Rescue
A man in Whittier has gone the distance for a tiny hummingbird his once-feral dog helped rescue. Kristine Lazar reports.
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Goldstein Investigation: Parking Attendants Near LAX Take Money, Other Items From Cars
When you park your car at lots near LAX, employees know it'll be there a while. David Goldstein reports.
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CBS2 Investigates: Bogus Tickets Handed Out By Parking Officers
An investigation from CBS2's David Goldstein found that potentially thousands of parking tickets in LA should never have been issued. Subscribe to CBS Los Angeles for more updates now: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Official Site: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSLA
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Janet Jackson Holds Open Auditions In Van Nuys
More than 30,000 people have auditioned online to dance with the iconic pop star with video submissions across Instagram, Musical.ly, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #DancewithJanet. Lisa Sigell reports.
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Teenager's Skull Fractured In After-School Attack Posted To Snapchat
Fourteen-year-old Jordan Peisner was walking out of a Wendy's just down the street from his San Fernando Valley high school on Friday when he says he was randomly attacked by a teenager he had never met. Kristine Lazar reports.
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Pedestrian Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver At Vigil For Cyclist
Police are looking for a driver who struck a pedestrian near a South Los Angeles vigil being held for a cyclist who was killed in an earlier hit-and-run crash.
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Goldstein Investigates: City Managers Use The Company Car For Personal Errands
The city says it's investigating. David Goldstein observed two managers using city-owned cars for personal business .
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On Approach: A Brand New LAX Is Coming
The biggest public works project in LA history is getting underway at LAX. When it's done, the airport will look and feel nothing like it does today. Paul Magers reports.
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LAPD Officers Surprise Fallen Partner's Youngest Daughter At High School Graduation
Officers with the LAPD came out in force tonight to fulfill a pledge they made to a baby girl whose father was killed in the line of duty years ago. Stacey Butler reports.
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Councilman Who Made Anti-Military Remarks Refuses Calls To Resign
A local teacher and city councilman whose rants against the military brought national attention and criticism is refusing calls to step down tonight. Gregory Salcido faced protesters at tonight's Pico Rivera City Council meeting. Tom Wait reports.
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Bullying Continues After 13-Year-Old Attempts Suicide, Is Put On Life Support
"'Sorry, Mom and Dad. I love you.' And it said, 'Sorry, Mom, you're gonna find me like this,'" father Freddie Avila said struggling to get out the words written on his daughter Rosalie's suicide note. Crystal Cruz reports.
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Caught On Video: Doctor Asks For Cash For Handicapped Placard Even Before Exam
An undercover producer purchase authorization for a handicapped placard from chiropractor. David Goldstein reports.
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Parents Remembering Corona Teen Who Died Suddenly During P.E. Class
The parents of a Corona teen are remembering their big-hearted daughter who died suddenly during a physical education class. Adrianna Weingold reports.
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Bullied For Having Dark Skin, Young Girl Finds Her Confidence And Strength
A few months ago, 10-year-old Kharis Rogers felt ugly. Those days are long gone. Joy Benedict reports.
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Fans React To Jeff Fisher's Firing
Rams fans said Monday the time had come for the team to fire Jeff Fisher. Now, many are speculating about who will replace him. Dave Lopez reports.
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Starbucks Facing More Racism Allegations After Latino Customer Receives Cup With 'Beaner' On The Lab
"They asked for his name, and his name is 'Peter,' and they wrote this 'beaner," the victim's friend told CBS2 News, adding, "that's not fair." Chris Holmstrom reports.
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Actor Verne Troyer Dead At 49
No official cause of death was given but his Facebook page made reference to a bout with depression. Adrianna Weingold reports.
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EX-USC Employee Says She Was Fired Over Sexual Harrassment Complaint
After 12 years on the job Nathalie Gosset says she was fired because she complained that her boss Dr. Jon Lasch, was sexually harassing her.
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Woman Caught On Camera Allegedly Stealing Two Packages In Alhambra Pleads Not Guilty
If convicted, she faces up to four years in prison. Dave Lopez reports.
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Caught On Camera: Teenager Breaks Free From Suspected Kidnapper
Police say the victim did not know her attacker. KCAL9's Jasmine Viel reports.
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Home Sweet Dome: How You Can Buy Your Own Adobe Abode
You can build your own home (a home that will stand for hundreds of years) for about $150,000. Serene Branson gives a tour of a Cal-Earth home. Official Site: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSLA
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Chaos Erupts At Rapper's Memorial In Fairfax District
Police officers in riot gear faced off with a crowd that had formed to remember XXXTentacion, who was shot and killed this week. Jasmine Viel reports.
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Take A Virtual Tour Of New Rams And Chargers Home Coming To Ingelwood
The stadium unveiled its massive premiere center with virtual models of the entire project, right down to the suites, the jumbotron and the construction.
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Goldstein Investigation: $1.3M Paving Machine Homeless Man Was Using For Shelter Back On The Road Af
A barely-used, $1.3 million paving machine that a homeless man had been using as shelter was back on the road Friday, just days after a CBS2 News' report.
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Heartbroken Grandfather Testifies In Gabriel Fernandez Case
Robert Fernandez broke down several times during the testimony Monday in Downtown L.A.
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Woman Forcibly Thrown Off Plane After Complaining About 2 Dogs On Fligtt
A female passenger was forcibly removed from an LA-bound flight. Amy Johnson reports.
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Firefighters Surprise Homeowners With Next-Day Retardant Cleanup
CAL FIRE made a series of retardant drops during an aggressive firefight in Moreno Valley Sunday saving several homes where more than 1000 acres burned.
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Police Officer Surprises Mother Of Fallen Soldier With Son's Prized Possession
The mother of a fallen soldier was given a special gift by a police officer on Veterans Day. Michele Gile reports. Subscribe now to CBS Los Angeles for more updates: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Official Site: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSLA
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Gabriel Fernandez Murder: Mother, Boyfriend Sentenced For Torture, Murder
Justice was handed down Thursday for the torture and murder of an 8-year-old Palmdale boy, Gabriel Fernandez, in the form of a life sentence for his mother and a death sentence for her boyfriend. Kara Finnstrom reports.
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Debate Over Use Of Jumbo Bomber As Wildfires Rage In The West
The operators of the Boeing 747 converted from a passenger jet into a firefighting air tanker say it has proven itself battling forest fires in countries outside the U.S.
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2 Accused Police-Officer Impersonators Arrested After Picking Off-Duty Cop To Victimize
The suspects tried to pull over an off-duty Irvine sergeant by flashing a blue and red strobe light at the sergeant's car. Michele Gile reports.
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Goldstein Investigation: Sanitation Worker Who Crashed Truck In DUI Still On The Job
Sanitation worker Adrian Corrales - who normally drives a small garbage truck on a day shift - was charged with DUI after crashing a truck on the freeway at 3 a.m. David Goldstein reports.
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Bus Driver Fired Over Adjusting Rear View Mirror
A Pasadena transit driver says all he wanted to do was adjust his rear view mirror. Now he's out of a job. Fired. And he says for making sure his passengers were safe. Dave Lopez reports.
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Boy With Genetic Disorder Builds Lego Tribute To Children's Hospital LA
 Two things keep Dylan Prunty going—the doctors at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Legos. CBS2's Kristine Lazar explains. Official Site: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSLA
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Pregnant Mother Of 3 Clings To Life Following Head-On Crash With Suspected Drunk Driver, A Professio
Krystil Kincaid, a 29-year-old mother of three, was 8 months pregnant at the time of the crash. The unborn child did not survive, and Krystil remains on life support with her brain showing no activity. Tina Patel reports. Read the full story here: https://cbsloc.al/2OfRbQM.
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Girl, 17, Credited With Tipping Off Authorities To Perris House Of Horror
“I am immensely grateful for that young child being willing to make that call to 911, Otherwise we would not have had the opportunity to intervene.” A Riverside County official said.
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Fans Help Hollywood Boulevard's Original 'Superman' Fight Back From Homelessness
Hollywood Boulevard's original Superman performer is plotting his return to the Hollywood Walk of Fame just months after a mugger stole his costume and money. Kristine Lazar reports.
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Fans React To LeBron James Joining Lakers
Life is good again if you are a Lakers fan finally. Cristy Fajardo with reaction from LA Live where Lakers fans are talking title.
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Goldstein Investigation: Garcetti Says City Officials Shouldn't Be On Boards Of Charities That Get P
It's unclear if the mayor expects anyone to step down. David Goldstein reports.
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VIDEO: Woman Falls Through Ceiling After Asking To Use Garden Grove Restaurant Bathroom
Diners in Orange County received an unexpected dinner guest when a woman came crashing through the ceiling of a Mexican restaurant. Stacey Butler reports.
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