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Peekaboo Lily! (Odd hideout)
Here's our girl Lily when she was just a kitten, and thought my shorts made a great place to hide from invisible things. Until she sees the strap from the camera. Heh.
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Sharper Image DX-4 Late Afternoon Flight
Flying above the neighborhood with the DX-4. Very high up. Flight took place late in the evening, that's why its a bit dark.
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Big Spider gets Spotted Lantern Fly in PA
Fucking hate these lantern flies. Wish I had more spiders. They're quick but I'm quicker. Smashed this one and fed it to my buddy here.
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Weird pillbug? Please identify
Read title. Saw this thing. Looks like a nuclear-sub teardrop shaped pillbug. Can't find info online.
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Swallows Hunting in Dragonfly Swarm
Yes, I know I called them sparrows. This always happens in the summer when it's humid and about to storm.
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My Cat Rolls Over (RIP Lily)
This is Lily. We call her Little. She's about a year old. She is FELV positive. That means she has feline leukemia (blood cancer). She is very healthy, so don't worry. She is also very smart. It only took me about 2 hours (over three or four days) to teach her to roll over. Both her and her brother already know three other commands; sit, shake, and high five. Update: Our Little angel had to be put to sleep four days after I made this video. She took a turn for the worse, but now she's happy. Rest In Peace, Lily girl.
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2017 Eclipse in PA (cloudy)
While the clouds did eventually give way, the only way I could get a decent video was when the sun/moon were behind the clouds. My wife and I both took a few peeks through about 5 pairs of sunglasses. Amazing stuff.
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This is in my neighbor's tree
I didn't even notice it until today. It's about the size of a basketball.
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My Cat Does Tricks
This is Memow, Lily's big brother. (Check my videos for Lily rolling over) This video shows his awesome trick abilities. Sit, shake, high five.
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