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There's a test
First class of the day and theirs a test. Didn't study for nothing. Subscribe
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I want 5,000 subs
I want 5,000 subs I want 5,000 subs I want 5,000 subsI want 5,000 subsI want 5,000 subsI want 5,000 subs
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I lose a sub
Subscribe to my channel and show your friends my channel
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B.H. Monday part 4
Gotta few upgrades so now battling ships will be easier Subscribe and like
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Road to ten subs
We are getting close to 5, 000 Subcribers soon I will be better than jack Paul and pewdiepie.
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B.H. Monday (part 4)
I’m gonna post another one later today since the levels are short. Anyway enjoy this video,like, and subscribe
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B.H.monday (part 1)
Little game series on my iPad, I enjoy Download this game too it’s called bullet hell Monday
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B.h. Monday (part 2)
Enjoy this video and subscribe
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I'm a real ninja
The artist shows he's face after reaching 10 subscribers and I show you different styles of blades and how to use them. Leave a like and share with your friends
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Me and friends
This will become a playlist of me just videos of my friends.so subscribe. Keep drawing
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Future Trap
My first little bit on my launch pad mini. If y’all like it comment for more
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Open review\ollie darkside
In this video it is a review on the black version or darkside. It's a really cool droid or drone to use I used it to do tricks outside And yeah it's pretty tough. It has a 1hr battery so that's good the black design is awesome while you can change the colors to any other color you want. So I hope you ghost like this and subscribe let's get our 50 subs I domt really know how to end my videos so I'm going to say the black ghost fades away. Also like please
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Special shout out
This is Minecraft and friends with 250 close to 500. And subscribe to him and me. Keep drawing peeps and bad
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My shoes
I may be a low talker because its loud in my school. Anyway subscribe and see more of my stuff. Keep drawing ✏
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Review  (Aeroblades)
I was tired when I recorded this, but these are throwing knives i got for $25 bucks. They come in blue, red, green, and oranges. I really like them. Speaking of like leave a lie for this vid and subscribe
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