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NON-ELECTRONIC Spy Camera - Tutorial
This device allows you to see through trees and bushes to allow your team to gather secret intel about your enemy's plans!
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Fastest & Easiest Way to TROLL Your Friends
A quick guide to the fastest and easiest wat to troll your friends IRL. All you need is a piece of paper and 3 words to trick your target into believing they're about to get that easy A we all want. DISCLAIMERS - Song-"Europa" by "Globus" (plz dont sue me) - You may be disliked after doing this!] - Chocolate not included
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How to Get Rid of Ghost Lines When Colouring
Don't we all just hate that feeling when doing the final touches of an artistic master piece and what? LINES THAT WE ERASED? No one likes that feeling and today I'm going to teach you a super simple way to get rid of those pesky ghost lines!
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Raiding a Super RICH OP Kid in Minecraft
We go on an insane raid and steal from a super rich OP kid who made his base out of GOLD and IRON BLOCKS! Never have we raided an awesome faction base like this one and probably never will again. Come and see how we steal stacks of gold and iron blocks while easily killing the faction members again and again and again. Unfortunately the faction pvp server that we recorded this on is offline.
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SUPER HORSES & IS THE WIKI WRONG? Minecraft Horse Testing Pt.2
Are there SUPER HORSES in Minecraft? How can they be made, or are they even possible? More importantly is there INCORRECT INFORMATION ON THE WIKI? Well watch this video and you'll find all this out for yourself. Don't forget to Subscribe for more minecraft content and Comment your own findings down below! ================================================================== *Disclaimer* The information that I stated the wiki was wrong about stated that when horses breed they MAY give birth to a foal with superior traits. This information is wrong assuming my testing is 100% correct. It may not be so please take that into consideration.
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Make a Functional Spring Out of PAPER! Super Easy (Original)
In this video you will learn how to make a FUNCTIONAL paper spring. Unlike other "paper springs" this one will BOUNCE without you needing to do anything you wouldn't need to do with a normal metal spring. There is NO OTHER VIDEO LIKE THIS ON YOUTUBE or anywhere on the internet for that matter, so don't miss your chance. This is great because it is SUPER EASY to make and can be made out of any piece of scrap paper. Also, it's a great time killer, so if you're ever bored, just take about a minute to make this and you'll have tons of fun. Not to mention but if you decided to make some devise out of paper (ex. a paper gun) this is an actual functional spring, so this could turn a breath powered devise into a SELF PROPELLING one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I DID INVENT THIS PAPER SPRING and would ask that in the case that anyone would like to make a tutorial of their own, they give me some credit. Please trust me on this that I knew how to do this for years before actually making this video. Unfortunately someone put a video just a month or two before mine but it isn't as good.
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Minecraft TNT CANNON Raid - Siege of the USA
Today we find and underground base and use a TNT cannon to raid get in the base and exploit the areas that they didn't cover with obsidian. After a long process of firing multiple shots from a TNT cannon, and even innovating NEW TNT CANNONS, we finally manage to break through the chests!
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How to Get 16 Stacks of Obsidian in 16 Seconds - Minecraft Raiding
In this video we acquire more obsidian than we know what to do with in an unbelievably short period of time. We came out with just over 16 STACKS of obsidian in about 16 seconds! In case you were wondering, thats hours worth of mining done in less than 30 seconds. How did we manage to do this you ask? Well getting a lot of obsidian in a very short time can only be attributed to one thing... Luck! *SPOILERS AHEAD* We were just starting on Original PvP and we stubbled upon this base that was unclaimed and looked to be already raided. Why exactly did the people who found this place before we did NOT take the obsidian? Not sure, but it they did we would not have had this super easy raid!
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MINECRAFT RAIDING - PSA on Safe Chest Storage
Subscribe for similar PSA's ;) Super easy minecraft raiding. This was probably the easiest money we have ever made on minecraft! All this video is meant to do is make you realize that building a huge base above ground is a really bad idea (especially when you're not going to finish it). AND EVEN WORSE, don't EVER leave your chest out in the open where anyone can see. People WILL find it.
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Minecraft Raiding a SUPER OP Rich Kid PT. 2
Like, and subscribe for more videos! Raiding a super rich OP kid who we decided just had WAAAY too many potions ;). In this video we go all out against a donator in one of our longest yet most rewarding raids of all time! Chests upon chests worth of potions are raided, armour is stolen, and kids are raging! Don't spend another second not watching one of the richest kids I've seen gets his toys taken away. This is the second part to Raiding a Super Rich OP kid and in my opinion, it's 100 times better than pt. 1.
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CLOAKED HANDY MAN RUSH Annihilation Tutorial - Annihilation Analyzation
Welcome to Annihilation Analyzation! Today we look at doing a handy man rush, where we use invisibility potions, and an enchanted golden pickaxe to strike an emery nexus by PHASE 2. This will allow us to do huge damage while also receiving the maximum amount of handy man repairing towards our own nexus! This strategy is amazing and can lead to a very easy lead for your team.
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Vapor PvP Server Spotlight & Trolling a Newb
Welcome to Vapor PvP, a minecraft PvP server made my friend xPhantom11. Its a good server with factions, a great pvp arena and shops. Its still in the makings so many of your suggestions may still be suggested. All of a sudden some random kid comes on the server asking for Owner rank. Of course, I'm not even an admin and after a lot of trolling and killing, he rages and leaves the server claiming that he's going to hack my account. VAPORPVP.NO-IP.ORG:25567
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Minecraft-TIME TO DIE!
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robots made by kids. me and my friends made the one with the hammer
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Anakin Skywalker Random Killings
My best stop motion yet
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Getting Griefed
*Share this video until all servers will know about these guys* Getting griefed by a couple of hardcore major hackers. I try to fight them off as they ruin my huge 100x50 sky base with the use of fly hacking, sprint hacking, speed hacking, and crouch sprint hacking.
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Minecraft SMP Gameplay - Team Meetup! - E1
Server IP: rndgaming.gameserv.co Been feeling nostalgic so I decided to find a good ol' SMP server. PvE focused, good old fashioned grief and get banned, *super friendly staff community*, and a small number of regular players. This server was just perfect so I Skyped up some friends and decided to take a simple but fun Minecraft adventure just like I did years ago!
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Minecaft SMP Gameplay - Da Villager Life - E2
Server IP: rndgaming.gameserv.co The second episode of the RnD craft SMP series. In this episode we take residence in a village and free many of its villagers from the wooden cages of which previous travellers have trapped them in. Archer makes a diary and finds something of GREAT interest!
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"EXTREME, EPIC, AWSEOME" -housewars1 This is as extreme as it gets in terms of mc! lol this is not to be taken seriously and btw before a get hated on, x-straem is spelt wrong on pupose!
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Z.A.T. trailer
a trailer with something to do with the upcoming movie, Z.A.T.
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Minecraft SMP Gameplay - Free the Villager! - E3
Server IP: rndgaming.gameserv.co We continue from where we left off last video. A villager is trapped in a house and we must valiantly make haste to save it. Had Mike not found it, who knows what would have come of our poor villager friend.
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Its FREE FRIDAY at mccft and I am owning newbs with my AWESOME ninja skills =D
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CryStarbow - Every single PsY Starbow Game Ever (Parody)
The much awaited part 2 to the CrYstarcraft series! Today we'll be playing STARBOW! THE BEST GAME EVER! It has no balance issues like HotS and is just better in every way. Hey Guyz i tried. U wanted it and i tried to make it work. I hope u enjoy! :D
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I start off a new mine craft let's play series in which I'll take you through my mine craft 1.6 experience.
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a lego war 2 ppl vs a small army
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Epic Pro Cast-PvZ EGPuma vs LiquidHero
This is an EPIC cast of the game with EG's Puma and Liquid's Hero.
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Crystarcraft HotS (Parody of Every Psystarcraft game Ever)
Not intended to be offensive to anyone except Psystarcraft.... So today I play another game of HoTs which btw sucks! And i basically just QQ like I always do and lose to something that I could have easily held off. Have I ever told you that HotS sucks? What about that ZvZ is a boring match up? OR how toss and terran are op? NO??????? well then watch this video where I do all that!
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the guild base is under attack
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CNA U PLAY MINECRAFT AS EXTEME AS ME? NOT A CHANCE! WATCH AS I ENCOUNTER CREEPERS AND ... srry for showing my apps... that was a mistake!
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Testing Horse Ablilities on Minecraft 1.6
I will go through my custom testing ground to evaluate several horse's speed, strength, and jumping abilities so that you can know the capabilities of horses that you may find on your adventure.
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EPIC Super Smash Bros - Fighting a Hacker?
Subscribe, Like, and Tell me how your best game went in the comments below. Some of my best Super Craft Brothers gameplay. Owning some players and even facing a guy who has some obvious hacks on. Using the villager and spider class I try to exploit the poison abilities and use them as best I can to win. Playing 3 games on the server 22.cbga.me with my friend. We'll team up (kinda) to take out other players and try to win games.
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