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5 How Your 401k or IRA Could Reduce Your Social Security Income
Few people still working are aware there are taxes on Social Security income. They are also not aware that income from your 401(k) or IRA is counted when determining if you will be taxed on your Social Security benefits. This video gives the details.
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Controlling Your Health Insurance Costs
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6 Tax Deferral (by itself) Provides No Additional Growth to Your Retirement Plan
It is often stated that deferring taxes will provide more income during retirement because of the growth on the money that would have gone to pay taxes. This is a myth and explained in detail in this video.
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The Roth Alternative to an Income Tax-Free Retirement
This program can be especially effective for small business owners. Since life insurance is not considered a tax qualified plan, according to the IRS, there is no requirement for the business owner to fund a similar plan for his or her employees. Unlike tax qualified plans, this product can be structured to create a bucket big enough to hold some, most, or all of the proceeds from the eventual sale of a business. This allows the business owner to put their sale proceeds to work, in a tax favored manner, while at the same time providing a tax-free inheritance for their loved ones.
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The Newest Retirement Income Strategy.
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0% Tax Bracket
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Social Secuirty Timing
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How a Fixed Indexed Annuity Works
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Clips From TheBetterWayToRetire.com
A few short clips from some of the videos posted on TheBetterWayToRetire.com.
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7 If a Roth IRA is so Great Why Hasn't Everyone Converted?
Many have not converted to a Roth IRA for one of three main reasons. First, they are afraid the government will change the rules down the road. Second, they do not have funds outside of the plan to pay for the taxes due at conversion. Third, they are unaware of the looming tax crisis and how it will affect their tax-deferred retirement plan. This video will provide answers for all three concerns.
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It Is Time to Wake up America
There is a financial tidal wave sweeping over America and it will adversely affect everyone owning a tax-deferred retirement plan.
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Clip of The Best Retirement Plan
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4 Why Social Secutity Is the Key to a Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan
Your tax-deferred retirement plan does not work without your Social Security benefits. This video explains how they are linked.
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1 Your Future Retirement Income Faces a Far Greater Threat Than the 2008 Market Crash
If you own a tax-deferred retirement plan, the wheels are already turning on changes that will have adverse effects on your retirement income. This video explains why.
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3 Why a Balanced Budget Cannot Save Your Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan
Although balancing our national debt and controlling future spending is critically important to our financial future as a nation, it cannot save us from the looming tax crisis. This video explains why.
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8 It Is Time to Come to Some Conclusions
For your tax-deferred retirement plan to work, you must be in a lower tax bracket at the time of retirement, and Social Security must account for a large part of your income.
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Part 3
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Part 2
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Getting to Know Carl Interview
Being in the financial services industry provides a tremendous opportunity to have a profound impact on people's lives for generations to come. It is critically important you work with someone who has your best interest at heart.
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The Roth Alternative Anyone Can Use
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tax deferral by itself 1440
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Gap Coverage
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Part 1
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An Interview With Carl
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401k Fees
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The Best Retirement Plan B
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