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Is All Organic Food Equal?
When it comes to food and nutrition, what does “organic” mean? SMG goes “down on the farm” with Daria Klachko, MD, SMG gynecologist and organic farmer, to find out if all organic food is equal.
Miralax Preparation Instructions for Colonoscopy
Follow these Miralax preparation instructions to ensure a successful exam.
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Dr. Andrew Gumbs, Summit Medical Group,  performs surgery with ViKY device
News 12 NJ interview with Summit Medical Group surgeon, Dr. Andrew Gumbs, recently performed surgery at Overlook Hospital with the aid of ViKY, a motorized surgical assistant. http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/article/SMG-Surgeon-Uses-New-Laparoscopic-Device/
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Trigger Finger Surgery
Trigger finger surgery is a very safe same-day procedure to relieve trigger finger – a common and painful condition that causes fingers to snap and get stuck in the palm. Dr. Evan Fischer, SMG expert in trigger finger surgery, discusses this simple procedure.
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Do Fathers Experience Postpartum Depression?
New dads don’t get depressed, right? Wrong. Post-partum depression CAN affect new fathers. Learn more with Dr. David Levine, SMG Pediatrician and (now) happy new dad!
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News and Happenings: Understanding EOBs - Summit Medical Group
Most of us have received an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) in the mail. But what are these documents and how do you read and understand them? Learn more in this installment of Summit Medical Group's Billing & Insurance videos.
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Medical Monday: Rotator Cuff Tears - Summit Medical Group
Rotator cuff tears are one of the most common shoulder injuries for participants in baseball, bowling, cricket, swimming, tennis, and kayaking, or other activities that may overuse the shoulder. The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder. When torn, symptoms can range from a acute pain to gradual weakness and decreased shoulder motion. Summit Medical Group orthopedics surgeon, Matthew Garberina, M.D., discusses treatment and prevention of rotator cuff tears.
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Amy Robach: A Public and Private Journey with Breast Cancer
GMA News Anchor Amy Robach reflects on her breast cancer diagnosis and discusses her experience with the disease.
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What is insomnia? Can you “make up” for lost sleep?
Get the answers to some myths about insomnia and its effects on health, from James Korman, PsyD, ACT, Director of SMG’s Behavioral Health and Cognitive Therapy Center.
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Medical Monday: Kids and Insect Bites/Stings - Summit Medical Group
Insect bites or stings mostly cause discomfort, but may lead to a serious allergic reaction. Learn the most effective way to treat insect bites or stings with Dr. Geraldine Summa, Summit Medical Group certified pediatrician, and don't let bugs take a bite out of your child's outdoor fun. http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/doctor/gsumma/
Ultherapy: The First-ever, FDA-approved, Noninvasive, Skin-lifting Procedure
Learn more about a noninvasive and effective ultrasound treatment for lifting, tightening, and toning skin on the neck, chin, and brow! Find out how Ultherapy, the novel, safe, and FDA-approved treatment, uses sound waves to gradually strengthen and tone the skin from deep within the skin's layers. The lecture will also discuss how Botox and facial fillers can be combined with #Ultherapy or used alone to help you turn back the hands of time on your face and neck with no downtime!
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Medical Monday: Cognitive Therapy for Men - Summit Medical Group
June is Men's Health month and Dr. Michael Likier, Summit Medical Group Behavioral Health specialist, discusses cognitive therapy for men and why men may avoid seeking treatment.
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How2 Start An Exercise Program
Exercise plays an important role in diabetes management. It can help you control your blood glucose levels and maintain a healthy weight. But which exercises are safe and effective for diabetics? SMG’s Roger Warn offers insight on how to add physical activity into your daily routine.
Can Urgent Care Take Care of Most Emergencies?
You need immediate care for a health emergency, but do you really need to go to an emergency room? Summit Medical Group's Dr. Corey Smith dispels some common myths about health emergencies and discusses why Urgent Care can be a better choice for treatment.
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Virtual Tour: Summit Medical Group
Summit Medical Group is New Jersey's largest privately owned multispecialty physician group. Providing coordinated, convenient, high-quality healthcare in more that 70 medical specialties and services, Summit Medical Group can help you live well and stay well. For more information, visit www.summitmedicalgroup.com.
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Inside Business with Fred Thompson - 3 year old receives cochlear implants.
Summit Medical Group physicians Jed A. Kwartler, MD and Reza Momeni, MD, are interviewed along with the family of Sean Hansberry, a 3 year old boy who received cochlear implants.
Medical Monday: Botox and Fillers - Summit Medical Group
Are you a candidate for Botox or dermal fillers? Reza Momeni, MD, FACS and Peter Hyans, MD, FACS discuss these non-surgical, non-invasive procedures which tighten and lift sagging skin to help restore your youthful appearance. Reza Momeni, MD, FACS http://www.plasticsurgerysmg.com/about-our-practice/dr-reza-momeni Peter Hyans, MD, FACS http://www.plasticsurgerysmg.com/about-our-practice/dr-peter-hyans http://www.plasticsurgerysmg.com/
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Diabetes: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention
Diabetes is the leading cause of disability and death, affecting approximately 25 million people in the United States. Dr. Irene Cho, board certified endocrinologist with Summit Medical Group, discuss diabetes types, its risk factors, prevention and treatment.
Medical Monday: Kids and Insect Bites/Stings - Summit Medical Group
Insect bites or stings mostly cause discomfort, but may lead to a serious allergic reaction. Learn the most effective way to treat insect bites or stings with Dr. Geraldine Summa, Summit Medical Group certified pediatrician, and don't let bugs take a bite out of your child's outdoor fun. http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/doctor/gsumma/
The Treatment of ACL Tears
70% of athletes that present with a swollen knee have a torn ACL. Learn about Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries, treatment and prevention.
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Medical Monday: Bariatric Surgery - Summit Medical Group
Does being overweight or obese have a negative affect on your life? Robert Bell, MD, Summit Medical Group board-certified bariatric surgeon and founder/director of the Yale - New Haven Hospital Bariatric Surgery Program, discusses how weight loss surgery can help you improve your health.
Medical Monday: Ear Cleaning - Summit Medical Group
Learn the do 's and don'ts of cleaning your ears from Summit Medical Group ear specialist, Dr. Jed Kwartler.
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Medical Monday: Fraxel Laser Therapy - Summit Medical Group
Fraxel laser therapy is an effective nonsurgical treatment for many skin conditions. Fraxel can be used on any type of skin and anywhere on the body. Learn more with Summit Medical Group board-certified dermatologist and Fraxel expert, Dr. Naheed Abbasi.
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Medical Monday: Spider & Varicose Veins - Summit Medical Group
http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/ Shorts, skirts, bathing suits - summer fashions show lots of leg. But if unsightly and uncomfortable veins prevent you from enjoying summer fashion and activities, Dr. Richard Nitzberg, our expert, board-certified vascular surgeon at the Summit Medical Group Vein Center, offers both surgical and nonsurgical techniques to effectively treat spider veins and varicose veins. Tune in for a lesson on lovelier legs!
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Medical Monday: Common Travel Illnesses - Summit Medical Group
Don't let a travel illness spoil your vacation! Redentor S. Mendiola, Jr., M.D., Summit Medical Group Travel Medicine Specialist discusses common travel illnesses and what you can do to avoid them!
Summit Medical Group - Live well Stay well
New Jersey's largest multi-speciality medical practice,shares its award-winning customer service environment. Berkeley Heights, NJ, summitmedicalgroup.com
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Medical Monday: CT Angiography-Summit Medical Group
Computed tomography (CT) angiography is a noninvasive heart imaging test. It can determine whether fatty deposits or calcium deposits have built up in coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart. Dr. Daniel Schwartz discusses CT angiography for those with a family history of cardiac events, diabetes, or high blood pressure or people who smoke or have high cholesterol.
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Should People With Heart Issues Avoid Intimacy?
Summit Medical Group cardiologist, Dr. William A. Tansey explains the “what, when and why” of intimacy and heart health in our new “Mythbusting” video series!
News and Happenings: Insurance Cards - Summit Medical Group
Do I need to bring my insurance card to all my SMG medical appointments? Get the answer to this and other medical billing and insurance questions in our new video series!
Patient Profiles: Bonnie Kelly - Summit Medical Group
Bonnie Kelly always kept her mammogram appointments. Yet it was a signal from her body that lead her to Summit Medical Group's Breast Care Center and Nurse Navigation Program - and to her diagnosis of breast cancer. Now cancer-free and finished with all treatments, Bonnie shares her story.
News and Happenings: Wide-Bore MRI - Summit Medical Group
Summit Medical Group's premium wide-bore MRI sets a new standard in patient comfort and diagnostic technology. Learn more about this latest addition to our Imaging Department's MRI suite.
Medical Monday: Swimmer's Ear - Summit Medical Group
Swimming is a fun way to enjoy the summer but can lead to an infection of the ear canal c--swimmer's ear. Summit Medical Group's Dr. Jed Kwartler, ear specialist, explains how to prevent and treat this uncomfortable, but common ear condition.
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Can Smart Phone or Tablet Overuse Harm Your Health?
Summit Medical Group physicians, Alison Kole and Hamed Lari explain how our tech habits effect how we see and how we sleep in this new “Mythbusting” video series!
News and Happenings: ABC's of Insurance - Summit Medical Group
Do you know the difference between a co-pay, a deductible and co-insurance? Find out what they mean and how they work in this installment of our Billing & Insurance information series.
Medical Monday: Disc Herniations - Summit Medical Group
A herniated disc can be painful. Find out about the common causes, symptoms and treatment options for disc herniations, from Summit Medical Group spine specialist, Ilya Kupershtein, MD. http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/
Facial Peels
A glycolic peel is a safe treatment for everyone that uses a solution of glycolic acid that's applied to the skin to exfoliate and rejuvenate. Almost any skin type can get a glycolic peel, it is used for treating acne, wrinkles and sun damage. If you want clearer, softer, and overall more youthful looking skin, find out more about the glycolic peel with Summit Medical Group's Aesthetician, Melissa Galloway.
Medical Monday: ACL Tears and Repairs - Summit Medical Group
Eric Mirsky, M.D., board certified orthopedic surgeon discusses ACL tears and repairs. The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of four major knee ligaments. The ACL is critical to knee stability, and if injured, can cause swelling, pain, and instabilty. Find out more about the causes and treatments for this common sports injury.
Medical Monday: Vitiligo - Summit Medical Group
Emily Altman, M.D., FAAD, Summit Medical Group board-certified dermatologist, discuss the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the pigmentation condition, vitiligo.
Introduction to the Breast Care Center - Summit Medical Group
This video introduces Summit Medical Group's Breast Care Center. In 2011 the center remains only one of a few breast centers in New Jersey designated a National Consortium of Breast Centers Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence. To learn more about the services offered visit: http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/service/Breast-Health-Center/
How 2 Self Monitor Blood Glucose
One of the most important tools for a diabetic is a blood glucose meter. SMG Certified Diabetes Educator, Roger Warn, MS, RDN, CDE, explains the supplies you need to self-manage diabetes and how to properly use a glucometer.
Patient Profiles: The Hansberry Family - Summit Medical Group
When little Sean Hansberry needed need bilateral cochlear implants to help him hear, his parents turned to ear specialist, Jed Kwartler, M.D., and the Ear Specialty Center at Summit Medical Group.
Matthew Garberina, MD, talks to Fox 5 - Joba Chamberlain Tommy John Surgery
Joba Chamberlain is scheduled to have season-ending Tommy John surgery on his pitching elbow. In this interview with Fox 5 news, Summit Medical Group's Dr. Matthew Garberina discusses the reconstructive surgical procedure. http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/doctor/mgarberina/
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Improving Self Esteem in Children and Teens
The way children think about their experiences influences how they feel about themselves and the way they cope with challenges in life. Learn effective strategies to help build your child's self esteem and help prevent childhood/teen depression and anxiety.
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Colon Cancer At-A-Glance
Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers and it's also one of the most preventable. Dr. Tamir Ben-Menachem, SMG Gastroenterologist, talks about the importance of colon cancer screenings. Click here for more information: http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/service/Gastroenterology/
Radiation Oncology Tour
Check out our brand-new Radiation Oncology Department in Berkeley Heights. This new facility offers state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly dedicated and skilled physicians and staff. The Summit Medical Group MD Anderson team is eager to begin providing patients with access to the most advanced cancer treatments, furthering our commitment to delivering world-class cancer care.
The Creation of The Summit Medical Group Foundation
Announcement from Jeffrey LeBenger, MD - Board Chairman
Lecture Preview: Understanding Stress and Anxiety in Children, Teens and Young Adults -
This short video provides an overview of a community education lecture, Understanding Stress and Anxiety in Children, Teens and Young Adults on July 27, 2011. For the complete lecture presentation please click here: http://youtu.be/wdZ2zHRDSG8
Good Medicine: Destination Hope - Summit Medical Group
A child's smile can unlock your heart and open your soul! But for children with facial and physical deformities, in distant places without modern medical care, the doors to a happy, healthy childhood are closed. Dr. Reza Momeni, Summit Medical Group board certified plastic surgeon and hand surgery expert, and his colleagues, bring their equipment and expertise to these destinations, changing frowns into smiles, fear into love, and worry -- into hope. Welcome to Destination Hope.
EXPO: Breast Cancer Awareness - Summit Medical Group
Summit Medical Group Breast Cancer Awareness Expo held at the Berkeley Heights Campus Cafe. Attendees met with professionals from specialties such as genetic counseling, breast navigation, acupuncture, surgery, physical therapy as well as other areas relevant to women's breast health.
Medical Monday: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Summit Medical Group
Got that tingly feeling? It may be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a common, painful disorder of the wrist and hand. See Dr. Reza Momeni, hand specialist, explain carpal tunnel syndrome in our latest "Medical Monday" video and learn ways to return to your daily activities pain-free. http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/article/Carpal-Tunnel-Syndrome/