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Gravity Falls AMV: Divide
An AMV I put together for Gravity Falls with the song Divide from the RWBY soundtrack. Considering how much the song fit with the show, I'm surprised it hasn't been used in an AMV before. I do not own Gravity Falls or the song used in the video, I just edited the clips together. The song was made by Jeff Williams. You should watch RWBY. It doesn't have much of a Gravity Falls vibe, but it is still an epic fantasy series. The animation starts out really bad, but the story is epic and the animation improves. Watch Episode 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sGiE10zNQM&index=5&list=PLUBVPK8x-XMhCW2fW7ZYlD9MHjvmT8IGK
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Cool Math Games: Bronze Age Ep 1
Another games, but now with a new mic!
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Shepard Software: State Capitals lv. 2 (With Memory Tips)
Today I play Shepard Software's State Capital Quiz. Looks like I got them all right. I also include helpful hints to help remember the capitals of each state.
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Mineplex: Super Smash Mobs in 2:00 am
So torchicdude and I woke up at 2:00 am to play Mineplex, while we were tired. It let to me saying some very strange things.
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Pendragon Mod
Guess what? I made a mod! This is the Pendragon Mod. If anyone wants to become the Continuer of this mod message me on the Minecraft Fourms at AbsolX.
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How smart are you? (game)
Sorry about not capturing the first part. In this video I pas a series of IQ test to try to find out what happened to the people living on this planet. Website: http://www.coolmath-games.com If you enjoyed watching this video don't forget to like it. If you like my channel and want me to be more motivated for videos hit that subscribe video.
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AJ  Adventure Tutorial: Return of the Phantoms
In this episode Vine returns, now for a real adventure. The Bunny Burrow has been invaded.
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After Sunset: We need to talk
The next Warriors play is out. This is the final script on the Warriors site. Now I'll be making my own scripts. The next play should come soon.
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Steven Universe Theory:  Connie is a Gem
So, here's my crazy theory about how Connie is secretly a gem. Most of the images were taken from the internet/YouTube and are screenshots/renders/clips of the show. A lot of the clips will have random YouTube watermarks, as they were taken from rippers. Since I took the footage from so many of them, and its just clips from the show, if you would like to be credited in the description, please comment. Zinnia Battle Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElO3NSM9KTU XY Legendary Battle Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTKOBLjDvRM Hoenn Weather Trio Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag7KY32GqaA Bismuth Fanart: http://zipfelzeus.deviantart.com/art/Steven-Universe-AU-Concept-9-634972578?q=Zipfelzeus%2F37520086&qo=7
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Warriors Play: Brightspirit's Mercy; Beyond the Code
Watch the play "Brightspirit's Mercy" be played out using voice acting and stop motion animation.
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AJ Adventure Tutorial: Training Grounds
Welcome to my first AJ video. In this episode Vine, my polar bear, completes the adventure Training Grounds. Except videos for all the adventures soon.
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[Fansong/Cover]Stronger Than You: Pearl version
I wrote a song lyrics and then sang them. Look forward to more covers in the future(parody lyrics and normal lyrics) as my singing skill hopefully improves. The good news is, I was able to make this video in the course of an afternoon(I'd been practicing the lyrics for a while), the bad news is all iMovie titles move and don't work for song lyrics, so I had to make them in another software. They're a bit messy and probably have a few typos in them, but making them was so tedious I don't care. Go check out the original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OWq38TikzU Thanks to youseeberkely for the piano instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfLwcU7GFJ4 Thanks to Kazoid13 on reddit for making the beautiful pixel art of Pearl and a stock homeworld soilder(more on her later). Go upvote all her posts or something: https://www.reddit.com/user/Kazoid13 As for the homeworld solider, she is a Lake Superior Agate. She was made as part of a Fire Emblem styled fan game taking place during the rebellion I'm working on as a writer. Once the test demo is released to the public, I will play it on my channel(also the full game, but that will be a while), so stay tuned for that.
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Spore Episode 4- My Sceenie hates Spore
I hope you enjoyed this video. My next Spore video will have a big time skip in it because I saved and then found that the video was corrupted. Tip to Lets Players: Only save after the video ends.
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Mineplex Champions w/torchicdude YOU FIRE SPAMER!
So, torchicdude and I played Mineplex Champions games. We get in some augment, but its all in good fun.
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Ok, so here I play some Mineplex Mini Games. I play a lot of different games so I'm using this really awesome title XD.
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Cosmic Factions 1: Thingees
The beginning of a new series. We get a lot of thingees.
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Mineplex w/ Nicky
My friend Nicky and I play some Mineplex. Sorry for the sudden ending. The video was fairly long so I cut out the end. We played like three more games. I may post that sometime.
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Pixelmon: Rocket Wars
So I choose to join Team Magma because -why not? Lets see what havoc I can wreck.
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Bronze Age End: We all die
So thats the last of the Bronze Age videos.
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Undertale Passifist: Ep3 Snowdin part 1
Frisk makes it out of the Ruins only to find a strange forest, filled with trees that grow without sunlight. Oh and skeletons, but more importantly HOW DO THOSE TREES GROW?
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Undertale Ep 17: The True Lab
Frisk had successfully defeated Asgore, but still ended up back in the underground. They run around finishing their unfinished business.
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Spirit Animals Ep 1: Big Birdee
The game is very unwieldy for recording, so there probably won't be any more videos of this. However if there is a lot of request I might upload the rest of my prerecorded videos and continue the series.
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Undertale Passifist Ep 10: Undyne Fight Part 2 + Mettaton Quiz + Hotland
Frisk finally faces their enemies head on, by running away. They keep running till the fish lady fries. They then find a deadly robot who will murder them. But the robot is also a TV robot. So they end up on a deadly game show. Okay, now that that's done, Frisk will trek though the volcano.
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Undertale Passifist Ep 7: Waterfall Part 2
Frisk runs away from a crazy fish who tires to stabb them. Frisk's heart almost breaks when hearing a sweet song. There is something strange about the song...maybe they heard it in another life.
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Monster Industries ep 1: Boom!
The first video to a new series. All the videos are prerecorded so expect daily updates.
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Castle Siege w/ Batman_Wayne
So my friend Batman and I played some Mineplex. Here's a game. I may post some more.
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Hypixel; Building Game
Alright there is a new game out on Hypixel. Lets see how good I am at it.
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Egg Wars with torchidude part 1
AbsolX has discovered a game that let's her win without fighting. All she has to do is sit and wait for torchidude to do his stuff. Well maybe she'll fight...
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Special Adventure
Just a little quick video as a lead up to a series I will be starting. You don't need to watch this.
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Undertale Pacifist 18: The End
Frisk makes it through the True Lab to return to face Asgore. When Asgore readies their weapon to strike, their friend's step in. But maybe that wasn't such a good idea....
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JeromeASF Sighting: Spooky Hollowiee Games
Torchicdude and I play some Holloween based games. While we play we find a nice surprise. Music Used: Dance of the Pixies
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Undertale Pacifist: Ep 1 Ruins part 1
Frisk runs away from the orphanage to a gaint mountain in Ireland. They trip and fall down..all the way down. The first thing they met is a flower who wants to murder them..how pleasant.
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MPS Mineplex Mini Games w/ xOwls and torchicdude
Torchicdude invited me and his friend Owl to play on his MPS. Owl is actally beating torchicdude! Except the song video to come up soon.
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Cosmic Factions ep 2: Raided!!
Our base has been destroyed and I died, a lot. I'm also too lazy to rebuild. That is why I didn't really want to do a factions series. But remember some day episode 3 will come out, just don't hold your breath.
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Build Battle Buddies w/ Nicky
I join Nicky again. Now he as his own YouTube channel and you can watch is version.
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Mineplex: SG and SSM w/ torchicdude
Today we play two games that I suck at Survival Games and Super Smash Mobs, and try not to suck. I wonder how that went?
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Mod Review: Camping Mod
Woo, the Camping Mod, nuf' said.
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So thanks to the Ultra sale I decided to buy Ultra. Now you can watch me fail in not one, but two different Huger Games-ish games.
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Sims Survival
Tis is canceled too. ;(
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Undertale Pacifist: Ep 4: Snowdin Part 2
Frisk travels through the forest and mets a lot of dogs. Oh and it turns out that the short skeleton can teleport.
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Mod Review: Archimede's Ship Mod (1.7.10)
Today I travel to the fair city of Steampunk. I meet my friend Leo who works on Archimede's inventions.
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Undertale Passifist Ep 5: Papyrus Boss Battle Part 1
Frisk continues their adventures only to end up on a date with the tall skeleton. However he wants to capture them...Yeah not a good first impression.
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Undertale Passifist Ep 6 Papyrus Boss Fight + Watetfall
Frisk talks to the skeletons a lot. AbsolX asks some questions. Frisk also gets really wet.
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Hipixel mini games w/ torchicdude
Torchicdude and I play some Hypixel mini games. Predictably, I fail, a lot.
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Undertale Passifist Ep 13: Muffet Part 2 + Undertale the Musical + Core
Frisk manages to outlast the sadist queen, until a telegram arrives, exonerating them. Really a TELEGRAM?? Sure, it is faster than snail mail, but they have INTERNET down here. Why don't they just use that? Anyway, they keep going and end up in a musical. This musical was a problem. ACTAL POSSIBLE DEATH! Also I won't be uploading videos for a while, sigh vacation. You might get a video of my face and a dog I don't on, but don't count on it.
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Mod Reviews Begin
Yus, now I'm doing mod reviews.
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Undertale Passifist 14: The Core
Frisk makes their way through the underground until they reach the core. Through sheer DETEMINATION they make it past all the challenges Metton has set for them.
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Vanilla Survival with torchicdude #1 WE ARE OCELOTS
Welcome to the first video of my Vanilla Survival with torchicdude. Maybe someday we will find iron and play in easy mode. Sorry for the abrupt ending. This was originally like a 40 minute video. I cut it into too. Give torchicdude some love by stalking him on Mineplex.
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Mineplex Mini Games "Fighting -Chic-"
In this round of Mineplex Mini games I play some Super Smash Mobs with torchicdude. After losing I do some Death Tag and Block Hunt.
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Pokemon TCG: Diancie EX Premium Box
Alright another unboxing. These things will happen more often (how often is based on how much money I get) now. Enjoy.
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