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Molly fry one month apart
My dalmation molly had 19 fry yesterday, exactly one month after she had 12 fry. See the difference one month makes! I feed my fry a varied and healthy diet of First Bites, crushed tropical flakes, bloodworms, brine shrimp, and peas. The mother is the dalmation molly shown in the video, the father is a white Balloon Molly.
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Molly Fry with Pregnant Mother
The first 12 fry with their pregnant mother a few days before birth. The mother is a Dalmatian Molly and the father is a white Balloon Molly. The fry in this video are a few days away from being a month old. The mother gives birth to 19 more fry the exact day they turned one month old.
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Concert at the Botanical Gardens
A Rolling Stones concert with the Fort Worth orchestra accompanying them, playing Wild Horses.
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Black Jaguar Playing
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Orange Fuzzy is Adorable
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Orange Fuzzy Attacks
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Raining weed at the first annual U.S. Cannabis Cup!  Denver, CO
Our group was in a crowd when they suddenly started throwing out free medicine. I got knocked over in the process but my friends got some good quality meds.
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Molly fish drama
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A normal night at work
One day I'll be quick enough to get a shot of the spotlight passing over me.
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Dog Wants Baby Ducks
Kingston, my Yorkie tries to eat some ducklings off the computer.
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Orange Fuzzy
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The Third Generation of Mollies
Check out the one day old fry, third generation.
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Oh shit get that tornado cloud away from me
While walking my dog I happen to look up and see some unusual formations that then proceeded to scare the shit out of me. Quite sufficiently. Small tornadoes were later formed from this cloud system.
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Dallas, Texas Storm the Morning of May 30th 2015
Severe storming and cloud development in Dallas, Texas May 30th 2015
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Hiking in the Clouds in the Colorado Mountains
On a recent trip to Colorado we went up in the mountains to do some hiking. By the time we got up there it started snowing. I guess you could call it fog but being that high up made it feel like we were in the clouds. And being from Texas makes snow seem almost magical!
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Orange Fuzzy Mesmerized
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