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TØP on helium
I had my brother record me doing helium...this is the result....ignore the terrible lighting and quality.....
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TRIGGERING! (they're just dandelions)
I got triggered at a field of dndelions....yeah
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New York, New York - cover
I got some chords wrong but I had a "good voice" day so I decided to do this cover!
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Truce - Twenty Øne Piløts cover
Im alive! Ive just had no ideas...sorry if its bad
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I know the lighting is bad and the quality is bad but its whatever :\ Basically a song about wanting to kill flowers on a nice sunny day
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Problems & feelings [[original song]]
Sorry bout the bad quality and my voice was really raspy in the beginning when I was talking but whatever..... Thus is a sing for my ex bff who decided she wasn't going to like me anymore for a unknown reason..... Enjoy...... This song makes me sad D:
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Intertwined - dodie Clark cover
Just a cover...sorry for the inactivity :P
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I do adore--- cover
This was a cover of the song I do adore.....thus was made for my sweet Juliet...(my bff in the whole wide world)....thanks you! :3
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Ill be home for christmas... a messy cover
Sorry its short...my voice soundedgood to me but the recording madenit sound like crap :\
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Chaisin' cosmos - original song
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Slowly falling down [[original song]]
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Creep - radiohead       cover
A cover since I haven't posted in ages...I think I should good in this so yay me :D
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I'm trying...
I'm just now getting over my artist/writers block so hopefully there will be more uploads... Yay
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I'm not dead??? FReSh cONtenT ?!?!
Hey heya!!! Its me! Heeeeyyyyy leigh.....I have some good new for yall....im not dead!....and hopefully I will have some of my new originals posted and some covers. I hope to post them next week or so. The past month has been hectic. I've been getting more recognition from my irl community and school is starting next week so I've been busy. Sorry bout that mate. Make sure to give love to the subscribe button and its little bell friend. Until then, stay beautiful. - - - - Instagram: @haleigh_davis_is_tall_62 Snapchat: haleigh_kitten Amino: @leigh_is_tall_62
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Let me drive my van into your heart-- short cover
For Juliet
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New video planning idea!
Still working in a intro and outro :P Planning in uploading every wensday and every other saterday!
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All star - smash mouth cover
Cuz im a meme?
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Painkiller [[original song]]
Another original Lyrics:: In the dark no light, but I bet u van be my lamp. In the night I fight, but I guess I can't find the switch. You can help me through the dark of I get lost. I know that kind of heart and I know its very soft. Girl, girl, girl, please stay... Girl, girl, girl, I have something to say, Your my painkiller, my blood chiller, my brain filler, painkiller, oh. Painkiller, painkiller, painkiller girl. Do u remember that night? Under the stars in the pale moon light? Do u remember speaking fluent silent through the night? Nothing turns to everything in a snap but I don't mine cause... You can help me through the dark if I get lost. I know that kind of heart and I know its very soft. Girl, girl, girl please stay... Girl, girl, girl, I have something to say, Your my painkiller, blood chiller, brain filler, a painkiller girl.. Ahahaha ohohoh ahahaha ohohoh! Listen to me, listen please, don't ignore me, listen to me Painkiller! A painkiller! Oh ohohoh ohohoh oh painkiller ohohohoo painkiller ohohohhhoo a painkiller girl...
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Miss Lovely [[original song]]
This is a song because I have a crush on this amazing person and their great! They have been by my side my whole life from grade 1 homie!!! Lyrics:: there's thus person, their really great. I'd like to know would you like to GI on a da-nevermind.... How bout we just stick to being friends I don't wanna see how this one ends. I could love u, you could hate me, we could be somewhere in between... I'll just call you miss lovely.... I don't really understand, do u like me too? Cuz I you do...geez woo hoo! I know we're best friends but I just wanted you to know... I really like..... The snow. Igloos and snowmen on a cold day. Hip hip hooray no school today! On my phone 24-7 texting you. "How you doing?" You'd say to me "Fine, doing fine, being Haleigh" "I want you to know something miss lovely, I think I like.......you"....
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Black beach [[original song]]
This is not a sad song...its just a song about wanting some alone time away from the noise
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