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GameTrailers Staff Fighting on GT Time (Kyle Bosman Bashing!)
This is directly from the beginning of the episode "The Disappearance of Rainbow Six Siege" of GT Time, uploaded on Aug 20, 2015. The first 5 minutes of the episode are spent bashing Kyle for his "superseat question" and his personality overall. Poor Kyle...
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GameTrailers Staff (Easy Allies) Height Chart
It ends with "Six foot eight", couldn't cut it correctly. Part of the Huber Hype Episode 15 (aired 3 June 2015).
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Metal Gear Solid 4 -- 15-Minute Playable Demo, Presented by Kojima (2007)
This was most probably shown at TGS 2007.
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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune -- Project Big (Early Prototype)
This is how UC1 might have looked like. Drake could've looked a lot like that Jackass Knoxville and water could've looked and behaved a whole of a lot better than it did in the end. The water physics demo looks particularly impressive to me, it looks like something from a PS4 title. Other things shown were more or less implemented into the final product. If "The Verge" is to be believed, this is Naughty Dog's ORIGINAL pitch to Sony.
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Running with Scissors -- Vince Desi Interview by "PC Games" (GDC 2005)
The one and only Vince Desi, the creator of infamous Postal compares Russian and American women in this curious interview.
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XCOM (2011) -- Debut Trailer (2010)
Back when it was still "XCOM" and not "The Bureau: XCOM Declassified".
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Xbox Press Conference (E3 2003)
Microsoft's E3 Press Conference in 2003. Looking funny now, they've grown to at least LOOK grandiose now. This just looks like they filmed in a basement.
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Gomo -- All Bonus Mini-Games
This video shows the lame mini-games of Gomo in action. Every one of the three. They all are pretty much the same thing.
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Doom 4 -- Cancelled Version Footage (2011-2013) [Highest Quality]
The version of Doom 4 (now just "DOOM") that will never see the light of day. Presumably was in development between 2011 and 2013. Footage in HD, VERY HIGH QUALITY.
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🎮 Darksiders -- Secret Mini-Boss "Wicked K" (Twilight Cathedral)
This guy can be found in 4 locations in the game. No real purpose to him, as far as I can see.
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Тень Чернобыля -- Онлайн-ревью от Videoмания Online, Часть 2 (16 марта 2007)
Александр Кузьменко и Антон Логвинов из редакции журнала "Игромания" играют в только что вышедшую "STALKER" и отвечают на вопросы читателей. Историческое видео.
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Metal Gear Solid 4 -- The Making Of MGS4 (FULL Video)
Kojima Productions talks at length about the creation of MGS4. The video also contains all the fake ads that you see in the intro of the game.
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Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut -- Maria Scenario Speedrun (~ 9 min.)
A quick run of Maria's SubScenario on PC. NOT MADE BY ME.
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Darksiders -- Closed Door at The Black Throne, GAMEBREAKING (Glitch/Bug)
The beginning of the video tells you the whole story. This hallway is not supposed to be closed off like that. First time I got there there was not even a door - just the hallway. I even used an elevator behind that door, then saved the game and exited it. When I came back to the game I was greeted with this shit. Turns out (after googling the problem), it's a well known game breaking glitch and pretty much all you can do is start over.
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The Last Guardian -- Project Trico Target Render (2009)
The very first (fake graphics) trailer video for the game. Basically, a target render. The next videos were far less graphically impressive. Turns out, this is a video that was leaked by a site called "PlayStation LifeStyle" on 19 May 2009 (just several weeks before the game's official reveal at E3 2009) and was apparently not supposed to be available to the public. "Sources have told 1UP that video of Project TRICO has been floating around internally at Sony since well over a year ago -- this could very well be that video. Will Sony finally unveil the game at E3? Is this what we'll see when they first show it? We'll have to wait and see. "
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KONAMI Press Conference (E3 2003)
Oh, Konami... how we mourn your death... This presentation is not as good as Konami's 2010 E3 (nothing can top that!), but still interesting in terms of perspective. P.S. Young Kojima and MGS3!
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Silent Hill: Downpour -- Debut Trailer
The very first trailer to the (possibly) very last Silent Hill game.
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Halo 3 -- Dev Diary (Dec 2006)
A developer diary that was released back in December of 2006, almost a year before the game's release.
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MotorStorm -- Target Render Trailer (E3 2005)
The infamous fake trailer for the game. I do remember Sony claiming these were ingame graphics.
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Halo 3 -- Dev Diary (Jun 2006)
A developer diary that was released back in June of 2006, a good year before the game's release.
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Metal Gear Solid 4 -- Beauty and the Beast Trailer (GC 2007) [RUS]
A trailer about the Beauty and the Beast Unit from the game. Most probably from the GamesCom 2007 trade show. Russian translated, but it doesn't have much speech.
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Half-Life 2 -- Lost Coast Trailer (2005)
A trailer to a HL2 free demo map, that come out in 2005 and was supposed to demonstrate the power of the HDR technology.
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AMD -- Jonathan Seckler Interview by "PC Games" (GDC 2005)
A little bit about AMD's processors at the time.
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Spec Ops: The Line -- Sierra Hotel (Achievement/Trophy Guide)
Just beat the first 3 chapters of the game on the easiest difficultiy. As you can see, takes only 20 minutes.
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Metal Gear Solid 4 -- Real-Time PS3 DevKit Demo (TGS 2006) [JAP + ENG Subs]
Game actually running on a devkit unit for the first time in public. Japanese narration with English subtitles.
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Super Mario 3D Land -- Iwata's Announcement, As "Super Mario 3DS" (GDC 2011)
The announcement made under weird (for Nintendo) conditions - at GDC 2011, by the president himself.
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🎮 A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build -- Ending (Normal First World)
The very end of the game (if you don't count the Dream World, that is), last puzzle. A very solid puzzler.
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Тень Чернобыля -- Онлайн-ревью от Videoмания Online, Часть 1 (16 марта 2007)
Редакция "Игромании" рассказывает о своих впечатлениях от только что вышедшего ЖДАЛКЕРА. Историческое видео.
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- PRE-DOWNGRADE Trailer (E3 2013)
Once upon a time... before the fucking toasters (PS4 and XO) came around, the game looked like this.
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Darksiders -- Open Air Parking (Achievement/Trophy Guide)
Just start a new game (this is the very beginning). Kill the big guy, follow the giant until red spikes grow behind you. Then, QUICKLY grab any car lying around, aim and throw it at the helicopter flying over your head. You'll have 5 seconds tops.
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Never Alone -- Full Playthrough Gameplay (Let's Play, No Commentary)
Playing through Never Alone, without the Fox Tales DLC. The first 10 minutes of the game are skipped, unfortunately (forgot to hit "RECORD"). The game is good, but not as fun in singleplayer, of course.
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Resident Evil 3.5 -- The Progenitor Virus Debut Trailer
Resident Evil 4 how it should've been. If you don't like ghosts in your RE, it can all easily be explained with Leon's hallucinations from the virus infection. I remember how trembling this trailer was when I first saw it. BioHazard 4 Prototype is another name for it.
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Ritual Entertainment -- Steve Nix & Tom Mustaine Interview by "PC Games" (GDC 2005)
Ritual guys talking about the studio itself, its history and their favorite games.
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Paperman [Game] -- Debut Trailer (TGS 2007)
Made by a company named Cykan. Paper Mario FPS only without the RPG elements. I thought the game was cancelled, but actually it has come out and you can still play it!
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Metal Gear Solid [PS1] -- Trailer (E3 1997)
The trailer for the original MGS on PS1 shown during E3 1997.
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Metal Gear Solid 2 -- Tanker, Extreme with All Dog Tags Speedrun (~ 23 min.)
A quick run of the first chapter, on Extreme difficulty with every dog tag gathered.
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Spec Ops: The Line -- COOP Gameplay #1
Trying out the cooperative mode for the game. In 2015 people don't play it anymore, it seems, so playing alone =).
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Max Payne 3 -- Old School Moves (Achievement/Trophy Guide)
A guide that doesn't need much explanation. Choose multiplayer, Nightclub map and start rolling on the dance floor! The simplest multiplayer achievement in the game.
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Final Fantasy XV (ex-Final Fantasy Versus XIII) -- ''The Overture'' Demo Walkthrough (TGS 2014)
At the TGS 2014 Square decided to show off some of the impressive graphical technologies built into their engine.
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Sony Press Conference (E3 2004)
Sony's presentation at E3 in 2004. When Don "Kinect" Mattrick was still at Sony. Funny how these execs just shuffle around.
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- GameSpot Stage Demo with Todd Howard (E3 2011)
Todd Howard himself is showing the game off to GameSpot in 2011.
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BlackDeath -- Horror Game Prototype Gameplay Demo by Darkworks S.A. (June 2011)
The studio behind Alone in the Dark 4 announced this game in June of 2011, just to tell everybody that it's cancelled in November of the same year. The project never found its publisher, but the gameplay demo was, interestingly enough, available to the public.
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Heavenly Sword -- Early Trailer (2005)
Sony's shown a lot of fake trailers in 2005 to show off the PS3's "power". This was one of them. The game was supposed to come out that year or the next, but it took more than 2 more years and the game was a MAJOR disappointment for me.
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Final Fantasy XV (ex-Final Fantasy Versus XIII) -- Debut Trailer (2006)
The very first (CG) trailer for the game. FFV13 has changed a lot since then. The quality is not the best, but it was 2006!
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Unmechanical: Extended -- Playthrough Gameplay, Part 1, ALL TROPHIES (Let's Play, No Commentary)
Going through the Extended version of the game from start to finish on PS4. Following this playthrough you will earn every trophy in the game. P.S. Do NOT hit Triangle button at any point or else it'll void "Above Avearge Intelligence" trophy.
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FaceBreaker -- Characters Trailer [RUS]
This game was released in 2008 and reportedly sold only less than 100K copies. Never understood these "funny boxing" games like Punch-Out and Ready 2 Rumble. The video talks about the diverse character roster.
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Color Guardians -- Demo Version Gameplay (PS4)
Playing through the demo of the game. Looks alright for some short bursts, overall.
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Rise of Incarnates -- Couple of Player vs CPU Matches (Paris/London)
Trying out the new online 2 on 2 brawler from Namco. It doesn't let you fight with real people until you reach a certain level in the game.
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Unmechanical: Extended -- Playthrough Gameplay, Part 2, ALL TROPHIES (Let's Play, No Commentary)
Going through the Extended version of the game from start to finish on PS4. Following this playthrough you will earn every trophy in the game. First part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lKyoUtWC00 P.S. Do NOT hit Triangle button at any point or else it'll void "Above Avearge Intelligence" trophy.
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Shinobi (2002) -- Speedrun (~ 38 min.)
A quick run of Shinobi (2002) from SEGA on PS2. NOT MADE BY ME.
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