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Copa airlines @ CJIA departure to panama city
Enjoy the view of Copa airplanes liftoff at Cheddi Jagan International Airport to Panama.
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Hauraruni Creek Soesdyke-Linden Hwy. Guyana
A look at one of the many resort Creek along the linden soesdyke Road Hi-way. Very nice a peaceful place. Cool Clean black water Creek.
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Caribbean airline departure @ CJIA
Caribbean Airline leaving Cheddi Jagan International Airport. A look at aircraft lifting off take airborne in heavy rain condition at tropical climate zone. Thank you, please enjoy, share comment and 👍 like.
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Oil Trucker Transporter | Puruni to Papicho | Amazon interior jungle | BEST OF GUyANESE
A look at transporting fuel through the Amazon jungle for Guyana gold field in Essequibo at aroura mines in the SANDS peter mining location. This video was taken in Guyanese diseases country. Fun time in the jungle.
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SABANTO Transport  Ferry boat to Supernaam on the Essequibo River
the Sabanto transport ferry boat at Parika stelling/dock on sail through the Essequibo river. A side-by-side video shoot of the Sabanto and the Kanwana water vessel while traveling the Essequibo River in Guyana. These two boat are one of the many vessel to travel the essequibo river. with private speed boat shuttle service. the traveling time is reduce by half. The Sabanto and Kanwana are two public(toll) service transporter ship available between West Coast Demerara and the Essequibo river and it many island of dwelling natives and mining operation. The two vessel were given and is control by the Chinese Republic to Guyana. The vessel are used for transportation of large heavy duty vehicle or vessel, commuter car and truck, local farmer and mining supplier PLUS many other service. These boats travel at an approximate speed of 50mph. The trip on these new boats inn compare to the Malali and others was reduce by half the time.
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Parika Supernaam Boat Service - SABANTO and KANAWAN on the Essiqubo River
The Sabanto and Kanawan transport boat at Parika Guyana stelling/dock. enjoy the video abstract of the two newly donation commuter boat from China,performing service at the parika stelling in Guyana. Our trip starts, On the Public Road in-front of the Parika Police station and Its Stelling. thank you.
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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Herstelling to CJIA @7AM. Beware of Guyana Pradator. Enjoy Guiana.
Enjoy the roadway seen of Guyana from Herstelling to Cheddi Jagan International Airport early in the morning. Its a clouding day with few rain sprinkle. See how the traffic and communt for local Guyanese automobile during the start of the work day. Also notice the driving habit and skills of how the people in guyana drive. Also see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E4OAl1-8uM GREAT CHINA CJIAirstrip extension construction project in progress during 2018/June. WARNING, BEWARE. Guyana is dangerious country(read the News papers). Use caution when dealing with individuals who call themselves guyanese. Hide you personal property. Eat at your own fast food risk. Do not use the Public water. Enjoy you self in Guiana. Thank you for your viewership.
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Georgetown/Jonestown Demerara harbor ships
Container ships at Georgetown Guyana Demerara Riverhead.
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Caribbean airlines arrival @ CJIA from NYC JFK & singleprop
A look at CJIA airstrip grounds. See Caribbean Airlines Aeroplane take landing at chaddi Jagan International Airport from its 5-6hrs non-stop flight from JFK airport in Queens New York State.
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Here is what it look like to cross the Demerara River with the Guyana Water taxi. Enjoy the large steel ship trading along the Caribbean sea. BEWARE WHEN IN GUYANA....WARNING! in WARMING SUN SHINE.
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Guyana CREEK along Soesdyke-Linden Hwy
One of the Last of SIX CREEK along the Soesdyke-Linden Hwy. This creek venue was under construction of it parking lot and Bar. This is truly one of the nicest creek in Guyana. It the First creek from Linden And the last creek heading from Georgetown. This is one of the sweetest place in Guyana to enjoy quite Nature with Clear and clean Mountain raven water lodging in the Creek basin to enter the Demerara River . The Rain forest in Guyana is a pure delight.
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A diver over the Berbice River Bridge. You can do a Google search on the Berbice River Bridge. Driving upon and along this bridge can be confusing and fear of lost of control. the pavement of this bridge is design to give the vehicle a trampoline motion, causing the vehicle to hop on it traveling road-way. Very scary and extreme care and control is a MUST. Absolutely NO-SPEEDING, We will recommend you drive below bridge speed limited for greater control of vehicle. NOT for COMMERCIAL USE or POSE DAMAGE and DANGER. So here you can enjoy the SHAKING camera due to the trampoline effect of the bridge pavement. We did not us a video stabilizer with the best of hand held smart-phone Crossing toll is $20.00 USD = $4000 GYD both-way. very nice river seen toward the north Atlantic.
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Guyana Rice Farming Industry. Part 4/4
A look at rice Paddy Harvesting in south America. Location. Guyana Essequibo Dartmonth.
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Passengers​ Speed boat service on the Essequibo river.
Painted wooden enclose passenger speed boat service on the Essequibo river. Boat carry approximately 25 passengers from good hope/supernam via parlka THD Stelling. No night service. Enjoy the cool looks of the Amazon river islands. Climate may change on the hour. Warm rain drops or bright sun meet with cool breeze. One of the best place to vacation.
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VIEWING the sugar/rum cane pan-tomb/punt mechanical CRANE Automatically lifting and hoisting tons of cane stick. the cane is harvested in the field by skilled brave work-men. then loaded by the skilled hands. All punt are link together and pull to the factory for grinding and processing for many products. In this Video We visited the Sugar Cane Estate(BLAIRMONT) Factory in Guyana, Berbice. Ithaca. WARNING: Guyana are estate predator...AVOID THE GUYANESE NO MATTER HOW RICH IT SEEM. AVOID DIEASES.
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GUYANA/GUIANA St.George Anglican/Cathedral/Church Building (360 Street/Ground View)
NASTY PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS IN THE CHURH. AVOID GUYANA the land of many toilet disease. WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GO TO GUYANA; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLhUv7dtDAk . CLEANINESS IS NEXT TO GOODNESS or GOD. GUYANESE are the must Nasty class. The guyanese silent weapon is the toilet pit and anal matter. Dunce, ignorant, lazy, useless and waste of life. Guyana tallest and biggest wooden church .BIG DEAL ...ROFL. This can truly be considered one and only Guyana beautiful man made structure. Build during the days of English ruler-ship, this building still carry on with worshiping events. Perfectly stand in the center of the public road roundabout in Georgetown.
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Rice Paddy harvester
A look at the combine machine for harvesting rice paddy seed for retail distribution. One of the greatest agriculture invention.
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Farm(EBD) to Prashad Nagar(Georgetown). Taxi drive ride.
Take a taxi drive ride along the newly paved East Bank Demerara public road. Starting at Farm village passing providence stadium, Guy bridge on to Hoston bearing right to , A right turn on Mandela Ave to its end where it become Sherriff Street. Ending at Garrnett Street, Georgetown.
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Guyana Cup Horse Race - Port morante Berbice
Its horse racing in Guyana. In this video media we enjoy the 2014 Guyana CUP horse racing at the Port Morant Horse Race track in Berbice. A very clean and natural venue its oval race track is approximately 1/4 mile in diameter. This yearly even is pack and full with spectator and young explorers and love one. The Venus stadium is build to seat approximately one thousand ticketed person, others are allowed to hang out on the In-feild circular park lot of the track. DO NOT TRAVEL TO GUYANA. Guyanese are world class nastiness, dunce and pooly educated slaves. Violence and many infectious diseases from the Guyanese backyard toilet pit. GUYANA IS DANGEROUS COUNTRY.
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Guyana Rice Industry - Paddy Harvesting Machine. Part 1/4
A look at rice harvesting industry in guyana at the Essequibo coast. DO NOT consume Guyana goods. Guyana agriculture goods are highly fertilizers and pesticides. It a form of pure GMO food. Nasty guyanese grown sickness. AVOID GUYANESE PEOPLE AT ALL WILL, DO NOT HELP THESE SHITSKIN ARAB WITH THEY PET MONEY. STAY NO TO GUYANESE.
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Caribbean Airline @ CJIA.
International airline at Guyana airport.
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GUYANA FERRY BOAT docking at Supanam stelling
THD ferry boat arriving at Supanam swelling. This is Guyana Government water taxi. Many other boat are navigated by the Guyana transport and harbor department.
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Here is what it looks like when leaving the Supernam/Advantage ferry boat Stelling at 5pm. On board the China made Sabanto transport ferry boat.
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RICE FARMING - Hage, West Coast Demerara. Guyana South America
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Auto/truck Accident activity in Guyana public road.
On Nov 25,2014 at 7AM on a drive from parika to veed-en-hoop with notice the vehicle accident along the Main public road. We also notice the indian men unbolting parts from the crash truck by replacing it with he good truck parts. It a swap and go. Its done to gain insurance money or to fruad a fellow truck owner. We have been victimized many time by guyanese and guyana police with no chrages or violation on our behalf. Our video is to help guyanese people identify crimes and fruad against humanity. So. Guyana is a Dangerous place, please beware and travel safe. At 9am traveling from veed-en-hoop to parika we notice the green Bedford TM truck gone and the wrench car still sit at the same location. So we can now figure the truck crack the car. Do diver with license or police on premises in public main road. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO GUYANA. GUYANA IS TERROR-ABLE place of people. Guyanese are pradator class creatures. The land of guyana belong to Britain England. I am personal witness to many Guyanese frude and delinquent. In Guyana You Problem is the people greatest GAIN.
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DO NOT TRAVEL TO GUYANA is our WARNING to you. Land of many infectious virus and toilet diseases. All Guyana agriculture are highly fertilizers and pesticides. AVOID GUYANESE PEOPLE AT ALL WILL. Guyana is a shit hole. WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GO TO GUYANA; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLhUv7dtDAk . Let take a trip across one of Guyana commuter River by the Guyana Water Taxi Service. The wooden out-board engine propel vessel operator charges a $100(0.50cent USD) to cross one-way. Our journey starts at Guyana Capital city ,Georgetown is the beginning of our trip, a area rich with vendors of natural and cooperate goods plus Banks and other merchant. Major cell-phone ISP provider are digicel and GT&T. We cross the Demerara River at its opening where it meet the Atlantic Ocean, View of container ships and commuter boat, vessel are normal in this region 3 area. With-in this media we will look at the site of the newly constructed Guyana Power and Light for fuel ship dock and the Veed-en-hoop stilling which was once a wharf and ship dock. at the public road entrance is a circular 1823 war memorial. The surrounding areas and road-side are fill with stores,shop and vendors. About a 1/4 mile away for the stelling is the Veed-en-hoop police station. A common institution to be found at most of Guyana water crossing. The market was designed and constructed by the Edgemoor Iron Company of Delaware, USA over the period 1880-1881. Construction of the iron and steel structure was completed in 1881 and may be the oldest structure still in use in the city. Designed by an American engineer Nathaniel McKay. The market covers an area of about 80,000 square feet. Though the architectural style is elusive, the iron structure and the prominent clock tower is reminiscent of the Victorian era of Great Britain Thank for your Viewer ship, Please Subscribe - Comment - LIKE! and Share. WHEN YOU ARE VISITING GUYANA, DO NOT INVEST IN REAL ESTATE OR ANY FORM OF PROPERTIES. THE GUYANESE PEOPLE DESPISE VISITOR. GUYANESE ARE NICE CON-MAN. IT IS OUR BEST ADVISE TO NOT VISIT GUYANA. THE POOR PEOPLE ARE THE POLICE AND YOU WILL NEVER FIND FAIRNESS IN GUYANA. GUYANA IS LEACH-MOD BULLY SOCIALITY. GUYANESE ARE DANGEROUS PEOPLE, GUYANESE ARE GREAT CRIMINAL IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK AND FLORIDA. REMEMBER GUYANA IS A 3RD WORLD PEOPLE NOT A 3RD WORLD LAND. LET GUYANESE PEOPLE BE YOU "NEVER" CHOICE IN DOING BUSINESS. GUYANA AND GUYANESE ARE A PEOPLE WHO PRODUCT NOTHING, BECAUSE IT NATURALLY GROWN FROM THE GROWN. WE HAVE ENCOUNTER MANY PROBLEM WITH GUYANESE WHILE DOING BUSINESS IN GUYANA. WE HAVE CURRENT END ALL BUSINESS MEAN IN GUYANA AND AVOID ITS POOR CLASS OF PEOPLE. GUYANESE PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE WITH NO MONETARY STANDARDS. DON`T GIVE TO THEM AND DON`T ACCEPT ANYTHING FROM GUYANESE PEOPLE. W A R N I N G!.
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Guyanese Snake (Small snake) In the community.
A look at one of Guyana most Dangerous Snake amount its community. This Snake was capture on video during a walking downstairs from a second level building/house. This Snake was Set FREE after we capture its image on camera.
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In ground toilet pit in housing lot may cause diseases infection.
100% of Guyanese are religious or people of god. CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS, its what the guyanese is fooling themselves with. THIS VIDEO IS TO EDUCATE TOURIST AND CHILDREN OF THE INFECTION ABOUT GUYANESE. Keep you children out of Guyana. DO NOT VISIT OR TOUR GUYANA. the land of many dirty waters and malaria mosquito. THIS VIDEO IS TO HELP YOU AVOID HEALTH PROBLEM IN GUYANA. How to kill mother nature, human wasting it's anal matter into the soil. Now the soil is killing the human farmer vegetation when the rain flood the backyard farm. Guyana a country of the world nastiest culture also associated with Caribbean island hoppers. All the homes and housing skeem are fill with in-ground toilet pit. Early morning is when the smell of the GUYANESE toilet pit will fume the air causing stink and discomfort. If you see a frog aka crapo while in guyana, it means a toilet pit is near-by and so are house flies and other insects that help transmit the guyanese toilet matter to your food and sickly. Has the guyanese become older you will see they elegance foot problem mounting to diseases cause by the toilet pit sanitation flooding the villages and town. In the hot summer weather, when the land is dry. The septic tank over flow water will drain into the village tranches and street gutter. Anothe sanitation disgrace is the guyanese will dump all house hold garbage on the street corners and run and hide. The street garbage will litter they street for drive cars and vehicle. Garbage is the lease concern to the guyanese. To avoid the many sicknesses in guyanese, stay away from the guyanese people who seen to act like forigners. Stay in-store at night time to avoid mosquito virus and guyanese bandits. Has always, there is no cure for the guyanese sickness but leave the land. With poor sensation and lack of health you will not want to eat for the hands of guyanese or vendors. This video violate YouTube terms and policy because it expose the unhealthy and potectional of diseases from human bodily waste. YouTube said it is a violation to show environment which may cause sickness or damage the poor of humanity base on YouTube nudity and sexual contain. This video feature no personal or humans. This video expose material of waste and non-living character. This video is non-monetize because it is truly intent to educate the public about unhealthy condition. Thank you. THIS VIDEO IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ADVERTISED. EXPOSING GUYANESE TO THE WORLD IS AND EFFORT TO CURTAIL DIEASES AND MANY SICKNESSES. STAY AWAY FROM GUYANA AND AVOID GUYANESE PEOPLE ARE GLOBAL.
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Essequibo/Bulova 100 Road. Cotton field to Charity road trip
Essequibo belong to Guiana. Essequibo,Venezuela does not belong to Guyana. A Sunday morning drive from cotton field village to Charity township at the Pomona river In essequibo along it's only main service road. This service road is also known has boulevard 100 hiway or essequibo road.
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National Cultural Center to Giftland Mall | Mandala road | worst road to drive.
A taxi ride in Georgetown Guyana begin at the National Cultural Center on Homestretch Ave and Mandela Ave the video simulation drive continue passing the Embassy of the people republic of China on the right(steel structure) merge onto sheriff street. A right onto Railway Embankment and a last right turn into GiftLand Mall Guyana. Guyana has the most broken traffic laws and code. Most of the time the traffic light never operate. Most of the Guyanese police who are traffic officer don't even hold a drivers license in their name. The laws are instituted by the poorest of standards and the most hateful people. WELCOME TO REAL BLACKS-LAW. Once again. Please becareful if it's needed to travel to Guyana. The people amount the land are most deceptive and aggressive. Avoid the problem of Guyanese is highly recommended. You will lose in you fight against the people. Stay clear and clean.
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Giftland Mall to Stabroke Georgetown. Taxi ride drive-by.
Here take a ride in the front seat of the taxi drive from Giftland Mall to Stabroke Georgetown in Guyana. The drive starts in the parking lot of Giftland Mall, A right on to Railway Embankment road, A left onto UG road. A left onto Rupert Craig Highway continue carifesta Ave. A left onto Camp Street. A right onto Lamaha Street. A left onto Main Street. See the Bank of Guyana building at Church Street. Left onto Church Street with a quick right in to Ave of the Republic. Right onto Brickdan Street. A left onto Lombert Street. A left on to Hadfield Street. A left on to High Street continue into Ave of the Republic. A left onto Coarl Street. A right on to water street. A right on to city hallway ending at Berbice Bus Park.
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Supernam ferry boat service
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Container Ships at Guiana Demerara RiverHead - NorthEast South America/Caribbean sea
PIRATE UNDER THE SEA.:-) . While Crossing From Georgetown Capital City to Vreed-en-hoop Boating Dock/Stelling, Lots of Commercial Ship-liner can be found docking at the Georgetown Wharf. From Container Ship to Fuel Tanker, Even the Local Fishing Vessel are popular along the Demerara River. The Demerara River Length: 346 km , Head is the outlet for one of the many Streams located in this Northeast Region of South-America. The Demerara River is a river in eastern Guyana that rises in the central rainforests of the country and flows to the north for 346 kilometres until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. WARNING: GUYANESE are estate PRADATOR. Avoid the GUYANESE is your best solution. Avoid the DIEASES.
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Here is what it look like crossing with the Guyana Water Taxi Service. Take a look at the northern direction of the South America Demerara River-Head of make mid-size commercial ship transporting to various docks. Look At GPL Fuel boat dock at vreed en hoop side of the river bank. see how the engine dredge the river bottom to allow large container Ship to unload at government wharf.
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Thirsty park | Seawall Pub road | Marriott hotel | Guiana lighthouse. BEWARE IN GUYANA.
Driving into stabroke from thirsty Park to evelary seawall into the newly constructed Marriott hotel next to the Georgetown Lighthouse tower. Starts at East Bank Public Road in Houston village merge into staffon road, left onto trench road, right onto bombart street, right onto Hadfield street, left onto High street merge into Avenue of the Republice, left at church street, right on Main street at Guyana Store, merge into High Street , left onto seawall publics road, U-turn at Vlessengen road onto carifesta ave merge into Young street, right on High street, left onto water street to Guyana store and Bank of Guyana. Thank you. Becareful when in Guyana. Avoid the people is staying out of problem. These is NO-Sewage on toilet pits and septic tanks. Damaging public drinking water system. Englo-Amercano system( conflict and pay system).
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Guyana Rice Industry Harvesting Rice Paddy. Part 3/4
Guyana Sara Gold Cooperation Rice harv harvesting at Dartmont village in Essequibo.
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Malali ferry boat on the essequibo | Guiana Greatness.
Guyana oldest ferry boat has of 2017. MV Malali was constructed in Guyana by Messrs Sprostons Ltd, using the drawings of previous vessels M.V Torani and M.V Makouria with alterations to its superstructure in order to provide accommodation for a live-aboard crew. The keel was laid on May 31, 1961.
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Moblissa CREEK Road- Linden Soesdyke Hwy
A drive down Moblesa road. a Public Road in construction since 2001yrs still incomplete and nearly UN-driveble. Another one of Guyana incomplete projects. DIRT ROAD with CONCRETE GUTTER...:-). Location: Latitude. 6.0833°, Longitude. -58.2833°
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On Parika ferry boat
View from the deck of the Parika ferry boat.
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Guyana National Shipping Cooperation(GNSC) Ocean Container Shipping Dock/Warf
A look at the Guyana National shipping Cooperation Dock from the water front, while crossing with Guyana water taxi.
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Parika, guyana
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Fuel ship @ GPL wharf vreed en hoop
Traveling from Georgetown to vreed en hoop stelling by wooden passenger boat.
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Farm(EBD) to thirsty Park(Georgetown).
Guyana is a land with many problem. Famous known for the Jonestown genocide in essequibo. WARNING. AVOID THE GUYANESE PEOPLE. the people of Guyana are playing gangster for the master owner of Guiana. DO NOT TRUST THE GUYANESE. GUYANA IS DANGERIOUS COUNTRY. The poorest of class and rich with credit. Poorly educated schooling system. Toxic sanitation and unhealthy food conditions. The GUYANESE will use it vehicle has weapon on the roadway to cause problems with non-guyanese. Guyanese are know for poison food and drinks at social events. STAY OUT OF GUYANA its most difficult to tour Guiana. AVOID THE DIEASES, many sickness in this place.
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Speed boat essequibo river supernam toward Buckhall Port.
"V" bottom fiberglass speed boat on the Essequibo rive head south from supernam.
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A trip into Guiana jungle @ Mahdia sandpit.
Our video begin at the Mahdia airstrip/airport in the Amazon rain forest. Nor far from Mahdia hospital. Surface mining applications with high pressure water dredge and suction. This is mostly the type of gold dredge operation for gold and diamonds in guyana. Located along the Rupununi road in bartica. Date of recording : July 2011 Thank you for you viewership.
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Guyana Rice Industry w/ Massey Ferguson 5850 lavada. Part 2/4
One of Guyana main croups in Essequibo. Sara Gold Cooperation Rice.
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A Moora (timber) tree | exotic hardwood lumber.
What too 100yrs to grow into a giant, the guyanese will cut-down and destroy for worthless guyanese dollar. We found this moora tree standing strong and healthy in the Amazon rain forest. Its rooted in the perfect place to continue another 100yrs of growth. Always beware in Guyana. Guyanese are dangerous and distributing people. Avoid the guyanese is the best method to prevent problem. Thank you.
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A trip to Iwan Kaiteur in the Amazon rain jungle
A journey into the Amazon rain forest of northeastern south America. Looking at small scale gold mine operation during 2011. Location on Iwan, Maida. Recorded date : October 2011
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Wild Life Acuri restore to natural habitat. 🐭 south American jungle.
Here is a common mammal(animal) found in the Amazon rain forest. The acuri in this video was not hurt or injured by any means. This animal was found on the dirt trail roadway which can lead to vehicle accidents cause death. The animal was catch and release to preserve the natural environment. Acuri are know to be eaten by humans has a meal time dinner. We do not recommend eating any wild life creature or animals for it may cause sickness and poisoning. Please enjoy the amazing Acuri animals up close and happily set free into the Amazon rain forest which is where the animal belong originally. Once again be careful when visiting south America(Guyana). Its a dangerous place for many reason. DO NOT EAT THE WILD LIFE ANIMALS IN GUYANA. GUYANESE FOOD ARE NASTY AND FAVOR NO HEALTH BENEFITS. SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND RAIN FOREST avoid the guyanese disease. Keep the environment clean and do not feed the animals to avoid poisoning. FUCK YOU GUYANESE. Thank you.
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