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FFMQ - Final Battle Remix
Remix of the Final Battle in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 50 bucks this piece will get more views than Death by Dogour... CR: Picture: heavymetalhanzo from Deviantart Musiccover: TheDendran (2006- now) (Yes, the track is THAT old) Coreidea: Nintendo
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Undertale - Death by Dogour (Layered)
A layered piece of "Death by Glamour" enhanced by Ninten and originally composed by Toby Fox. Copyright goes to both of them, I did the fusion. Channel of Ninten: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOfbiBbQVsDXSnbFi9dZ-FA Watch the original there
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Dendrans Wood League - Gromp of death
WARNING: Newbish plays at hand, watch @ pwn risk! Server: EUW I dont own any copyright of the used material unless stated otherwhise, so: Forest Spice - Tifgo (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChg9IB0-cY7YCrHi7F0bPIg) 2nd KQ - Team of Gamigo / Onson Soft Candy Storm - Unknown artist Electr. de Chocobo - Nobuo Uematsu 3rd KQ - Team of Gamigo / Onson Soft Asgore (FF6 Remix) - Dracula9AntiChapel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb99pUyVpO4vs5VCY-LA4bw) Frozen Bond (live) - Unknown artist (since I got it from Stepmania) Act on Instinct - Frank Klepacki Just do it up - Frank Klepacki Yellow Line - James Shimoji Waters of Megalovania - BotanicSage [BS] (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFD7QbY3ukHo6W453_Kzmkw) Rockhill - Beltaine Springtime - Kommisar Get ready for this - 2 Unlimited My Voice? Well ME, duh!
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[.webm] When the Zillean Ult ISN'T just right
I don't even give a damn I was not ready for baron... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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[.webm] One LvL1 cheese, served and ready to go
It wasn't even into 3 minutes of the game Happened at 2:40 or smth
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Just Teemo Things
Here's a joke: So I decided to visit NA servers... The struggle is real and apparently NA cannot clear 1 brush...
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[.webm] C&C - Reinforcements Have Arrived
Feat. Thedendran's EUNE acc. [XxGuzmaxX] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9eV4CsF66g I just leave this here.
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[.webm] I'M FAST AS ***, BOIIIIIII!
Just me, running from my problems...
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[.webm] Narrowing it down
Line 'em up! ...and yes, I got the Penta!
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[.webm] Outplayed by sitting duck
Shhhhh... I'm just a strand of grass...
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Trixie's Hungergames 002 - Leiterfight [Nonvoiced]
Kaum Deckung, viel Auslauf Und nicht vergessen Kinder: Von Leitern kann man fallen... Server: BlockCity.de Map: SG4
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Trixie's Hungergames 003 - Drohung? Nope! [Nonvoiced]
Wenn man schon vorhat, den YTer zu killen, sollte man seine Versprechen auch bitte halten. *enttäuscht.gif* Man Achte auf LixPlay Map: GTA HG
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Trixie's Hungergames 005 - Über den Wolken... [Nonvoiced]
Ich habe den Weg tatsächlich 2x absolviert. Dieser hier ist das 1. Mal. Beim 2. bin ich komplett durch. Alle 5 Wolken ne Kiste. Lohn für den 2. Versuch: Volle Dia-Rüstung, 7 CPC und 2 Diamanten! (Nicht zu vergessen haufenweise Lederrüstung)
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Trixie's Hungergames 004 - Avaricia-Pikachu [Nonvoiced]
Wenn 2 Youtuber auf derselben Map agieren passiert das hier! (Jetzt mit 20% mehr Sound) Map: Avaricia Server: BlockCity.de Musik: SAB2: Event: Strategy - Tomoyo Ohtani PK Quest 1 - Dendran Gardner Newgrounds: Kirby Boss Battle Remix (557214) - AlexRentz Final Fantasy: Generic Victory - Nobuo Uematsu Copyright liegt bei den jeweilig genannten Personen. Verletzungen nicht beabsichtigt.
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[.webm] Chronicles of a baited hook
The moment you just HOPE the enemy engages you 32 seconds later we won
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Dendrans Wood League - How to tank Dragons (And get them stolen)
Warning: Wooden plays; Watch at own risk! Musics: Copyright belongs to them as not otherly specified Join Avenue - Pkmn B/W2 Mental Omega Playlist by Frank Klepacki and Mentalmeisters Yes - Roundabout Dissidia - FF4 BB The Black Mages - Those who fight further
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Trixie's Hungergames 001 - Erster Blutrausch [Nonvoiced]
Das allererste Hungergames-Video von mir als Trixie Lulamoon welche sich durch die Maps hackt und slasht. Ist verbesserungswürdig, aber momentan sind Optionen sehr begrenzt. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server ist BlockCity: join.block-city.de:25565 Map: GTA HG ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Warum benutze ich einen Trixie-Skin? A: Weil Trixie awesome ist!
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Morgana_Bot.exe has stopped working
Does this need explaining?
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[.webm] When the cancer isn't sufficient enough
This Yasuo has not enough of it to beat the Terminal Master 8 HP were the minimum Also Frozen Mallet is op these days
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Dendrans Wood League - Punish early - Retaliate later
Warning: Birch plays, watch at own risk! CR belongs as always to those mentioned Vibes: PKMN B2/W2 - Join Avenue Intro Frank Klepacki / Mentalmeisters - Mental Omega Playlist
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