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DJ SCREW-25 Lighters/So Real
Original Songs Used: *Z-Ro 25-Lighters *DJ DMD-25 Lighters Ft. Lil Keke, Fat Pat *Trae The Truth-Swang Ft. Big H.A.W.K. *DJ DMD-So Real Ft. Al-D, DJ Screw The ending features DJ Screw's best verse ever spit on a track, and various pictures of him with other well known rappers like *Eazy-E (R.I.P.) *H.A.W.K. (R.I.P.) *Al-D (His Brother) *Underground Kingz (R.I.P. Pimp C) *Bugz Bunny and many more Like/Dislike/Favorite/Comment/Share Do what you want, but forever bang screw
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Big Mello - Southside Ft. Z-Ro, Trae Tha Truth (No Ghetto, Cl' Che)
A version without Ghetto or Cl' Che You can thank me later.
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Eazy-E, Tupac-This is How We Do it Remix (NO 50 Cent)
A version without 50 Cent on it, thank me later.
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Texas Takeover- Z-Ro Segment Intro
A -Dream Music Production- Songs Used: Hold It Down Freestyle, Gangsta Strut, Mo City Don, Rare OldSkool Freestyle, King of The Ghetto, I Don't Give a Damn.
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The Rap Roots of Z-Ro
Artists before Z-Ro who have influenced his rap style whether it be remaking an instrumental from the Screw age, or saying an exact line word for word. These are some of the things I've caught, so I thought it would be good enough to make it into a video. Enjoy Songs Used: Bottom To The Top, Last Man Standing (Fat Pat), No Reason, Freestyle 5 (Pharoah), I'm Still Livin', Dead In A Year (Street Military), One-Two, What'cha Gonna Do (Pharoah), It's All Good (Fat Pat), Lonely, Pimp The Pen (Lil Keke'), These Days, These Days (Big Moe), 25 Lighters, Da Funk Is On Your Mind (Fat Pat), Type A Nigga I am, Type A Nigga I Am (Street Military), Wake Up, Thatz Who I Am, Type A Nigga I Am *The piano from "Dead in A Year" is strangely familiar to the on in Z-Ro's song entitled "Life Story"
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