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Tall Tale (1995) ending - Pecos Bill rides up in a Twister tornado!
I do not own anything! This is a highly underrated film! Patrick Swayze's character is much better here than he is in "Ghost" - a great tribute to the late actor. Nick Stahl is also in this film, as well as Scott Glenn & Oliver Platt. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED plus, the soundtrack is just AWESOME!!!
The Big Green ~ BEST SCENE!
come and get me. lol
Jim Henson & Kermit the Frog ~ Nostalgia Critic. (LOL)
Taken from the Labyrinth review, I don't think anyone has impersonated someone like Henson to a tee like this! xD
Muppets from Space (1999) - Andie MacDowell scene
LOL Starring the heartthrob of the classic "Groundhog Day" (1993), a cat fight between the two until Miss Piggy sprays her with her Memory-Wipe bottle. "I love this stuff!" Hehehe
Harold and Kumar Guantanamo (on plane) ~ best scene
Truth in this short clip NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED! I don't own this!
Nostalgia Critic: Breaking Bad skit
From Nostalgia Critic's "The Purge" review - Pretty funny skit! Lol haha! Walter White talking to Gus Fring.
Biggs Darklighter extended scene - Star Wars: A New Hope
A scene between Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter. This is rather an important scene, giving room for their friendship.Taken from the Blu-Ray edition of Star wars A New Hope. No copyright intended. I don't own anything!
Iron Will ~ fight scene... and Kevin Spacey punch!
An underrated film of a true story. Oh that punch to Spacey also felt good! Hollywood, give Mackenzie Astin more work! His Sean Astin's (Samwise's) brother for crying out loud. RIP David Ogden Stiers
The Island - Ewan McGregor meets his double! (Favorite scen
I DONT OWN A THING! All property rights go to Michael Bay and DreamWorks
The Big Green (1995) ~ "Get out!" scene
A very funny scene, from a very underrated movie. Starring Patrick Renna
Spider-Man 2.1 (extended scene) Mary-Jane's talk with her friend
A scene is added between Mary Jane and her friend Louise where she discusses her engagement to John Jamison which really speaks to MJ's emotional motivations -- not only to marry John, but to maintain the indecision that persists through much of the previous version. The combination of these various bits of dialogue is surprisingly effective, creating far deeper & more believable connections between the characters that were sometimes forced or overstated in the theatrical cut. I don't understand why anyone has uploaded the scene yet. I loved this scene! No copyright infringement intended! Though, Sam Raimi says he didn't like the hat. LOL
Patrick Renna in Home Improvement
You know the redhead freckle face kid from "The Big Green" and "The Sandlot". This cameo really caught me by surprise! My sister too. Quite an underused actor in my opinion.
Sideways (2004) ~ wine tasting scene
I do not own this video. This movie belongs to 20th Century Fox. Enjoy! Hilarious movie
Bug's Life ~ Turn your butt off!
Funny line from a bug's life.
Groundhog Day (恋はデジャ・ブ) bar scene ~ Bill Murray's question [English & Japanese]
ビル・マレーのスゴイ問題! この映画はほんとに見くびるしてる映画です Horrendously underrated movie, especially in Japan - I took the privilege of filming this in both Languages for more attention!
Nostalgia Critic - Leonardo DiCaprio
I agree with him... Smart list made by a genius! www.imdb.com/list/ls058930557/