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Peter Andre - To The Top
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Peter Andre - The making of Mysterious Girl
Behind the cameras of Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre
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Pietro Boselli aka Superman
If you ever thought Clark Kent was The Man of Steel, well wrong, because Mr. Pietro Boselli is Superman! The most handsome, hunky, gorgeous, delicious, aesthetic, hot and muscular male model in the world is Mr. Pietro Boselli who transform himself into his alterego as the superhero of fitness that he is when it is needed to save the world with male muscular aesthetic perfection as The Man of Steel aka Superman!
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Peter André performing "Mysterious Girl" live
Peter André is performing "Mysterious Girl" live in tv in 1996
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Leo Jauregui - bodybuilder and model
Leo Jauregui is the best and most perfect bodybuilder ever. He is the real and true version of HE-MAN: LEO JAUREGUI HAS THE POWER!!!!!!!!!! (or at least da muscles and da looks!) Watch and enjoy this encredible bodybuilder flex and pose for ya, taking it to a level like it's never seen before.
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Peter Andre ripped muscle combilation
Peter Andre show us his superior body and superhuman muscles... He is truly out of this world.. He is SUPERMAN!!!!!
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Peter Andre bouncing his pecs - 1996 vs 2016
Peter Andre is the hunkiest man in the world! Just like Beyonce invented the word butylicious, so did Peter Andre with the word PECLICIOUS. He has the body of a real superhero and for more than two decades! His pecs are bouncing like it only can do on this aesthetic Greek God
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Peter André interview from 1993
Old interview from Australian television with Peter André receiving an award.
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Work out with Peter André
Peter André is pumping up in the gym to get ripped
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Peter Andre 1996 Interview and behind the scenes of Mysterious Girl
Peter Andre gives an interview about his workout rutine and takes us with him behind the scenes when Mysterious Girl was recorded
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Peter Andre Superman chest
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Leo Jauregui - stronger than Superman and bigger than He-Man
Leo Jauregui is Bigger and more Muscular than He-Man and stronger and more powerful than Superman!
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Superman aka Leo Jauregui working out in the Gym
What would happen if He-mans physique was cloned with the cell-structure of Superman? The result is LEO JAUREGUI! Bigger and more muscular than He-man and stronger and more powerful than Superman! He is SuperHeMan!
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Peter Andre - Behind The Stage Interview after a concert in 1997
Peter Andre gives an interview behind the stage after a concert in 1997. He is the hunkiest man of the 1990's and he would have been perfect to play Superman on the big screen with the hunky look and big buff muscles
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Zac Aynsley - fitness model with Superman arms posing in the gym
The blond Superman aka Zac Aynsley! He's biceps are out of this world and his physique comes from another hemisphere. He is ZAC OF STEEL aka SUPERZAC aka SUPERMAN
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Peter Andre on wall of fame in 1997
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Superman - Rafal Cardozo has the ultimative Superman physique
Superman - bodypaint on Rafael Cardozo - the most talented brazillian bodybuilder and fitness model
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Superman vs Nuclearman - Oil tanker
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Peter Andre goes for street cred in 1997
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Peter Andre - Pec Bounce
Peter Andre bounces with his fame pecs
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Leo Jauregui - the one and only real Superman
Leo Jauregui makes He-Man look like a wimp and Superman as a weak pussy. Leo Jauregui is beyond description and out of this World!
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Peter Andre - Natural
Peter Andre's music video to Natural
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Superman in the gym - flexing and pumping
Leo Jauregui = Superman + He-man
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Leo Jauregui aka He-man
Leo Jauregui is the most complete bodybuilder ever! He is the real He-man!
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Superman aka Leo Jauregui posing outside the Gym
There is only one man who makes He-man look like a skinny wimp and Superman as a weak pussy: LEO JAUREGUI With a physique much bigger than He-man and with powers far beyond Superman, Leo Jauregui is second to none in the universe with the most perfect and impressive physique ever seen combined with total endless and eternal power that makes him the biggest and strongest man in the intire universe!
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Marc Karl Coppola random posing
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Leo jauregui is bigger than He-man and stronger than Superman. When Leo jauregui flexes at the gym, this is what happens!
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Leo Jauregui is Superman - only BIGGER and STRONGER
Who's more muscular than He-Man? Who's more powerful and stronger than Superman It is the one and only: LEO JAUREGUI!!!!
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SODADISCO - MIKA & TOBIAS - Omgående START uden Casper
Videon skyldes at Mika&Tobias desværre har valgt at hjælpe "Spørg Casper" i denne video, hvilket resulterer i at den DESVÆRRE IKKE BLIVER EN SUCCES. Desuden starter videoen ALT FOR SENT. Intro er cuttet væk og hermed er der potentiale for et viralt hit. Den SKAL BEGYNDE OMGÅENDE. Ellers kan man ikke høre den på repeat :)
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Peter Andre 1996 - Part 2
Peter Andre shows off
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PJA vids
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Peter Andre bounce his pecs
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VTS 01 3
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Peter Andre has build his massive muscular chest up
Peter Andre tells that he build his massive pecs up to be big enough to bounce em... And he show off
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Superman vs Superman Clone - Epic Battle
Lex Luthor created and clone from Superman's DNA. The clone of Superman - who is SuperAlphaHeMan - is bigger and more muscular than He-man and stronger and more powerful than Superman! SuperAlphaHeMan flys around the World and plays with Superman like he is a piece of toy. Superman is no match for SuperAlphaHeMan's super superior strength and Superman is easily destroyed by SuperAlphaHeMan. SuperAlphaHeMan is truly the strongest and most powerful man in the Universe! SuperAlphaMan has the POOWOOAARRR
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PJA pec bounce short loop4
Pecs in loop
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Peter Andre - Pec Bounce vol 2
Peter Andre bounces them famous pecs
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Peter Andre - King of pec bounce
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PJA Interview Pecs
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Peter Andre Radio Interview from 1996
Peter Andre is the hunkiest man in human history. Enjoy this radio interview from 1996 with the stud, the hunk, the greek god himself: Mr. Peter James Andre! This is a radio interview with the hunkiest man in the history of human kind: Mr. Peter James Andre. He talks on how Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani headhunted him to be their official underwear model and how there was plan to make him as the lead role in two Hollywood film projects. At the time it was secret, but it later came out that one of the film was to make a reboot of SUPERMAN and let Peter Andre play the role as the superhero, however, due to copyrights from WB and also financial issues, the Hollywood film project with Peter Andre as the new SUPERMAN was neer realized. The hunkiest and most perfect SUPERMAN with a true SUPERMAN-body was then sadly never filmed. But, enjoy th interview and I put in some pics of Peter Andre from that time, some of him as the Man Of Steel, thus with the letter P painted in his pecs instead.
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Steve Reeves is Superman
Steve Reeves almost became the first (and most cool and aesthetic) Superman ever!! So sad this didn't happen and that the (lame) movie-makers of that time wanted a smaller and more slim version of Superman... Makes no sense. Steve Reeves is like the ultimate Superman! All guys and boys gasps when they see him and they all think he looks like Superman.... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/phone-interview-steve-reeves-pt-6-tony-defrancisco-capt-defrancisco
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Peter Andre - Bouncing and flexing his chest
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