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U.S. Solar Eclipse 2017
An absolutely stunning total solar eclipse as viewed from Independence, Oregon. The totality of this eclipse was visible from northern Oregon all the way to South Carolina. It was also visible in part as far north as Nunavut, Canada, and as far south as northern South America. This video was taken at the pinnacle of the eclipse. At the beginning of the video, you can see the moon's penumbra (light outer shadow) and umbra (dark inner shadow) sweeping over Earth. I should also mention that, prior to totality, there was a strong wind, followed by a 10 to 15-degree F temperature drop. The glow you are seeing here is the sun's corona- or outer atmosphere- which appears much brighter in the video than it actually was in real life. During the total phase of the eclipse, the nearby power lines could be heard making a loud, crackling noise due to the erratic magnetic field created by the eclipse, which altered how the electricity flowed through the wires. This later caused an electrical malfunction that knocked out power to the entire surrounding county. At the end, you will see the coveted heavenly diamond ring astronomers always talk about with solar eclipses as the sun begins to rise above the moon. I have been actively studying astronomy as a hobby for four years, and I had been waiting my entire life to see a total solar eclipse for myself, so, please forgive the excitement. Enjoy!
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Playing with My Dogs
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The Lady Washington
Here is the beautiful Lady Washington coming into Percival Landing in Olympia, Washington for the September 2017 Harbor Days. First built around 1750, she was the first American vessel to grace the shores of the western United States. From there, the Lady sailed to Japan, becoming the first American vessel to land there in 1791. Furthermore, she served as a trade vessel between the US and Japan until she wrecked in 1853. This beautiful full-scale replica you see here was rebuilt in Hawaii in 1989 for Washington State's centennial celebration and now resides in Washington State's Gray's Harbor Historical Port. She has been used in many movies, most famously in the Pirates of the Carribean.
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Funny Dogs Playing
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Dog Flips Out at Farting Noise
Funny dachshund reacting to a farting noise. =-D
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The first half of the 2017 South Sound Fireworks Show launched from Rainier Vista Park in Lacey, Washington.
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Scaring My Dogs 2
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#SouthSoundFireworksShow2017 Grand Finale
The second half of the 2017 South Sound Fireworks Show launched from Rainier Vista Park in Lacey, Washington.
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Scaring My Dogs 3
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South Sound Fireworks Show July 3rd, 2018 Part 2
Independence Day celebration in Lacey, WA
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2018 South Sound Fireworks Show July 3rd, 2018 Part 1
The camera didn't do it justice. . . Awesome show!
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Dog Chasing Pine Cones During Wind Storm
Sorry this turned out sideways. Does anyone know how to rotate a video on a Droid Edge? Please feel free to post any advice in the comments section. Thanks.
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Thunder In the Valley Fireworks Show July 4th, 2018
The best Independence Day celebration in the southern Puget Sound area! Watch some fireworks make different shapes and change colors!
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Strong November Storm
This was the beginning of a series of strong low pressure systems that rolled through western Washington, bringing high winds and heavy rain. One of these storms produced gusts in excess of 70mph.
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First Snowfall Part 2
The first snowfall of winter in Olympia, Washington
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First Snowfall Part 1
The first snowfall of the year in Olympia, Washington
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Scaring My Dogs
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