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9 Superfoods for Super Hard and Strong Erections
Many people who suffer from erectile dysfunction treat it by doctor’s prescription of Viagra or Cialis rather than seeking natural erection foods that can solve erectile issues, but the truth is that neither one of those will fix the underlying problems that causes erectile dysfunction. While medications do help in most cases, it’s important to realize that they deliver a chemical erection that your body still cannot produce naturally. In this video, I will help you discover 9 scientifically proven natural erection foods that will help you overcome erectile dysfunction and help you claim back your confidence in sex. 1. Pomegranate Pomegranate is one of the greatest fruits that help your erection strength and testosterone levels. This fruit is oftentimes called the “natural viagra” and this isn’t too far off from this fruit. A study shows that daily consumption of pomegranate juice helps in the reduction of arterial plaque, significantly increases nitric oxide levels, increases the number of cells responsible for healthy arterial wall function, and reduces bad LDL-cholesterol. 2. Chili Peppers Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which is known to help boost nitric oxide, enhance blood circulation and an improvement in vascularity. Capsaicin protects testosterone molecules from stress and helps maintain high testosterone levels to help achieve a hard, strong erection. 3. Raw dark chocolate Did you know raw dark chocolate is among the healthiest and most nutritious foods that is considered an optimal food for harder erections? Raw chocolate helps increase nitric oxide output and even helps lower blood pressure. It also doubles the amount of cells for a healthy vascular wall function. 4. Nitrate-Rich Green vegetables Dietary nitrate converts into nitritines through the tongue bacteria and later in the gut, and converts the nitritines into active nitric oxide. This results in increased blood circulation that helps you obtain harder erections. Nitrate-rich greens can include beet greens, spinach, kale, arugula, and swiss chard. 5. Blueberries Blueberries contain high antioxidant content as well as erection boosting flavonoids and phenols that will improve erectile quality naturally. Daily consumption of blueberries have been known to lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness, resulting in the improvement of the vascular muscle tissue to help obtain strong erections. 6. Beets Beets are jam-packed with natural nitrates which allows more nitric oxide to get released into your bloodstream, improving the quality of erectile function. As a result, many supplement industries incorporate beetroot extract into their pre-workout supplements for better blood flow throughout the muscles. 7. Oysters Oysters are known to be jam-packed with magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and vitamin D, all which are crucial for healthy testosterone production. Testosterone is vital for erectile quality. Rumors say that Casanova ate up to 50 oysters to keep his libido up. 8. Citrus fruits Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and provides significant reduction in blood pressure as well as increases in artery-relaxing nitric oxide. Citrus fruits are also loaded with a rich source of bioflavonoid quercetin which has been known to increase arterial nitric oxide levels. A study was showed that men who had a high intake of flavonoids were found to have nearly a 70% smaller chance of dying from heart disease. Remember, a healthy vascular system is key for strong, healthy erectile function. 9. Garlic Last but not least, garlic is one of the best erectile foods known to mankind. Garlic contains an immense amount of nutrients that can significantly increase testosterone levels, which is a necessary hormone for libido and healthy erectile quality. Garlic lowers inflammation, blood pressure, and increase nitric oxide output. Nitric oxide widens arteries and improves blood flow. The combination of these 9 natural erection foods will help normalize erection function, help you stay strong and healthy, and bring back the confidence you need to overcome erectile dysfunction.
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→How To Grow Nails Faster and Stronger NATURALLY!!
Every woman wants their nails to grow fast, strong and beautiful. Nice, healthy nails add beauty to your hands. Healthy nail growth also reflects the state of your overall well-being. Stay tuned for some easy and effective methods to get long beautiful nails naturally! 1. Take multi-vitamins One of the most important factors in growing faster and stronger nails is to make sure that you get your daily dosage of vitamins A, B, C and D. You can get the recommended daily allowance through a well-balanced diet orby taking a multivitamin supplement. Taking vitamins will help strengthen and promote nail growth. Prenatal vitamins and biotin can also be used to stimulate nail growth. Taking a daily multi-vitamin regimen should work into a well-balanced diet. 2. Increase blood flow Did you know that increasing blood flow to the fingers is one of the most effective ways to grow faster and stronger nails? Some common ways to increase blood flow into the fingers is to write more often, play the piano, and do things that involve the fingers. 3. Coconut Oil Coconut oil works extremely well for healthy nail growth. It contains vital nutrients that keep your nails moisturized and strong. It also helps cure hangnails, cuticle infections and fungal problems. Massage your nails with warm extra-virgin coconut oil right before you go to bed. Massaging in circular motions helps to improve blood circulation. 4. Orange Juice Another treatment that speeds up nail growth is orange juice. The vitamin C content helps the production of collagen and keeps the nails long and healthy. It also contains folic acid which is essential for nail growth. Simply soak your nails in fresh orange juice for 10 minutes. Rinse them off with warm water and apply moisturizer. 5. Lemons Lemons also contain Vitamin C that is good for nail growth. It also helps treat yellow nails and gives the nails a nice shine. Simply heat a mixture of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil in the microwave and let your nails soak in the solution for 10 minutes. You can also rub lemon on your nails for 10 minutes and then rinse them off with warm water. Apply a moisturizer after. 6. Stay hydrated Another effective way to grow faster and stronger nails is to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. It is important to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily for health and weight loss. Staying hydrated will help with nail growth and help you stay healthy and hydrated. 7. Biotin Biotin encourages the growth of nails and hair as it greatly improves the keratin infrastructure. Biotin can be found in eggs, whole grains, carrots, salmon, almonds, cauliflower, milk, oats, and walnuts. You can also take biotin supplements, but consult with a doctor first. By following these top 7 home remedies, you can easily keep your nails strong and grow them at a healthy pace.
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