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Best Veg. Cheese Grill Sandwich in India - Mumbai Street Food Recipe
Light on pocket and heavy on stomach, Vegetable Grill Sandwiches are very popular fast food in Mumbai. One of the best places to eat Veg. Grill sandwich in Mumbai is at Anand Stall in Vile parle(west) opp. to Mithibai college. Music: www.bensound.com
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Cheese Volcano Dosa ! A Cheese lovers heaven | Indian Street Food
Cheese volcano dosa is a pure heaven for all cheese lovers. Perfectly made dosa stuffed with flavourful vegetables masala , topped with cream cheese and served with a variety of chutneys. You can eat this dosa at Pure Milk Center in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Music : http://www.bensound.com/
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Delicious Sprouts Salad | Quick and Easy | Indian Street Food
Bean sprouts or moong sprouts are very healthy and we all know the health and medicinal benefits of using them. Mixed Sprouts Masala is one of my favourite and tastes excellent. Sprouts salad is an easy to prepare and quick Indian breakfast recipe. a very healthy and delicious moong sprout masala.
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EGG STUFFED PARATHA | Anda Wala Paratha | Indian Street Food
Egg has been an integral part of Mumbai Street food culture. From local train stations to colleges there are so many street food vendors which serve all different sorts of egg dishes Anda Pav, masala Omelette, egg parathas etc. Chandan Paratha is one of such street food vendor who serves different types of parathas such as aloo paratha, gobi paratha, cheeese paratha, anda parathas etc. Must try their Egg parathas stuffed with onion, tomato, chilli and egg mixture. Its fluffy and delicious . Address : Chandan Paratha, Opp. Company, Veera Desai Road, Andheri - W, Mumbai
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PANEER TIKKA OPEN TOAST | BIG Panini Sandwich | Indian Street Food
Bliss veg Resto is a street food stall in Mulund serving some amazing fusion items. They offer different types of PANINI, garlic bread, chaat, pizza and fusion food dishes like Italian "Sev Puri" and "Pani Puri", Paneer Tikka Open toast, Mexican Pizza etc. We tried Italian panini and Paneer Tikka open toast on the suggestion by the owner and both were delicious. They always add new stuff in there menu. Overall this place is excellent and not at all heavy on pocket. Highly Recommended :) Address : Bliss Veg Resto, Sevaram Lalwani road, Opposite Vijay Society Hall, Mulund West, Mumbai
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BIG TRIPLE LAYER Melting Cheese Sandwich | UNLIMITED CHEESE Pasta | Indian Street Food
Mumbai is the city of the most diverse street food and this place fully justifies this. Tuck box in Borivali serves huge triple layered melting cheese sandwich! The first layer has veggies, panner and lots of cheese. Second layer has the secret melting sauce and cheese! The final layer has the white sauce and cheese. Don’t forget to get a partner along to finish this big melting cheese sandwich. Besides Sandwiches, they also serve delicious pastas with unlimited cheese, pizzas, burgers and Mocktails. Address - The Tuck Box, A-10, Sminu Building, Sodawala Lane, Prem Nagar, Opp. MCF Club Garden, Borivali West, Mumbai.
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MELTING CHEESE MAGGI Noodles Dosa | Cheese Burst Dosa | Indian Street Food
Pure Milk Centre in Ghatkopar East, Mumbai is home to all things cheesy on their menu. We stopped by for their trending "Cheese Burst Maggi Dosa" and it was cheesy as hell. The secret ingredient in almost all the dishes is "Liquid Cheese". You can see the cheese flowing from every food item they make. This famous street food joint is pure heaven for all cheese lovers. So if you’re looking to try something out that rates 10/10 when it comes to cheese, check out the place. Address: Pure Milk Center, Near Vikrant Circle, RB Mehta Marg, Tilak Road, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai
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MASALA CHEESE Vada Pav | Most Spicy Indian Burger | Indian Street Food
This small street food stall opposite on Kalidas hall in Mulund is Very famous for its Masala Vadapav. Its basically a soft Pav or an Indian bun saute in butter and spicy pav bhaji mixture, and served along with vada and coconut and mint chutney. A must have dish for all Vadapav lovers!
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TAWA PULAO MAKING | Roadside Cooking Skills | Indian Street Food
Tawa pulao is a very common street food from Mumbai which is made on a large tawa, a griddle. This quick rice and vegetable stir fry is really popular on the streets of Mumbai. It makes a quick filling meal and the best part is that you can use whatever veggies you feel like eating! It is known as tawa pulao because of the huge griddle called tawa on which it is cooked. Watch and enjoy the making of typical roadside delicacy of Mumbai.
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CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD Waffle | Chocolate Sandwich | Indian Street Food
Between Bread is one of the best waffle places in Mumbai. The chocolate overload waffle was filled with chocolate sauce to the last bite and waffles remained perfectly crunchy till the end. The chocolate sandwich is another speciality which is filled with tons of grated chocolate, Nutella and topped with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. If you have a sudden sugar craving and need to satisfy your soul then we highly recommend this place. It is very decently priced and definitely very filling. Address : Shop 28, Shivam Building, Bon Bon Lane, 7 Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, India.
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Instant Ice Cream Rolls at Minus 301°F in Mumbai, India
Minus 301°F is an ice-cream parlour located in Bandra, Mumbai that offers delicious ice cream rolls which are prepared live in front of you. Music: www.bensound.com
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MAGGI + PIZZA = MAGGIZZA | Cheesiest Pizza Ever | Indian Street Food
Bhayander has a hidden Gem in the form of this place that serves lip-smacking snacks options and healthy ranges of juices and drinks. Situated near the maxus mall it's a small street food joint that has inside and outside seating options and serves some delicious snacks. Must try the Maggizza, the epic combo of Maggi noodles and Pizza, topped with mozzarella cheese. It's scrumptious! Address: Aakhiri Pasta and Health Juice Centre, Shop No. 3/4, Pava Puri Tower, Padmavati Nagar, Near Maxus Mall, Bhayandar (West), Mumbai
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PAV BHAJI with full BLOCK of BUTTER | Extremely Buttery | Indian Street Food
Pav Bhaji is one of the most famous street foods in India. It is basically a delectable mashed mixed vegetable curry served with pan fried Pav bread. Street Gourmet is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai to try the extremely buttery and delicious Pav Bhajis. Address : Street Gourmet, 2, Aravali Business Park, Sodawala Lane, Borivali West, Mumbai
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LAYS CHEESE MAYO DOSA | Aloo Tandoori Dosa | Indian Street Food
Dosas are the most popular and staple street food in Mumbai. You'll find a dosa stalls in every nook and corner which serve thousands of hungry customers a day. Bliss veg Resto in Mulund, Mumbai serves a huge variety of delicious, spicy and tasty dosa. They have some unusual dosas as well such as Lays Cheese mayo dosa and Aloo Tandoori Dosas. If you are bored of having normal dosa then this is a must try. Address : Bliss Veg Resto, 1, Pradhan Ukeda, MG Road, Mulund West, Mumbai
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BUTTER LOADED Uttapa Sandwich | Double Layered Uttapam | Indian Street Food
Have you ever tried a uttapa which is also a sandwich? Jiggy Dosa is a small street food joint that has over 50 different dosa's and few very innovative uttapa on their menu. Their love for south indian food is obvious in their dosa's taste. In Uttapam sandwich, the spread-out batter is topped with veggies and coated with another layer of batter, to make a sandwich, which is then cut into equal wedges and served hot with loads of cheese on top.  Absolutely good to taste! Address : Jiggy Dosa, Shop B /6, New Link Road, Dhanukar Wadi, Opposite Orchid Subarbia, Kandivali West, Mumbai
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TANDOORI CHAI | Extremely Hot Pot Tea | Indian Street Food
Masala chai is a heart and soul of Indian Street Food, you’ll fine a tea vendor in every nook and corner of the City. Recently, a tea made with a special recipe and poured into a hot kulhad (clay cup) has become the talk of the town. What makes this tea different from the others is its quirky preparation style; wherein, empty kulhad or clay pot is pre-heated in tandoor and then half cooked tea is poured in it. It eventually gets fully brewed. Tandoori chai is sure to please your taste buds. Address : Jakaas Tandoori Chai, Bhoomi Colossa, Opp. Ojos Apartment, Sector 20, Airoli, Navi Mumbai
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BIG RAGDA PATTICE | Best Roadside Chaat | Indian Street Food
The crowfard market Khau galli is a small lane lined with food stalls offering a range of typical Mumbai street food. From sandwiches to chaats to juices you get everything here to satisfy your street food cravings. A1 chaat is street side small food stall that offers various kind of chaats that are flavoured with spices, chutneys, daahi and chole. You should try their ragda pattice chaat, it is one of bests in Mumbai. Address : A1 Paani Puri , Juma masjid, Mangaldas market, near crowfard market, Mumbai
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MELTING CHEESE FRENCH FRIES Dosa | Cheese Burst Dosa | Indian Street Food
Pure Milk Center is a restaurant in Mumbai is taking its love for dosa a notch higher by serving over 100 varieties of dosas. It is fast becoming one of the popular pit stops for all things delicious and pocket-friendly street food. After Maggi dosa and Pasta Dosa, the french fries dosa is their latest addition to their Dosa varieties. French Fries Dosa is first filled with a mixtures of onions, fries, cheese and spicy sauces. Then they top it with generous dose of liquid cheese and fries right before serving. Dosa is quite filling and can be shared by 2-3 people. Give it a try and you will fall in love with it, right away! Where: Pure Milk Center, 19/20, Vikrant, RB Mehta Marg, Tilak Road, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai
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CHEESE BURST Paratha | Methi Palak Pudina Paratha | Indian Street Food
Parathas are the heart and soul of a Indian street food. It is easily one of the most common Indian breakfast recipes.  Khaas-Parathas in Mumbai serves up some great varieties of Parathas and other vegetarian items as well. So many options to mix and match and the sides which they serve with the paranthas (chole, dal makhani, raita) are lip smacking. They offer over 25 types of unique parathas such as Cheese chilly garlic paratha, Palak paneer paratha, paneer bhurji paratha, papad paratha, Melloni paratha etc. Address : Shop No.10, Nilangi Society B.P. Road, Kandarpada, Dahisar West, Mumbai
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ALOO HANDI CHAAT | Unusual Chatpati Potato | Indian Street Food
Aloo Handi is the most unique and unusual street food of Mumbai that is found nowhere else. ‘Handi’ is made out of potato scoops topped with boiled chana, onion, chat masala sprinkling and tamarind water. Address : Near Sion Circle, Behind Gurukripa Hotel, Sion, Mumbai
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CHEESE LOADED PATTICE PAV | Desi Indian Burger | Indian Street Food
Mumbai as we know is pretty popular for its scrumptious food and eateries. Be it a restaurant or some street food joint, every place offers some or the other specialty. From tangy chaat to delicious pattice Pav, and buttery pav bhaji, Dinesh Pav Bhaji has it all. Located in Yogi Nagar area of Borivali, this place is your destination for delicious Pav bhaji and lots more. Address : Dinesh Pav Bhaji Ceter, Opp. Vipul Dry Fruits, Yogi Nagar, Borivali(W), Mumbai
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MELTING CHEESE Sandwich | Mouthwatering Sandwich Recipe | Indian Street Food
This joint is right opposite Sathaye College in Vile parle(east). They serve wide varieties of delicious frankies, pizzas and sandwiches, which makes it a great place for those who are looking for something new. The staff is friendly and service is quick and efficient. Their prices are also very economical and they also maintain proper hygiene here. Must try their Dabbang Franky and Melting Cheese Sandwich. Address : GVC Snacks, Dixit Road, opp. Sathaye College, Vile Parle East, Mumbai.
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EGG SAMOSA with Gravy | Most Unique Egg Dishes | Indian Street Food
The samosa is the most famous street food of Mumbai which can be found almost everywhere. The Eggelicious in Borivali serves over 100 varieties of Egg dishes with a twist. They offer unique combination of Samosa and eggs. It is basically a Samosa made with omelette stuffed with masala boiled eggs and topped with red creamy gravy and cheesy gravy!! Must Try if you are an egg lover. Address : The Eggelicious, Shop No 7,Highrise CHS Ltd,Opp Mary Immaculate High School,L M Road., Borivali(W), Mumbai
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MOST BUTTERY KULCHAS Ever!! | Amritsari Paneer Kulcha | Indian Street Food
Chola-Kulcha is a very popular street food item in North India specially in Delhi and Amritsar. Sainath Dhaba is perfect place in chembur, Mumbai to experience some delicious and fantastic varieties of traditional Amritsari kulchas. We tried their paneer kulcha and aloo cheese kulcha.The kulchas were nicely tandoored and a dollop of butter was added and served with chole and onions. Its hands down the best kulcha, i have had till date. If you love kulchas then you would love this place. Address : Sainath Dhaba, Near Gulf Club, Dr.C.G Road, Chembur Colony, Chembur, Mumbai
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Onion Tomato Uttapam/Uthappa Mumbai Style - Indian Street Food
Onion Tomato Uthappa is delicious and instant breakfast recipe made from idli or dosa batter and other ingredients which is easily available in your kitchen. Music: www.bensound.com
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BIG CHEESY BURGER PIZZA | French Fries Pizza | Indian Street Food
Food Adda in Borivali, Mumbai is quite famous for it's cheesy affair. The food here is not only cheesy but delicious. This place is more like a street food joint, but with exceptional variety and tasty dishes. They are known for their burgers, sandwiches, paninis, garlic breads and pizzas amongst other items on their menu, ALL LOADED WITH CHEESE! You gotta try Their EPIC Burger Pizza stuffed with exotic veggies, special patty, crispy nachos, various sauces and loads of cheese! Address : Shop 4, Motimahal Building, Sodawala Lane, Borivali West, Mumbai
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HUGE LASSI MAKING | Fastest Lassi Maker | Indian Street Food
Lassi is a popular traditional yogurt based street food dessert from India. It is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. The Kailash mandir Lassi is very old and famous spot for variety of Lassi near Dadar Central railway station. The place is always crowded with Lassi lovers. Besides their Thick Punjabi Lassi they have varieties of Flavoured Lassi's such has Mango Lassi, dry fruit lassi etc. Address : Kailash Mandir Lassi and Sweets,Kasam Mitha Building, Naigaon Cross Road, Dada Saheb Phalke Marg, Dadar East, Mumbai
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HOT SPICY Paneer Roll | PINEAPPLE Cheese Sandwich | Ahmedabad Street Food Tour
Manek Chowk is Ahmedabad's most famous Night Street Food Market and defines the nightlife of the city. The whole street is covered with stalls of different food items like Pav Bhaji, Dosas, Chats Sandwiches, Wraps, Chinese Food etc. It all available at Manek Chowk. Its food stalls start to emerge around 8:30 in the evening and continue till late night. Both local people and tourists gather in large number to savor the food. This place is a must visit if you ever go to Ahmedabad. Music Credits: Vadodora Chill Mix Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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1.3 KG MONSTER Sandwich | WILDEST Sandwich Ever | Indian Street Food
YFC - Your Fav. Cafe is a tiny cafe in Goregaon, Mumbai is serving some of the humongous street food in town. YFC is a themed cafe with outdoor garden ambience, cosy bean bags, fun board games & music. You gotta try the Monster sandwich they serve, it is stuffed with good amount of exotic veggies and loads of cheese. Sandwich is served with potato chips and chutneys. Address : YFC - Your Fav. Cafe, Shop no 8, Satellite Tower,, Gen. A. K. Vaidya Marg, Goregaon (East), Mumbai
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KING of Cheesy GARLIC BREAD | BAADSHAHI GARLIC BREAD TOAST | Food Adda | Indian Street Food Recipe
Badshahi Garlic Bread : Garlic Bread topped with amazing tasty veggies and cheese. Served with Mayo dip, Ketchup, Chilli flakes and Oregano. Location : Food Adda Address : Shop 4, Motimahal Building, Sodawala Len, Borivali West, Mumbai
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CHURA VADA PAV | Crazy Vada Pav Making | Indian Street Food
Vada Pav is one of the famous Mumbai street food and most favourite roadside snack. It's an Indian burger in which spicy batata vada with chilli garlic chutney is sandwiched in the famous Mumbai pav. Ashok vada pav, very famous vada pav vendor in Dadar, Mumbai, which serves interesting variation of vada pav, Chura Vada pav. In chura vada pav, the add chura (crispy drops of gram flour batter) which they fry along with batata vada. It is then served with spicy and sweet chutney. Address : Ashok Vada Pav, Opp. Kirti College, Dadar - west, Mumbai
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KING of CHEESY MAGGI Noodles | Cheese Mayonnaise INSTANT NOODLES | Indian Street Food
Maggi has become synonymous to instant noodles for every Indian. Easy to cook and the fact that it's so affordable is what makes it so popular street food. Vinay Maggi and Sandwiches is heaven for Maggi lovers, they have a really good variety of Maggis like Masala Maggi, Vegetable Maggi, Schezwan Manchurian Maggi, Cheese Mayonnaise Maggi, Butter Masala Maggi and many more. We tried their Cheese Maggi and it was the perfect blend of cheese and Maggi with spices. Must try if you are Maggi lover. Address : Vinay Maggi and Sandwiches, Near IJMIMA Towers, Behind Goregaon Sports Club, Malad West, Mumbai, India
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INDIA'S MOST CHEESIEST Sandwich | Mayo Cheese Grilled Sandwich | Indian Street Food
This small sandwich joint is very popular in the area with good quality sandwiches. The owner is very humble and kind. He makes great sandwiches better than anyone in this locality. You even get an option of brown bread or Jain style sandwiches. The amount of cheese topped on the sandwich is humongous and it's pretty cheap too!
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HUGE SAMOSA MAKING | Crispy Crunchy Samosas | Indian Street Food
Samosa Pav is one the popular street food snacks from Mumbai. Samosa is basically a fried or baked dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, or lentils. It is triangular in shape and delicious in taste. Sai Sangam Vadapav center is one of best places to eat delicious samosa in Mumbai, India. They make samosas in huge quantity. Address : Sai Sangam Vadpav Center, Jeevan Vikas Lane, Koldongri, Andheri - East, Mumbai
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SOYA CHAAP cooked in TANDOOR | Dhaba Style Chole Bhature | Indian Street Food
Soya Chaap Curry is delicious Delhi street food delight prepared from soya chaap sticks. It is traditionally small pieces of soya baked using skewers in a clay oven called a tandoor after marinating in spices and yogurt. Punjabi Grill in Mumbai is one of the few restaurants in Mumbai that serves authentic Delhi style food such as Chole Bhature, Malai Chaap, Chaap rolls etc. Address : Punjabi Grill, Opp. Evershine Mall, Link Road, Malad(W), Mumbai
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INDIA'S BIGGEST Scrambled Egg | 240 EGGS Scrambled with Loads of Butter | Indian Street Food
Anda Bhurji is a scrambled eggs done Indian style. Tasty scrambled eggs cooked with Indian spices, vegetables and butter to create authentic Indian scrambled eggs. It's served with a dollop of butter and local loaf bread that's lightly toasted in the heat of the pan that the eggs were cooked in. Mohammad Nashir Pavbhaji & Bhurji Centre is must visit place if you are craving egg in any form but nothing can beat their bhurji pav. Address : Mohammad Nashir Pavbhaji & Bhurji Centre, near Vodafone gallery, Mangal Jyot Building, CD Barfiwala Road, Juhu Lane, Vile Parle West, Mumbai
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CHEESIEST SANDWICH in the World | CHEESE CHILLI Grill Sandwich | Indian Street Food
Sandwich is an integral part of the Mumbai street food, You'll find vendors in almost every nook and corner of the city serving some delicious sandwiches. Selection Sandwiches, a humble eatery in Goregaon west, is an amazing place for all sandwich lovers. All sandwiches are prepared in big triangular shaped bread and are served with generous amount on cheese on top. Their cheese chilli grill sandwich is perhaps the cheesiest sandwich you'll find in the city and probably in the country. Address : Selection Sandwiches, Outside Selection Dry Fruits, Near Rosary Church, M. G. Road, Unnat Nagar - 4, Goregaon West, Mumbai.
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300 GRAMS CHEESE Grill Sandwich | MAHARAJA Cheese Sandwich | Maggi Pasta | Indian Street Food
Aakhiri Pasta and Health Juice Centre is a hidden gem in Bhayander, Mumbai that serves lip-smacking street food snacks and healthy ranges of juices and drinks. This place is situated near the maxus mall and has inside and outside seating options. Their Paneer Chilly Cheese Sandwich is an amazingly stuffed Grilled Sandwich, with vegetables, Paneer, sauces and lots of cheese. It's served with spicy chutney, tomato ketchup, chips and topped with cheese! This sandwich is big enough to serve two, so grab a friend and enjoy it. Address : Aakhiri Pasta and Health Juice Centre, Shop No. 3/4, Pava Puri Tower, Padmavati Nagar, Near Maxus Mall, Bhayandar(W), Mumbai.
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PAV BHAJI + PIZZA = BHAJIZZA | Most Epic Food Fusion | Indian Street Food
Mumbai has become a home to cheesy street food. Be it Pizza, Pasta, Sandwich, Pav Bhaji or even Pani Puri, you'll get cheese on top of everything. Mummy's kitchen is one of such place in Bhayendar which serves cheese loaded food. They serve some delicious out-of-the-box dishes. Must try fusion of Pav Bhaji and Pizza. It has delicious taste and priced reasonably too. Address : Mummy's Kitchen, Shop 10, Chandresh Heights, B-Wing, Jesal Park, Near Railway Station, Bhayander East, Bhayandar, Mumbai
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The CHEESIEST Pizza Dosa in Mumbai | Indian Street Food Recipe
PIzza Dosa is a unique fusion of Italian and south Indian cuisine. The 'pizza' base is a thin, crisp dosa. The toppings include pizza sauce, sweet corn, capsicum, tomatoes, oregano, chilli flakes and copious amounts of grated cheese. Music : http://www.bensound.com
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EGG KING of India | 100 Kinds of EGG DISHES | Egg Maggi Noodles | Indian Street Food
Eggetarian is an egg delicacy joint located in Juhu, Mumbai. This joint is owned by Nikhil Bhambhani, who is also the head chef. Nikhil, who belongs to Rajasthan, prepares each and every dish with his own homemade Rajasthani spices. With over 100 unique egg dishes, some of his specialty are tandoori omelet, Egg Handi, Bhuna Omelette, Remix half fry, egg maggi, egg bunch and Mumbai's street food style Rajasthani Bhurji (scrambled eggs). They also serve shawarmas, and they have vegetarian options also. We tried the chef's special tandoori omelette and it was amazing. This place is open till late night around 4.00 am which is a plus point for people having long working hours as well as for the night crawlers. Address : Eggetarian, Shop No. 2, Balraj sahani marg, Near Novotel Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai
Просмотров: 1034846 Aamchi Mumbai
FIRED UP PIZZA Pani Puri | Indian Chaat with Italian Twist | Indian Street Food
Bliss Veg Resto is a small street food joint in Mumbai which serves innovative fusion dishes with lots of cheese added on top. They also offer different types of Panini, sandwiches, garlic breads, pastas and pizzas. Their speciality is unique fusion dish called Pizza Punch, the Panipuri made Pizza style. Puri filled with exotic veggies, pizza sauces and topped with lots and lots of cheese . The cheese on top is melted with a blow torch, which makes it amazing watch before it is ready to eat. Address: Bliss Veg Resto, Sevaram Lalwani road, Opposite Vijay Society Hall, Mulund West, Mumbai Music Credits: Marxist Arrow by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/
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JHAL MURI | Kolkata's Favorite Snack in Mumbai | Indian Street Food
Jhal muri is a tasty and very popular street food snack from kolkata.  The word Jhal-Muri means 'spicy puffed rice' and is prepared from masala puffed riced mixed with spices and mustard oil.The taste of this food is further increased by adding green chillies , chopped onions , peanuts and lime juices. Like most Indian street food snacks jhal muri also has a spicy, tangy taste. This small stall show in video is the most popular Jhal Muri wala in Mumbai. Address : Outside Juhu Vaishali Shopping centre, JVPD, Juhu, Mumbai
Просмотров: 92909 Aamchi Mumbai
BIG BUTTER Dosa | INCREDIBLE Dosa Making Skills | Indian Street food
The city of dreams, Mumbai is also the city of the most diverse street food. The Muttu Dosa, a popular dosa stall in Dadar is guaranteed to make all dosa lover rejoice.  They have mind-boggling varieties of fresh, crunchy dosas, stuffed with every kind of delicious filling. The place is always crowded, but it is always worth the wait. Dosa are tasty and delicious but the way they prepare and serve them is what makes them standout from others. Seeing the Dosa wala and watching him prepare your dosa is an experience in it's own. Address : Muttu Dosa, Hindmata, near Gold Cinema, Dadar (east) , Mumbai
Просмотров: 2329885 Aamchi Mumbai
KING of CHAAT | BIG Dahi Kachori | Samosa Cheese Bhel | Indian Street Food
Chaats are the earliest of street foods in India. It is possibly the most favoured food of the country. In Mumbai, one can find a Chaata-walah or Chaat-vendor at every street corner. Jalaram Snacks is one of the oldest and most famous chaat stores in Mumbai. Stared in 1983, Jalaram Snacks has been serving the best Chaats and Dabelis in Mulund for over 35 years! They serve some mouth watering Chaats such as Dahi Kachori, Samosa Cheese bhel puri, Samosa chole chaat, Dahi Papdi and many more. All the dishes are excellently prepared and really good to taste. Highly recommended. Address : Jalaram Snacks, Sweets & farsan , A 10 & A4, Chandra Darshan, P.K Road, Panch Rasta, Mulund (W), Mumbai.
Просмотров: 241711 Aamchi Mumbai
MOTHER of all CHEESE PIZZAS | 250 Grams Cheese Pizza | Indian Street Food
With such a variety of street food across cities in India; a Mumbai Street style pizza and sandwich is probably the signature street food dish that is a must try. This cheesy double layer pizza called No Name Pizza is made from layers of chutney, mayo, sliced vegetables and loads of cheese on top. A must try if you love your pizza with loads of cheese on top. Address : Laxmi Balaji Snacks Corner, Opposite Cinemax Multiplex, SV Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai
Просмотров: 178085 Aamchi Mumbai
CHOCOLATE GOLGAPPA with Paan Shots | CHEESE BURST Garlic Bread | Indian Street Food
Grass & Gossips is one of the few places in Mumbai which serves fusion street food dishes. They serve a chocolate golgappa with Paan Shots! This unique golgappa chaat is served with a filling of KitKat, Tutty Fruity and Choco Chips. Do try this Chocolate Pani Puri, it's a treat for all the Chocolate & Golgappa Lovers! They also have Delicious varieties in garlic breads, rolls, sandwiches and dosa. Must haves! :  Cheese Burst Garlic Bread, Melting Cheese Masala Pav and Desi Naanza. Address: GRASS & GOSSIPS, 819/B Ridhi Sidhi, Shahid Mangal Pandey Rd, Mulund(w), Mumbai Music Credits: Yeah Yeah by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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MAGGI NOODLES SANDWICH | Paneer Garlic Sandwich | Indian Street Food
Preeti Sandwich & Juice Centre is one of the best places to go if you are looking for a quick bite. There are many options to pick from here with everything tasting equally good. We tried their Maggi Cheese Grilled sandwich and their famous Paneer Lasooni Sandwich, which is highly recommend. After tasting their sandwiches we were in no doubt why they are so popular. If you are a foodie and searching for some delicious street food, this place is worth visiting. Address : Preeti Sandwich & Juice Centre, Shop no.1, Safalya Bldg., Opp. Kalidas Hall, Ambedkar Rd, Mulund (west), Mumbai - 400080
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Sandwich with LOADS OF CHOCOLATE | Chocolate BOMB Sandwich | Indian Street Food
Sandwiches are popular street food in Mumbai. You will find a sandwich stall near almost every college, railway stations, in markets etc. Subhash Sandwich in Matunga (opp. to RA Podar College), I must say, is one of the hidden gems of Mumbai. They serves up amazing varieties of sandwiches including ice cream, chocolate, samosa and lays sandwiches. Their chocolate ice cream sandwich is filled with tons of grated chocolate, Nutella, Hershey’s and more chocolate. If that wasn't enough, they even add scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! Price? Rs.120. Absolutely worth it! Address : Subhash Sandwich, Opp. Ra Podar College, L N Nappu Road, Matunga East, Mumbai
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HUGE CHEESE Loaded Sandwiches | 50 Sandwiches at a Once | Indian Street Food
Mumbai is a city known for its unique food culture and the cultural diversity can be seen in the culinary richness that the city offers in the form of street food. Laxmi balaji snacks corner popular known as "vasu sandwich" is a place to have some super delicious sandwiches. They've over 100 varieties of sandwiches and also refreshing items like Juice and Falooda at a nominal rate. This place has been serving the sandwiches at a same place for over 40 years. It’s a heaven for all sandwich lovers! Sandwiches to try there: All India Grill, No name Pizza, Spinach and corn and cheese chilly 65 grill. Address : Opposite Cinemax Multiplex, SV Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai Music : https://www.bensound.com
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