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White Shahtoot Mulberry
Growing a White Shahtoot Mulberry one of the most sweetest tasting Mulberry.
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Australian wood chips in the garden
Using wood chips in the garden as mulch has improved the quality of my soil,health of my plants and reduced my water bill. Having done some research wood chips from Eucalypts tereticornis, E.camaldulensis, E. polycarpa, E.microthheca and Casuarina cumminghamiana which all have alleloatic effects and will inhibit plant growth. Ask what type of woods chips you are buying before using them around your plants.
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Kiwi Berry
This is a second year old Kiwi Berry and it has started to come into bud. I will follow its progress and see if it will produce fruit as the label states it is self pollinating. If you have any comments feel free to put them below and if you have had any success with these unusual fruit.
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Growing Bananas in a Cold Climate
The winters here range in temperatures from 2 degree at night to an average of 16 degree during the day. Bananas need protection while they are young and planted in a spot that doesn't receive the cold winter winds.
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Grapefruit tree and wood chips
Great results using wood chips on an old grapefruit tree.
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Growing Tropical Fruit Trees in a Cold Climate
Experimenting growing tropical fruit trees in containers on a north facing shed. Peanut butter fruit, Jaboticaba, Mango, Passionfruit, Paw Paw, Black Sapote
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Cold Tolerant Kiwi Berry Update
An update of the Kiwi Berry which was planted last year and has been flowering for the past month. A very disappointing result for a self pollinating fruit vine. No fruit. Growing in the south west of Western Australia.
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Jane's 25 year old Australian Fruit Forest
An amazing 25 year old fruit forest in Western Australia with some unusual fruit trees.
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Bananas bunches in winter in a cold climate
Surprised to see bunches of bananas in winter.
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Growing Citrus in a Large Container or Wine Barrel
Growing citrus is easy provided you give the tree a good start using a good quality potting mix, right position, fertiliser and water.
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Why I am so passionate about growing your own food
You will need a tissue box for this video. Feel free to ask questions and I will answer them below. Share this video with anyone that you feel will get something out of what i have to say.
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Hot house and Raised Vegetable Beds
My hothouse and raised vegetable beds in winter. I've experimented with the mulch i put into the chook yard 2 months ago and put some seedlings in and we will see the results in the weeks to come.
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Spring has arrived part 1
Spring has sprung in the south west of western Australia a tour of my garden
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The Dalek's are invading my garden!!!
Compost bins (Dalek's) are great used as a large earth worm farm for feeding hungry plants such as bananas and citrus trees. A look around the summer/spring fruit forest.
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Ducks swimming on a hot spring day
The ducks Hugo and Chelsea having a swim in the paddling pool on a hot spring morning.
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Spring has arrived part 2
Spring has sprung in the south west of western australia a little tour of my garden
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Spring has arrived part 3
Spring has sprung in the south west of Western Australia, a tour of my garden and newly hatched chickens.
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Banana plant meets machete
Banana plants gets dead leaves chopped by machete and then mulched.
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