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Khajiit head Breakdown + Tips
This is an update of my old, previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K0m2k8ko0A Kharjo's head has been improved since and now I would like to give some tips and explain how I created this to all the people who asked me! I'm also including great tutorials of talented people, right down here! They helped me a lot during the making! Detailed explaination of how to build a Fursuit Head skeleton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0Jeiyh3Z28 Foaming process shown on timelapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRHyYimr3GI 1 hour video of mask making, full of ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLACquj7lJs Thanks for watching, and...forgive the crappy quality!
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Kharjo Cosplay Costume
Kharjo on Stage, October, San Donà Fumetto-Italy With Subtitles! Here is a video of my Kharjo Cosplay and performance . A Simple one, but that means a lot to me as I remember well the time I picked up Kharjo as my favourite follower! I will improve with more props and perhaps add another cosplayer to make a couple exhibition! You can see the moving jaw and details!
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Foxy's scream? FNAF 2 Trailer
Alright, this video was made in like a sec, so expect nothing great, BUT...! It's just that I noticed a small, creepy detail in the new Five Night at Freddy's 2 trailer: Foxy's scream. It sounds different from the usual "Kid screaming" soundbite...so I slowed down the pitch and tempo, and I got an interesting result. I'm sure I am not the only one who noticed this!
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Kharjo Fursuit Head-Skyrim
Here's a showcase video for my first Fursuit head. I made it for my Kharjo cosplay, a Khajiit npc found in Skyrim. Made of foam and wool fleece sculpted and hand painted, it also has a moving jaw. It currently has a small problem with the jaw structure and I will need to fix it so I can place the teeth properly, but I am satisfied for being my first work on a head ever!
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Dark Souls Old Spice Parody
Animatic-ish since I have no time or skill to animate, but...this was an idea that was born between me and my boyfriend. Remember to Praise the Sun.
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Memory of Alessa Costume
Happy Halloween, folks!Here is my Memory of Alessa cosplay costume...the video has a terrible, terrible quality, but I tried filming something in dim lights and unfortunately IOS has a bad relationship with dim lights! The whole costume has been carefully painted to match the reference picture, and it has a lot of stuff: coffee, fake blood, real blood (!!!), latex and ink. Combined with lights I hope will give a nice Silent Hill effect. I wish my camera was better, though... :(
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"Extreme Clawsup-Wooooh!"
She's Luna, my mum friend's cat. Right now I'm taking care of her for a few days...and making some silly videos, as well. Can't help, she's so cute!
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Adventures  in Glitchrim: Moonwalking Wolf
This video was recorded with a Khajiit Potato. I was just killing random wolves, then one did...this. It was just going on and on, so I was able to record. Man, Glitchrim...
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Adventures in Glitchrim: Draugr Disco
This video was recorded with Narfi's Potato. Draugr sure know how to party hard! I think I just saw a bunch of empty skooma bottles around here!
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