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Carpal Tunnel Exercises using Stress Ball
In this video Carpal Tunnel Gadgets dot com will teach you how to do stress ball exercises for your Carpal Tunnel. They include a combination of isometric and dynamic workouts. These exercises strengthen the flexor muscles to help your wrist get back in shape. The workouts we are going to show are also used for toning the hands and forearms. All you need is one small sized stress ball. So once you have it in your hand right now, let's get to it! http://www.carpaltunnelgadgets.com/
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises - Sports Stretching
In this video Carpal Tunnel Gadgets will teach you how to do basic stretching exercises to your wrist. These Carpal Tunnel exercises are most commonly used by athletes like gymnasts, baseball players, and even pole vaulters. It is advisable to always do stretching exercises regularly, especially before using hand grips available at http://www.carpaltunnelgadgets.com/ The video will teach you in detail and with extra caution how you need to do stretching exercises. Please subscribe as more stretching and exercises are to follow soon.
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