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Shingeki no Kyojin [進撃の巨人] - Levis Squad vs Female Titan - HD 1080P [Attack on Titan]
Levi's squad fought brave. Their last fight... and Eren realizes he should not depend on his nakama anymore.
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Shingeki no Kyojin [進撃の巨人] - Mikasa's desperate attempt to save Eren
*** I DO NOT OWN SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH! *** Mikasa's love to Eren was expressed in this scene... beautiful scene. She truly is mankinds second strongest fighter next to Levi. If not, strongest. Leave comments about your thoughts on mikasa and this episode!!
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Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 23 [English Subbed] - (Full HD 1080P) Annie's grief and sorrow
Attack on Titan episode 23 - Annie transforms into her titan form after Armin deceives her. And on behalf of my "Female titan is Annie Theory video" That i've posted earlier... TOLD YOU SO! No copyright intended, all rights go to Shingeki no Kyojin!
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League with only voices. FREAKY SHT*T GOING ON
Sounds like something freaky going on haha. Lol'ed at malzahar's ulti.
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Titanic - My heart will go on (piano cover review/help)
How do you small handed pianists deal with tough plays?
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Interstellar OST - Korg SP-250
Just so proud to show you my newest asset! Which exceeds every expection of an used DP that is around 250-300 euro's. (Got it for 260) Just know a little so I did some silly improv on the end
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Fairytail (フェアリーテイル) MAIN theme - Golden Grasslands
I know, I know! Made a few mistakes but i think it turned out pretty well! Please leave a comment, hit the like button if you liked it! Peace
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Somewhere deep in Elo-hell... a smurf is rising.
Just smurfin' around. Annie 1v4 Bronz III
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Warwick vs Sion - League of Legends
Battle of the Titans... lol. Silversleighs is my plat smurf btw.
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Overwatch - Widowmaker montage [DonnieDaruko] PS4
Grappling hook, mid-air headshots! Now that's skill ;') on the PS4
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I play Pokemon GO everyday - GERARE HERE
Pokemon GO, Gerare here
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Interstellar - Trying Kylelandry's version
My god... I can't seem to go any further than this. Kyle you're a prodigy.
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LEE SIN MONTAGE - League of Legends
A short montage with lee sin plays.
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League of Legends - Pentakill Katarina [ARAM]
Not sure if that kennen was acting on his instincts to kill secure or kill steal!
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Shingeki no Kyojin  [進撃の巨人] - Levi vs Female Titan [Attack on Titan]
No discription needed, just an EPIC performance by Levi, humankinds strongest fighter. *** No copyright intented, just a fan made video ****
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Overwatch:Just reaper being reaper
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Yasuo VS Jhin - League of Legends
Death is like the wind... always by my side.
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The most annoying sound in the world - Pokemon GO song
From Dumb and dumber! The most annoying sound in the world.
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Gankplank! Arrrrh
Neither the flames nor the depths could claim me!
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League of Legends - Barelymade it fam
Just yi'in around
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Justice rains from above in 30 fps...
Unfortunately recorded with a crappy pc. Won the game though!
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Overwatch: Hanzo - the dragon is sated
Aniceplay OVERWATCH: ORIGINS EDITION https://store.playstation.com/#!/nl-nl/tid=CUSA03974_00
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League of legends Analysis - 1 vs 3 with lucian
2 things that prevented me from getting that triple. 1 was my fault, the other was wellplayed by the enemy. Guess which champ.
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Dva - Quintuple
Just a typical Dva ulti! Had so much fun that game
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Clannad - Dango daikazoku (Yamaha YPT 210)
Hey guys, i started playing the keyboard a few weeks ago and this is one of the first songs i wanted to learn so here it is! All comments & critism are welcome!
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Full AP Malphite
Was about to go rammus to counter yi but then I thought, full AP Malphite does the job twice as good ;)
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Vayne mechanix! By iMissQalot - League Of Legends
Hitting me is like boxing with shadows!
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League of Legends - Vayne Pentakill
Just one of many.
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Asus ROG Strix GTX960M [4GB] Overwatch test FRAPS recording 60FPS 1080P
ASUS ROG STRIX GL553VW-FY079T GTX960M 4GB test. Uploading the RAW output of Fraps recording. The file size is 980 mb. Current settings: High Runs Ultra @ 60fps as well Runs Epic @ 45fps~
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Pyke's OP
Literally my first time Pyke lol.
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Random play I made up whilst practising Golden grasslands!
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Buddy and me having fun at bot lane.
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League of Legends - Lee sin montage by iMissQalot
My very first video! I know I'm not Gripex or Saintvicious so don't start ranting please! Music: San Holo - Memories by IntroBeats (1st. song) Rypejakten - feat. Ine Julia by K-391 (2nd song)
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It's high noon.
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Never BM in tilted
Searching for a gun while your landlord chases you down with a shotgun.
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League of Legends - Lucian
Re-upload! Had some issues with copyright lol
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Another one! Arhh!
Don't feel like searching for a decent video editor to merge my video's together so I'm uploading them in parts lol. But these video's are for myself so idgaf
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Finds Chug jug, leaves it there...
Retarded gameplay by me. Leaving chug jugs, tacticals... I need sleep. 3 weeks of total playtime though, gimme a break ;)
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Thresh Hook Baron Steal
Game changer.
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