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Dr. Karen Todd, M.D. explains and demonstrates Heidelberg HRT / OCT (KDT).mpg
Dr. Karen Todd, M.D., Florida Eye Institute, Vero Beach, Florida explains and demonstrates Heidelberg OCT for optic nerve and retinal imaging. OCT is a painless, easy imaging study that is extremely useful in diagnosis and managing many optic nerve and retinal conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, macular pucker, and many other conditions.
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no drop cataract surgery: cefuroxime preservative free reconstitution and dilution
How to reconstitute and dilute cefuroxime powder to 10mg/mL sterile, preservative-free cefuroxmie. 1 mg of preservative free cefuroxime has been widely used for intracameral injection at the conclusion of cataract surgery in Europe since the landmark publication of ESCRS study outcomes in 2006 showed a 5x reduction in endophthalmitis.
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Dr. Zudans HD Cataract Lens Implant Patient on TV10
Dr. Val Zudans and his patient are interviewed on TV10 Vero Beach about the patient experience and outcome of cataract surgery with the new Lenstec HD lens implants. The patient describes the surgical experience and her outcome.
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Val Zudans Campaign Radio Interview Rhett Palmer
Audio Interview by Rhett Palmer for Vero's Voice of Val Zudans, M.D. about re-election to Indian River Hospital District Seat 5. October 4, 2016.
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iLASIK patient testimonial.wmv
Florida Eye Institute patient of Dr. Val Zudans, M.D. describes her iLASIK procedure on TV10 with Marsha Littlejohn
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St. Lucia helicopter to Jade Mountain
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Vero Beach Indian River Lagoon September 11, 2017 after Hurricane Irma
Vero Beach Indian River Lagoon Riverside Park September 11, 2017. Day after Hurricane Irma. We are blessed to have been so safe.
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cataract surgery patient experience val zudans florida eye institute tv 10 interview.wmv
Cataract surgery patient of Val Zudans, M.D. describes his experience at Florida Eye Institute on TV10's weekend talk show.
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Dr. Val Zudans Crystalens Patient Testimonial - Pamela Bjorkman.mpg
Dr. Val Zudans, M.D. of Florida Eye Institute, Vero Beach, Florida, interview on TV10 Weekend Talk with Crystalens patient Pamela Bjorkman.
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physio florida eye institute optician lee hudgins discusses new progressive lens design.wmv
Physio lens technology, a new customized progressive lens, is discussed by Florida Eye Institute optician Lee Hudgins on TV10 with Marsha Littlejohn
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old house
dji phantom 3 pro initial flight
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New Horizons Fashion Show.  Tracey Zudans
Fundraiser Fashion Show for New Horizons Mental Health Vero Beach
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Dr. Thomas A. Baudo Retinal Detachment Patient Testimonial - Cynthia Dix.mpg
Dr. Thomas A. Baudo, M.D. of Florida Eye Institute, Vero Beach, Florida, interview on TV10 Weekend Talk with retinal detachment patient Cynthia Dix
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YouTube Live Streaming from DJI Phantom 3 Professional
Describe your live video
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New Horizons Fashion Show : Tracey Zudans 2
Incredible mental health fundraiser Vero Beach
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Spring Lake May 2017 part 2
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Aerial Video Streaming
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Spring Lake May 2017
4k video Spring Lake Muskoka
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Dr. Karen Todd, M.D. - Weekend Talk  TV10.mpg
Dr. Karen Todd, M.D., Florida Eye Institute, Vero Beach, Florida is interviewed by Christi Knight on Weekend Talk, TV10 about comprehensive eye care at the Florida Eye Institute. She discusses prevention, periodic examination, common ocular symptoms, and glaucoma.
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Best Mother's Day Present Ever!
Zeo Zudans to his mom Tracey Zudans
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Aviation Day 2012 Vero Beach Airport t28 "Trojan" ride Vero Sebastian Val Zudans
As part of Aviation Day 2012 Vero Beach Airport, I got a great ride in a 1956 T-28 "Trojan" from Delta pilot and owner of the airplane, Karl "Buddy" Holly of Merritt Island. Great views of Vero, Sebastian, the Indian River, and a fun aeleron roll! Thanks to Kieth Gordon for arranging the ride!
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