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Cartoon Network Noods: Special Holiday Bumpers Compilation
NOTE: I do NOT take credit for any of the animations in this video. Props go to Cartoon Network and Capacity for the bumpers themselves, and to tvBumpers for the editing. I am uploading for the sole purpose of self-entertainment, and NOT in any way for gain. EDIT 11/25/16: Thanks for over 10k views! I never would have though this video would have gone this popular (it may not be viral, but I'm happy. You guys are awesome). Also, sorry for my friends' comments. As funny as they were, I removed them. -Thanks, jasper426
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SSX 3 - R&B - 2,291,972
So, this is currently my highest score on R&B so far. This run wasn't even serious, and, even though one of the triggers on my controller was broken, I was still able to surpass my previous high of about 2.09 million points. I am still uploading this video for confirmation that I got a place on the online leader board. I'm new to competitive SSX, so it would be cool to have a score online. My new goal for 2017 is to surpass 5 million. I've broken the 4 million barrier already, but I didn't record it. New videos coming soon. Also, I am using this video to improve. I did do some mistakes, such as spinning 180 degrees more that needed for the Alpine Star and messing up the Finger 11 because one of the triggers is broken on my controller. All said and done, these problems will be corrected eventually. COPYRIGHT: The song used it "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold. I in no way take ownership of said song, and I am purely using it for recreational purposes. The game being played is SSX 3 by Electronic Arts. Like the song, I am in no way using EA trademark for monetary gain. Thanks for watching! New scores coming soon! -jasper426
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