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Aleister Crowley-The Pentagram
The Great Beast Speaks of the meaning of the Pentagram, The pentagram is not a symbol of devil worship (it only became so after Levi famously inverted it - duality).
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Kesha - Take It Off (Rock Cover Instrumental)
What's up, ya'll? I decided to pay homage to the ever-so-wonderful and beautifully trashy Ke$ha with this instrumental. Isn't she lovely though? But, seriously, if anyone out there wants this instrumental, let me know! I Love collaborating with people on songs, partially because my voice is God-awful. Tell me what you think :) http://soundcloud.com/theamericannightmare/keshas-take-it-off-rock-cover
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Black and Yellow Rock Cover (Instrumental)
It's a rock cover, not an exact replica of the song! haha, tell me what you think and if anyone wants to sing over it, you're more than welcome to!
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We Are The Fallen - The American Nightmare and Will Merkes
Lyrics: We are the fallen, We are may be broken, But don't count us out just yet. It's the cracks in the painting, The scars on our hands, That really tell the story. Our pages may be burned, Our binding may be frayed... We are not our past, We are the ever-present future. We may scarred, we may be broken, But you can't ignore us anymore. We are not our mistakes, But the lessons we have learned along the way. We are the pain, the suffering, And you can't ignore us anymore. We are the fallen, We wear our scars on our sleeves. Our flag is a broken heart. And a minor key is our theme, We march to the sounds of the, Bleeding hearts before us. We are in search of a better day, A better day for today. We are the fallen. Our cover may be worn, Some pages may be missing, But our story is as rich as ever before. We are not our past, We are the ever-present future. We may scarred, we may be broken, But you can't ignore us anymore. We are not our mistakes, But the lessons we have learned along the way. We are the pain, the suffering, And you can't ignore us anymore. Our pages may be burned, Our binding may be frayed, But the stories inside us won't go untold. We are not our past, We are the ever-present future. We may scarred, we may be broken, But you can't ignore us anymore. We are not our mistakes, But the lessons we have learned along the way. We are the pain, the suffering, And you can't ignore us anymore.
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Confines (Dark Metalcore Instrumental) - The American Nightmare
Created a metalcore song that takes me back to my guitar playing and synth-based roots. If anyone wants to hop on this track for vocals, have at it - just let me know! I feel like my FLstudio producing skills are improving and I'm getting a better ear for mixing and mastering. I'm not quite there, obviously, but I've come a long way. Any way, this is the unfinished version of the song without words over the top. I want it to be dark, almost goth in terms of lyrical content. The full sound makes me feel trapped or "Confined."
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Bellessandra - The American Nightmare (Easycore Instrumental)
For whom her bell tolls! Welcome to the world of easycore & bro-core. Wish to sing over this bell-filled jam? Let me know & I'll send you the HQ mp3 so we can collab - like real EZ bros do. For fans of City Lights, ADTR & Chunk, No Captain Chunk. Or if you want the track for your own & forever, it's yours & only yours for, like, $20-25 via Venmo - @Stephan-Reed.
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Stars in the Night (Paige's WWE Entrance Theme) - Full Instrumental Cover
Update: Paige retweeted this out, she saw it, goal accomplished! So fantastic. Had to pay homage to my favourite WWE Diva Paige! Here's her entrance theme, in full, minus the vocals because my voice is garbage. It'd be so totally baller if she saw this someday. Stars in the Night, originally performed by CFO$. I've got no rights to the jam, I just did a cover of it. I played all the parts, except for the raven caw. That I actually took from the original song. I added a little flair in there with the harmonies. Hopefully I did it justice!
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The Poison - The American Nightmare
One of my personal favorite songs I have created. Tis but one single on the newest CD. It's all about making some mistakes while under the influence. Lyrics: Doubting myself, for the first time. You make me question all of my actions. Every word said under the influence, Could hand down a million sanctions. In your eyes, who am I? Do you despise the things we once stood for? Do you hate all of our memories? The ones buried beneath my floor. A million secrets, buried in us. A thousand thoughts we should have never said. I've lost it all and you've lost your mind. How hard is it to leave me behind? The poison drips from your veins, And I can see that you're not the same. The same things that once brought you a smile, Only bring you shame. Darkened by our past. A light at the end, I can see. Cowardess swallows my words. Will the truth set us free? I just want to be set free... A million secrets, buried in us. A thousand thoughts we should have never said. I've lost it all and you've lost your mind. How hard is it to leave me behind? Drifting into the void (I'm losing control). Numbness overtakes me (I lose my sight). I close my eyes. I remember you (I see you). When I awake, I can finally see. The poison drips from your veins, And I can see that you're not the same. The same things that once brought you a smile, Only bring you shame. A few too many, our secrets pour out. Things that should have never been said. Behind a bottle, our history lies. Now we're sober for the rest of our lives.
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Left Behind (Full Band Cover) - Rosemary's Entrance Theme
We are one, but we are also many. The hive grows stronger every day. And, to our demon mother, we offer this gift as evidence that the hive...is getting louder. Thank you, Rosemary, for your mad existence in this crazy universe. I hope you have enjoyed this. All parts played & recorded by me. Should another member of the hive wish to perform & record vocals, please just contact me & I will send you the instrumental.
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Electronic Flurry (Owl City/Lana Del Rey Style Instrumental)
Woke up. It was cold outside. Decided to make something that sounded like Winter to me! Dedicated to my baby girl. I luh you girl x infinity.
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Rack City by The American Nightmare - Metal Cover
No copyright intended. A heavy metal/metalcore version of Tyga's song Rack City. I saw a cover online and thought I could do this magnificent tune some justice!
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By The Numbers - Trap Rap/Mumble Rap Instrumental
I did my best to create the most cookie-cutter mumble rap track I could. Not sure why, but whatever. I did it, then messed around with it & actually made something pretty fun! If you want the full license & un-watermarked, high quality beat, send me a message & we'll use Venmo to transfer $25 (@Stephan-Reed).
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Vocal Screaming
this is something i do when im bored in school. Its kinda based loosly on Dani Filth's scream, but also, its just fun as hell doing! haha!
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Eruption/ Other Solo-Eddie VanHalen
Amazing Guitar Solo, by perhaps the greatest guitarist alive, not of all time, but alive
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Settle The Fuck Down (I Got This)
For any college/high school kids out there just to chill out to. It took 8 minutes to write and record! Its really laid back and fun.
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Remember This Day-In Our Suffering
Remember This Day by In Our Suffering, live at the Pontifex on April 18th!
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Zebra Tails-In Our Suffering
Zebra Tails by In Our Suffering Live at the Pontifex in Fremont, Ohio on April 18th.
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The End of the Fucking World | Lo-Fi Hip Hop Instrumental
So, Netflix hit me with a suggestion to watch its newest original series The End of the Fucking World. And dammit, it was absolutely incredible. I Loved the delightful darkness of the entire thing. Even the ending, however abrupt it may have been, was oddly perfect. Because it wasn't perfect. Well, I watched the series again & decided to make a lo-fi hip hop instrumental inspired by the show. I put some of my favorite quotes in there & tried to tell a story with different tones, voices, progressions & key changes. I hope y'all enjoy it!
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John Madden On Tuesday-In Our Suffering
The last song of the night on April 18th at the Pontifex in Fremont!
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Ethanol Tanker Blowing Up
My friend Brent sent me this video of a local train derailing and blowing up outside of Arcadia Ohio!
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Thank You Margaretta
"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Thanks for being fuckin' Awesome this Semester even the people that I couldnt get pictures of: Limbo Zach Paulina Alyssa Ian Veliz Chi Nicole
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In Current Standing
So I came across a cover of Handlebars by youtube member InCurrentStanding, and I Loved it! So I decided to check out her other songs, and I came across Chemical Comedown, and I liked that as well! So I went in the other room, and after hearing what she sang about and how she played, I made this, in response! Im naming it In Current Standing in honour of her.
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Chopper Gunner Inbound (Take Cover) - The American Nightmare
The intro off my newest CD, inspired by Call of Duty obviously! Tell me what you think!
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Saw these crazy dudes at the Lighthouse in January.
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Salt Shaker - The American Nightmare ft. Ying Yang Twins (Metalcore Cover)
I used to play this song on the drums all the time, so I decided, what the heck, why not do a full cover of it. This one has the original track in the background, since the acapella version doesn't exist. I plan to do a version with vocals over the top & I'm super excited about that. Tell me what you think!
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A Path Mislead-In Our Suffering
A Path Mislead by In Our Suffering on April 18th at the Pontifex!
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Just me messing around the synth. It sounds kinda Arabic.
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Choir Dance at Fostoria High School
This is from Fostoria High School's choir concert. Just a little part where some got to display their amazing dancing skills!
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Bleeding Out-The American Nightmare
One of Six songs off of my Vampire themed CD! Tell me what you guys think of it!
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The American Nightmare
The new Myspace for Steven Reed, guitarist from In Our Suffering. The American Nightmare "Not quite the American dream"
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King of the Hill on Guitar
The intro theme song to the wonderful show King of the Hill! haha, good time!
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A Broken Heart Still Beats
So, one morning I woke up. I thought to myself, I wanna play the piano. So I sat down, and this is what happend. To this day, it is prolly the best song I have created on piano. Note: I have never been taught to play any instrument. This is completely original. Tell me what you all think!
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Completely Improv Solo
I'm tryin' to put some excitement into it! Completly improvised is this solo!
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Guitar Solo Screw around
This is literally my first video. I've been playing guitar for a little over a year now. Sorry bout the darkness! Hope its cool!!!
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The Forsaken-In Our Suffering
The Forsaken by In Our Suffering Live at the Pontifex in Fremont Ohio on April 18th!
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Torn (Acoustic) by In Our Suffering
This is an acoustic version of the song Torn by In Our Suffering, from Fostoria, OHIO.
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Tribute to Paulina and Judy Garland
This is somewhat improvised. It is a solo to my dear friend Paulina and to the departed Judy Garland. Paulina Inspired me to make this, ROCK ON!
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Requiem For A Dream Guitar
This is a solo that could easily be put into the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack song!
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Snap Yo Fingers (Gothic)
So as of now, Im extremely bored and I have been learning a bunch of rap songs on keyboard so this is a small segment of Snap Yo Fingers by Lil' Jon! Tell me what you thin! I added a different chord progression in the chorus to make it sound darker and almost black metal.
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Fo-Town Party Boys (They're made for lovin' you)
A whole living room full of guys dancing to the song "I was made for Lovin' You" a cover song by a band called ElÄkelÄiset. Then things start to get really interesting when a couple of em' start to take off their shirts. Just a typical night at Dom's
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Just a song me and my friend Brent have been working on! Vocals will be added soon :) Tell me what you think!
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We're Gonna Make It - The American Nightmare
To one of my great friends during the finals week struggle. I know I'm not still in school, but I know the pain! Here's to eight more years, good friend :) We're Gonna Make It.
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Can't Believe It - Hip Hop/Trap Instrumental [Meek Mill Type Beat]
Had a ton of fun making this one. What started with a few 808s turned into an all-out production of a Meek Mill type of beat, obviously inspired by "Believe It." Pretty happy with the whole thing. If you want the non-watermarked instrumental, just message me. I'm technically selling these, full license, for $20-25 via Venmo (@Stephan-Reed).
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Kreuz (Please Stop) - Annual Christmas-Time Banger
Merry Kreuzmas to the homie, KreuzControl!
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Too Much Time To Think
I hope this can calm you, it helped me some. Uh, kind of a depressing night. I just started thinking, and you know how that goes when you let your mind get to you. Oh well, life moves on! I forgot to mention that I broke my high E string while tuning before I made the video, hahaha! However, I said screw it and just kept goin'! The guitar seems to go outta tune once in a while, that's because I bought it for 5 dollars at a garage sale!
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Paul-Indie Bass Idol
One Badass Bassist right here
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Dude, Seriously I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
Another tune for those kids out there studying for finals! Sometimes...we all just feel like this pup here, but we'll pull through!
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A Special Place In Hell (Instrumental)
What's up world? This time around, I decided to make a song about horrible exes; change of pace, right? Haha, but seriously, I'm looking for someone to add vocals to this, either with me or on their own! If you're interested, let me know. I can put it up on Soundcloud if you want.
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