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Asperger's: What the Heck Is It?
I apologize profusely for the hideous quality of the video. It is my first, and I tried my best, but I'm not used to recording myself and I'm very, very shy. I'm starting this talk series as a way to help people understand one of the more prevalent forms of Autism that frequently gets shoved to the side burner in favor of actual Autism. I am seriously getting sick and tired of people treating me differently or even flat out ignoring me in order to focus on "bigger issues." At some point, since I have Many Cam, I may even get one or both of my psychologists in on this whole talk series. One of them has been working with Asperger's kids since the '70s and is the sweetest guy ever, and the other is a behavioral cognitist who helps me deal with some of the quirks of having it. *grovels* Again, I'm so sorry for the crappy quality. Hopefully it'll improve as I get into the groove of recording. And since school is starting next week, expect the next video to take a while as I'll be very busy. Credit goes to whoever made the thumbnail comic. :3
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Was strolling through Comicpalooza when this bugger decided to come after me!
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Exoplanets Mini-Movie
Finally got it to work! So yay! This is a project I did for my college Comp II class. We got to pick any subject we wanted, i.e. something we knew a lot about but no one else did, and make a kind of mini-documentary out of it. As a space geek who went ballistic over the Kepler mission, I chose exoplanets. :)
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Title says it all! These beasts even talk! For anyone who's wondering, they are saying "Make way, humans!"
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