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A Peek Into Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi’s New Life as a Mother
Laxmi Agarwal had acid thrown on her face in 2005, when she was just 16. She braved the burns and became an anti-acid attack activist. Laxmi fell in love with fellow activist Alok Dixit and the two got into a relationship in 2014. In March this year, their daughter Pihu was born. The baby girl has transformed their life for the better. “It has given us something to look forward to in life,” says Laxmi.
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Delhi Metro’s Harmonica Man
60-year-old Munindra Sagar is an English teacher at British School of Language, Noida. What makes him different is his passion to play harmonica. After getting married and with all the fatherly responsibilities, he was not left with much time to play. For year he couldn’t even afford an instrument. “I had no choice. I had to sustain my family, “ he said. This was a difficult phase in his life. Things changed in 2011, with a new job. “Once while coming back from my institute, I started playing. a metro, he decided to use his time to do what he loves most - playing harmonica. When the exhausted commuters, frustrated after that day’s work heard him play for the first time, they found a reason to feel good. When they came to Munindra, showered him with praises, did he find the purpose of living - to play for the people and spread happiness. When it’s become common for most people to leave their hobbies and passions behind, this uncommon tale of never giving up on what one loves doing the most, inspires hope.
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Watch: How Well Does Ranveer Know Deepika Padukone? - The Quint
Right before Deepika decided to cut off her man’s mustache, we got a hold on them. Like literally! Ranveer also reacts to some of the reviews of his film Bajirao Mastani. And how could we let him go without talking about his Mastani. So here is Ranveer Singh in conversation with The Quint. Video: ANI Music: Big Bang Fuzz For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: https://www.thequint.com To Stay Updated, Download The Quint App: Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2doDlOo Apple App Store: http://apple.co/2d6qYnT Follow The Quint here: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1RXYIg5 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tjFuxI Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Piyc18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Follow The Quint in Hindi: https://hindi.thequint.com
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Funny Guy José Covaco Reacts To...
Watch funny guy José Covaco's reactions to a series of really funny stuff out there including - how people pronounce his name and Salman Khan's confession of being a "virgin"!
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The Many Ways in Which Dr Ambedkar Changed Your Life
On Ambedkar’s 125th birthday, The Quint brings to you the many ways in which the legend is with us even today!​
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Getting to Know Gen-Next Actors Varun Dhawan & Kriti Sanon
The Quint's Rohit Khilnani interviewed Dilwale co-stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon and quizzed them about their personalities and habits.
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Ajay Devgn on his equation with SRK
Ajay Devgn talks about his upcoming film Drishyam, his childhood buddy Tabu and his equation with Shah Rukh Khan.
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Exclusive: Look Who's Paying A Tribute To Mithun Da On His Birthday - The Quint
As Mithun Chakraborty turns 65, look who we found jiving to the Disco Dancer's moves! For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Also, follow us on these places: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1RXYIg5 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tjFuxI Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Piyc18
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Beauty Tips by Jacqueline Fernandez - The Quint
Jacqueline Fernandez shares the secret to her Jacqueline Fernandez and hands out important Do's and Don'ts. Full story here- http://goo.gl/m1WI5o For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: https://www.thequint.com To Stay Updated, Download The Quint App: Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2doDlOo Apple App Store: http://apple.co/2d6qYnT Follow The Quint here: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1RXYIg5 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tjFuxI Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Piyc18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Follow The Quint in Hindi: https://hindi.thequint.com
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India’s Manjeet Singh: One of the Best Tattoo Artists Globally
In the crammed lanes of Tilak Nagar in West Delhi, above an HP outlet, is the studio of one of the best tattoo artists in India. Manjeet Singh was recently listed in the top 100 global tattoo artists. He has won multiple awards for his art and has inked over 5000 masterpieces, but what sets him apart is his journey. Watch this star tattooist tell you things you should know before getting inked. There is also a special message for those hopelessly in love. Video: The Quint Music courtesy: BigBangFuzz
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High Drama During Vigilance Raid at Amitabh Thakur's Residence
High drama was witnessed today when vigilance department sleuths searched the house of suspended IG-rank officer Amitabh Thakur, who is locked in a tussle with SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, in a disproportionate assets case. A member of the Uttar Pradesh vigilance department team was seen darting out of the residence with a sheaf of papers in his hands and being confronted by an angry Thakur, a senior IPS officer. Thakur wanted his documents to be returned but the vigilance sleuth refused to do so. Thakur last week gave a complaint at Vibhuti Khand police station seeking registration of FIR against the Vigilance Director and others for alleged misrepresentation of facts in their inquiry report against him. The Vigilance Department had lodged an FIR against Thakur last month charging him with possessing assets disproportionate to his known sources of income. He was suspended in July after he lodged a police complaint against Mulayam, accusing him of threatening him over phone and attached to the Director General of Police (DGP) headquarters. Thakur has filed a complaint with the police requesting to lodge an FIR against Mulayam alleging that the Samajwadi Party chief threatened him with dire consequences if he does not mend his ways. Video courtesy: ANI Music courtesy: BigBangFuzz
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You’ve Met ||Superwoman||, Now Meet Her Parents
Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman's parents talk about their comedienne daughter.
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Rapid Q&A with Shah Rukh Khan on The Quint
Shah Rukh Khan on movies, social media and more.
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Digital Vs TV: Raghav Bahl Debates Arnab Goswami
The Internet is quickly taking over as a primary medium for consumers and gradually replacing television in the lives of individuals. But will it soon take over the traditional TV ? Watch the face-off between Raghav Bahl and Arnab Goswami.
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Review: Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is a Pocket Rocket
There are plenty of hatchbacks in the Indian market, but when it comes to performance there is nothing better than the VW Polo TSI. Video: The Quint Music courtesy: BigBangFuzz
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Video: Moving Beyond Disability To Accessibility
The persons with Disabilities Act was passed in 1995, but 20 years down the line, we are yet to see a fully accessible and safe pedestrian environment on Indian roads. Uneven paths, stairs, inadequate spacing of bollards, narrow passages etc. are barriers for those with disability. 15% of India’s population have some form of disability and full inclusion and equal participation of persons with disabilities is absolutely necessary. A disabled person should be able to commute between home, market, work place and other destinations conveniently and safely. The more they are able to access physical facilities, the more they will be part of the social environment. Accessible India Campaign is the nationwide campaign for achieving universal accessibility for all citizens including persons with disabilities. The aim of the campaign is to make 100 buildings fully accessible, to the disabled, in every capital city by 2016.
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Nawaz Sharif Celebrates Diwali, Gives Message of Brotherhood
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday attended an event to celebrate the Hindu festival of ‘Diwali’ in Karachi. The function was organised by Pakistani Hindus residing in the port city of Karachi. Addressing the event, Sharif paid rich tributes to the services of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Parsis for Pakistan, and said the government would provide human rights to each and every citizen of the state, regardless of their religion and beliefs. “You are residents of Pakistan. Every resident of Pakistan, no matter who it is, Hindu, Muslim ,Sikh, Christian and Parsi, no matter who it is, belongs to me, and I belong to them. All of you belong to me, and I am yours. And I meet everyone with that sentiment. I am the Prime Minister of all of you. I am Prime Minister of all people sitting here, whichever religion they belong to. And it is my duty to help everyone. If anyone is a victim of brutality, no matter what religion what sect he belongs to, my duty is to help him. And God willing I will help him,” Sharif said to loud applause from the guests. Sharif said in order to make Allah happy, Muslims must distribute happiness among Hindus and other minorities in the country. Video courtesy: ANI Music courtesy: BigBangFuzz
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On World AIDS Day, Here’s What an HIV Positive Has to Say to You
On World AIDS Day, The Quint shares an inspiring story of Gautam Yadav, who is an HIV positive. He has represented Asia at the UN. In this video, he talks about his journey and sends out the message of hope to everyone. He is an LGBT rights activist. His HIV positive status did not deter Gautam Yadav from working in Delhi slums. Gautam was a speaker at the sixth edition of the Josh Talks event, that was held in Delhi on October 30. Speaking at the event, he spoke about the struggles he faced in school and recalled, "People in school used to bully me by calling me a hijda". Music: BigBangFuzz
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“Show the Rapist’s Face to the World,” Demand Nirbhaya’s Parents
Three years on, ghosts of the past still haunt December 16 Delhi gangrape victim Nirbhaya’s parents. The Quint spoke to the parents and as they continue their fight for justice, they demand the rapist’s face must be shown to the world. Nirbhaya’s mother breaks down as she asks some tough questions as to why is the rapist being freed a day before her daughter’s death anniversary. Nirbhaya’s father also demands the same.
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Sidharth Malhotra does the sky-walk in Auckland, New Zealand
Sidharth Malhotra is the brand ambassador for New Zealand tourism, watch him do the famous sky-walk at a height of 192 meters.
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WWE Superstar Mark Henry's Love for Samosas
WWE Superstar and World's Strongest man Mark Henry in a candid conversation with The Quint. Music courtesy: Big Bang Fuzz
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Ravi Shastri Defends MS Dhoni... Like a Boss!
Ravi Shastri's press conference's are increasingly becoming more and more interesting. Never one to mince words, here's the team director defending his skipper who's joined the team after three months. Video courtesy: ANI Music courtesy: BigBangFuzz
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The Motorcycle Diaries: 2 Bikers and Their Journey Through Myanmar
Until a few years ago, crossing Myanmar overland with your own vehicle was prohibited. It took some enterprising individuals to sort out the paperwork and convince their governments to open the border and allow travellers to enter. But things are a little bit easier now. Two bikers, Jay Kannaiyan and Noel, did just that and rode through Myanmar en-route to Thailand on two Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles. They catalogued their journey on video and in photographs. Video courtesy: Jay Kannaiyan/JamminGlobal.com/VintageRides.com Music courtesy: Tinariwen - Chet Boghassa
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Tejaswi Yadav Velfie Interview: Lalu’s Son’s Political Debut
In an exclusive interview, Lalu Yadav’s son Tejaswi Yadav, who is contesting the elections this year in Bihar, said that with mantris and the Prime Minister visiting the capital all the time, Patna has become the new New Delhi. Catch the full story here - http://bit.ly/1Ngd10e
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Raghu Rai on his 5 Most Iconic Photographs
Photographer Raghu Rai has witnessed India’s sojourn in the last five decades through his camera’s lens. He shares the story behind five of his most iconic photographs with The Quint.
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Ex Bigg Boss Inmate Yuvika Would Date Rishabh, But Marry Prince
Yuvika gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss house and shares some secrets from the house. Just when love was blooming in the Bigg Boss house between Yuvika and Prince, our bubbly lady got eliminated. Prince was truly heartbroken and maybe even Rishabh. We got chatting with Yuvika, the latest contestant to get evicted from the house, about who she would date and who she would marry out of the inmates. She reveals a lot more about the show in this exclusive video too!
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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Says Yes to India and Aaloo Ka Parantha
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan in his first ever selfie interview with The Quint's Siddhartha Sharma, talks about his dream of running for president of USA, his love for India and Aaloo Ka parantha.
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Pep Guardiola: Messi is Unstoppable
On the eve of Bayern Munich's Champions League semi-final 1st leg against Barcelona, their manager Pep Guardiola talks about his former club and their talisman, Lionel Messi.
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4,000 Rescued From Yemen, India to End Air Evacuation Ops
4,100 Indians had registered with the Indian mission in Yemen and most of them are out.
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Exclusive Interview with Neil Nongkynrih,Founder Shillong Chamber Choir
Neil Nongkynrih, mentor and founder of Shilong Chamber Choir has been conferred with the Padma Shri Award by the President of India.
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Pro Kabaddi Patna Leg: Telugu Titans beat Patna Pirates
Telugu Titans beat Patna Pirates 34-22 in Pro Kabaddi League, Patna Leg. This video shows the highlights of the match. Video: Star Sports Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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Maryam Asif Siddiqui won the 'Gita Champions League'
Maryam Asif Siddiqui a girl from Cosmopolitan School, Mira Road, Mumbai won the Gita Champions League. The 12-year-old competed against 5,000 people in this competition which was organised by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) this January. The competition was based on the Bhagwat Gita and it evaluated the knowledge of children about the Gita.
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India's Only Longboarders in Action!
Longboard Crew India - India's first and only Longboarders glide and slide down Mumbai's Parsik Hills. It's not for the money, it's not for the fame, they just want to put India on the world's Longboarding map.
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Exclusive: Meet Sofia Ashraf the Rebel Heart
She has been breaking the internet with her viral video 'Kodaikal Won’t' rap. And now The Quint finds out what Sophia Ashraf is really all about. From making corporate giants answerable about mercury poisoning to giving up religion and going bald, Sofia's one rebel you want to meet! Read the full story here- http://goo.gl/mh4wTh
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Movie Review: ‘Masaan’ is Rare Brilliance!
Masaan is finally here. And in case the name rings a bell… well that’s because somewhere between Katrina Kaif’s red carpet sojourn and Sonam Kapoor’s fashion frenzy, it thankfully put the focus back where it should have been all along – on Indian Films doing us proud at the revered Cannes Film Festival. Read the full review here: http://bit.ly/1KmtFtU
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Dil Dhadakne Do's Mehra Family Plays a Game in this Quint Exclusive
Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah play an interesting game in this Quint exclusive interview. Watch their entertaining answers to 'Who's Most Likely To' questions!
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Exclusive Interview: Lt.Ruchi Verma, From an Officer's Lady to a Lady Officer
Ruchi Verma's life took a drastic turn when her husband was martyred. Not one to take things lying down, she decided to fill his boots and two years later she has become a battle-ready officer. Watch her first video interview where she talks about how she picked herself up after the life changing incident, and her dreams for her son.
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This Video Explains How India May Soon Face A Water Shortage
India will be water scarce by 2025, if the current rate of consumption continues. Our mismanagement of the available resources is largely responsible for such rampant depletion of water levels, across the country. What’s more saddening is the fact that a lot of the water which could be re-used and recycled, goes waste. “40 million liters of sewage water is wasted annually due to poor ground water management”, says Himanshu Kulkarni, Executive Director, Advanced Centre for Water Resources Development and Management.
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Chris Gayle Sings, Dances and Gets Candid With The Quint
Catch Chris Gayle in a never-before seen avatar. He talks cricket, marriage, love, music and also dances and sings for us in a no-holds-barred interview.
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EXCLUSIVE: Avirook Sen Talks About His Latest Book 'Aarushi'
Aakash Joshi speaks with Avirook Sen, the author of his latest book 'Aarushi'. Sen talks about the scenarios he encountered while trying to find the truth about the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case.
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Pankaj Advani - The 'Unknown' World Champ?
15 World Titles in his trophy cabinet but Indian snooker and billiards champion Pankaj Advani's name often gets lost in the galaxy of Indian sports stars - just because of the low profile of the game of his choice. However, with consistent performances - like the 3 World Titles he won in 2015, make it simply too difficult to ignore this 30-year-old.
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"Justin Gatlin Paid Him off," says Bolt After His Fall
Usain Bolt confirms that he didn't incur any injuries after the cameraman banged into him after the 200m final. He also jokingly says he is going to start a rumour that Justin Gatlin paid the cameraman to bang into him. Video courtesy: AP Music courtesy: Big Bang Fuzz
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Diwali For All
Celebrating the spirit of Diwali.
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Jharkhand Footballer Kicks Off Her New Journey to Canada
Kusum, a footballer associated with the YUWA foundation, an NGO based in Jharkhand, has represented India with her team in Spain and USA for football tournaments. This year she's off to Canada to speak at 2 events on the sidelines of the Women's World Cup.
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5 Things People in Their 20s Need To Know About The Emergency
What happened two generations before us in 1975 during, what can be termed as the darkest 21 months of independent India, the Emergency. Video: The Quint
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Indian Constitution Could Be the Next Magna Carta: MJ Akbar
It’s been a few days since BJP MP MJ Akbar spoke of B R Ambedkar in the Rajya Sabha, but since the Winter Session of Parliament isn’t over yet, we thought we’d pick out a few points from his compelling narrative. Video Credits: ANI Music: BigBangFuzz
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Amazing Fine Dining Projection Trick
The footage, captured at a restaurant in May, shows a tiny chef, projected onto the table, turning each plate into a grill and preparing a virtual steak for the guests. The project was realised by artists Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck. Video/Music: AP/Newsflare
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