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How to know if your new born has a hearing problem?
Dr Shalabh Sharma of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) explains how one can find out of a new born has a hearing problem. Today we have tests available that can test the hearing of a new born baby. Dr Shalabh Sharma also practices at his clinic at Vansant Vihar, New Delhi and his name is listed in Limca Book of records.
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Shalabh Testimonial Version 1 upload
This is the testimonial for Cochlear Implant done by Dr. Shalabh Sharma of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) New Delhi on an infant.
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Conversation with Dr. Shalabh Sharma, ENT Surgeon, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi
Dr. Shalabh Sharma discusses Balloon Sinuplasty and Cochlear Implants in his conversation with WonderDoctor.com
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Cochlear Implant Testimonial Part 1
Testimonial for Dr. Shalabh Sharma for Cochlear Implant
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How soon should you attend to a childs deafness or hearing disorder?
Dr. Shalabh Sharma, a reputed ENT Consultant & Surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (New Delhi) shares his opinion on how soon should you attend to a child's hearing disorder or deafness. Dr Shalabh Sharma specializes in Cochlear implants and treating the hearing disorders.
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