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Aj Trading Proofs (pinned comment) |Candy Shanez
hey! here are some trades i have done this week. Sorry this video took so long, i have been extremely busy. AJ/PW: thewolfking99 (buddy requests r off.) Insta: ella.is.smiling Twitter: Greentea6534 please don’t go and find these people in the video, and attempt to trade them, find them on accident 💕 If you would like to trade, comment, or dm me on insta, tell me what you are looking for, and if i don’t have the item, ask for something different. my dms are always open, so don’t be shy to slide in. I am currently looking to color swap my beta hood, my pink one, for yellow. on my instagram, it will show trades, and stuff you could offer for. Thanks! *insta: @ella.is.smiling*- Candy
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shane dawson dancing but when he slows down it gets faster
video: DANCE RECESS- shane dawson TV
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teacher said... //flipaclip//
i will do the rest later i am just lazy i was inspired by birbie
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ah, i cant believe youve done this
i slowed down jack and mark hugging cus, AW
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woOaH wOah woAh WOAH
kill me i love the plague doctor hes cool i like there masks
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Panic Room (meme, flashing colors?)
Original: https://youtu.be/M4eeh-YiANw Song: https://youtu.be/Ro51SuLyh8A Animation that guided me: https://youtu.be/eCWhqphjQyA Ocs: Copper, Aubrey, Coppee Software Used: flipaclip, imovie, screen recorder, ipad pro, my trusty finger Frames: 1-124 Instagram: ella.is.smiling if you would like to be in a trading proof video, comment down below or slide into my dms, on insta. Time: 11:58-12:56 (pm, then am) what meme should i do next?
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identities meme (test, effects, loop?)
og- Baked Potoattaion
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im at school
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catching a scammer (report Pusheencatlovespizza)
report Jammerpawz and Pusheencatlovespizza (Recorded with https://screencast-o-matic.com)
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p a n d a
does this masterpiece need a description? i made this btw, (with the help of flipaclip and google)
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Floppy Ears (meme, animation test) |flipaclip|
mainly just to test out flipaclip qwq frames- 1-113 software used: imovie, screen recorder, flipaclip, ipad pro 5-10 in, and my trusty finger. original: https://youtu.be/65Xg6smam1M inspiration: https://youtu.be/Z8KHKHJbDGU song: https://youtu.be/npP9BAJr-a8 instagram: ella.is.smiling have a great day x3
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wow i am not dead yet
number 15, burger king foot lettuce, the last thing you want on your burger king burger is someones foot fungus.
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Happy Pills (meme) (earape audio)
no credits cuz i is lazy
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Character Creator (flipaclip) (plus new intro?)
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bitch meme //JOKE GIFT!// (for baked potonion)
JOKE. characters: kittydog scotch woofys animations and ofc baked.
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Eveee almost killed em
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SCAMMER OR JAMMER? | animal jam
i play aj desktop on my ipad, using puffin browser btw ;) read pinned comment!
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My uncle
Omg he is such a great dancer 😝
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Kittydog (crystal speed draw)
song- H.a.Y
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doing a huge trade for my neon spike || Candy Shanez
oOOOOof game: animal jam recorder: screen cast o matic outro link!: https://youtu.be/EJ-30apFQ0Q credits to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPizOKuAahml-cWNCHaSbw for making the outro!
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Dusk and My Dog
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Oc Voice Claims (male) (desc)
cain- hey there deliah https://youtu.be/hQlPzrX8u0A mako- somebody that i used to know https://youtu.be/8UVNT4wvIGY jax- in my blood https://youtu.be/36tggrpRoTI aubrey- i write sins not tragedies https://youtu.be/vc6vs-l5dkc radar- YOUTH https://youtu.be/XYAghEq5Lfw bear- take me to church https://youtu.be/MYSVMgRr6pw arvi- riptide https://youtu.be/uJ_1HMAGb4k sorry the audio sucks
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how i feel currently
animation program: flipaclip deleted trading vids, putting them together with a new intro/outri
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sorry for inactivity:(
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