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FORTNITE is a game made by "EPIC GAMES" and fortnite is free and for ps4 you don't need PS plus to play its all free no payment but you gotta worry about the vbux and skin to be a pro but fortnite's most best player is "NINJA" he is a skilled, fornite, player and There are seasons that represent the game like season 1-2-3-4-5-6... 6 is the latest one according to my time and date and there are emotes, skins, air trails, gliders, axe's, and many more to choose from!
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My intro....Eh
If you want to request an intro just go to the other intro where it says Free Intro [READ DESC] and there are 5-7 types of intros to choose from and choose a song with a cool beat drop and I'll do my best to create you one!
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