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For Alissa playz
This is for you cunt
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Falling for you ~peachy~ gvmv
Yes I know the timing is off and my spelling
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Solo meme
Apps used Ibis paint Kinemaster Gacha studio Mp3 Have a blessed day!
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My new intro and outro
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For vivi daisycorn
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Depressed kids speed edit (read desc)
Ok I don't usually upload on the weekend but I got to go back to school next month so I might as well upload while I still can...
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READ DESC (open)
OK so sorry if it looks bad I was watching escape the night season 3 but anywwys.... I'm doing free edits no hair or poses you will have to do that yourself post a video with the hastag #blexfreeedits with your oc in gachaverse you'll do the pose and the hair, and I'll do the drawings I'll let 10 people in 1 m e 2 ღ vivi Daisycornღ 3 izzy 101 4 gacha time 5 melon ! 6 Marian marionette 7 8 9 10
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For emiko's studio
Jazmine is a hyperbid she is emotionless and she is really smart she really loves books and she always stands up for herself She's a tomboy. When she battles she's possessed by her father that's why her eye is red, she loves to dance. Her power is mind - reading and she can control people's body she hates peanut butter case she can't eat it she hates her brothers killer till this day she still searches for him, she likes fruit pizza and overalls (what's she's wearing in normal) Credits: Thx to gamer coco yt for the intro! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC5U91irirjd5Zjnf8w8jxSw Thx to allen kun for the profile picture! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCOkjiTHEpSI180KuwS-liEA My instagram https://www.instagram.com/thatonelonelypotato123/
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For gacha time
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About the voice acters
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Reacting to gacha haters
Sorry if you don't like it, and sorry for the bad audio quality.
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For posedonys map
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For forget about it
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For izzy 101 (read desc if u entered)
The reason why I haven't made yours yet is because you haven't made a video with your character pose and your Ocs that are gonna be in it if you already made the video tell me so I can go on your channel and I'll make it. If I dont think make it soon that means I'm in school already. I hope u understand Xoxoxo
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Just Doing some stuff
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Read desc
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Help me (read desc)
Please help me I lost my intro and outro so please help me to get it back or I'll have to make a new one
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Follow my instagram
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For vivi daisycorn
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I am the man meme *REPOST* READ DESC
ok so if I don't post search this channel called gachatube My videos my be on there! :D Channel pic: made by Allen kun
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I have no mic
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Fanart for Canny, Melon !, Allen-kun,
Subscribe to their lovely channels I'll put their channel links later~
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My new intro
Apps used Google Cute cut pro Gacha studio Photolayers
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Watching his cringe videos ;^; Don't subscribe to this ugly nigga -_- JK I'm watching his cringe music.lys
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I'm doing free sketches!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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For forget about it
I'm doing a 70 subscriber special soon!
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The Choice has been made
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Secret GMV
Secret GMV Made by meme blex Hello if your new to this channel I am amari known as meme blex but you can Call me blex I made gacha videos so I guess I am a so called ,"gachatuber"....
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I'm doing voice acters for a series [open] read desc
Ok so here's the rules 1 rule if you want to be in it you'll have to give me your Gmail so I can contact you on hangouts and the voice roles can be done 1 meme blex (taken by meme blex) 2 Alison (Taken by allen kun and melon !) 3 my crush (jackie) 4 Jacob 5 bully 1 (taken by peaxhy) 6 bully 2 7 teacher 1 8 teacher 2
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