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ATL Baby
I rap a little so here is a video, funny
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My coach watching my double back
Video uploaded from my mobile phone. My coach video taped it for me so I could watch it for form problems which I did have in this video been working on on it more now.
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Round-off handspring full
working out at gymdog camp at UGA
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my first video on my new lap top
this is my channal and I finally got my video to upload so there is more to come.
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This was my first try on the higher beam.
Video uploaded from my mobile phone. At my next practice I got it without any mats. I progressed myself while my coach helped the other girls on other skills.
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Level 7 Floor Routine
First time competing my new routine for level 7. January 2013
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Just watch you really want to know
diabetes, hat, stuff, and more
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#BELIEVETOURAUDITIONS (She don't like the lights; by Justin Bieber) Kala Williams
Rushed a lot. Does she look hurt? No? She is she has a hurt ankle and knee and still was dancing. She also got sick right before filming this video. She said she didn't care and that it was time to dance. No Copyright intended. Justin Bieber owns the song. The video wasn't done with a good camera so the timing is totally messed up. When she first did the dance it was with the music on time and looked great. If you like watch some of her other videos she is a great dancer, singer(videos on here don't show her actual talent), gymnast, and friend.
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Teaching myself front giant drill
Video uploaded from my mobile phone. I had a teammate video me teaching myself this drill. The three videos I posted today was from a little while back, but still kind of recent I guess.
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Front handspring front pike
CCG gymnastics competition level 7
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I learned to sing this song in one day tell me what you think and to all you guys/men out there my parents check my youtube everyday just saying. This is my verson of skyscraper with no background music so yeah.
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dancing to never say never
just watch to see. FYI: My ankle was still messed up and those shoes are way to big for my feet so I didn't do my big tricks in that small space I had.
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What to do when I am hurt?
I had a sprained Achilles and wanted to keep working so conditioning and lots of bar work. I had an ankle weight to even me out though. Video uploaded from my mobile phone.
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Thanks Dalton
This is a shout out to one of my first facebook fans!
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skyscraper dance
I was going to make another video where I am wearing my toeshoes but I have a sore ankle so yeah. If you can't tell near the end of this dance I started to cry.
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Silly me be talking again
Do I ever shut up!!
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love is real
I wrote this and my throat is a little sore so please no haters. thanks and hope everyone is doing well. 2/7/2012: This video was taken over 2 months ago before I got an instruamental and worked on the song more.
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I got a box
It is Justin Bieber things, I guess I won yhea!!!!!!!! so go me!!! I hope Justin sees me now.
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Where are you know dance
I have been working really hard on this,
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Message for my friend
I don't own any songs playing in the background.
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random (I do not own the song)
I recorded the singing when I was sick and I just mouthed the words when I was on vocal rest. The pictures are really random. If you have any questions just ask. I don't own this song it is just a little cover
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remake of my last video
I wanted to remake it with no rug and something on my feet, look really close there is something on the ball of my feet, they're tan so they are hard to see, tell me which you like better.
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Darfur genocide
This is a english project that I have to do tomorrow.
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Beam routine for level 7
January 2013 CCG gymnastics competition.
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Just a update, Sorry it is so long.
I just wanted to answer some questions.
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Me right after an achillies Injury
No I don't get hurt that often it was just a few miss calculations. Video uploaded from my mobile phone. This was part of my come back routine after hurting my knee twice in the same year and hurting my achillies two days before this compitition. I am all good now and working on bigger and better tricks again. I can do so much more. I was doing level 8/9/10 skills before my injuries. The reason I say 8/9/10 is because was trainning bigger tricks on one event and a little bit smaller ticks on another.
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