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Grenada Dr recommendations food is medicinal
Health and healing food
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Most powerful speech from a child of LGBT parents
A child of LGBT parents tells about her experience. She asks people to look again and don't be afraid to look out for the children. This is not my work but I acknowledge the originator for great topic and recording. On a sensible topic sensitively handled. Indisputably the most honest narrative about the other side of the LGBT family stories.
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Is England still a Christian country?
Discussion on ethics
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Title mum Mondays shows you how to repair a Tesco Hudl tablet. Simple and no soldering. Tools
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free tools and and components what they are and how to use them.
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Demonstration of the Swift telecaster guitar
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Title Audition acustic guitar, made in japan for woolworths in 1960's
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free
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Blood mother
Spoken word mother's day women's week poetry acoustic live
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vintage klira Florida German parlour guitar part 2 the  results demonstration
Refurbishing a parlour guitar which was bought for 50 pence at a charity bring and buy sale. Isn't it just amazing how one man's rubbish Can be a women's treasure. Im no expert but I think this will make a good blues, country or English folk music guitar. What's your thoughts?
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Driving Mom Crazy
Children can be so cute just like little monkey and so cheeky and trouble making. So I decided to make a movie to stop them driving me crazy in the holiday while I worked from home.
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Grenada I'm coming Home
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free
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Encore Bass review
Bought this Bass and removed all the old stickers. What is the make? Encore or not?
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Give me one reason Tracy Chapman cover version
#Give me one reason #Tracy Chapman #female guitar #epiphone #12 bar BLUES #music therapy #mommonday #guitar practice #granny on guitar #boss me 25
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How to dry clean light coloured timberland newbuk boots
Video from Reap Life Everlasting
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Happy Birthday Mum Write and Composed by Daughter
My daughter as written me this song for my birthday it is amazing.
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(Eric Clapton) Wonderful tonight
Mum sings and plays guitar to her emotional funny version of the timeless classic wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton.
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Wonderful tonight reggae.
I am learning guitar fulfilling my child hood dream at 50. I changed the words etc tried to make it true to my life.
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I try Macey Grey cover my own guitar newbe style
I learned to play guitar and sing four songs in 4 weeks for my daughters wedding. Money was tight so the dream of having Justin Timberlake and Macey Grey perform wasn't going to happen. So here is my first live performance ever. please watch and like. thanks xxxxxxxxxx
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Title mom Monday hudl repair final test
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free #fix #repair #hudl 2 #micro USB port repair #recycling #up cycling #life hack #electrical repair #replacement parts hudl #mom Monday #mum monday
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Weave sacrifice checkpoint checkout
How it's made for what it's worth. Not my own work. Simply 're post for information and interest.
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Poem see how the poor die
Grenfell tower poem by an amazing poet. This is about our time. Like and share
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"the protester" copy right by soniaaftereightmodeste"
Solo in the BBC king style Bb
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The sky on 25th at 1pm in Kent UK
Strange extra bright Sun in October with strange dark smoke like clouds.
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Title mom mondays shows how to refurbishing and Set up a vintage parlour guitar with hand bag stuff
Refurbishing a £0.50 pence (I paid $1.50) vintage parlour guitar with stuff in my women's beauty make up bag and 5 year old car cleaning stuff.
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Christian testimonial of Jesus and genetic markers and DNA
Christian Healing testimonials
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Title mom Monday shows you how to repair the tesco hudl part three.
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free how to repair and test the tesco hudl after fitting a tesco Hudl 1 power jack DC AC charge board port. Micro socket USB port.
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Everyone needs to listen to this man before the age of 30
Life on earth has a time limit. Everyone needs to be aware of what that is. How does your faith or belief influence how you live your life? How does society dictate how you live your life? Are you passive or active participant in your purpose on earth?
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Isaac or Ishmael research clarification
In the story about Abrahams son who was the child to be sacrificed? From a watchman of the Harvest video it appears to be distorted truth. Listen to he narrator the do your own cross referencing.
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The facetybook and selfie workout 2016
Facebook, instar am, exercise, work out, Prank, selfish, modelling tips, beauty tips,
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Innovation in African bikes
Must watch this person innovative bamboo bike transport recycling
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Title mum Mondays shows you how to repair the Tesco Hudl tablet. Simple and no soldering
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free how to repair the power port on the Tesco hudl tablet. Don't throw it away. Life hack.
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Stork your friends app not safe for children
Listen to this eastender star and her child talk about. The snap chat app and how its is not safe for children or adults. Because it can show where you are and what you are doing.
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DISTRACTION  || spoken word || poem
Inspired by the Chinese invation of Jamaica and the Caribbean. The #isrealite awakening
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Mum sings summertime at daughters wedding
Mum surprised bride and groom with wedding songs
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Brixton back in the day
By Video from Nahum 1:3
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