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Shout out to RealityPales
Realitypales: Aweome dude. No lie
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Infamous 2 demo
Just being as spoiler to the demo.Picking up where RealityPales(awesome dude) left off. Note:There my be sound problems P.S. Sorry for the gayish acent.I'm a little sick
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Take what you can,give nothing back
Pirates of the caribean anyone
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Heads up
I'm not play UGC missions with demos with an "N"
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I'm Back :)
Plus don't forget to vote for HebrewHammer for Tester Season 3
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New Marais' Massacure
By: Proeliator 7-1( Forgive me if I mispronounced you r name )
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Infamous 2 Wlakthrough Part 2: To be continued?
If I don't get any positive/neurtalcoments, messages,UGC requests,more views on my channel or vids,, thses vids STOP!
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Infamous 2 demo Part 3
That's it until I either figure out a way to get the beta soon or til I can get Infamous 2 the game
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