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Bee Venom Can Kill HIV, Study Says
Scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered bee venom can kill the HIV virus without harming the body.
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Researchers Walk Out First Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Leg
The leg works by redirecting nerves headed to the damaged muscle, to the hamstrings, and a nearby sensor that reads what the nerves are communicate.
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Oldest Human DNA Leads To More Questions Than Answers
Researchers are scratching their heads after discovering a 400,000-year-old fossil related to a little-known human ancestor known as Denisovans.
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New Hair Loss Treatment Could Mean the End of Baldness
A new technique to grow hair follicle cells in the lab means scientists could one day inject a person's own cells to spark new hair growth.
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3 Earth-Like Planets Found in 1 Solar System
The system, Gliese 667C, has three planets in the habitable zone which may be rocky have atmospheres.
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Hubble Spots Oldest, Farthest Galaxy Ever Discovered
Using the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists discovered Galaxy z8_GND_5296, which might've formed 13.1 billion years ago.
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Rats Communicate 'Telepathically' via Brain Implant
Scientists at Duke University have developed a mind reading device for rats that gives them shared thoughts.
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Earth's Core Is Hotter Than Originally Thought
French scientists proved through experiments that the Earth's core is 6,000 degrees Celsius and not the original estimate of 5,000 degrees.
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Extremely Rare 'Asian Unicorn' Sighted In Vietnam
World Wildlife Fund has released photos of the saola, a rare animal that hasn't been seen in 15 years.
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Exercise Before Bed Could Improve Sleep, Study Says
A study by the National Sleep Foundation shows exercise improves your sleep and that working out before going to bed does not impact sleep.
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The Lightsaber Molecule: Light-Matter Is Real
Scientists from Harvard and MIT have figured out how to make beams of light stick together.
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Designer Trains Bees To Detect Some Cancers
Portuguese designer Susana Soares revealed a unique glass device at Dutch Design Week. Inside it are bees trained to detect cancer on our breath.
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Newest Hangover Cure? Study Says Sprite
Researchers at a Chinese university say the lemon-lime soda aids the metabolism of alcohol within the body.
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Scientist Says New Research Proves 'Dogs are People Too'
New research on dogs' brains has one neuroscientist and his team saying that dogs are capable of love and have emotions very similar to humans.
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More Than 200,000 Apply For One-Way Trip to Mars
As of Monday, more than 200,000 people have applied to be part of the Mars One Project, a one-way trip to the red planet.
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Tiny Alien-Like Skeleton Contains Human DNA
Tests of the mysterious skeleton, believed by some to be alien, have so far revealed only human DNA.
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New Dinosaur Species Discovered
Scientists have discovered fossils in Madagascar that reveal a new species of dinosaur: Dahalokely tokana, or "lonely small bandit."
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What's the Genetic Link Between Mental Disorders?
New research claims a genetic link beween autism, ADHD, bipolar, depression and schizophrenia.
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Mississippi Infant First to be 'Functionally Cured' of HIV
Researchers think by treating the child with antivirals early on, they were able to effectively eliminate the virus.
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Gene-Patenting Case Comes to Supreme Court
The case involves a biotechnology company that patented genes it discovered during cancer research.
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Bat-Eating Spiders Are Everywhere, Except Antarctica
New research published in the journal PLOS One shows spiders that build webs big enough to catch and eat bats are all over the world.
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Microbes Discovered in the Deepest Part of the Ocean
Researchers discovered microbial life in the Mariana Trench, 11 kilometers below sea level, through a robot they sent below.
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First Artificial Human Heart Transplant Performed In France
Surgeons in France have implanted a patient with a new heart — designed to be a long-term artificial replacement for the human organ.
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FDA Approves First Magnetic Migraine Treatment
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of a new magnetic device, known as a Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator.
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New, Aggressive HIV Strain Develops Into AIDS Faster
Researchers have found an aggressive new strain of HIV in West Africa they say develops into AIDS much faster than other strains.
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Why Researchers Think 3D Movies Could Improve Vision
Neuroscientist Bruce Bridgeman says he was cured of stereo blindness after watching Scorsese's 3D "Hugo," and it could work for others.
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Ideal Age Gap for Couples: 4 Years, 4 Months
Confused.com surveyed more than 2,000 adults on the ideal age gap for a couple. The most popular answer is for the man to be 52 months older.
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NASA Satellites Spot Middle East Water Loss
Using the NASA GRACE satellite, researchers discovered the Tigris and Euphrates rivers have lost 117 million acre feet of groundwater in seven years.
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Gold Found Growing in Eucalyptus Trees
Australian researchers studying soil in search of gold decided to change their direction of focus and found traces of gold in eucalyptus trees.
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Can Stem Cells Cure Blindness?
Scientists have collected stem cells that were primed to transform into photoreceptors then injected them into the eyes of blind mice.
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U.K. Doctor Aims To Use Shrooms To Treat Depression
U.K. psychiatrist, Dr. David Nutt, believes the active chemical in magic mushrooms can be extracted and used to treat depression.
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New Hammerhead Shark Discovered Near South Carolina
A new type of hammerhead shark was discovered off the coast of South Carolina. The new species has 10 fewer vertebrae than a scalloped hammerhead.
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How Whales Hold Their Breath for 90 Minutes
Researchers say they've found a protein adaptation that lets whales and other deep divers store more oxygen in their muscles.
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MIT Researchers Create 'World's Toughest Tongue Twister'
While studying speech patterns, MIT researchers came up with a tongue twister so difficult that participants struggled to repeat it.
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Did Life on Earth Really Come From Mars?
One scientist's theory made headlines Thursday, but while his critics say he's not a kook, his claims might be overblown.
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'Gut Bugs' Could Cause Heart Disease
A recent study on heart health found a potential link between heart attacks and bacteria in the gut.
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Scientists Say 120,000 Cubic Miles Of Freshwater Under Sea
Scientists in Australia believe there are about 120,000 cubic miles of water underneath the ocean floor — 100 times more than we have used since 1900
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How Quickly Does Gut Bacteria React To Diet Change?
A new study shows that the community of gut bacteria will altar rapidly when faced with a different diet.
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Were Dogs Domesticated In Europe? Scientists Disagree
A study placing the birthplace of the domestic pooch in Europe is the latest blow in a surprisingly contentious debate.
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New Fears Behind Flesh-Eating Bacteria Found in Ocean
Vibrio Vulnificus is commonly found in warm salt water in the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the cases are coming from Florida.
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New Theory May Explain How Penguins Lost Their Flight
The theory says birds can't have wings good at both flying and swimming, and penguins made the tradeoff.
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Scientists Pin Down Distance to Nearest Galaxy
Using a new technique to measure distance, scientists found the Large Magellanic Cloud is 163,000 light years away.
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Scientists Link Human Brains for First Time
A mind control first, the brains of two humans have been interfaced, allowing one researcher to control his colleague's hand.
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Genetics Study Shows Europe is One Big Family
A mitochondrial DNA study found if lineages are traced back just 1,000 years, nearly all Europeans turn out to be related.
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NASA's Voyager 1 Finally Enters Interstellar Space
After years of telling us "any day now," NASA announced the probe has finally breached the edge of our solar system.
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Large Hadron Collider Shutdown for Repairs Until 2015
CERN's atom smasher will have thousands of upgrades, repairing damage from a 2008 explosion and finally allowing the collider to reach full power.
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Archaeologists Discover Viking Parliament Under Parking Lot
Underneath a parking lot, archaeologists in Scotland have uncovered what looks to be an ancient Viking parliament site.
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Transparent, Stretchy Speaker Shows 'Soft Machine' Potential
Scientists at Harvard University have developed a transparent, stretchy speaker as a proof of concept for ionic conductors.
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Study Proposes Quantum Experiment on the Space Station
Researchers want to test quantum entanglement by putting a sensor on the ISS, possibly paving the way for a quantum internet.
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Lab Grown Kidney Successfully Tested in Rats
Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston created a functioning rat kidney.
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