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Been Married And Forgot How Long...Re-Mix Comedian markarmstrong.com MensHelpTv
This is about Mark Armstrong who is a funny man in comedy who can tell one liner jokes and keep the story intact... The video is about make and his wife and the storys they go through let me know if you like this... You can but this by visiting markarmstrong.com Comedy Police Promotion remix by MensHelpTv Permission from the owner Mark Armstrong was granted in person at comedy club Hoover, Alabama. Any disputes bring it up with Mark Armstrong not me, I asked if I can use on youtube he said yes.
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My First Night Using The CPAP Machine ... This Is What I Think!!!
I went to sleep for the first time at home and used my CPAP Machine... I woke up to adjust the straps of the full face mask to limit the leaks and then got up about 5am this morning alert and awake, full of energy and the feeling of being alive. I done the washing and cleaned the kitchen, I just feel fantastic today, and I guess my body has had a better sleep with a CPAP Machine pumping in the Air.
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Itchy Bottom, Blood On The Toilet Paper? What is it? Maybe I Can Answer This?
Blood might be found on the toilet paper for some people when they are cleaning the poop after finishing. The blood might be a hemorrhoid that is a broken blood vessel on the edge of your anus. It can be treated with a hemorrhoid cream or may need to be looked at by a doctor who will have to place a small cut to remove the blood clot lump. The other reason you might have blood on the toilet paper is because you have used a brand of paper that is like sand paper and had itched a small rash on the bottom hole. In most cased blood on toilet paper can be cured and is not a big issue, but lots of bleeding might need to be attended too by a doctor. For some people the lump on the bottom that has blood on the toilet paper can become very itchy and painful itchy that it does not heal unless treated. One last cause could be tinier, that is a jock itch infection that is on the bottom.
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1-407-515-2416 Orlando Florida Telephone Marketing
They have been calling me for over 9 months, I keep saying take me off the list and this has been useless. They get your information just by paying for it. Or some Internet sights list your family members and your address age and phone number for free. No Magic Involved. 407-515-2416 If you want to have them not call you over time answer then hang up... No Tally Marketer wants to call dead end or broken phones.
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Fraud Watch On Paypal, CraigsList, Western Union Payments Of Goods
Pay me and I will pay you later Scam for goods they never paid for... this is a internet scam going on with craigs list, Paypal and western union. These companys are not involved but the customers who use them... this is my story. Clarence Rose clearancerose @gmail.com John Martins NO 52 Waverly Road Moston. Manchester. M9 4LS United kingdom. service_delivery @mail2customs.com larryhased @gmail.com on behalf of service @paypal.com (sellers_safety @OfficeEmail.net) Many people get screwed by this internet crime and time to let people know the fake people who do this. MensHelpTv
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Don't Play God, Chocolate Starfish
This is a song on the B side by Chocolate Starfish, Don't Play God... The lead singer is Adam Thompson a talented man, who to this day teachs music, at a school in Australia. Chocolate Starfish done a cover of "You're So Vain" by Carlie Simon as a fan of this band we use to go out and see them on the week-end or in the week some times around Melbourne Australia. They also had a prom of another song "On This Day" by radio 2BS in Bathurst NSW Australia Also. Hope you like the tune as I have also.
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Does Viagra Work? My Story Of The Little Blue Pill.
Does the little blue pill work? Yes it did for me. I found it started working about 15 to 25 minutes after taking it and my penis went rock hard at age 44 this was like being a teenager once again. With the one pill I had sex 2 times in our time frame, I could feel more blood in my penis than what it was on a average day. I did get a slight headache with in the first hour or 2 but did not need a pain pill, It felt like a good headache, sure I did feel sleepy after my first orgasm... and then again after our second session but that tends to be normal.
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Should I tell Him or her I cheated on them?
Most people feel guilty about something in life, but some people have asked me over the years should I tell my partner I had an affair and cheated on them? Some things we do in life we as humans we make some mistakes, a mistake is a time to refect on it and try not to do it again. Some affairs and cheating is about playing a game of chance and trying to not get found out... Some people have had a kiss from another, and felt it was like having an affair, then some people have lack of control in a moment and yes sex, kissing, touching and romantic meetings take place it could be once or many times. When continueing an affair or cheating, people tend to continue to make cover up storys and tell many lies, but some people when the romantic fling ends want to tell the other peron connected to a long term relationship the truth of what happen. In most cases it is to clear guilt or ask for forgiviness for the act of passion or lust of the time. My advice is if this is going on, you don't need to unload your guilt on the person who was not involved in your stupid moments of your life? Deal with it if it comes out other wise shut your mouth. If you need confession see a Priest or a counselor/therapist thats what they do for a living listen and deal with people's problems. Dumping your guilt on a partner for your stupid mistakes might make you feel good by telling them, but you can be hurting the other person who trusts you and your word of being as faithful as possable. As an example are you going to tell your partner the sexual positions you was in also, that still is no persons business. But what if you was busted for the lies and cheating, then you need to deal with it. Still you can see a Priest or a Counselor/ Therapist if this is going to help with dealing with the cheating issue. One note: Some partners know you are cheating but pretend to not know, because it could break up the family or the home you both have worked hard to build together. As a example: I don't have to tell my wife about the American women who flirt with me from time to time, it is how I deal with it and show her respect being a married man. People make mistakes and this is human nature, but it is when you have problems making poor choises over and over with out considering the people you are hurting... you can stop cheating by saying no, I am not going to do this anymore sneaking around.
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Contact Redback Boots USA, Goodbye My Redbacks After 12 years  now Retirement
After 12 year it is time to let go of my redback boots.... I might even send them back to the redback company... to have them put on display of retirement. I paid 70 dollers many years ago, and had to pay them off due to the high quality boot I was getting, now I have to let go and move on, I hope to find another redback boot again one day... and hand it down to my grandchildren. I got my boots in Bathurst NSW Australia, and lay them down to rest in Alabama USA.
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Pick Up Woman @ Casino's And Bingo Halls
I have found many women are single and attending Casino Gambling venues... Even that I am a married man I find women tend to sit next to you when you have money on the machine and want to have conversations about how luck you are to have the money. This can open up a positive situation for men to ask her out for a date or to get her phone number and the focus is talking about how lucky you are on playing this game. One of the tools is you can put a hundred dollar bill in to start the women who will sit next to you... remember also if she is not single or looking for a dating situation wait until the next women with greed in her eyes comes over to discuss you money on the machine. One of the down sides is also women who are at the casino's who go around picking up men who have money on the machine, their goal is to tempt you to part with your money for an exchange of a screw or sex for money this has to be your call as you are the one with money not them. It does not hurt to exchange phone numbers or set up dates upon gambling... this is apart of being good at your skill and finding deals... if you get a rejection that is apart of the gamble process... Called Win / Lose.
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My Penis Smells Like Fish
infection control Penis
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Can Adults Have Wet Dreams? Like A Teenager Does?
A wet dream is a time your body get to go on auto pilot and you orgasm with out the understanding of why it has happen. Men as much as women can have a wet dream in the childhood or in adulthood also, basically when you have not had sexual relations with a partner or masturbation methods at some point the body goes end empty's its over flow of body content. Adult wet dreams as much as teenager wet dreams can happen and does happen in many people if they say it or not, it is not dirty or a bad thing you have done in your sleep it is nature throwing away the old body fluid and making new. If a person has not had sexual relations for some time then maybe you will have a wet dream at some point of the dry spell. For men a wet dream is sperm that is shot from the penis as you sleep, and for women it might be an orgasm or the feeling of being wet, it is natural to dream sexual dreams for some people that is beyond self control, because your body and mind are doing the auto master as you sleep. If you have other sexual conditions then maybe you could discuss this with a doctor, a mature adult or your parents.
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Winniebago Elandan Rv 1987 The Process View Of Selling Motor Home
We are selling our motor home or RV... this goes with a news paper add with the birmingham news ad for customers who are looing on line... also this is a process of selling and how to place an ad online. MensHelpTv Tuned Engine: Replaced Spark plugs & Leads (Wires), Cap & Rotor, Frame Mounted Fuel Filter, Dist Vacume Advance, Replaced Air-Con Belts & Air Pump Belt Work Completed: Frt Brakes Repaired, Replaced Master Cyl, Both Calipers & Hoses, Brake Pads, Machined Both Rotors, Replaced Grease Seals, Pack Frt Brgs. 2 New Compartment Batteries Replaced. Removed Dash Panels: Repaired Instrument lights, Repair Dash Air Con, Vent @ Defrost Controller Re-gassed Air-Con Replaced Frt Suspension Air Bags New, Fixed Cleaned Contacts For Water Heater. Winterized Fresh Water System Note: All work has been done to restore back to new condition and no short cuts was made in safty standards.
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Ambien Sleep Medication, Can Cause Acute Psychosis... My Side Effects
I was taking a doctors prescribed medication called Ambien a sleep medication, but over time it caused Acute Psychosis. I was hearing things in my mind and dreaming as if every thing was real, but I went to the hospital and found out the side effects.
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Male Mammogram Dr Follow Up... After Care.
This is the follow up seeing a doctor for an examination after my Male Mammogram and ultra sound. I will need to do a follow up in 3 months, then if still sore, a biopsy might need to be done to examine the tissue, that could be a tumor. But lets not jump the gun one thing at a time, and I hope the slum sore goes away.
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Neupro ( RTS) 24 Hr Patch Problems It Does Not Stick On Skin If? Sep 11, 2013 My Review
Review Of: Neupro (Rotigotine Transdermal System) Patch has a sticking problem to the skin, that can fall off if your skin is moisturizes or your skin is wet due to heat. They are 25 hour patch's but for some they fall off the skin and they do not know this has happen in the day or when asleep.
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Aramis After Shave Defective Paper In Bottle Leaks, Mens Body Splash On
I have defective paper in my after shave bottle that I discovered leaked in my hotel travel bag some time ago... The video shows the defect where the paper has separated from the bottle and lid of the perfume. The reason I have not been buying this product again is because I don't want another leak in my carry bags again.
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When My Testicals Are Full .... Mens Biology
balls nuts empty full
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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren ... Becoming Parents To Grandkids Again
Some Grandparents are raising the grandchildren like their own children and their is many reasons as to why children move back home and bring their own bundle of joy with them. I have maybe met 10 families who have had their children move back home and bring all their belongings with them.. even the pet rabbit and gold fish. But grandparents some how place their lives on hold even at retirement to cater for their own children's needs and grandchildren also. The date nights parents had is replaced by teaching a grandchild to talk or walk or attend a school play as their own children go out and have fun, due to having full time baby sitters. For some grandparents the grandchild fills a void in their life and for others some grandparents just do not have the skills to meet their own needs little the grandchild's. It is a never ending struggle of life stories from many grandparents about their own grandchildren and what it means to them. In some situations the grandchildren are used as a guilt bargaining tool that can be cruel on both parent, grandparent and child, even in divorce or separation and death. Grandparents are using their life savings plan to bring up the grandchild, buying all the same basic needs as they did with the child they raised 20 years ago. Some children are opting to give their children the same type of upbringing that they got as children through their parents and in case's giving up responsibility to grandparents for the child's welfare needs. I have seen over the years cases of neglect either from the parent or grandparent. Grandparents do play a great caregiver role, but in the end they are the second line in teachings grandchildren the rights and wrongs and family history. My parents gave up 20 years of their life to become grandparents, My wife and I are grandparents, I have friends who are grandparents... I have seen damage and joy a grandchild can bring.
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Sleep Study Test .... Do You Stop Breathing As You Sleep
I guess I stopped Breathing as I sleep more times than is acceptable, so I need to have a CPAP done to adjust a breathing ventilator, used to keep my airways open. If you think you have stop breathing in your sleep, or snore way too much go and get a sleep test done, this should let you know about your sleeping health.
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Pimples from CPAP Machine Mask
I talk about pimples sores white spots from CPAP mask and show you why and how it happen to me.
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Germs In Public Toilets Or Communal Showers
Germs showers and goint to the toilet
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Uninvited And Illegal Refugees To Australia's Immigration System
Uninvited Illegal immigrants are entering Australia, and wonder why they get removed, reason is they broke the law, and second they do not have a right to legal entry. In so many cases we hear of these people who will try and kill themselves if told they will be returned home, this in my opinion is forced immigtation. Many refugees are waiting in line to enter the process of being invited into Australia, and have been following the law, but when a person jumps the border above them, I can understand that people get upset. This happens all over the world, even in America. Also these forced border jumpers have not had any medical checks to see if they have diseases that could infect Australians way of life.
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Allergic Too Sperm Protein & Women Virgina Pain Problems
Some sperm can have a high protein that can cause a pain in the womans Virgina after intercourse has taken place, this can also be a high acid content due to many factors: Her reaction to your sperm that can make her allergic reaction and in some cases can make it painful. Get this looked at by your Doctor, if this is something you have going on... some men can be high in Acid Protein and not know about this, it can be treated but at a high cost of money right now. So if you have sexual problems with your partner then maybe this subject might be the answer you did not know. MensHelpTv
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$10 million from her husband's mistress after successfully suing her for stealing him.
A US woman has won $10 million from her husband's mistress after successfully suing her for stealing him. Cynthia Shackelford, 60, told the North Carolina court that she gave up her teacher career to raise their children and support her husband Allan's legal career, the Daily Telegraph reported. Using a rarely used law, Mrs Shackelford claimed her husband had been happy and in love with her before his mistress, Anne Lundquist, 49, pursued a relationship with him. After a two day trial the jury awarded Mrs Shackelford $10 million after she proved alienation of affection, a legal term for adultery, as well as causing severe emotional distress. Ms Lundquist, who now lives with Mr Shackelford, said she plans to appeal the decision, claiming she met him after he had separated from Mrs Shackelford. North Carolina is one of few states which allows people to sue over infidelity. While still married, the Shackelfords have been separated for five years. 9news Australia
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Free Criminal And Background Check What Is It?
Not all free criminal and background checks are free and the most free service is you enter the details and they will tell you if they have this on record... It is free to enter information but in most cases you get re-directed to another site that you have to pay for the service that you was thinking was free.... But hay I forgot that I was looking for free sites... now I am paying this is a trick on re-directed sites. It can be very scam related if you don't look out for this.
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"Warning" If This Information Upsets You Please Don't Watch Back in the 1950s the police made a warning video on stranger danger and homosexuals... Stalkers still hang around the toilets in 2010 just as in 1950s not much has changed in these social situation and scams to lure children into sexual positions, just look at who is in jail and the reason for. I re-done this video in the hope that children will take stranger danger as real and that not much has changed since many years ago... many cons, scams, lies, cheat situation happen on the internet and in person. Parents need to teach their children also about what can happen, even if you think it would not happen to my child... This movie can be upsetting also for some homosexuals also who do not act out these crimes against children if this upsets you please do not watch that will flame your mind. You will find this video in short and long version on the internet... and the information is different to many others about the Police Warning for children in the 1950s. Nonprofite & Activism Reading for the deaf people MensHelpTv
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My Male Mammogram X-Rays & Ultrasound, Breast Tissue Examination
Today I went to the doctors because I have a lump in my chest on the nipple, I was sent for a Mammogram a few hours later and an Ultrasound examination... I let the sore around my chest and nipple sit for weeks thinking it will go away but as a man it did not go away so I went to see a doctor to get it checked out.
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Illegal Bingo Halls, We Won $5000 On $2.00 Bet The Security Guard Will Escort You Out
So my wife she push's the $2.00 bet button and Bingo she wins $5,000 dollars the man on his microphone talks and carry's on about a lucky winner, we are in a poor neighborhood. He said it is a lot of money I will get the security guard to escort you to your car? So we was read to leave and the security guard opens the door and looks and slams the door behind him. We was left for dead in the car park
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Poor Christmas Bonus For The Holidays... Did You Get One.
Many people are getting poor christmas bonus's from their employer.... My question is what poor chirstmas or holiday bonus did you get? This video is based on being given a kick in the face, at the holidays here in America and you have to pay tax on this extra income. Based on less than 10 cents a day. It is okay to give it back if they say times are tough, and give this to some person who needs it more.
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RLS Restless Leg Syndrome & Sex ... Can An Orgasm Help?
I was reading and from my understanding sex can help the person who is suffering at the time with a relaxing exercise that could give a orgasm that may lessen the feet tingles or twitching. Masturbation might help some single people with pins and needles
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Who Is Midland Credit Management (MCM)
Who Is Midland Credit Management (MCM) this is a audio video on dealing with a debt collection agency. You will find they never give the name or phone number of the company but this collector has rang before and trys to mask his voice. I show this to help others how are in volved with these people. And all this talk is against the law in fair traiding business practice.
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What Happen To The Scammers Profile, I Can't Find Anymore?
Other people who are scam hunters, scam baiters, scam educators look for scam profiles also as much as you are searching for them also. A scammer you are dating you might tip them off you have found their profile ( Please Explain ). And they change or remove the profile they made also, their is many reasons as to why a photo or profile of a scammer does not exist when it did before.
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Women Stop Dating Married Men Food... MensHelpTv
Every now and then a woman will be seeing a married man in a dating situation, my point here is stop having this type of lunch and find a man who can invest back into your life. Not worth all the sneaking around and lies to cover each others ass, many promises are made but not delivered. Best to have a real relationship than sneaking around corners, it does not show love to keep in this type of dating situation when you can be more happy with a man who does not have a wife. MensHelpTv
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NCC Collection Services Lies About Citi Financial Bank Or OneMain Financial
This is a scam lie and fraud that NCC Collection Services saying they are ringing on behalf a old bank called citi financial then once question you hear the guilt of the lie says he is collecting for OneMain Financial. I did edit personal information from this video but I made this to help people who are being frauded by lies these scammers in the collection agency are doing.
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When My Parcel Was Returned From Russia - Unknown Address Scam
I sent a parcel to Russia to an girl I met on the internet in a dating romance scam I found out later to be, she looked to be a pretty things in the photo's. Anyway many weeks or months later after the parcel was sent, it was returned to my home address... as unknown address. Dating scams happen all the time, even on date sites where a person tricks you into a fake romance.
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Government Shut Down...Late Social Security Payments, How Do We Pay Our Bills On Time?
They are saying social security checks might be late also, but the fact is Alabama Power and the gas company, payday loans and other repayment places are still needing the money on the due date... Will President Obama ask all bill paying places to not fine their customers... Who are on Social Security... I don't think So. Some older people are worried about having services cut of due to not having the money to pay... and may have to dip into their CD and retirement funds to cover late social security payment. People will have automatic deductions from their bank and will be hit with fines, with no Social Security money in the accounts to cover bills... America is looking weak, in the eye's of the world because they can not pay their bills or the workers who many are doing it hard as it is.
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Was It Love? ... Date Site Romance Scams Fraud Photo's & Money
For the people who get romanced scammed this is a overview to your situation and answers questions as to the fraud you have been dealing with. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Scam_Relationship_Education_Services
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Unknown Name Caller ID ... Ask Questions Of Caller
Unknown Name and number on phone ID, we dont know who they are neither do they want us to know, only they want to give a call back number. Asking questions of who are they and where have they called from and what number can help, but some callers are head shrink cases you are dealing with. Debt collectors tricks who knows telemarketers who knows.
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Eating Alone Or Feeling Rejected By Her Focus
Some people feel rejected when asking another person to join them and when the other person says no or they have another thing going on in their life, it can feel like now the focus is about all people say no or reject my invites. This is not the case in many situation.
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CPAP Sleep Study Test ... Mask For Keeping Air Ways Open
I done my second sleep study test last night, and was hooked up to wires again that do what ever test required and was hooked up to a CPAP machine that opens my Airways. One of the tests said I stop Breathing 8 time per hour, I guess this is in the low section than others who are worse off then me.
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Alabama's Kristen Saban lawsuit transcript 12th of July 2012
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, ALABAMA All information needs to be looked into... for truth fact or Parody
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Australia Banned Pornography To Protect Children & Adults Taking Freedom Rights Away
Hackers target PM's website in protest By Peter Veness, AAP February 10, 2010, 7:07 pm Websites were shut down, public servants received threatening phone calls and pornography was plastered across Kevin Rudd's home page in a major cyber protest against government plans to filter the internet. What do you think of the filtering plan? Will it kill freedom of speech or protect children? Leave a comment below. The government's Cyber Security Operations Centre discovered the attack was coming on February 5 but was unable to stop the parliament house website going offline and Prime Minister Rudd's site becoming home to "Operation Titstorm". Internet protest group Anonymous, known for its regular attacks on Scientology websites, was behind the actions which were led by a so-called denial of service charge on www.aph.gov.au. Just after 8am (AEDT) on Wednesday the parliament's website was hit by 7.5 million requests for communication per second, Parliamentary Services Secretary Alan Thompson told AAP. "We had some advice in the lead-up to today there was going to be some cyber attack," Mr Thompson said. Senior staff inside the department also had their emails spammed "in spectacular ways". High-ranking public servants were telephoned as part of the attack. "Aggressive but anonymous phone calls are being made to the offices of various parliament house executives," an internal parliamentary services email obtained by AAP said. While the initial attack was stopped about 9am (AEDT) on Wednesday, further attacks continued throughout the day. The proposed internet filter would crack down on pornography. The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy's website also experienced a degraded service, a spokesman from the Attorney-General's Department said. The spokesman said government agencies identified as potential targets by the group had been briefed on the threat, and were provided with strategies to help stop a hacking attempt. At 1.30pm (AEDT) the spokesman said the Australian Parliament House website was back online, however, at 2.10pm (AEDT) it was again inaccessible. Parliament House's fax system was also hit with spam. Defence Minister John Faulkner said the Cyber Security Operations Centre remained on watch. "As inquiries are ongoing it would be inappropriate for me to comment further," Senator Faulkner's spokesman said.
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$900 Nigerian Shipping Craigslist Paypal Payment Scams ( Car Bike Boat RV 4Sale )
RE: 1966 CoupeMustang - $3999 (Washington) Craigslist cinta.nees@yahoo.com Hi there, Thank you for getting back to me.Can you assure me that it's in good state and that i will not be disappointed with it.I'm ready to pay your asking price and to be honest, i am buying it for my pastor son, but the issue is i am presently not around to complete the purchase on a cash basis. So I won't be able to make call or receive call till this transaction completed due to the lack of reception on the sea area. But I'm able to access email anytime as we will make use of laptop so my only quickest payment option is PayPal as i can send money via PayPal anytime Since I'm requesting this transaction to be done via PayPal, I will be responsible for all the paypal fee/charges on this transaction and if you don't have an account with paypal, its pretty easy, safe and secured to open one. Just log on to www.paypal.com. I hope we can make the purchase as fast as possible? I have a mover that will come for it once payment clear and they will get it to my pastor location safely. If my mode of payment is accepted kindly email me with the information below to proceed with the payment. The pictures, Your PayPal Email Address, Your Picked Up Location Address Get back to me with your address so i can forward to the shipping company to schedule an appointment with you for pick up. I have a private pick up agent that will come for the pick. up after payments has been made.So i look forward to hear from you soon Sincerely. Cinta.
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Off To Hollywood Casino @ Charles Town West Virginia
This casino trip is about 47 miles away, and I will be driving a s350 Mercedes Benz Blue Tech.
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Fluid Master Better Than Wax: Review
This does not work on all toilets
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