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Spinal Decompression Therapy Machine
http://www.necksolutions.com/spinal-decompression-machine.html Effective and easy method to stretch and apply traction to the back. Light-weight at just 23 pounds for convenient transportability from home to the workplace and back again . When assembled, it is 72″ long, 25″ wide and 11″ high. Simple height adjusting in order to support various users. Comforting and also supporting table using foam padding, lined with resilient sewn vinyl fabric that is simple to clean.
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Therapeutic Sleeping Pillow
http://www.necksolutions.com/therapeutic-neck-pillow.html Therapeutic sleeping pillow has unique features making it our most popular pillow for those suffering from neck pain and headaches. Separate areas for back and side sleeping allow the perfect posture in either position. A upper back wedge permits a smooth transition from the thoracic to the cervical spine. Air flow is maximized, allowing the comfortable foam to remain cool.
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Home Neck Traction
http://www.necksolutions.com/ Home Neck Traction Device for Neck Pain Relief In a clinical study with the home neck traction, patients had significant increases in neck mobility after a 20 minute treatment. MRI changes were often dramatic, with improvement in neck posture, widening of disc spaces and often shrinkage of disc bulges or disc protrusions usually thought of as permanent.
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Back Traction Belt
http://www.necksolutions.com/traction-belt.html Back Traction Belt uses professional grade construction with an ergonomic, anatomical design to achieve results that cheaper copycat products can't. The back traction belt is the DDS 500 model and is unsurpassed in quality. Used for relief of pain from bulging and herniated discs, pinched nerves and to decompress the low back or lumbar spine to alleviate the effects of disc disease or degenerative arthritis. The traction takes pressure off the back to help alleviate pain, improve function and help in the healing process of injury recovery. Comes with an easy to use hand pump with a gauge for consistent application of traction and better results. No foot pumping or guessing, as seen with other products!
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Therapeutic Pillow - Neck Pain Relief While Sleeping
http://www.necksolutions.com/therapeutic-neck-pillow.html Therapeutic pillows are designed to properly support the head and neck when back sleeping and side sleeping. Most people sleep in the center of their pillow when they sleep on their backs, the center of the pillow is designed specifically for back sleeping with a special wedge for upper back support. When side sleeping, the outside edges of the pillow are designed to support the neck and shoulder with increased height. - See more at: http://www.necksolutions.com/therapeutic-neck-pillow.html#sthash.8yXICIZH.dpuf
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Acupressure For Neck Pain
http://www.necksolutions.com/acupressure-massage.html Use the acupressure ball or roller to provide neck pain relief and acupressure massage. Heat in the microwave for additional therapeutic benefits.
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Tinnitus - Ringing In The Ear
http://www.necksolutions.com/tinnitus.html Tinnitus is a complex disorder with no known cure. It can be caused by loud noises, but can be caused by some infrequent serious medical problems. It can also be related to ageing, hearing loss, medication side effects and even the neck. We will explore some of these causes, symptoms and treatments and the special relationship between tinnitus and neck problems.
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Neck Wedge & Neck Curve Restoration
http://www.necksolutions.com/neck-wedge.html Cervical curve restoration using the neck wedge to help restore the normal biomechanical relationship, reduce pain, disability and improve posture & health
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Antibiotics For Back Pain
http://www.necksolutions.com/modic-antibiotic-spinal-therapy.html Modic changes, first discovered by Dr. Michael Modic in 1988, is a finding only seen on MRI that indicates a rapidly progressing, painful and pathological form of degeneration in the back. Dr. Albert's work indicates some patients with modic changes may respond to antibiotic treatment. This is related to bacterial infection from certain disc herniations. Those suffering back pain from modic changes typically do not respond to traditional treatments meant to cure back pain. The link has more information and a questionnaire you can take to see if your back pain might be caused by modic changes and respond to antibiotics.
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Vista Cervical Collar Universal Adjustable Neck Brace
https://www.necksolutions.com/ Vista Cervical Collar by Aspen has a universal & adjustable application with innovative height adjustment technology
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Home Cervical Traction
http://www.necksolutions.com/home-neck-traction.html Cervical traction for home use provides therapy to hydrate soft discs, reduce disc bulging and correct forward head posture. Dual action expansion of air cells provides a pumping action that is healthy for the neck, helping to reverse the effects of aging, degeneration and poor posture.
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Home Cervical Traction
https://www.necksolutions.com/cervical-traction-collar.html Home cervical traction using the multi-position neck brace is the most comprehensive way to use spinal decompression for drug free neck pain relief. Use while lying down ion your back, standing for mobile treatment, or sitting. Soft, comfortable, lightweight and easy to use. When inflated, the advanced longitudinal expansion system lifts from the base of the head and unloads the cervical spine significantly reducing pressure on the discs and on pinched nerves.
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Cervical Traction Collar Alleviates Neck Pain
http://www.necksolutions.com/cervical-traction-collar.html The cervical traction collar is an inflatable traction device with a pressure gauge to achieve pain relief from herniated or bulging cervical discs, neck muscle spasms and arthritis. Professional grade traction unit for the cervical spine. Use 15 to 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day for best results.
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Spinal Traction For Neck & Back Pain
http://www.necksolutions.com/spinal-traction.html Spinal traction is a drugless method to treat neck and back pain form disc bulges and herniations as well as the effects of degenerative disc disease. Home traction devices are popular for their ease of use and effectiveness for pain from compressed discs, arthritis and to counteract the effects of gravity.
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TracCollar Demonstration - Neck Traction & Rehabilitation
http://www.necksolutions.com/traccollar.html TracCollar is a neck traction collar that provides traction for relief of neck pain due to compressed nerves from a herniated disc or arthritis. It can also be used, as demonstrated for rehabilitation of the cervical spine problems due to weak muscles. Recent literature indicates traction plus neck exercises provides better results than exercise alone. TracCollar is easy to use and provides separate control of right and left sides for more precise treatment of neck conditions and rehabilitation.
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Saunders Neck Traction Instructions
https://www.necksolutions.com/ Saunders home neck traction device is effective for more than herniated discs. Studies demonstrate cervical traction effectiveness for degenerative disc disease, nerve root compression, radiculopathy, and pinched nerves. • Mobilizes and stretches muscles, ligaments and joints • Decreases muscle spasm • Improves spinal nutrition by increasing blood flow • Improves overall spinal function
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Modic Changes & Back Pain
http://www.necksolutions.com/antibiotics-for-back-pain.html Antibiotics to treat back pain associated with modic changes is established in Europe, but lagging behind here in the States. Dr. Hanne Albert, featured in this interview, has provided hope for many back pain sufferers that do not respond to traditional, established back pain treatments, like exercises. We explore frequently asked questions about taking antibiotics for back pain and optional treatments with a Doctor in the United States that has successfully completed the Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy Certification Course by Dr. Albert.
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Air Neck Traction Cervical Decompression Device
http://www.necksolutions.com/air-neck-traction.html Air Neck Traction is now Latex Free and has been prescribed by doctors and therapists since 2007 for relief of neck pain conditions. The newest version is the P4 Model which is latex free, uses larger inflation bulbs and incorporates a 6 point system of adjustment for a wide range of neck sizes; one size fits all. Air Neck Traction may help with pinched nerves, herniated discs and arthritis to relieve pain and assist in rehabilitation. Individual left and right controls helps with scoliosis, avoids increasing pain with antalgic postures, and can direct traction force to accommodate medial or lateral disc herniations.
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Tinnitus - Your Not Alone
http://www.ata.org/ Captain Kirk (William Shatner) discusses his tinnitus, urging us to support the ATA. You are not alone! We discuss tinnitus along with some of the causes, relationships to other conditions like neck dysfunction, and look at some treatments. http://www.necksolutions.com/tinnitus.html
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Headmaster Collar
http://www.necksolutions.com/headmaster-collar.html The Headmaster Collar offers head support for conditions resulting in drop head syndrome or lack of head control like ALS, MS, Parkinson's, Arthritis & other Neuromuscular conditions. Provides firm, yet comfortable head control using a steel spring core surrounded by comfortable, washable material. The springing action offers extra comfort while speaking and eating. It is also adjustable by hand for a custom fit. The Headmaster Collar fits adults as well as children from 6 months old and is available in different colors, with accessories available to modify the collar function for various levels of support and comfort.
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Traction Knee Brace
http://www.necksolutions.com/traction-knee-brace.html The Kneetrac is a great solution for severe or moderate osteoarthritis that needs reduced load for both lateral and medial compartments of the knee. It uses a special hinge system to provide decompression, traction and stabilization. Helps alleviate pain, increase mobility and provides active rehabilitation for knee joint pain. Accepted by Medicare and many private insurances. Drug free osteoarthritic knee pain relief
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Neck Exercises For Pain Relief
http://www.necksolutions.com/neck-exercises.html Neck exercises can help to reduce pain and restore function. These are basic exercises to help in recovery from injuries or to serve as a start to taking an active role in managing neck pain. The exercises are demonstrated by physiotherapist Scott Whitmore and are easy to perform. For beginners, start lying down and progress to sitting for increased function.
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Pillows For Neck Pain Relief
http://www.necksolutions.com/neck-pillows.html Specializing in pillows designed for relief of neck pain and headaches like the therapeutica, and more...
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Traction Knee Brace Instructions
http://www.necksolutions.com/traction-knee-brace.html How to put on the traction knee brace. Once you get familiar with, it's easy to get arthritis relief and an alternative to surgery or pain relievers. For knee pain from osteoarthritis or a sudden increase in weight. It improves knee joint function, while supporting and stabilizing the knee for increased mobility and rehabilitation protocols. It is fully customizable according to the patient’s needs and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably. Made of very durable and lightweight duralumin alloy.
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Acupressure For Back Pain & Sciatica
http://www.necksolutions.com/acupressure-massage.html Acupressure for back pain and sciatica using acupressure tools that are heatable, stimulating circulation and acupoints.
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Headmaster Collar Instructions For Strap Application
http://www.necksolutions.com/headmaster-collar.html Headmaster Collar Instructions For Attaching Strap To Collar Headmaster Collar is great for those with ALS and other conditions that cause a lack of head control. We get asked often about putting on the strap and asked the folks at headmastercollar.com to make us a short video showing how to put the strap on the collar. The video also shows adjusting the height of the collar and some other features.
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Acupressure For Upper Back Pain
http://www.necksolutions.com/acupressure-massage.html Acupressure for upper back pain using massage tools that combine with heat for relief of that nagging pain between the shoulders.
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Coblation Technology Or Nucleoplasty For Disc Herniation
www.necksolutions.com/neck-herniated-disc.html Upper back pain can be caused by cervical disc herniation and coblation technology or nucleoplasty is a minimally invasive technique for contained disc herniations.
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Home Cervical Traction Unit By ComforTrac
https://www.necksolutions.com The ComforTrac home cervical traction unit has been carefully engineered to provide maximum comfort, efficacy, and ease of use. Details that highlight this superior design include a push-of-a-button “quick release” pump, and a contouring memory foam headrest that cradles the head. Likewise, transporting the unit has been made effortless through the use of a lightweight durable carry-case.
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Therapeutic Spinal Support Back Pillow
https://www.necksolutions.com/ Therapeutic Spinal Support for the car or chair promoting better posture with it's premium ergonomic design. Cradles the spine to offer relief from postural stress from driving long distances or sitting all day at the office. Designed to offer relief from strain on the spinal discs, joints and muscles from prolonged static sitting. Get therapy while sitting to increase energy levels, increase blood flow and reduce postural strain. Easy to install, comfortable and durable with a 5 year warranty.
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Cervical Neck Traction - Home Cervical Traction - ComforTrac
http://www.necksolutions.com/ The Comfort Neck Traction device is meticulously designed to supply optimum comfort, effectiveness, as well as simplicity of use. Particulars which showcase this exceptional design involve a push of a button quick releasing pump, along with a memory foam head rest which cradles the head - See more at: http://www.necksolutions.com/
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Neck Exerciser Restores Cervical Spine Function
http://www.necksolutions.com/neck-curve-exerciser.html According to scientific studies, one of the most effective methods to treat neck pain is exercise. This neck exerciser provides an easy, yet effective method to apply specific neck exercises to improve the biomechanical function of the cervical spine. The normal curve of the neck is the most efficient structure for maintaining relaxed muscles, healthy discs, nerves that are free from pinching and joints that glide freely. This structure of the neck is called lordosis. A lordotic curve is a healthy curve and one that best resist stresses leading to degenerative conditions like arthritis. The Pro Lordotic Neck Exerciser is designed to promote your active participation in the restoration of proper biomechanics and function to the cervical spine through effective exercise routines that you can do at home, the office, or when traveling.
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Torticollis Brace
http://www.necksolutions.com/torticollis-brace.html This is a restorative brace for torticollis in adults and children. It allows torticollis sufferers to work with neuromuscular tone and achieve inhibition and muscle re-lengthening. The brace design provides low-load passive stretching for increased range of motion. An optional headband offers additional support and stability.
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DDS500 Back Traction Belt
DDS 500 Back Traction Belt For Relief Of Pain At Home & Work - See more at: http://www.necksolutions.com/traction-belt.html The DDS500 Back Traction Belt is actually a spinal decompression belt for the lower back. The distinctive and inventive style and design of this traction belt provides continual pain relief for active people which permits the independence in order to maintain a productive life-style.
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Homeopathic Anti-inflammatory Cream
http://www.necksolutions.com/homeopathic-anti-inflammatory.html Natural homeopathic anti-inflammatory cream is an alternative to over the counter pain medications and other topical pain relievers that have strong odors. This formula is Traumeel topical rub that is great for reducing pain from injuries with inflammation, including arthritis.
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Carbon Cool Memory Foam Pillow
https://www.necksolutions.com/carbon-memory-foam-pillow.html High tech cooling technology fuses graphite and micro-encapsulated phase change material with plush memory foam. The coolest pillow ever!
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How To Use The Neck Orthotic
http://www.necksolutions.com/neck-orthotic.html How to use the neck orthotic for best results to relieve neck pain and headaches.
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Patellar Knee Brace For Patellafemoral Syndrome
http://www.necksolutions.com/patella-knee-brace.html Patellofemoral syndrome requires a knee brace to correct patella (knee cap) tracking. The Patella Pro is a proven orthosis to reduce pain and increase mobility.
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Pronex Neck Traction Device
http://www.necksolutions.com/pro-neck-traction.html Pronex is a neck traction device that is easy to use and very well constructed. Pronex may help with problems related to herniated discs, pinched nerves and osteoarthritis is the neck. It provides decompression of the cervical spine used by doctors and therapists as a part of therapy to relieve neck pain and headaches as well as other problems related to the cervical spine. The Pronex traction device is available in 3 sizes and is a professional grade traction device for neck conditions. Nice unit.
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Acupressure Whole Body Routine
http://www.necksolutions.com/acupressure-massage.html Quick 10 minute acupressure routine for the whole body. Use acupressure tools for a revitalizing whole body treatment.
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Infrared Heat Therapy Benefits
http://www.necksolutions.com/infrared-heat-therapy.html Infrared heat therapy can be used at home with our heat wraps for a deep penetrating therapeutic treatment. Targets the area of pain with anatomical wraps, with the benefits of deep heat without the intense surface heating and unwanted effects of other forms of heat. Targeted infrared heat therapy provides benefits like muscle relaxation, tissue repair, increased blood flow and greater range of motion.
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ToT Collar For Torticollis Instructions
http://wwwtotcollar.com For the treatment of Congenital Muscular Torticollis The TOT Collar™ is designed to provide a noxious stimulus to the lateral aspect of the skull. The user moves away from this stimulus towards a new, central corrected position. Adoption of a new, normal head position provides the ability to reset perception of horizontal and so maintain the corrected head position. The TOT Collar use is added to the conservative treatment of infants with congenital muscular torticollis if they are 4 months of age or older and show a consistent head tilt of 5 degrees or more. The infant must have adequate ROM (range of motion) and lateral head righting reaction (head control and strength) to lift his or her head away from the side of the Collar. A loop of soft PVC tubing is bridged by two short nylon tubes. Varying sizes of tubes are packaged with the Collar. These tubes are positioned anterior and posterior to the crest of the trapezius. The PVC tubing is fastened with a connecting strap. A spare Velcro Strap is included. The TOT Collar™ is non toxic and washable
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Home Back Traction
http://www.necksolutions.com/home-back-traction.html Home back traction uses 5 vector forces to achieve traction and disc hydration that cannot be reproduced by other means. Help ease back pain & restore better nutrition and disc function.
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Nubax Traction Instructions
https://www.necksolutions.com/ Deatiled instructions and tips for getting the most from your Nubax traction device. Help your back pain at home.
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NeckSavior - Improve Your Neck Fitness For Life
Neck Savior Provides Stretching Relief To The Neck & Easily Fits Into Your Lifestyle. Available @ https://www.NeckSolutions.com
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Neck Pillows Designed For Pain Relief
http://www.necksolutions.com/neck-pillows.html The most popular of our neck pillows for relief of neck pain is the therapeutic pillow, with an ergonomic design and custom fitted for your size.
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How To Fill Water Pillow
http://www.necksolutions.com/water-filled-pillow.html Instructions on how to fill a water pillow
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Professional Home Traction Device
http://www.necksolutions.com/saunders-neck-traction.html The gold standard for home neck traction devices, this Saunders unit is one of the best available to provide cervical spine decompression. Used for arthritis, herniated discs and other neck pain conditions.
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Neck Strengthening Exercises
http://www.necksolutions.com/neck-strengthening-exercises-kit.html Neck Strengthening Exercise Kit is easy to use at home to strengthen neck muscles for rehab and to help prevent concussion injuries. Demonstrated by Brian Hagen of the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine as part of a program to reduce the risk of concussion injuries in young athletes.
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Contour Plus Pillow
http://www.necksolutions.com The Contour Plus Pillow supports the natural curve and alignment of the neck and head while back or side sleeping. As you naturally turn throughout the night, the Contour Plus pillow is there for you. Add to this the quality and comfort of the highest quality memory foam and the unique Jaquard Velour air flow cover, and you will see why we say the Contour Plus Pillow is the pillow your body needs. Available in 3 sizes and firmness levels, the Contour Plus Pillow has been tested and certified to be free of any harmful substances through all stages of production. The 100% open cell memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The Jaquard Velour cover is the finest fabric for memory foam products because of its luxurious feel and superior ability to conform. It is 100% cotton on the surface, giving the natural, comfortable feel that cotton offers. It has a mesh backing which allows the cover to conform to the subtle shapes your body makes into the memory foam. Both the cotton and the mesh allow air to flow through and heat to escape. The front edge of the Contour Plus Pillow slants towards the pillow, allowing a space for the shoulder when side sleeping. The angled shape also allows the Contour Plus Pillow to reach the lower neck to provide support. The front edge also has a tab in the center to provide lower neck support when back sleeping. Enjoy a beautiful sleeping experience with the Contour Plus Pillow - The pillow your body needs!
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