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BUSH SONG....Follow Me Follow You
Just a little song about you know who. And believe me theres a lot of politicians 'playin this game', so lets not be naive. Still 'Motivational Speaker' Bush is main theme. Guess I'm trying to not use the word 'lie'. heh heh Again 3/4 hour recording rule with no studio mikes. Jim wanted that follow high pitched power etc, I didnt, and figured we'd fix later. Thanx Jim 4 help. Quick record for copyright...sent it thru 'Taxi Music'...their Rock needs broadcast quality. Won 2nd place in VH1 'Song of the Year'.
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The Waver in Reno would walk for miles daily 'waving'. Thats what he did. When I opened up 2nd Real Estate office in Lake Tahoe and then Sackoftomatoes[Sacto], I would offer him a ride. He said thank, but he was there to wave and make your day. Saw him at a bar 12 years later, and he bought me a beer. Explained I was a song writer, and 'please give me a thought for a song'. He wrote on a napkin. 'See Love into the World. This is for you 'Waver', and the dreams of many. This song was done in 'one take' on all tracks....mainly for copyright and 'Taxi Music'. My standard 3/4 hours w/out rehearsing as was writing 7/10 songs per week.
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Fish in a Toilet Bowl
These are fictional characters. Except for sneak n peek...and we didnt drink beer and watch porn. And the guy doesnt commit suicide...I guess? heh heh Just a guy havin a real bad day. Again 3/4 hour 'record rule', and 85% radio quality. Good enough for copyright. And yes 'true to form'... I's be here to make you dance.
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HEY! you better watch those golden rules.wmv
Just a rock n roll song for a certain ex. I dig the surf beat baby. if you cant boogie to that 'your boogie's broken'. heh heh And again 3 hour rule for recording.I believe it 7 or 8 tracks.
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Just another little whiny ass country song. As most of these, would have loved another hour to get vocals [studio mike would have been handy] And vids of world turning around...hey! Movie maker makes you put pic's or vid or you cant download. Didnt think animal pics were appropriate and couldnt find 'bikini babes'. Again 3/4 hour 'record' rule. Wrote this while driving....election day 2004 . You remember...Kerry was ahead by all polling, and wah frickin lah, he lost. google Clint Curtis. Voter machines that flip count! Anyway...kinda proud that I actually found melody and chords while driving and wrote song 12 hours later. normally..you lose them!!
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Give Me Little Kiss.wmv
For little beautiful 5 year old Julia. 1982. She was my girl friends daughter, and i couldnt have loved more. It was long work days but every week we did movies. And...'it was' Polar guy dad Polar guy. I said you mean Poltergeist? Yeah! Then when I asked what whe wanted to eat...it was 'Hangaburgers, French eyes and Rice cream. She was beautiful, and he wrote this for her. Again only 3 hours to lay down all tracks. No time to redo as was good enough for copyright. But again....85% Broadcast quality not good enough for Taxi Music. I plan to fix that my next go around with them. Aspiring song writers...see Taxi Music.
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Vets Song...A song for my Father.wmv
I had few hours to finish and record, as I was meeting my Brother for the first time, and my Father after 58 years. My Bro found me thru a msg board/internet, thanx to my sis-in-law. As i was to meet them in D.C. for 5 days, this was a gift I wanted to give. All was done in one take...and clearly rushed. W/out a studio mike, etc...will touchup for sure.
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Wrote this for my girlfriend in 2004. Started writing as 'George Strait/Shaniah duet, and ended up with this. Go figure. No studio mikes and needs vocal redo. All channels recorded in3/4 hours... 85% broadcast quality is good enough for copyright. Taxi Music need 99%. One of first 'movie makers' and had nothing but my stupid pic's etc. figured the spinning globe to be poignant tho.
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never missing you.wmv
Special song for 2 great people serving our country. I wrote this for their wedding. As she had been on 3 tours in Iraq as 'Medical Officer'. Bless you Charity and Rich. ps. Glad you didnt have to go back to Iraq. ps ps...I will remove goofy picture. Dont blame me...it's windows movie maker fault..
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Wrote this for a sweet elderly couple who were friends of my girlfriend, where she is president of VFW. As he was dying and passing on, it seemed he defied doctors and death. This song is for his wife, and my belief in the other side as 'we move on', and our spirit says goodbye to this plane.
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I Dont Know.wmv
'I DONT KNOW'...Guy goes out for a pack of cigarettes. Donts ask me what 'Twilite' has to do with my song, cuz 'I dont know'. Again 3/4 hour recording rule. This is one I would have love to redo. Especially in Bridge. 2 or 3 seconds especially...but good enough for copyright. Didnt send this off to 'Taxi Music', as no time for redo. Thanx again Jim for help.
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