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Charlie Brown Coldplay Instrumental Cover
My updated instrumental cover of Charlie Brown from the Album Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay.
Просмотров: 2657 T B
Coldplay - Death and all his friends mini instrumental
My effort at doing an instrumental of Death and all his friends. Please rate or give advice. Thanks.
Просмотров: 1007 T B
Reign Of Love - Instrumental Cover
My cover of Coldplay's Reign Of Love. From the Viva La Vida Album 2008 Recorded on Magix Music Maker 2013 Premium.
Просмотров: 6498 T B
Keane - Perfect Symmetry Piano Cover
My effort at covering Keane's Perfect Symmetry. Played and recorded on my Yamaha GDX630.Probably not accurate to the original but this is how it goes in my head anyway :o).
Просмотров: 679 T B
The Scientist instrumental Cover
My rendition of Coldplay's The Scientist. Thanks for watching.
Просмотров: 1463 T B
Coldplay Trouble - Cover By Tom Baldwin
My up to date effort at Trouble by Coldplay
Просмотров: 169 T B
Piano Cover of Adele's Someone Like You.
My Cover of Adele's Someone Like You played by ear. And one of my favourite films Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind . Kate Winslet is Gorgeous.
Просмотров: 141 T B
You Could Be Happy Snow Patrol Mini Cover
My mini cover of Snow Patrol's You Could Be Happy. Played and recorded on my Yamaha DGX 630 keyboard.
Просмотров: 242 T B
Speed Of Sound Piano instrumental cover
My Cover of Speed Of Sound by Coldplay. From the album X&Y.Played and recorded on my Yamaha DGX 630. Hope you enjoy.
Просмотров: 1233 T B
Radiohead Street Spirit
A condensed bite sized Instrumental cover of Radiohead's Street Spirit. Played and recorded on my Yamaha DGX 630. Hope you enjoy.
Просмотров: 103 T B
In My Place-Coldplay Instrumental Cover.
My effort at a cover.
Просмотров: 716 T B
Mylo Xyloto / Charlie Brown cover
My effort at a cover of Mylo Xyloto / Charlie Brown. From Coldplay's new album Mylo Xyloto. Played and recorded on the Yamaha DGX 630. Thanks for watching. Please comment/ give advice.
Просмотров: 817 T B
Life In Technicolor II Instrumental Cover
Improved version of my Cover. Coldplay's Life In Technicolor II from Prospekts March EP
Просмотров: 2030 T B
Cover of Yellow -Coldplay - relaxing.
Just a relaxing piano cover of Coldplay's Yellow.
Просмотров: 376 T B
Cover of Coldplay's TALK
My effort at covering Coldplay's Talk- from the album X&Y.Hope you enjoy.
Просмотров: 179 T B