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How Do You Feel Before and After Testosterone Treatment At Affinity Whole Health Beachwood OH?
An in-depth look at andropause symptoms and effects after therapy. Dr. Kara talks about the reality of brain fog, low libido, and depressed moods associated with low testosterone. After a few weeks into therapy, patients reported feeling productive, positive and even noticed a decrease in body fat.
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What to expect at your visit to Affinity Whole Health in Beachwood OH.
What to expect at a visit to Affinity. From your first consultation, to getting blood work, to scheduling a check-up, Dr. Kara explains the process of beginning and continuing testosterone replacement therapy, and the science behind keeping hormone levels to a natural abundance.
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Affinity Whole Health Cleveland Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Affinity Whole Health of Cleveland Testosterone Replacement Therapy
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Affinity Whole Health
Affinity Whole Health
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Affinity Whole Health - Why Hormone Replacement Therapy?
Affinity Whole Health is an Ohio health care expert that is dedicated to hormone replacement therapy. Our mission is to improve your quality of life throughout the aging process. We are a market leader in anti-aging medicine.
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Affinity Whole health Testimonial
Affinity Whole Health Testimonial
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Affinity Whole Health Cleveland Vitamin Mix
Vince from Affinity Whole Health in Cleveland talks to us about cutting edge solutions for meeting performance goals. Try our injectable vitamins for a and give a boost to your daily routine and maintain energy though your entire day. You will be able to fall asleep fast while also sleeping the night through. www.affinitywholehealth.com Affinity Whole Health www.affinitywholehealth.com 3311 Richmond Rd #150, Beachwood, Ohio 44122 216-342-7434
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The Positive Affects of Exercise for a Healthy Lifestyle
http://www.affinitywholehealth.com - Nothing sounds more refreshing than an active, healthy lifestyle. But don’t rely on outdated information. New research and discoveries in anti-aging medicine can help individuals adopt a healthy way of life that will have a positive and beneficial impact.
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How to Tell if You Have Low-T
http://affinitywholehealth.com - They say that wisdom comes with age. Unfortunately, there are a few other things that come with age too, like low testosterone levels in men. Unlike wisdom, low-t is not a good thing.
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Is Testosterone Therapy Safe for Men?
http://affinitywholehealth.com - With the increase in testosterone replacement therapy in men over 40, many men are beginning to ask the question, “is it safe?”
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Cialis for Athletes
Cialis for Athletes from Affinity Whole Health in Cleveland, Ohio is a brand new product we are offering. This is about performance not dysfunction. This new blend can help you feel more upbeat throughout the day, have great workouts, and an amazing night life! https://www.affinitywholehealth.com https://www.facebook.com/affinitywh Affinity Whole Health www.affinitywholehealth.com 3311 Richmond Rd #150, Beachwood, Ohio 44122 216-342-7434 #testosteroneCleveland #hormonereplacement #cialisCleveland #cialisforathletes #testosterone #Clevelandhormonetherapy
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Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance
http://affinitywholehealth.com - Have you ever tried walking on a balance beam? It isn’t easy, even if it’s just a few feet off the ground. And if you’re out of balance, off you go. The body is also subject to being out of balance, although it’s a different kind.
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Affinity Whole Health in Beachwood, Ohio
Affinity Whole Health is a Cleveland, Ohio-based health and wellness clinic offering advanced bio-identical and anti-aging therapies. HRT specialties include testosterone therapy and menopause therapy.
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Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue
http://affinitywholehealth.com - What happens when too much cortisol gets released? We start experiencing a variety of symptoms. And stress isn’t the only trigger; it could also be due to low blood sugar, over exercising, lack of sleep and other stimuli.
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Amazing Affinity Patient Story J. Clark Wise
Affinity Whole Health is an Ohio health care expert that is dedicated to hormone replacement therapy. Our mission is to improve your quality of life throughout the aging process. We are a market leader in anti-aging medicine.
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How to Tell if You Have Low Testosterone
http://affinitywholehealth.com - Testosterone is a key hormone in the body, and helps burn fat and provide the energy that the body needs. Low testosterone equals less energy. And when you’re fatigued, you don’t feel like picking up a basketball or baseball glove and heading out to the park or basketball court.
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Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help Improve Memory
http://affinitywholehealth.com - There are many hormone imbalance symptoms in women after menopause and short term or working memory can become impaired.
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Major Scientific Breakthroughs in Anti-Aging Research
http://affinitywholehealth.com - For hundreds of years people have heard the story of Ponce de León and his search for The Fountain of Youth. But now scientists are discovering their own version of the Fountain of Youth through unique DNA research and other scientific methods.
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Myth About Testosterone Therapy Debunked
http://affinitywholehealth.com - There have been stories that try to associate TRT with an increase in certain medical conditions. The fact is, they’re not true. The bottom line is that if testosterone therapy is administered and monitored by an experience physician the practice is not only safe but also effective.
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Menopausal Hormone Therapy May Reduce Risk of Heart Failure
http://affinitywholehealth.com - While many women know the symptoms of menopause all too well, many are not aware of the link between menopause and the risk of cardiovascular disease.
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Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women
http://affinitywholehealth.com - It’s important to note that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is equally important for women as it is for men. Many discussions often focus on hormone replacement therapy for men, or Low-T. But women utilize HRT just as much as men do, for a variety of reasons.
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Reducing Risk of Spine Curvature in Women
https://affinitywholehealth.com - Some women develop a curvature of the spine called hyperkyphosis, a distinctive forward curving of the spine.
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Top Activities for Men to Stay in Shape
http://www.affinitywholehealth.com - Let’s face it, the older men get, the more their bodies tend to show their age. Maybe we put on a bunch of extra pounds, or we just get winded thinking about exercising. Whatever the outcome, it’s time to get into shape and stay there.
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Best Anti-Aging Foods for a Longer Life
http://affinitywholehealth.com - It’s no secret that eating healthy foods can lead to a healthier body. But what most people don’t realize is that there are certain foods you can eat that act like anti-aging medicine for the soul and can actually help you live longer.
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Pasta Is Healthier Than You Think
http://affinitywholehealth.com - For years we’ve been told that pasta isn’t good for us. But pasta may actually be a lot healthier than we thought.
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How to Relieve Hot Flashes
http://affinitywholehealth.com - Of all the symptoms of menopause, hot flashes are probably the most uncomfortable one. While some episodes last only a few seconds, others can last more than 10 minutes.
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Healthy Sleep Habits Have Anti Aging Benefits
http://www.affinitywholehealth.com - For many people, being healthy means eating well and exercising regularly. But one part of the equation for a healthy body is missing - and that’s getting adequate sleep each night.
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The Key to Staying Fit Over 50
http://affinitywholehealth.com - Turning 50 is a significant milestone. You begin to realize that you’re getting older and need to start taking a more serious look at your health and fitness.
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How to Combat the Signs of Aging
http://affinitywholehealth.com - as we age, we look older. Our skin begins to lose its elasticity, age spots develop and fine lines turn into wrinkles. So are there any anti-aging medicines or tricks you can use to help combat the signs of aging?
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30 Minutes a Day to Fitness
http://affinitywholehealth.com - Many people struggle to find the motivation to get their bodies moving with the exercise they need. The good news is that there is a way to get back in shape without the pain of hours of exercise.
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Simple Tips for Eating Healthy
http://affinitywholehealth.com - Obesity is currently at its highest level ever across all age groups, including children. Making some simple dietary changes will help to not only keep the weight off, but help keep you healthier as well.
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What is Andropause?
http://affinitywholehealth.com - If you haven’t heard the term Andropause, you’re not alone. Most men have never heard of it. But they may have heard of male menopause, manopause, and other terms.
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What is a Hormone Imbalance?
http://affinitywholehealth.com - One of the keys to living a healthy, happy life is to keep your hormones in balance. When they’re out of balance, you end up with a list of symptoms that can cause all types of problems in both men and women.
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How Some Foods Can Cause a Hormonal Imbalance
The symptoms are there, but you probably aren’t sure what is causing them. Food products like caffeine and certain oils can have a negative impact on your body. By limiting some of these foods and beverages, you’ll have a better chance of not throwing your body’s hormone balance out of sync.
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Why Some Baby Boomers are Feeling Younger
http://affinitywholehealth.com - For many baby boomers looking to regain their youthful energy, sex drive and vitality, hormone replacement therapy may be the answer. It helps reduce symptoms caused by the natural decrease in hormones that are produced in the body, re-establishing hormonal balance.
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How Hormones Impact Exercise
http://affinitywholehealth.com - One area that can’t be overlooked when it comes to exercise is hormones and how they impact the body’s cellular processes. Having the proper hormone levels in the body and good hormone health will help to keep the body functioning properly.
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Getting Relief for Menopause Symptoms
http://affinitywholehealth.com - While there are many different approaches, there are several that experts agree can help to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.
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What is Hormone Replacement Therapy And Why Do You Need It?
An introduction to Affinity Whole Health. What is hormone replacement therapy and why do people need it? Dr. Kara explains the causes and symptoms of andropause, a condition in men, much like menopause is women, that causes low testosterone.
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Dr Kara Frequently Asked Questions
Dr Kara from Affinity Whole Health answers some questions about Hormone Replacement Therapy. Affinity Whole Health www.affinitywholehealth.com 3311 Richmond Rd #150, Beachwood, Ohio 44122 216-342-7434
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Some Diets Can Lower Testosterone Levels
http://affinitywholehealth.com - Some diets can impact something you never expected: your testosterone. So, while you’re looking to reduce the numbers on the scale, you inadvertently may also be lowering your overall free testosterone levels.
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How to Help Prevent the Signs of Aging
http://affinitywholehealth.com - There’s one thing many people don’t want to do, and that’s having their body give away their age. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent those telltale signs of aging.
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The Link Between Low-T and Diabetes
http://affinitywholehealth.com - Men who suffer from low-T know the symptoms all too well. But what they don’t know is that there is also a conclusive link between Low-T and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
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A True Patient Story Told By Dr Kara from Affinity Whole Health, Cleveland OH
A true patient story told by Dr. Kara. A patient in his late 40's had classic symptoms of andropause. After a few weeks, his symptoms disappeared. After a few months, this man was a brand new person with boosted energy, positivity and libido.
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