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middleman scene
One of my favorite scenes from the cult sci-fi/fantasy show, The Middleman. Here, The Middleman and Wendy Watson, aka "Dub-dub" are interviewing a mental patient in order to find the whereabouts of a vampiric puppet. Yes, a vampiric puppet. If you like this check out the DVD of series which is out right now (I've got my copy!) as well as the comic it is based off of. And spread the love!
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all alone on a prayer
Castiel finds himself all alone...
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Nephew's sour puss
My baby nephew trying lemon for the first time. As squished up as his face was in sour agony, he kept on coming back for more. p.s. I managed to get sour cream on my finger. I don't know how. When babies are around, things are usually messy. p.p.s. That's my mom in the background speaking Puerto Rican slang. We are not cursing out the kid. Trust me.
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broom balancing
You know that broom video that has been going viral? That one where the owner claims Jesus is balancing the broom? Well, in reality it's not that hard to balance a broom. Here's proof.
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Dramatic Baby Presents: Voicemail Break Up
My nephew, Ethan, being rather dramatic with a phone that's not even hooked up. His imaginary girlfriend just left this message on his voicemail; Ethan, I'm sorry to do this over the phone but it isn't working out. I've met someone else. His name is Sven. And, yes, he's a Swedish aerobics instructor. Well, it was fun while it lasted. P.S. I want the dog. Toodles! I love Ethan's "Can you believe that chick?" expression at the end.
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