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My "Routine" After Showering!!
Kind of my routine after showering!
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Story Time / Update
Here's a little update • • • • • Insta: @kbryne30 Musical.ly: @kbryne30
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Hi guys! I know it’s been a while, but I wanted to post a video because my friend (Alice Smith) inspired me to continue on making better videos and uploading more frequently! Hope you enjoy!!!
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What's In My Backpack?
I know it's I'm a little late with this video since it's almost summer vacation, but I was bored while waiting for the bus! If you already didn't do so hit subscribe and the like button!
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Willy’s Ate Here ~ Vlog 1
I know that the timeline had a horrible angle, sorry. I’m so happy that my dads Jeep Willy’s are finally here! Now all we have to do is wait for the one that’s drive able to be delivered!!
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The Explanation!!
Sry I haven't posted lately!! Still need a name for ourselves!!! ~Smash that like button ~Subscribe Annnnd..... ~Turn on your post notifications ~Musical.ly: @kbryne30
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What's in My Backpack 2017 pt. 1
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DIY Water Bottle Decoration
In this video I showed you guys how to make a DIY decoration by recycling water bottles!! You fill the bottle up with rocks and hang it up with a string or rope. Which ever work best for you.
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My Intro
Hi my name is Kiana LaRose this is my YouTube feel free to subscribe!!!
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