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Bandar Laguna Merbok
Resort Township: Bandar Laguna Merbok is a prime freehold development that spreads over 493 acres of one of the most scenic locations in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Developed by Paramount group
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The Making of GSC Penang
GSC or Golden Screens Cinema is a household name in Malaysia for the SIlver Screen movies that they screen daily. Watch how a cinema is built.
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Disney Channel Bumpers
Those were the days when we were editing for Disney Channel on Astro :) Pay-Per-View Satellite TV in Malaysia
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Hotlink TVC + RedC
Shot by RedC and edited by Tony Wong. Hotlink TVC featurings Vince (AF) and Siti Nurhaliza
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Cahajaya: Rubberwood from Malaysia
Cahajaya is an established rubberwood building materials manufacturer and exporter in Malaysia. For the past 10 years, they have been exporting to Europe, USA and Japan. They have integrated manufacturing facilities including logging activities, sawmilling, pressure treatment plant, kiln drying, wood working and finishing facilities. Their end products are rubberwood engineered doors, cabinet doors, furniture parts, sports goods and other household items
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Westin Hotel KL
Westin Cascades features staffs (behind-the-scenes and front-liners) at Westin Hotel KL. Cascades 2007 showcases Westin on a lighter side
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Lotus Electric car-OKB
Lotus Electric Car at Putrajaya
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Lotus Bruas
Largest Lotus Convoy in Malaysia
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Anka Fishing Tackle
Anka Tackle manufactures fishing tackles. Some of their brand names include Rapala. And they are neatly tucked away in the Pearl of the Orient, Penang
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Zinacef Video
ZINACEF® (cefuroxime) Injection Tq reduce the development of drug-resistant bacteria and maintain the effectiveness of ZINACEF and other antibacterial drugs, ZINACEF should be used only to treat or prevent infections that are proven or strongly suspected to be caused by bacteria.
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Lotus Banding
Lotus Convoy to Banding, then Penang
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BeeBest Water Heaters by BeeBull Engineering
Beebull Engineering Sdn Bhd is a leading Water Heater Manufacturer. We provide a complete manufacturing chain service including design, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and supply of complete products. Our company mission is to focus on continual product innovation and design development for higher quality and safer products to our customers.
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McLaren West interview
Montoya & Kimi interviewed in Pan Pacific KLIA
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Nickelodeon Big Day Out
With RedC and Tony Wong as the Video Editor, the kids had a fun time indeed @ Sunway Lagoon, hosted by Nickelodeon.
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AKN Technology Bhd
Established in 1984, AKN Technology Bhd (AKN) has evolved from its small local set-up to an international player in the realm of semiconductor industry. Today's AKN is far more dynamic, globally directed and customer-driven than ever before.
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Interview with Kimi and Montoya Finnish Coolness meets Colombian Heat!
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SC-TV Commercials Compilation
TVC - Compilation
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Lotus Malaysia: Juru Drifting
Lotus Drift: Juru Auto City Penang 6-8 June 2008
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Inti College - Education Corporate Video
Inti College (Penang): INTI International University College [INTI-UC] is a private university college in Putra Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It is owned by the INTI International Education Group, which operates eleven education institutions in Malaysia, Indonesia and China.
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Rapala - How to use a Fishing Tackle
Rapala Fishing Equipment shot underwater in a friendly swimming pool
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ClickLock Corporate Video
ClickLock & MeterLock: The introduction of ClickLock, a special purpose plastic security seal, will revolutionize the way many public utilities and industry transport products from tampering and pilferage. ClickLock is molded in polycarbonate or polypropylene, materials which are not only lightweight but can stand incredibly high resistance. Therefore, it has excellent wearability. ClickLock is also resistant to chemicals or any harsh environmental impacts.
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Lotus Drifting: Tanjung Malim
Drifting on a Lotus Elise near Proton City, Tanjung Malim
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Porsche World Tour 2007: Off Road
1 of the many activities held during the Porsche World Tour 2007 in Malaysia. Next one is coming up in 2009.
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steadicam Lotus
S2 shot with Panasonic HD with steadicam
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Lotus Kampung
Lotus drive through scenic kampung B-roads (Back-roads).
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Lotus History - Elise, Exige, Europa
www.lotuscars.com www.grouplotus.com Lotus Cars is a British manufacturer of sports and racing cars based at Hethel, Norfolk, England. The company designs and builds race and production automobiles of light weight and high handling characteristics. Majority of Lotus is privately owned by Proton.
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Rapala - Fishing Equipment
Rapala is the world's largest manufacturer of fishing lures and other fishing related products. It was established in Finland. They have a authorized factory manufacturing tackles right here in our very own backyard, Penang Island.
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Compass Secure GPS Tracking
Introducing Compass Secure, your next-generation-revolutionary vehicle security system. Compass Secure utilizes the most state-of-the-art satellite technology; Global Positioning System (GPS), coupled with an Internet monitoring software and Short Message Service (SMS); all at your fingertips
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Renault Kangoo Turbo Vantastics
Renault Kangoo Corporate Video to promote their Vantastic Kangoo. Versus a typical kl taxi / cab
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Heineken Greenspace Marketing Video
Heineken (Meet You There!) Greenspace Marketing Video (Nov/Dec 2005) Shopping Malls, Cinemas, Carparks, Hair Salons, Record Stores, Parties, Fashion Boutiques, Offices, Internet, etc
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Lotus Training
Drive the wheels off the Lotus
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Sidra: Line Change
Learn how to brake and change your racing lines at the Sidra Training Academy using the Porsche Cayman S. Learn when to brake at the last possible moment.
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Sidra: Braking
Learn how to brake at the Sidra Training Academy using the Porsche Cayman S. Learn when to brake at the last possible moment. Brake at a necessary speed to successfully negotiate a turn as well as to settle the car. Watch the flag to get instant instructions of whether to brake on the left or right!
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STEP: Self-empowering Transition & Employability Program
STEP program is a collaboration between Accenture and Cybercare. It is a high impact and structured learning program aimed to prepare underprivileged youths between the age of 16 - 18 for the working world. This is done through a series of workshops, with the support of Accenture trainers & CyberCare Volunteers. Highlights include defining own career goals by exposing youths to what's available after secondary school in terms of scholarships, education opportunities, and career paths. Acting session, mock interviews, company visits and university campus tours were also part of the program to optimize learning outside the classroom. To find out more, head over to www.cybercare.org.my or email step@cybercare.org.my
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Porsche World Tour: DVD Authoring
DVD Authoring for Corporate Clients: Porsche World Tour Malaysia 2007 at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia
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Penang Corporate Videos
Splices Creative Penang Corporate Videos TV Video Editing
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Cars: Porsche, SAAB, Lotus
Porsche World Roadshow Lotus Elise Drives (Beruas, Banting, Thailand, etc) SAAB Car launch at Bintang Walk, KL
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SmartFilter Sales Video
SmartFilter cleans your taps water for cooking, showering and keeps you from harms ways
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Penang Lifestyle Corporate Videos
Splices Creative Penang Corporate Video Videos KL Video Editing
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Sidra: Slalom
The purpose of the Slalom Training is to determine whether the driver will be able steer safely avoiding obstacles and the necessary skills to negotiate the slalom course.
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Sepang International Drive and Race Academy
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Sidra: Circles
Round and round we go!! In circles for the slalom circuit, part of SIDRA's intensive Basic and Advance courses. Join on a personal capacity or take your whole office out for a corporate day!
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Starwood SEA
Starwood SEA video
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AmQuest, a semiconductor company sets its sight in the broadband set top box industry
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PowerON intro ver1
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8th Cast
Congress of the Asian Society of Transplantation Transplantation in Asia: From Myth to Reality
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Formula One Grand Prix Gala & Ball @ KL Hilton Malaysia
Grand Prix Gala and Ball to celebrate the 10 edition of the Malaysian Grand Prix. Who's Who Attended. The likes of Tun Mahathir, Siti Nurhaliza, all the F1 drivers, including Ferrari drivers attended the gala the same way they did last year, via the public transportation system!!
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Awana TV Commercial
TVC Video Editor Tony Wong takes on Genting Awana during his days at Synchosound Studios
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Sidra: Lead Follow
Follow the leader. This part of the Sidra training is to test reflex and patience at the same time. Following the leaders' racing lines are crucial!
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AmMutual Corporate Video
AmMutual Corporate Video - Mutual Trust Funds in Malaysia.
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