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Easy Mindmap Tutorial - VUE for beginners
Find more useful Permaculture stuff at http://www.appletonpermaculture.com This video is a quick run through of how to use VUE mindmap software. Getting the hang of a few bits and pieces can give professional looking mindmaps that can be exported to MS Word, the internet, or print.
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Building a Roundwood Reciprocal Roof Ecobuilding
A bunch of Permaculture People came together to build a roundwood reciprocal roof ecobuilding. It will later have straw bale walls with a cobb finish, and a green roof. Here is some of what we did while I was there.
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Wild Mushroom Foraging - Delicious Chicken of The Woods!
Join me as I find LOADS of Chicken of The Woods on a recent foray! Learn about this easily identifiable edible mushroom, and watch me cook an easy yet delicious recipe at the end. Please never consume any wild food without first being absolutely sure it is what you think it is!
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Litter Picking Turns Into Practical Conservation, Foraging and Wilderness Awareness
Over 700 people from this facebook page https://www.facebook.com/giveashitaboutnature decided to do their bit for nature by going out and picking litter in their local area. Here is my day out. I ended up picking up not only litter, but also a lot of knowledge about the flora in my local area. I discovered new edible species and ventured into areas that I haven't been in before. All in all, I had a great hour out, and I would massively recommend it to anyone that cares about nature. One small hour, one big difference!
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King Alfred's Cakes - Nature's wonderful tinder briquette!
King Alfred's Cakes are one of the best natural tinder's that exist. Their slow burning action can also be used to transport a fire from one site to another.
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A Few Thoughts On Permaculture Zone 5
More at http://www.appletonpermaculture.com Join me on a stroll through the woods and hear some of my ideas on Permaculture Zone 5.
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Permaculture Zero Effort No Dig Vegetables!
This part of my garden takes zero effort, yet is one of the most productive areas in the whole garden. Potentially you could call it negative effort, if you compare it against the amount of effort that most gardeners put in to eliminate these plants! Subscribe if you want to see more uninteresting videos about permaculture and stuff.
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Awesome extreme busker drums and sings Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune
Have you ever seen a street busker drumming? This guy drums hard while singing Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune in the middle of the night in Doncaster!
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Iridescent Insects - Beautiful Bugs!
We went for a walk and found this beautiful insects! The camera doesn't fully capture their colours, but you kind of get the picture.
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A Brief Tour of Arpley Landfill
This short tour of Arpley Landfill in Warrington was lead by the Ranger at the Moore Nature Reserve. The Landfill is 400 acres in size, and the Company (FCC) funds the 180 acre nature reserve. The vast array of pipes on site channel methane gas to an electricity plant, where it apparently generates enough power for over 20,000 homes. When the landfill is finally capped and hermetically sealed, the entire site will become a Nature Reserve. Located almost in the center of Warrington, this eyesore and nuisance will one day be transformed into an asset for all.
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The People of Doncaster demand their MP Ed Miliband to end the Genocide in Gaza
On Saturday 26th July, hundreds gathered to oppose the genocide in Gaza. SHARE this video to send a strong message to Ed Miliband.
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My MASSIVE patch of nettles and some thoughts on foraging.
I only found this patch of nettles recently, but it is epic! I also recorded some footage on making nettle cordial, but it was rubbish so I haven't uploaded it. To make the cordial: Add 1kg of sugar and 40g of ascorbic acid (vitamin c powder) to 500ml of water. Heat to 60 degrees celcius (if you don't have a thermometer, it should feel quite hot to the touch, but not enough to burn). When all of the sugar has dissolved, take off the heat and add 200g of nettle tops. Put it all in a container in the fridge and stir it every morning for a week. Finally, strain off the liquid and bottle. Keep it in the fridge and enjoy! It sounds weird, but try it. It's deliciously refreshing!
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A close encounter with a deer
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Jade-Lee Saxelby live at Cask Corner
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Super Cute Baby Squirrel Up Close in HD!
I found this super cute baby squirrel when I was out in the woods. He wasn't shy!
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Baroness Warsi quits the Government over war crimes in Gaza - Response
My thoughts on Baroness Warsi's resignation from the Government, and what this means for the wider movement.
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Homemade device monitors risks of Shale Gas Fracking
One of my first projects as a maker... This arduino device monitors the risks of Shale Gas Fracking. Oppose fracking!
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Cute Baby Squirrel Up Close in HD
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Birds in Appleton - Pure Sights and Sounds of Nature
Relax to these sights and sounds of nature.
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Noob maker carves an outdoor bushcraft camera stand
Had a go at crafting a stand for my mobile so I can make better videos out in the woods. Didn't quite turn out how I hoped, but you live and learn!
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