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[PONY SFM Tutorial] Ponies in Socks (a.k.a. bonemerging)
DOWNLOAD SOCKS AND PANTIES: http://beardeddoomguy.deviantart.com/art/DL-Socks-and-panties-403628380 In this tutorial I am teaching you how to add accessories to your pony. These accessories come from props, hats, clothing, etc modeled for your pony. This is a simple _give your pony some warm socks_ approach, but can be applied by advanced users to bonemerge other props.
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Quick Tip #2:  Overview and Installation of MESA for Maya
How to download, install, and configure MESA for Maya. Also a brief overview of the tools. I'll do an example export in another video. http://puppet-master.net/plugins/mesa-2.0/ Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/The4thaggie Watch on DA: http://the4thaggie.deviantart.com/
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Guile's Theme Goes with Everything:  Spike's Redemption
SPOILER: Season 4 Episode 24 Guile's theme really does go with everything. MLP belongs to Hasbro/DHX Guile's Theme belongs to Capcom (I think)
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Quick Tip #3:  Exporting Models from Maya to SFM (MESA)
Following up my last video, this video walks you through the basics of exporting a model from Maya to SFM. This is a static-prop, but it is fundamental knowledge every aspiring Maya-based SFM modeler needs to know. Introduction & Overview (00:05) Step 1: Create Your Model (03:00) Step 2: Create PSD Networks and TGA (05:50) Step 3: Setup Layers for Ref/Phy (11:30) Step 4: Setup SMD Options (13:50) Step 5: Full Compile (16:20) Step 6: Create VMT/VTF (19:37) Step 7: Test (24:10)
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Lets Push Ponies #1:  Building a Custom Male OC
Welcome to Lets Push Ponies where I do stuff without any form of intended tutorial format, but you still may learn. On this episode, we make a requested male OC. Note: I will no longer take requests that are not done through the commission widget on my DA page http://the4thaggie.deviantart.com. If you don't see the section on my page, that means that I don't have open commission slots. If you want to request something to be made, you can check out this post in the SFM Ponies DA group. http://sfm-ponies.deviantart.com/journal/individuals-who-take-pony-OC-model-request-423049308 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/the4thaggie DArt: http://the4thaggie.deviantart.com Tumblr: http://the4thaggie.tumblr.com
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Dry Erase:  Infinite VR Whiteboard
Who doesn't love a big ol' whiteboard? Link to Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/585040/Dry_Erase_Infinite_VR_Whiteboard/
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Converting Audio for SFM (or any Source Engine Game Really)
A short tutorial on converting your audio files to a format SFM can use.
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How To Export Ponies for Unreal Engine 4 (From Blender)
The things I do for horsfam....
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Model Belongs to: http://creatorofpony.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Dash-with-Guitar-495374642 Music is Daft Punk of course.
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3D Modeling Timelapse:  Pony Bar
A timelapse of modeling the bar from start to finish.
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Sansar First Run
Playing my first go through the new VR friendly Second Life game Sansar! http://www.sansar.com/
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[PONY SFM] Rainbow Dash Wing and Facial Animation
Just playing around with animating in Source FilmMaker. This time, I animate a sequence for wings, and then duplicate throughout clip, and do some facial animation. I should have bobbed the model in animation, but that thought came 1/2 way through rendering. Using Gmod Ponies 3.1.
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High Poly Sculpting for Low Poly Source Models
Watch as I go through the process of sculpting detail on sphere to turn it into an organic looking rock. I use Mudbox to transform my sphere by sculpting on the scale of 1.6 million polygons and then transferring that as a normal map into Maya. Then I just go about making the model like normal. The actual process is only 1.5 hours long in this video, but I also prep and stuff at the end there.
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3D Modelling Stream: RR Dash Guitar #1
Just working on modelling a new model before the second Equestria Girls movie comes out. Cover image by TheDukeDog: http://thedukedog.deviantart.com/art/Gungirl-470623820
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Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades (Oculus Touch Gameplay)
Warning: Captured footage of me playing this game with HMD, so its going to move around with my head. Sorry in advance. Also, took 4 tries before I realized how to capture the audio ok... Looks like the video displaying to monitor (what was being recorded), is not exactly center to my aim/POV so you cant see down sights like I do :(
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Twilight Limo Showcase
Of course I had to turn the limo in Forza 7 into a Princess transport.
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3D Modeling Timelapse: RR Dash Guitar #2
No stream this time. Wasn't feeling real uppity because of Robin Williams passing away today (time of upload), so I just modeled and timelapsed. It's tedious retopology matching up the round end of the guitar to the main body. I'll have to reduce and stuff as I go along, but for now I am trying to make sure all edgeloops are edgeloops.
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Source 2 Tools Preview
A divergence of my normal videos, but I wanted to show off the tools that are coming in the near future. We are going to go over a basic overview of the tools, and we will even make a basic map.
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Quick Tip #1:  Change Your Up Axis to Z
When modeling for Source, it is important to model in the correct axis. Maya needs to be switched to Z-up.
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Finding a Starting Load for the Lee TL356-124-2R
I cast several thousand bullets over Christmas, but had no real load data for them. In this video, I discuss some of the challenges I faced and go through my results for finding a bare minimum load. I refer to ElvisAmmo's video found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MBs68gEhq0
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Argodaemon Loses his Marbles
I don't know what happened. Excerpt of call... Sorry for the derp laughter on my end and audio inbalance. I didn't realize the computer audio and mic audio were so far off.
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HHD test video- WIP 2
25 seconds more + a rough transition mockup.
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Lets Play:  Derail Valley (Oculus Touch VR)
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Modeling for Source Film Maker:  Birds Eyeview of the Process
I've been modeling for a while, and I thought I'd make a video (maybe even a detailed video series) detailing the high level (software kinda-independent) process overview.
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[SFM] Giddy Up
I needed to get my mind off of 80F temps, a broken AC, and such. Something simple and silly.
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Littlepip Tells a Joke? Has a Dad Complex? Epileptic Seizure?
Fixed audio. Recorded from Argodaemon's Friday night stream Stream Announcements: https://twitter.com/argodaemon Stream URL: http://www.justin.tv/argodaemon What do you hear? I hear "Nahka" who made the overhaul pony pack this model is based on.
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My Unreal Pony   Physics are Magic
Forgive me Luna for I have sinned...
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Something I worked on to build up more skills in complex animation. It's animated in such a way to be made into an animated GIF. I couldn't get normal methods to make it a GIF, and I don't have PS Extended. I'll cross that hurdle when I get over it. I want to fine tune the animation a bit, add ear movements, and some mouth animation. Thanks to the folks over on SFM-Ponies on Deviantart for the model.
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Aggie Goes Crazy Over SFM issues
Been out of action for over a month because SFM won't load. So I had to create a new user account....
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Scaled model of Apartment in Unreal Engine 4 V
I made a rough VR scaled model of my apartment and imported into Unreal Engine 4
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[WIP] Argo Model Demo 1
I have made some big progress on the model. The last bit is to build the star and package it up. This is just a roundtable render to show it off.
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Rigging Rainbow Dash for SFM
Watch as I clumsily try to rig a EqG base mesh for SFM
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CCCC Charity Auction Stream Part 1
This is a stream of me fullfilling auction winners' commissions. Deviant Journal (status and notes) for this commission: http://the4thaggie.deviantart.com/journal/CCCC-Commission-Information-430013824
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3D Spitebot Modeling 2
I'm continuing my modeling on the Spritebot. Warning: I might not be able to see the comments.
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I was inspired by the Heinz ketchup ad during the Superbowl to model a pony hotdog suit. (Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNN9nL2vppM) Music is by Technickkel Pony.
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YT 60 FPS Test
Literally no effort put into animation here. Just seeing how 60FPS does on Youtube. The music is from Metalocalypse.
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3D Modeling - Equal Pony Town Home 1
Music is SharaX - In Our Town https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvig2usF5JE
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Steelhooves Sculpt Prep 1
I didn't feel like doing work on modeling today, so I decided to record a voiceover on a timelape. Let me know what you think in the comments. Should I continue with this method?
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Lets Push Ponies #2 Part 2
This is the final part of this episode. We primarily animate the wheels, neck, and wings. This is roughly 5 hours stretched into 25 minutes or so. Music: Lost On The Moon {By WoodenToaster & The Livng Tombstone} ~ EileMonty Cover http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nmR6pD7NN0 Shimmer On - Original MLP Music by MandoPony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSRB6zID9PI She's a Vampire (P-TYPE) feat. Jessi Nowack and Eile Monty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkfGyPr3tOA Generosity - Original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony [Ft. EileMonty] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sJcbxj5zGA Loyalty - original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaojFmFnNKE Kindness - Original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn3caYBZLyc Model: http://the4thaggie.deviantart.com/art/Wheely-Bopper-435995034
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3D Modeling Timelapse:   Spritebot 1
A timelapse of a model I am working on. Featuring the fantastic Liquid DnB mix "Artificial Spintelligence 14" by DJ Shroo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7gl__mXM6s
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Lets Push Ponies - Smooth Hair Animation
WATCH IN 1080P60 for super smooth timelapse! I was asked to release a timelapse for what I did to smooth out hair animations on my current video project. So here it is. First half is taking the jigglebones for the hair, baking them, and then using the pre-baked animation as a guide for smooth animation. Using the smooth and playhead tools, I get the rough spots out and make it a bit more smooth while still having a bit of movement in there for "realistic" animation. The second half (or after the first four shots I fix the hair), I work on smoothing and fine tuning things (like supporting movements). If you just want to learn about animating hair, the first 15-20min are for you. The rest is bonus material. I hope you like sexy jazz. The music compilation video I used as a backing track failed to source artists, so shall I since I have no bloody idea. This music fits the video, and it is also a consolation to the viewers who don't really like MLP. Thank you for bearing me animating ponies, so here's some fandom-neutral music :D. This is roughly 3 hours of animating squeezed into 40min. I chose to set the maximum speed up rate to 5x speed. It turned out amazing in 60fps. I used OBS to record, and I forgot I set it to 60FPS before. Turned out awesome!
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CCCC Charity Auction Stream Part 3
Animated Sweetie Belle, and started tail animation on Rarity. (Yeah, sorry about fan noise. I did this on my Retina MBP, and didn't have my other mics). Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/the4thaggie DArt: http://the4thaggie.deviantart.com Tumblr: http://the4thaggie.tumblr.com
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Oculus Medium First Sculpt:  Kawaii Tentacle Monster
Sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/6s9tn I bought touch controllers for my Oculus Rift finally, so I decided to give VR sculpting a try. Note: I'm not a sculptor. #StillMoreIntuitiveThanZBrush.
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Drunkn Bar Aggie
I play a game called "Drunkn Bar Fight" in VR.
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Diversifying Content on Channel
Gauging subscriber opinions for adding new content to my channel. Poll: https://twitter.com/The4thaggie/status/766693984815095809
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Steelhooves UV 4
Uving the tail.
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Lets Push Ponies #2 Part 1:  Wheely Booper
Last weekend I worked on an animation that spawned from this thing for about 35 hours. This is part 1 of a simple moving camera shot of the Wheely Booper model going fast. Being a part 1 of 2 (or 3), if you find this format useful, stay tuned or subscribe to be notified when the rest are up. Song is "I'll Fly Higher (Scootaloo's Theme)" by AcoustiMandoBrony. Please support them by dropping by the music's source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKr-b5DH1JU Wheely Booper model is by @Percy_technic/TheHoboCouncil: http://thehobocouncil.deviantart.com/art/Wheely-Bopper-435995034
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3D Rigging Timelapse:  EqG Base 1
Model created by CreatorOfPony.deviantart.com Music by Flaedr from Project Horizons Soundtrack I'm slowly making progress on the EqG base rig and skin weighting. This is about an hour of work. I'm an amateur rigger, so I've been learning on the fly. The challenge is what keeps me going because the 10's of hours I am putting into this need a reason. Anyway, most of my minor updates are posted to my deviantart.
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3dPort - StarFox Slippy
Song by: FamilyJules7x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECZGwnhzYl4
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