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3 Cheap Tricks To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home
3 Cheap Tricks To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home Are you having troubles with ants in your home? These social insects intrude your house in the hope to find food, and they usually come in large number. Even though pest control services can help in this situation, they are often expensive. However, there’s something you can do to eliminate these annoying pests from your house. All you need to have it few natural ingredients which are easily available and cheap. How to Keep Ants Away from Your Home The first and most important step in managing your problem with ants is finding a way to keep them away from your house. Their strongly developed sense of smell and desire for sugary foods attract them to the food left in the cupboard and on the counter. This means that they will notice even an empty can of soda due to the sugar left on the rim. Therefore, make sure to rinse any bowl or container which had contact with food before throwing them in the trash. How to Eliminate Ants from your House No matter how hard you try to keep your home perfectly clean, ants might find some of your food that’s tucked away. Here are few clever hacks to prevent them from entering your house. 1. Cinnamon For some reason, ants hate the smell of cinnamon. So, here’s how to use it to keep them at bay. Things You’ll Need 1 cup of water ½ tsp. of cinnamon essential oil Cloth or cotton balls Optional – Cinnamon cloves Instructions Add the essential oil to the water and stir well. Soak a cloth or a cotton ball in the solution and use it to wipe areas from your house where ants are likely to appear. Do this once a day until you see no ant in your home. Also, you can leave cinnamon cloves near your windows and doors. 2. Vinegar The smell of vinegar repels ants. This is how to use it: Things You’ll Need Water Distilled vinegar Spray bottle Lemon essential oil Directions Pour water and vinegar into a spray bottle in 1:1 ratio. Then, add several drops of lemon oil and shake the spray bottle. Shake it before every use. Now, all you have to do is spray around places where ants appear, such as baseboards. Do this once a day until all ants disappear. 3. Borax The last trick actually attracts ants, eventually killing them. They take it to their nest and share it as food. Things You’ll Need 2 tbsp. of sugar 2 tbsp. of peanut butter 1 of water 1 of borax Sharp object Plastic container with lid Directions Put all ingredients in the container and mix well. Cover with the lid and poke several holes through the container’s sides and the lid so that only ants can enter and leave. subscribe our channel for more !
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Use Borax And Get Rid Of Fleas, Roaches, Ants And Unwanted Pests From Home !
subscribe our channel for more ! Use Borax And Get Rid Of Fleas, Roaches, Ants And Unwanted Pests From Home ! Cockroaches, ants, and fleas can wreak havoc on your house. But what if there was one non-toxic method to rid them all from your home, instead of stocking and spraying so many different chemicals around the house. Borax can get rid of these disgusting insects from your home without needing to spray harsh chemicals. The way it works is that the cockroaches, ants, and fleas ingest the borax and the borax destroys the lining of their stomach and disrupts digestion. Here’s how you can use borax in your home to get rid of these unwanted home guests: COCKROACHES Cockroaches are known as hardy creatures, however they are no match for borax. To kill cockroaches, boil six eggs and remove the whites. Mash up the yolks and add 2.5 ounces of borax to the mix. Then add half a cup to a full cup of white sugar or enough sugar until it is no longer crumbly. Your mixture should have a dough-like consistency. Leave little balls of the dough around your home for the cockroaches to eat. ANTS Given that worker ants eat liquids and the queen and her babies eat solids, you have to mix up 2 solutions to end your ant invasion. Sold Ant Bait: combine one part borax and 3 parts powdered sugar. Sprinkle this mix onto flat surfaces for the worker ants to take to the queen. Liquid Bait: combine ¼ cup of borax and ¾ cup of honey or maple syrup. Drop globs of this onto an ant trail or anywhere you see ants coming in. FLEAS Borax has instant and long-lasting results on fleas. One treatment can continue to kill fleas and their eggs for up to a year. Vacuum your home well, including under the furniture given that fleas like to hide out in dark areas. You’ll also want to dust and get up as much dirt as you can. Sprinkle some borax on your carpet, the creases in your furniture, closet, places your pet hangs out, and anywhere else you believe fleas might be hiding in your home. Brush it into your carpet with a little hand broom. Vacuum up anywhere you still find visible borax. Let the borax sit for 36 hours and then vacuum it up to get rid of the dead fleas. Remember to keep your applications of borax out of your children’s and pet’s reach. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Never See A Flea Again. Use These Clever Methods To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally
subscribe our channel for more ! Never See A Flea Again. Use These Clever Methods To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally Most people think of fleas as a pest that bothers dogs and cats. And while it’s true, a flea’s bite will cause painful, itchy irritation in dogs and cats, people are not immune to flea bites. Fleas (like bedbugs) can reproduce pretty quickly, making your house quite uncomfortable. Getting rid of fleas as quickly as possible will ensure they don’t spread from your pet (or yard) to people. If you’re itching to give fleas the boot (or keep them away) without relying on chemical solutions, check these four natural remedies: 1. Make your own non-toxic flea killer HealthyChild recommends making your own flea killer with 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of essential orange oil. Combine the oil and baking soda into a jar. Shake well to combine and then sprinkle your pet and rub the powder mixture 2. Amp up shampoo power Keep the pesky biters away from your furry friend by using 1/2 cup of dog shampoo mixed with 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and two cups of water. Spray your pet with this mixture once a week, Fleabites says. 3. Keep fleas away from your yard with landscaping The easiest way to get rid of fleas is to not get them in the first place. Deter fleas (and other annoying bugs) by choosing your landscaping wisely. Dogs Naturally Magazine suggests planting lemon balm, sage, catnip, sage, mint, basil, and lemongrass throughout your garden and keeping pots of the same herbs near outside living areas. 4. Make your own flea color Keep your pup safe while he plays in the backyard by making your own flea collar from a bandana. Mix 3 to 5 drops of lavender oil with 1 to 3 tablespoons of water. Use an eye dropper to apply a few drops of the solution to the bandana and tie it loosely around your pet’s neck, according to Everyday Roots. Keep your pets and kids safe this summer and choose a non-toxic solution for your flea problems! If you thought these tips for naturally getting rid of fleas were helpful, make sure to share them with your friends on Facebook. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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The 10 Tricks With Aspirin That Every Woman Has To Know. It Changes Your Life Completely
subscribe our channel for more ! The 10 Tricks With Aspirin That Every Woman Has To Know. It Changes Your Life Completely Aspirin is definitely the most popular painkiller pill in the world. Most of us take it on a daily basis against a variety of cardiovascular and other health problems, but not many people know that the pill is great for many other things as well. Continue reading below to learn more about aspirin’s amazing other uses. Insect bites Used topically, aspirin can easily deal with the irritation from insect bites and prevent infections. Crush an aspirin and dissolve it in a tablespoon of water, then rub the mixture on the affected area for instant relief. Lightens your armpit skin Many people have dark skin on their armpits which can really ruin their self-esteem. To resolve this aesthetic problem, you need to dissolve 2 crushed aspirins in ½ a cup of warm water, then apply the mixture on your armpits and leave it to work for 60 minutes. Rinse with water afterwards, and repeat the process every day until you see positive results. ELIMINATES DANDRUFF Crush 2 aspirins and add the powder to your favorite shampoo, then wash your hair as usual to eliminate dandruff quickly and effectively. ELIMINATES PIMPLES Aspirin is great against a variety of skin problems thanks to the high salicylic acid content. Crush an aspirin and mix it with a few drops of water, then apply the paste on your pimples or acne, leaving it to work overnight. Rinse your face with cold water in the morning, and repeat the process every night before going to bed to dry the pimples. However, this method isn’t suitable for irritated or cut skin. REMOVES SWEAT STAINS FROM YOUR SHIRTS If your shirts have sweat stains that you can’t get off, aspirin can help. Mix 2 crushed aspirins in ½ a cup of warm water, then apply the mixture directly on the stains. Leave the clothes to soak overnight, then wash them as usual and the stains should be gone. SOFTENS AND REMOVES CALLUSES FROM THE FEET Calluses on the feet are a toughened area of the skin which occurs due to repeated friction and pressure. The problem is pretty hard to treat, but aspirin can soften the calluses easily and remove them better than anything else. Crush 7 aspirins and mix them with ½ a teaspoon of lemon juice, and add some water if you need to. Apply the paste on the calluses and around them, then wrap your feet in a warm cloth or towel and cover with a plastic bag. Remove the wrapping after 10 minutes, then rub the calluses with a pumice stone. Repeat the process every day until the callus falls off. ASPIRIN FACIAL MASK An aspirin facial mask can clean and soften the skin on your face and keep it healthy. Crush 5 aspirins and mix them with 2 teaspoons of natural yogurt, then apply the mask on your face and leave it to work for 20 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water afterwards and apply a high-quality moisturizing cream afterwards. Repeat the process for 2 weeks and your face will be cleaner and softer than ever. REMOVES SOAP SCUM The area around your bathtub can often accumulate soap scum which doesn’t exactly look good and is pretty difficult to remove as well. Luckily, aspirin comes to the rescue once again! Crush 5 aspirin pills and add them to your liquid cleaner, then spray the affected area and leave the mixture to work for about half an hour. Clean with a damp cloth afterwards, and all the soap scum should be removed. GIVES BACK SHINE TO YOUR HAIR As time passes, our hair begins to lose its shine and volume, but aspirin can get it back. Add 8 crushed aspirins to a cup of warm water, then apply the mixture on your hair and leave it to work for 15 minutes.Rinse your hair with water in the end, and it will be silkier and shinier than before. You can get the same results, by adding 5 crushed aspirins to your favorite shampoo. EXTENDS THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR FLOWERS The flowers in your vases at home can easily wither, but adding one crushed aspirin pill to the base can keep them going for a long time. Try the trick yourself and we’re sure you’ll love the results. As you can see, aspirin isn’t just a simple painkiller or fever pill – it has many more uses which can make your life easier, which is why we suggest trying the aforementioned tips and tricks. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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How To Get Rid Of Phlegm And Mucus In Chest & Throat (Instant Relief)
subscribe our channel for more ! How To Get Rid Of Phlegm And Mucus In Chest & Throat (Instant Relief) Brace yourselves, phlegm is coming. It usually accompanies typical winter maladies like the common cold and flu. Besides being annoying and slightly disgusting, what exactly is phlegm? Phlegm is the mucus your lungs generate to help expel irritants that come from an infection. Basically, when you have infections like bronchitis, the common cold and the flu you generate phlegm to capture the virus, bacteria, and inflammatory cells that are causing the most damage. So naturally, you want to be able to get rid of phlegm before it builds up too much. This can be a bit tricky because phlegm can be a particularly stubborn guest. Symptoms of phlegm build up are difficulty breathing, a continuously runny nose, constant coughing, a perpetual need to clear your throat, feeling slightly feverish, and feeling weak. You should normally be able to cough phlegm out. However, some phlegm build up can seem never ending or especially persistent. The good news is that you can treat phlegm build up naturally, and I have the perfect compilation of tips to help you out. How to Get Rid of Phlegm 1. Lemons Lemons have wonderful antibacterial properties and healthy doses of vitamin C. The acid in the lemon juice is so potent you can even use it to clean up your cutting boards. Vitamin C is wonderful immunity booster because it helps several immune system cells ready to combat infections. There are two ways to use lemon to help break up your phlegm. First, you can add two teaspoons of lime juice and one tablespoon of honey to a glass of warm water, drink this at least three times a day. Your other option is to grab a slice of lemon, sprinkle salt and pepper on it, and then suck the lemon juice out. It will help bring your phlegm out efficiently. Although this method is for those who can actually brave the taste. I’d recommend doing this twice a day. 2. Steam Inhaling steam is one of the best ways to help loosen up phlegm. By having steam in your respiratory system, you’ll be able to make your phlegm a bit more liquid, hence easier to get rid of. I personally prefer taking a 10-minute hot shower. Make sure you keep your bathroom closed to keep all the steam in. It’s also extremely relaxing. However, make sure you moisturize after it to keep your skin healthy. Alternatively, you can boil water and place it in a basin. Afterwards, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam for about ten minutes. You can use this simple remedy a couple of times of a day. 3. Salt Water Salt water packs the triple threat being a powerful antibacterial agent, helps relax your throat, and helps fight inflammation. To take full advantage of it, simply gargle a one-fourth teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Rinse and repeat multiple times a day. 4. Honey Honey has been categorized as a demulcent, which is a substance that helps provide relief to your throat. Honey also has dextromethorphan, a substance used by cough medicine to help treat respiratory tract infections. The best thing about honey is that it’s incredibly easy to incorporate into your diet if you want to treat phlegm. Simply add a pinch of black pepper to a tablespoon honey. The pepper will aid in fighting the infection and the honey will help soothe your mucus membranes. Alternatively, you can add one tablespoon of honey to glass of water and drink it multiple times a day. One important note: if your phlegm is still persistent after multiple weeks or if it’s acquiring a hue of green, yellow, or blood colored, you should see your doctor as soon as possible because you might be dealing with a strong infection like bronchitis. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Every Woman Must Do These Things After Intercourse!
subscribe our channel for more ! Every Woman Must Do These Things After Intercourse! The majority of us hardly ever think about the do’s as well as donts of sex. It’s crucial to always keep your own private parts healthy and thoroughly clean.Most of the bacterial infections that occur down there is certainly because of unhealthy habits that a person follows. Here are eight things that you need to totally do after having sex. By doing so, you might be helping your own private part stay healthy as well as away from any type of infections. GO TO THE BATHROOM AFTER SEX Firstly: do a number one. During sexual intercourse, bacterias can easily be introduced into your private part. It is warm as well as moist inside there, which can be the ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. If you do not want to end up getting a bladder infection, pee after an hour or so of having sex, which helps you to flush out your own private part. And of course, wipe from front to back to avoid faecal toxic contamination. DRINK A PINT OF WATER Exactly like with physical exercise, you may need to hydrate after sex. Dehydration has an effect on your entire body, so if your mouth is dry, you certainly need to refuel with drinking water. Drink a pint or maybe more of drinking water right after sex, it will hydrate you and help you flush annoying UTI-causing bacterias from your bladder. AVOID VERY HOT BATH TUB SHOWERS Shower is great however stay away from jumping into a hot bathtub. When your vagina reacts to stimulations, it opens a little more. After sexual intercourse, a hot bathtub shower could make you susceptible to much more infections. STAY AWAY FROM SOAPS DOWN THERE Not only after sex (even though your vaginal area is very sensitive then), but always: do not wash with cleaning soap. Your vaginal area is really a self-cleansing organism and using soap, douches or even other products can interfere with the delicate pH levels. Cleaning soap can also cause irritation as well as dryness – as a matter of fact , as a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, do not put it near your own private part. After sex (and always), rinse just with luke warm, clean water. CONSUME FOODS LOADED WITH PROBIOTICS Whatever you eat right after having intercourse is essential. I know all those chocolate chip biscuits in the container look tempting, however we advise you to pick your snacks wisely. The best choice is fermented foods like yogurt. Kombucha as well as kimchi make healthy options. Eating these types of snacks after sexual intercourse can restock good bacterias so that you do not get yeast infection. STAY AWAY FROM WET WIPES Although it might be appealing to swipe your self clean using wet baby wipes, the chemicals as well as fragrances may irritate your own sensitive vaginal area, particularly after sexual intercourse. If you want to use something besides plain h2o to clean up, try combining a little white vinegar with luke warm water. Vinegar is actually cleansing as well as it won’t disrupt your body’s pH levels. Dry carefully afterwards. PREVENT YEAST INFECTIONS BY AIR DRYING YOUR NETHER AREAS You would be amazed, but many females are blow drying their own vaginal area after sex. It’s very efficient according to some medical doctors, even though you must be cautious. Blow drying is especially efficient for ladies prone to UTIs as well as mycosis. Prior to blow drying, wash your vaginal area with lukewarm water. Use cold air setting to blow dry your vagina. Make sure you do not overdo it and make sure the actual innermost vagina remains moist. Use a very soft hand towel finally. SAY GOODBYE TO THE ADORABLE LINGERIE Almost all types of lingerie are made from non-breathable materials such as nylon or even polyester. Put them on after sex, and you are creating the ideal environment for bacterias to grow. Keep in mind, your vaginal area is actually warm as well as damp right after getting down, and that is when bacterias are likely to thrive, especially when trapped by non-breathable fabrics. Go naked or even stick to 100 % cotton panties so that your nether areas can breathe totally free. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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How Many Steps A Day Can Help You Lose Weight
How Many Steps A Day Can Help You Lose Weight Numerous people are fighting with their excess pounds on a daily basis, and modern fat-loss diets are rarely efficient. Have you ever dreamt of losing weight without being aware of it? Well, it Ii possible! What’s more, you do not need any money or special equipment, as you just need to walk more than usual! Isn’t that fantastic? Yet, how many steps are needed daily for you to lose weight? Apparently, the number of calories burnt sis determined by two factors: the body weight, and the walking area. To put this in numbers; If you walk for an hour with an average speed of 4 miles per hour, you will burn 400 calories. Or, you should make 2,000 steps to burn 100 calories or to walk a mile. To lose a pound a week, which is the healthiest way to lose excess body weight and avoid the yo-yo effect, you need to burn 3,500 calories. Therefore, you should burn 500 calories daily, or walk 5 miles. This is extremely simple, and you can start by changing your everyday routines a bit. You should stop using bus or taxi, and walk instead. Moreover, you can walk to work, and walk your children to school. Also, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and start parking your car a bit further than your destination. During the first three days, you need to walk for only 15 to 20 minutes, and then gradually increase the time to half an hour or even an entire hour daily. Studies have shown that this is a healthy and effective way to lose weight. Over time, you will get used to the new walking routine, and you will lose weight without being aware of it! subscribe our channel for more !
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Marijuana Gum For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: Would You Try This?
subscribe our channel for more ! Marijuana Gum For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: would you try this? Anyone who knows someone who suffers from fibromyalgia or who has it themselves knows how incredibly painful and unrelenting this disease can be. Thankfully, as more people become aware of this illness, more research efforts are being diverted into finding an effective treatment or cure. The most recent of these discoveries reveals that cannabis, also known as marijuana, can relieve the joint pain associated with fibromyalgia. While there are various methods on how to use marijuana to treat pain, the newest of these is via chewing gum. Marijuana Chewing Gum to Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain MedChewRx is a new chewing gum made with cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain, specifically fibromyalgia. The gum contains equal amounts of both CBD and THC (the active components of marijuana), delivering 5mg of each. The benefit to chewing the marijuana gum as opposed to inhaling or eating it is that it can digested directly in the mouth, bypassing the liver for faster relief. There are other benefits to the chewing aspect for pain sufferers, including: (1, 2) Neuroprotective and neurostimulatory effects on the mind Stress relief Stimulation of the cardiovascular system Improvement of age-related cognitive decline Chewing marijuana gum is also more socially accepted than smoking, and allows for those with fibromyalgia to get quick pain relief almost anywhere without fear of backlash from those around them. Side Effects and Problems with Marijuana Gum Professor John Zajicek, who runs trials for the company testing of the Fibromyalgia pain relief gum, states that this is not quite a home-run just yet. There have been some side effects reported so far, though it is unclear what those are, and the medicine displays a lack of the “peak”, or a less potent high, associated with traditional forms of cannabis. For now, more research is being done into how this can be a safe, effective delivery method for cannabis for pain relief. The goal is to provide on-the-go relief for chronic pain sufferers so that they can continue to function normally throughout their day pain-free. Current Marijuana Options for Pain Relief 1. CBD Oil CBD hemp oil is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp, meaning they are non-psychoactive and won’t produce a high. It can be purchased in:(4) pure CBD-hemp oil form tinctures where they are diluted in alcohol or a natural oil base and flavored for better taste capsule form CBD topicals (salves, balms, and creams) Knowing which is right for you depends on your type of pain and what you are using CBD oil for. 2. Smoking It is known that as little as 3 puffs a day of marijuana help those suffering from chronic nerve pain due to injury, surgery, and illness, allowing them to sleep better and heal faster. The effectiveness of this remedy depends on the strain of cannabis and the strength. Your best option is to talk to your doctor, who can help you determine which is best for you. (5) 3. Edibles Marijuana-infused edibles, including cookies, brownies, candy, chocolate bars, drinks, snacks, and spreads, are a good option for those who want to use the drug for pain relief but don’t want to smoke it. Again, different strains will have varying strengths. One must also be aware that actually ingesting the marijuana delivers a much more potent high, so you need less of it. Most people don’t need a whole brownie, or even a half, to experience the effects. (6) While this treatment method continues to be developed, we will share updates with The Hearty Soul community. Please share this exciting new cannabis delivery method with your friends and family to help spread awareness and promote this promising new treatment for fibromyalgia and other chronic pain. subscribe our channel for more !
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Take Your Daily ACV Shot as a Gummy!
subscribe our channel for more ! Take Your Daily ACV Shot as a Gummy! Apple cider vinegar is one of the most powerful things we can use to boost our health. This natural miracle offers a myriad of health benefits, such as improved digestion, a lower risk of heart diseases, and regulated blood sugar levels. Yet, many people find it hard to drink it, so we suggest another alternative- apple cider vinegar gummies! To make them, you need some apple cider vinegar, water, apple juice, and grass-fed gelatin. Gelatin offers numerous benefits for the skin, joints, and gut, while the apple juice will neutralize the bitterness of the apple cider vinegar. Here is how to prepare it: Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Recipe Preparation time: 5 Minutes Cook Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes Ingredients: ½ cup apple cider vinegar 1 ½ cups organic apple juice ½ cup water 5 tablespoons gelatin powder You will also need: Large saucepan Wooden spoon Silicone ice cube trays or molds Instructions: In a larger saucepan, mix the vinegar, apple juice, and water, and sprinkle the gelatin powder. Stir well, and set it aside for a few minutes. Then, simmer it on a medium heat for 5 minutes, while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, to dissolve the gelatin. Next, just pour the mixture into silicone trays, and place them in the refrigerator for an hour to solidify. You can also pour the gelatin mixture into a deep dish, and when it is solid, cut it into smaller pieces. Then, enjoy the gummies and allow apple cider vinegar to boost your health in numerous ways! If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Every Woman Should Know These 15 Tricks With Baking Soda
subscribe our channel for more ! Every Woman Should Know These 15 Tricks With Baking Soda People knew about useful properties of baking soda from the times of Ancient Egypt. Now we know about 300 ways of its usage, which housewives from all over the world have used for many centuries. In this video you will learn fifteen most popular of them. We are sure you all have baking soda at home. But do you use it only for baking? Well, this versatile and cheap tool can be used not only to relieve the symptoms of heartburn or to bake pies. If you choose the list of products that should always be at hand, baking soda would be, perhaps, the first in the list. This is a universal and widely available product. Baking soda will help you throughout the house, for personal hygiene, and also for dealing with unwanted insects and will simply make everything much easier. Put off all those cleaners and other items purchased at the hardware store, they are so harmful for your health and pollute the environment! Start using baking soda in all corners of the house and for personal hygiene. You can use it also for cosmetic purposes. For example, for your skin and hair, for struggling with stretch marks and whitening your teeth. Look through all methods of its usage: #1. Natural deodorant. Stop using chemical deodorants.. #2. Insect bites. It will ease irritation. #3. Heartburn. You will relieve heartburn. #4. Scrub. It can fight with skin imperfections like wrinkles, blackheads and tarnished skin. #5. Hair. It can increase hair growth. #6. Stretch marks. It will reduce visible stretch marks. #7. Bad breath. It will help you fight this problem. #8. Rough skin. Put on warm socks with baking soda and forget about this unpleasant situation. #9. Stains. Baking soda can remove stains. #10. Fridge smell. It fights with unpleasant smell in your fridge. #11. Jewelry. It is able to return your jewelry previous shine. #12. Abscesses. It is useful as an abscess treatment. #13. Sunburn. Soothe burnt skin with baking soda. #14. Peas and beans softener. Get peas and beans ready for cooking quicker. #15. White teeth. Brush your teeth and make them whiter. Please share this with your friends and family and let us know what you think in the comments below. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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7-Day Cucumber Diet That Drops Pounds Very Fast
subscribe our channel for more ! 7-Day Cucumber Diet That Drops Pounds Very Fast If you don’t want to pay too much attention to what you are eating, try this easy cucumber diet. With it, you can get significant results in just a week or 10 days at most. All you need are a few specific products to eat and be physically active at all times. So, the main ingredient for this diet is a cucumber. You can eat it in unlimited amounts in your meals, but most importantly, you can consume it whenever you feel really hungry. Plus, it is good for your entire body because it stimulates the metabolism, purifies the organism, helps with the digestion and cleanses intestines. Moreover, the cucumber can help the body get rid of the excess water, especially if you consume it on a daily basis. It can be perfect for a full detoxification, removing acne and cleansing the entire skin on the face. No wonder why a lot of face masks contain cucumber. MEAL PLAN Start this cucumber diet by following this meal plan. BREAKFAST Purchase a low-fat yogurt with no added sugars and add 200 g of sliced cucumbers. Mix them well. If you still feel hungry, you can slice two peaches or one apple and eat them. LUNCH For lunch, you need to eat a large plate of cucumber salad and a slice of dried bread. From time to time, you can also try this recipe if you want something to eat that has more taste: 2 potatoes 300 g of fresh fruits Drinks: tea, coffee without sugar Cucumber Start by boiling the potatoes or baking them, your choice. Eat them with some slices of whole wheat bread and a sliced cucumber. Later as a snack, you can cut up some fresh fruits and make a fruit salad. Also, for a drink, you can consume coffee or tea but without any sugar. Another recipe you could try is: 3 slices of whole wheat bread / 2 potatoes 150 g of tuna / 2 eggs or 15 g white meat Cucumber Whether you choose potatoes or bread, it is up to you, but you can eat either of them with some tuna and a sliced cucumber. Besides, if you dislike the taste of tuna, grill the white meat without oil and eat it with some boiled eggs. CUCUMBER SHAKE In between meals you can always drink cucumber shake. There is no limited amount. Here is what you need to make it: A handful of spinach 20 g of almonds and walnuts 1 apple Ginger 1 cucumber Start by adding the apple, cucumber, and spinach to a blender and blend them well. But, do not peel them. After that, add some ginger and continue blending. After you get the desired consistency, your shake is ready. Decorate your glass with some walnuts and almonds and drink it immediately. If you let the drink rest, it might lose its healing properties. Besides, it is rich in minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A, magnesium, fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin B, iron, Vitamin E, etc. DINNER For dinner you won’t need to eat many different foods, you will only need 300 g of any fruit you like and make a fruit salad. FOR BEST RESULTS If you want the best results for only 7 days, you will need to focus on a more rigorous diet. For breakfast, eat only the yogurt with 200 g cucumbers and fruit. For lunch, eat only a large plate of cucumber salad with a piece of dried bread. While for dinner you must eat only a fruit salad. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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How To Remove Gout And Joint Pain (Uric Acid And Crystals)
subscribe our channel for more ! How To Remove Gout And Joint Pain (Uric Acid And Crystals) The excess uric acid levels in the body lead to its crystalisation in the joints, and a condition known as gout. It is a type of arthritis, that causes inflammation and severe joint pain. Men and postmenopausal women are at an increased risk of gout. The most common symptoms of this condition include swelling, pain, and redness in the area of the big toe and other joints in the body. Gout is most often caused by a diet high in carbs and hydrogenated fats, alcohol, high stress, obesity, acidic system, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and a kidney disease. The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs it is usually treated with poses serious health risks, so it is always the best to try to treat it naturally. The uric acid levels in the body are also elevated due to the excessive consumption of purine-rich foods, such as red meat, oily fish, peas, beans, lentils, salmon, sardines, and herring, as well as high-fructose juices, alcohol, and fizzy drinks. Here are some useful tips to help you prevent gout and treat its symptoms: -Drink a few tablespoons of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water daily to alkalize the body and treat acute gout pain -- Add half a teaspoon to a glass of 8 oz. water, and drink this remedy several times daily to alkalize the body and lower uric acid levels -- Drink plenty of water to remove excess uric acid from the body -- Exercise- It lowers the uric acid levels in the body and normalizes insulin levels. Regular exercise will help you to reduce the frequency and severity of flare-ups. -- Apples- They are rich in malic acid, which lowers the uric acid in the body. -Lemon juice- It is one of the best ways to treat gout pain and swelling, since it alkalizes the body and lowers the amount of acid -- Avoid protein and high-purine foods -- Increase the intake of pineapples, prunes, and cherries as they help the elimination of uric acid -- Bananas are rich in potassium that converts uric acid crystals in the body into liquid, and leave the body in the form of urine. Moreover, the vitamin C in these fruits reduces the pain and swelling. -- Increase the intake of turmeric and ginger, as they have powerful anti-inflammatory properties -- Consume vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, especially celery, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and amaranth -- Activated charcoal absorbs uric acid, and thus soothes the effects of gout. You can add half a cup of charcoal powder to your bath, and soak in it. -- Limit the intake of beer and cheese -- Eat blueberries, bilberries, and blackberries, as their high bioflavonoid content lowers uric acid levels -- Try a cold therapy, as it reduces the swelling due to gout -- Epsom salt is abundant in magnesium, which lowers high blood pressure. Just add some Epsom salt to your warm bat and soak in it to relieve pain and swelling. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Use Castor Oil And Baking Soda To Heal Your Body Naturally
subscribe our channel for more ! Use Castor Oil And Baking Soda To Heal Your Body Naturally Castor oil is a very potent oil, and our ancestors have been using it for treating many health problems and conditons. The ricinus communis is a plant that 50% of it is castor oil. According to its ricinoleic acids it offers a lot of benefits. It has been used and known for a very long time, Ancient Egyptians have used Castor oil. It was mostly used for beauty techniques, body cleansing or boosting the blod flow. If you are having pain in the joints, you can directly apply Castor oil to the area. To accelerate the action use compression, it is also better for application and absorbing. It is also good for the blood circulation, it can improve it naturally. This method requires a gauze, baking soda, kitchen paper and a bottle of hot water. Method Clean the area with some baking soda and water. After that pour some of the Castor oil on the gauze and cover the area with the gauze, then wrap the area and gauze with kitchen foil. Then place the bottle of hot water on the area, and rinse it after 1 hour. This method lasts for 40 days. This method can treat varicose veins, PMS, inflammation, improve the work of your liver and digestion issues. 24 Thins that can be treated by Castor Oil Stop itching bug bites by applying Castor oil directly to the affected area. If you naturally want to lighten dark skin, sinply Castor oil with baking soda. With the baking soda and Castor oil mix, you can alkalize your body. It has the ability to heal wounds and small cuts. To accelerate hair growth massage it to your scalp. To prevents from snoring, apply it directly to your chest. It has the ability to remove pilonidal cyst. To make warts disappear simply rub it on them. You can get rid of the pain in sprined ankles, massage them with the oil. To prevent from getting athletes feet and removing fungi, massage your feet with it. If you drink water with 3 drops of this oil for 4 months, you can cure tinnitus. If you have lumbar or cervical pain, apply Castor oil on your back. Cure cataract by adding just one drop of the oil. Remove stretch marks by massaging yourself with Castor oil. By directly adding the oil to sprained ankles, you can prevent from the pain. To remove any calluses, massage your feet with the oil. You can cure diarrhea, simply by rubbing it on your belly. It makes your muscules relax. Drink a few drops daily to stop any nicotine or alcochol addiction. You can remove wax buildup in your ear by putting just one drop in your ear. To cure conjunctivitis, rub it on your eyelids. You can treat nodules by directly applying the oil to your neck. To minimize allergies sip 5 drops of it daily. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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How To Get Rid Of Warts Fast Naturally
subscribe our channel for more ! How To Get Rid Of Warts Fast Naturally Warts are caused by the HPV virus, and they can appear on people of every age and on any body part, such as on your face, your feet, around your groin area, or on your hands. Warts are transmitted through skin to wart contact. Normally, children have them more since they tend to touch warts more. However, it’s important to remember that the virus in the warts can only be passed to another person through a wound, such as a scratch or an ingrown nail. In today’s video we are going to show you the best natural remedies to eliminate warts. 1. Castor oil and baking soda The combination of castor oil and baking soda is both antimicrobial and antiviral and is very useful in eliminating uncomfortable warts. Its direct application controls the infection and keeps it from spreading to other parts of the body. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of baking soda; 2 tablespoons of castor oil. Instructions: Moisten the baking soda with the castor oil and massage the solution into the area around your warts. Let is sit for 30 minutes then rinse it off. Repeat this treatment three times a day, every day, until you are cured. 2. Onion and lemon juice Onion, when combined with lemon, helps balance your skin’s pH levels. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties that fight off warts. Ingredients: 3 spoonfuls of onion juice; 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Instructions: Mix the onion juice with the fresh lemon juice and dab it on to your wart using a piece of cotton. If you want to, wrap it to allow it to treat the wart over night. 3. Aloe vera and honey In addition to its skin benefits, aloe vera is also great at fighting warts. Its antiviral, hydrating and anti-inflammatory effects help get rid of these small tumors, as well as improve your skin’s appearance. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel; 1 tablespoon of honey. Instructions: Mix these two ingredients until they form a thick paste. Moisten a piece of cotton with the solution and dab it onto the wart. Let it sit. Repeat this treatment 3 times a day. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Mix These 3 Ingredients And Say Goodbye To Varicose Veins
subscribe our channel for more ! Mix These 3 Ingredients And Say Goodbye To Varicose Veins One of the most annoying problems are the Varicose Veins of the legs as they are very unsightly. We can not wear dresses or skirts and we are ashamed to show our legs in general. The truth is that we are all exposed to suffer them but is a problem that is much more noticeable in women. Beauty today is something that is in everyone’s mind, we are constantly looking for how to improve and how to look much more graceful. We know that seeing us healthy is the key to seeing us beautiful and that is what we want to aspire to, that is why more and more people, especially women, are concerned about their health. What is also true is that maintaining that beauty can sometimes be complicated and costly, even with the passage of time that our body deteriorates the need to see us beautiful increases. The most delicate skin will always be and keeping it smooth and smooth is a great job. That is why today we are going to get rid of those annoying veins or varicose veins with a very simple and effective natural remedy. What this will do will be to deflate your bloodstream and thus make the varicose veins disappear. Continue reading and learn how to prepare it. ELIMINATE THE VARIANTS NATURALLY INGREDIENTS: -100ml of aloe vera -200ml apple cider vinegar –1 chopped carrot PREPARATION: First you must wash the carrot very well and chop it, put it in the blender and add the other two ingredients. We liquefy very well and you will ingest it every day in the schedule of your preference. What this drink will do in desinflamar your blood vessels naturally and progressively, so in a few days you will see the big change in your legs. We recommend as long as you take the remedy to avoid high heels that hinder your circulation. Use it constantly and see the great results. Remember that it is very important that you drink plenty of water along with this natural juice to help you improve the condition of your varicose veins. If you are constant soon you will be able to wear those short dresses and skirts that you like so much and that you had left to one side by this problem. Varicose veins can occur to women at any age and that is why we must take care of them. Share with the rest of your friends that you will surely be very grateful for this easy and useful recipe. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Doctor Shows How To Remove All The Liver Fat In A Few Days!
subscribe our channel for more ! Doctor Shows How To Remove All The Liver Fat In A Few Days! Diseases are the order of the day and they simply attack us all. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see one of our friends in the hospital, battling an illness. And it is that this is very related to the lifestyle of each one Something that influences a lot is food and sleep, as this directly affects the functioning of organisms, especially the liver. A very common condition these days is having fatty liver. This consists exactly in that, in accumulating fat in the liver. Some symptoms may be a feeling of fullness for a long time or pain in the upper middle part of the right side of the abdomen. It is also possible that we feel extremely tired or weak. However, some do not exhibit any of the above symptoms. Fighting this evil is simpler than we can believe. There are natural remedies that help us correct this easily. Next, we’ll be talking about two of them, very easy to do. We assure you that when you use it, you will get a healthy and healthy liver in a very short time. LEMON JUICE AND BEET WHAT WE WILL NEED: -Medium beets (2 units). -Lemons (2 units). –Mineral water (2 cups). PREPARATION AND USE: The first step is to thoroughly wash the raw beets. As its shell is quite thin, it will not be necessary to peel them. Simply cut it into small pieces and throw it in the blender. Then we add the 2 cups of water and liquefy everything very well. Afterwards, we will add the lemon juice to the drink and go back and beat it. Under no circumstances should we add sugar to the drink. This powerful drink will be taken 3 times a day for 7 continuous days. This juice will do an excellent job on our liver. Among other things, it will help in its work of purifying the substances of the organism. As a result, it will prevent the accumulation of fat in that organ. In addition, it will prevent you from releasing certain toxic substances that are harmful to yourself. GREEN JUICE FOR THE LIVER WHAT WE WILL NEED: -Apple juice (2 cups). -Lemons (2 units). -Parsley juice (500 ml). -Garlic (½ tooth). -Olive oil (8 grams). -Ground ginger (5 grams). –Infusion of herbs. PREPARATION AND USE: Preparing this drink is extremely easy, just like the previous juice. All we have to do is pour all the ingredients in a blender and blend them for several minutes. After you have reached the context of your taste, you can turn off the blender. Serve immediately and drink the substance slowly. This process should be repeated for 5 days continuously, 2 hours before each meal. To enhance its effect, you can add artichokes, papayas, pineapple, tomatoes, pears and pumpkins to your diet. Fatty liver does not remain a problem for your health and well-being. You know what you can do to fight it easily and effortlessly. So start taking these juices as soon as possible and eliminate the fat accumulated in the liver. If you found simple recipes, share them on your social networks with all your contacts. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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How To Remove Fibroma And Other Skin Warts All By Yourself?
How To Remove Fibroma And Other Skin Warts All By Yourself? Fibromas are growths on the skin, which are actually benign tumors of connective tissue. They look like small nodes and their size can vary from 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter. They usually have the same color as the skin, but they can also be lighter in color. They are not dangerous, but their number can increase and they can become an aesthetic problem. They usually appear on the neck, the armpits, the crutches, under the breasts, the stomach and the eyelids. However, they can also appear on other parts of the skin. In fact, almost every man has at least one fibroma, so fibromas are not rare. Fibromas can also get inflamed, start bleeding or get bigger. Their number and size increases gradually through the years. Even though the reasons for the appearance of fibromas are not known, fat deposits contribute to their appearance. The number of fibromas can vary from a couple to several hundreds. A doctor can diagnose a fibroma and a dermatologist can prescribe the further treatment. Fibromas are removed usually during the winter months, when the weather is colder, there is less sun and sweating is rare. A dermatologist usually removes a fibroma by electrocoagulation, radiosurgery or laser surgery. Only one treatment is needed, unless there are more fibromas. Then, the treatment must be repeated. After the removal, the wound is treated with an antibiotic, usually hygiene and showers for 5 days. After the surgery, for several days, sweating and hard physical exercises should be avoided in order for the healing to be successful and with no complications. How to use apple cider vinegar for removing FIBROMAS? Apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the best and most effective homemade remedies. It can be used for the treatment of different health issues including fibromas due to its acidity. Don’t use apple cider vinegar near your eyes as you can irritate them. Removing FIBROMAS with Apple Cider Vinegar! Carefully wash the area around the fibroma with water and soap. First, soak the fibroma in water using a cotton ball. Then, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Then, secure the cotton ball on the fibroma with a bandage. First, the fibroma will become dark, then dry and in the end it will fall out. Due to the size of the fibroma, a scar can remain, which should be treated with aloe vera gel or English marigold cream. If the fibroma was not deep in the skin, the scar will disappear completely. BE CAREFUL 1. The vinegar should not spread on the skin near the fibroma as in can cause an irritation. 2. Don’t use apple cider vinegar when the fibroma gets dry. 3. Don’t remove the fibroma. Leave it to fall out by itself. subscribe our channel for more !
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8 Daily Routines That Are Harmful For Women In The Long Run.
subscribe our channel for more ! 8 Daily Routines That Are Harmful For Women In The Long Run. Women have a daily routine of grooming and cleaning up, and most of them swear by it. These daily rituals, from brushing, shampooing, exfoliating, to wearing a sunscreen come naturally to them. And why not, they have been doing it since their adolescence. Habits that were formed years ago, and habits that are considered sacrosanct. Some of these daily rituals that we have been following unknowingly can cause us harm in the long term. There are some inherent medical dangers to some extremely common daily rituals that women practice. 1. WASHING YOUR VAGINA WITH SOAP There is little doubt that hygiene is paramount, and every woman wants to keep her lady bits clean. But soaping your vagina may not be the ideal thing to do. Simply washing with water or douching is enough. The chemical in the soap if it enters the vulva can upset its natural pH balance and make it unnecessarily dry and itchy. Girls, you should know that vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism which it does by producing a white mucus to prevent growth of microbes. 2. WEARING THE SAME SANITARY NAPKIN THROUGH THE DAY Experts advise it is imperative during your menses to change your sanitary napkin every 4 hours. This is to prevent any infection or growth of organisms in the already used napkin. Even when your period is waning, you shouldn’t spend the whole day in a single tampon. This can lead to vaginal infection and redness. Change about twice to thrice in such a case, always have a clean pad on. 3. YOU WASH YOUR BRA ONCE A WEEK You are very lax when it comes to washing your bra, and this somehow doesn’t end up becoming a daily ritual. Experts believe that a bra should be washed at best after three uses. Prolonged use can make it smell and stretch the cup fabric, making them loose and ill-fitting very soon. Let your bra not lose their shape. 4. YOU WEAR BLACK BRAS IN SUMMER Keep the floral-printed, coloured and white bras for the hot season. The simply reason being a black bra will make you feel more hot than a light-coloured one. 5. YOU WEAR YOUR BRA WHILE SLEEPING It is a harmful practice to wear your bra while sleeping. It keeps your pectoral muscles restrained because of which the circulation of nerves to your arms is also affected. It can even damage breast tissues. Besides, the hook of the bra strap can give you a bruise, or simply hurt you in sleep. 6. YOU LOVE WEARING UNDERWIRE BRAS Skin irritation, breast fungus, poor circulation and hyper-pigmentation are some of the ills of wearing an underwire bra rather frequently. It’s okay to match it occasionally with a dress or two, but don’t make it a daily habit. Let your breasts breathe, don’t wear too tight, constricted bras. 7. YOU SPRAY THE DEODORANT ON YOUR SKIN This is a dreadful practice and can cause breast cancer too. Deodorants are made of toxic chemicals, and be spraying them directly on your skin, you are inducing these toxins into your blood stream. Use it over your clothes, even if the packing says it is safe for use on skin. Deodorants put you at a risk of breast cancer. 8. YOU DON’T USE A SCARF WHEN GOING OUT IN THE SUN When stepping out in the sun, always cover your head and arms. The Ultra Violet rays can burn your skin or cause skin cancer in the worst case. Wear a sunscreen, keep your body covered. Never expose yourself to the direct, harsh sunlight. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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How To Get Rid Of Flies Quickly (Inside And Outside)
How To Get Rid Of Flies Quickly (Inside And Outside) Flies can be quite disturbing as they are constantly around us, and we wave the hands to make them go away but they just keep coming back! Moreover, they live for about a month during which time they constantly multiply, so the fight against them is far from easy. Plus, note that they are fast and fly! Yet, there are perfectly effective natural ways to get rid of these pesky parasites. However, they also have their own natural weaknesses, so if you know them, you can easily eliminate them. They are naturally attached to smell and light, so herbs and essential oils with strong scents can serve as natural repellents. We suggest 4 ways to naturally repel flies: Cloves and Lemon Flies hate the smell of cloves, and when you combine it with lemon, you will get a potent, safe, natural fly repellent. You will need: Lemon Cloves You should cut the lemon into halves, and stick the cloves into the pulp. Then, place the lemon on your table and you will have absolutely no problems with flies! DIY Fly Repellent Spray You can successfully get rid of flies using a homemade repellent spray as well. You should avoid commercial repelling sprays as they are full of chemicals, and prepare this natural one instead. Due to their strong smell, you can use essential oils, like lemongrass and peppermint. You will need: 2 tablespoons Liquid dish soap, diluted 10-12 drops Peppermint essential oil 10-12 drops Lemongrass essential oil Spray bottle Water – 1 cup Mix the water and the dish soap in the spray bottle. Then, add 10 to 12 drops of peppermint essential oil, and10 to 12 drops of lemongrass essential oil after that. Close the spray bottle, shake to stir it, and spray all over your house. Also, to prevent flies, spray with this mixture on every 2 weeks. DIY Fly Trap To prepare your own fly trap, you can mix apple cider vinegar and some dish soap in a Mason jar. You can also put a chopped up rotten fruit in a bowl, cover it with a plastic wrap, and again make several holes in it. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is fermented apple juice, and when you add the dish soap, the surface tension of the liquid will be broken and the flies will sink as soon as they touch it. You will need: 2 cups apple cider vinegar A tablespoon of liquid dish soap Mason jar Plastic wrap Toothpick Pour the apple cider vinegar in the Mason jar, add the liquid dish soap, and then stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the mouth of the jar. Then, use a toothpick to make punctures in it. Then, place the trap in the house or yard, and it will draw the flies due to their potent affinity to the stimulus of odor and light. Moreover, the strong fermentation smell will also attract them to enter the trap. The plastic wrap will serve as a wall, and they won’t be able to find the holes and escape, as there will be no strong smell from outside to attract them again. As soon as there are many dead flies inside, clean the jar. On the other hand, the trap with the overripe or rotten fruit won’t kill the flies, but they will be captured successfully. Plus, it is much easier just to place the fruit in the bowl. You will need: Fruit, overripe or rotten Bowl Scissors Plastic wrap Toothpick Peel the fruit and chop it. Put it in the bowl, and cover it with the plastic wrap. Stretch it tightly over the top of the bowl. With the toothpick, make holes in it. When the trap is full of flies, place the bowl into soapy water for several minutes in order to destroy them. Then, wash it and use it again. Lavender Essential Oil Lavender can also serve as a potent fly repellent, due to its intensive scent. You can use it on a sponge, and make it spill-proof. You will need: Lavender essential oil Sponge Jar or can with a lid You should apply several drops of lavender essential oil on the sponge, and then place it into the jar. Close it tightly, and leave it for several hours or until the next morning to concentrate the smell. Then, you can open it a bit and place it wherever needed in the house to keep flies away. Additional tips: The bowls in which you place the rotten apples should be cleaned well as they might start smelling disgusting Before use, wash the Mason jar with hot soapy water You can also use eucalyptus and citronella essential oils to repel flies and other insects Prepare a potpourri of the dry herbs of peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass and effectively deter flies If you have a garden, you can plant lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint, and have them always at hand subscribe our channel for more !
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How To Get Rid Of Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags And Age Spots Completely Naturally
How To Get Rid Of Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags And Age Spots Completely Naturally Skin problems are very often for almost every one. Our skin is sensitive and it can be “attacked” by moles, skin tags, clogged pores or skin breakouts. Usually are caused by hormonal imbalance or changes in lifestyle. Many people turn to numerous skin and beauty care products to make their skin clear and glowing. Harmful chemicals accompany these products. However, there is something natural you can do and still get fantastic results. They can improve the appearance of your skin and get rid of all skin issues. Here are excellent natural remedies for common skin problems: Moles Moles appear at any time in life in both, children and adults. They are actually close groupings of skin pigmentation cells called melanocytes, and come as a result of sun exposure or genetics. Resolve them by using Garlic The garlic extract or just plain garlic can be extremely effective in eliminating moles. Before you apply it, protect the skin around the mole with masking tape or petroleum jelly. Apply the garlic extract or pressed garlic to the mole, cover the area with a bandage and leave it thus for four hours. This procedure should be repeated every day. Resolve them by using Castor Oil and Baking Soda A mixture of castor oil and baking soda can deliver the same results. Mix the castor oil and baking soda into a gummy paste, and apply the paste on the mole. Cover the area with a bandage and leave it thus overnight. Remove the bandage in the morning and rinse the area. You can repeat the procedure every night. Resolve them by using Apple Cider Vinegar Soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar, and apply it on the mole. Place a bandage or medical tape and leave it to act for eight hours. The mole will fall off. Warts Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus or HPV, and are manifested by small bumps on the skin or mucous membranes. Warts are usually treated with salicylic acid or freezing. Resolve them by using Bananas You need to rub the wart every night with a banana peel. Repeat the procedure for two weeks and the wart will disappear. Resolve them by using Pure Raw Honey Rub honey on the wart at night and wrap it with a bandage. In this way, you will successfully remove it. Resolve them by using Apple Cider Vinegar Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and secure it with a bandage. Leave it thus overnight, or for 24 hours. Then, replace it with a new one. The wart will slowly shrivel up and vanish. If you use crushed garlic or garlic juice, you can remove a wart in two weeks. Every night, rub crushed garlic on the wart and put a bandage over it. Apply garlic juice to the wart two times a day. Skin Tags These are skin growths that stick out from the skin surface, and usually appear around the neck, upper chest, underarms and eyelids. They usually appear as a result of skin rubbing against skin. They are commonly eliminated by tying off, cutting off, and freezing. Resolve them by using Apple Cider Vinegar Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and squeeze it to remove any excess. Dab the skin tag with the apple cider vinegar, and leave it on the place for as long as you want. In several days, the skin tag will darken and fall off by itself. Resolve them by using Tea Tree Oil Soak a cotton ball with water and add a couple drops of tea tree oil. Dab the cotton ball on the skin tag and cover with a bandage. You repeat this process two to three times a day for a month. Even though it needs some time, this method is the safest for the skin tags around the eyes. Resolve them by using Baking Soda and Castor Oil This mixture can effectively eliminate skin tags. Mix the ingredients in order to get a paste and apply it to the skin tag, securing it cover a bandage. The paste can be stored in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Repeat this method two to three times a day. Dark Spots Age spots or dark spots are discolored patches on the skin on the face, hands and forearms. Apparently they occur as a result of sun exposure and an aging liver. Resolve them by using Lemon Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub it on the dark spot twice a day. Resolve them by using Aloe Vera Put fresh aloe on the dark spot and leave it on for 30 minutes. Use the inner gel of the fresh aloe plant. Resolve them by using Onion Simply juice or blend the onion and apply it to the dark spot. Leave it thus for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off. You should repeat this procedure daily until the dark spot vanishes. Resolve them by using Horseradish You need to mix it with vinegar and apply the combination to the dark spot daily. The dark spot will slowly fade away. Resolve them by using Vitamin C Serums subscribe our channel for more !
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10 Amazing Uses For Listerine That Every Woman Should Know
subscribe our channel for more ! 10 Amazing Uses For Listerine That Every Woman Should Know Listerine is one of the most popular types of mouthwash worldwide, and despite the benefits, it offers for the health of the oral cavity, it can apparently replace numerous other products we use daily. After reading this, Listerine will be always present in your medicine cabinet! Here are 10 amazing alternative ways to use Listerine: Clean the bathroom Mix some Listerine and water and use the combination to clean the bathroom. You can wipe the sinks, mirrors, floor, and cabinets. Clean The Toilet Pour a bit of Listerine on the toilet brush and scrub the bowl to clean it and leave a fresh smell! Clean cuts and scrapes Listerine has powerful anti-bacterial properties that will help you clean cuts and scrapes and prevent infections. Soothe Itchiness Dab some Listerine on a cotton ball and apply it on areas affected by a poison ivy rash or insect bites to soothe the itchiness. Soothe a toothache Dab some Listerine on the painful tooth to numb the area and alleviate a toothache. Fight underarm odor Pour a bit of it on a cotton ball and rub it over the armpits to fight the unpleasant odor. Clean the toothbrush Listerine can destroy the germs in the mouth and on the toothbrush. Just soak it in some Listerine, and it will be completely clean! Foot Soak Add some Listerine to warm water, and soak the feet for half an hour to fight toenail fungus and stubborn infections. Treat Blisters Apply Listerine to blisters to prevent infection, since it has potent antiseptic properties. Eliminate Dandruff Dandruff can be a very annoying and stubborn issue, that is not easy to treat. However, Listerine can be of great help here too. Just massage some of this mouthwash on the scalp, and then wrap the hair in a towel. Leave to act for several minutes, and rinse, to eliminate dandruff. Remove A Tick Ticks can be a big problem in the summer, and Listerine can help. Fold up a paper towel, soak it in Listerine, and then place it onto the tick. This will remove it in seconds! Therefore, start using Listerine in all these ways, and you will get an effective and inexpensive multi-purpose agent that offers amazing effects! If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Plaque: Here’s A Simple Housewife’s Trick That Lets You Slip Out Of The Dentist’s Chair
subscribe our channel for more ! Plaque: Here’s A Simple Housewife’s Trick That Lets You Slip Out Of The Dentist’s Chair Plaque is something that just everybody with teeth gets. (Babies, you’re lucky… for now!) The nasty stuff can be expensive to get rid of since you have to go to the dentist to have it removed. Or do you? My grandmother taught me a trick for removing plaque when I was a kid and it’s saved me a lot of money over the years. It’s a simple household remedy that’s quick and easy and only uses ingredients that you already have at home. And did I mention, it’s scientifically proven to work ? The trick to fighting plaque is easy and you can do it at home tonight. What you need: Salt All you need is common household salt. About a teaspoon is enough. Put it in a small glass or mug. Baking soda Add about two teaspoons of baking soda to the salt. Mix carefully. Water Slowly add about a teaspoon of water and stir. The paste should be firm enough to put on your toothbrush. Directions: Now, all you have to do is brush your teeth with your homemade toothpaste. Brush for about three minutes and try to reach all your teeth. Then rinse with water. That’s how easy it is! Repeat this procedure once or twice a month to keep plaque and the dentist away. Tip: Avoid getting any toothpaste on your tongue — it tastes salty and bitter. Share this clever household remedy with your friends so that they also get rid of plaque in minutes, without spending any money or going to the dentist. If you like the video,give it a thumbs up, and share it with your friends! If you want more natural cures and weight loss tips,subscribe to the channel!
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This Simple Foot Soak Will Eliminate All The Toxins In Your Body!
subscribe our channel for more ! This Simple Foot Soak Will Eliminate All The Toxins In Your Body! Modern fast-pace lifestyles are taking a toll on our health, and we started experiencing numerous health issues. Our feet are among the most affected body parts, as they are exposed to the constant pressure of our body weight. Moreover, high heels and uncomfortable shoes additionally aggravate their condition, and millions of women are tired and in a bad mood as a result of it. This can lead to varicose veins, cracked heels, and fungal infections. Yet, you can relax and soothe your feet in a completely natural way. After a hard day at work, enjoy a nice, warm, foot soak, which will eliminate bad odor, calm the feet, and kill bacteria and fungi. The following simple foot soak with olive oil and Epsom salt is one of the best ways to avoid feet issues and relieve the pain in them. The salt will increase iodine levels and tone the feet. Here is how to prepare it: Ingredients Epsom salt Peppermint essential oil Olive oil Mint tea Lemon juice A bowl of hot water Instructions: In a bowl of hot water, add all the ingredients, and soak the feet for 15 minutes. Then, rinse them with water, and remove the dead skin cells from the surface using a pumice stone. These are the benefits of this relaxing foot soak: Reduces stress Epsom salt baths are among the most effective stress-relieving methods. Epsom salt is a rich source of magnesium, which lowers stress and supports health in numerous ways. A universal detox method Foot baths cleanse the body of toxins and support overall health. Relaxes the mind According to reflexology, which is an ancient alternative medicine approach that treats various health issues and conditions by stimulating reflex points on the feet, there are multiple nerves located on the feet, so such foot baths directly target them and thus provide relief. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Essential Oil And Aloe Vera Mixture To Eliminate Varicose Veins
subscribe our channel for more ! Essential Oil And Aloe Vera Mixture To Eliminate Varicose Veins Varicose veins is a very common unpleasant issue which affects most of the women at the age of 50 or more. This condition is characterized with a network of bulging and swollen veins which are visible on the skin surface. Although the majority of people try to resolving this problem as soon as they see it, the treatment is not that easy. In most cases, women go to a surgery or wear compression stockings. However, there is a natural remedy that solves this easily. Varicose veins might affect women’s self-esteem because they are not good to be seen. It might prevent them from wearing leggings and short skirts. There are no specific symptoms which this condition manifests, although it may cause itchiness, cramping, swelling, and pain in the legs. Main causes of varicose veins The most common reasons for occurrence of varicose veins are the poor circulation, aging, and pregnancy. Besides, walking or prolonged standing also increase the pressure in the veins, thus making them more visible. Approximately, 60% of the population in America suffer from varicose veins. Although this issue can be treated medically, it’s better to eliminate it with some natural remedies. Cypress oil Cypress oil is a potent essential oil that accelerates the blood flow and boosts the working of the circulatory system. Exfoliate the affected area before using this oil. Then, apply several drops of it directly on the veins, two times on a daily basis. The complete duration of the treatment is 4 weeks, and on the basis of the people’s experiences, it’s highly effective. In case the method with cypress oil doesn’t work, try the following one. It can be used alongside with the cypress oil method, at different periods of the day. To prepare the second natural remedy, you will need: 3 drops lavender oil 1 tsp. of coconut oil 1 tbsp. of Witch Hazel 1 tbsp. of Aloe Vera gel 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar Preparation: Put all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix them. Then, rub the mixture on the varicose veins, three times per day for several weeks. Rub cypress oil twice a day too. The varicose veins will be gone in a short period of time. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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This Is Why You Need To Stop Using Vaseline!
subscribe our channel for more ! This Is Why You Need To Stop Using Vaseline! A huge number of people utilize Vaseline often, in order to treat congestion, skin issues, or dried out lips. In any case, unmistakably, this thing isn’t as ideal as we considered. Vaseline, or Petroleum stick, is an outcome of the oil refining process, surmising that it isn’t eco-friendly, and is an unsustainable asset. It was at first found in the mid-1800, covering the base of oil rigs. It is oftentimes added to different things, from baby things to moisturizers, as it makes a mindful obstruction on the skin which will guarantee its soaked quality, by blocking pores. Regardless, it in like way locks heat, microorganisms, dirt, and the point of confinement of the skin to repair. Here are 4 more motivations to quit utilizing Vaseline: It Contains Harmful Hydrocarbons Because the skin can’t use oil jelly, it stays there until the point that it wears off, keeping the body to grow any inclinations from the substance. Likewise, as appeared by the divulgences of a present report, Vaseline contains the mineral oil hydrocarbons which are “the best contaminant of the human body.” It Leads to Pneumonia In some extraordinary cases, the interior breath of little measures of petroleum jelly build in in the lungs and leads to a condition known as lipid pneumonia. The body can’t use or confine the substance, so it causes an over the top lung exacerbation. It causes Estrogen Dominance Estrogen quality is an aftereffect of the high estrogen, and reduces progesterone levels. It has been identified with infertility, autoimmune issues, menstrual issues, and sensitivities. The xenoestrogens in Vaseline are also responsible for developing estrogen issues. It Promotes Collagen Breakdown Because it stops the skin, it can’t take in and hold supplements, and this causes collagen breakdown. In any case, there are natural decisions to petroleum jelly, such as: Coconut Oil – Tit has a horde of restorative purposes of premium and is a rich wellspring of anti-inflammatory mixes, unsaturated fats, and lauric acid, which strengthen skin thriving. Shea Better – It is rich in Vitamins A, E and F, and gainful unsaturated fats, which help the period of collagen and treats aggravation. Beeswax – it can be included in your exceptionally made distinction things and oversee and decrease your skin. Cocoa Butter – It is abundant in antioxidants and gainful unsaturated fats, and restores the skin, and decelerates the process of aging. Source: www.davidwolfe.com If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Your Body Warns You 1 Month Before Heart Attack: 8 Hidden Signs That Everyone Should Know
subscribe our channel for more ! Your Body Warns You 1 Month Before Heart Attack: 8 Hidden Signs That Everyone Should Know Our health is the most important thing to take care of, and heart attacks are something we need to take seriously. 1 in every 4 deaths in the US are caused by heart attacks. Thanks to increased knowledge and research, the number of fatal cases has declined in the last 10 years. But there is still work to be done. It’s estimated that half of the people who’ve suffered a heart attack experienced early warning signs – they just didn’t know how to recognise them. 1. Tiredness We all feel tired sometimes – that’s normal . But if you’re so tired that normal activities such as grocery shopping feel exhausting, then it might be time to check out your health. Loss of strength can show up as much as a month before a heart attack, according to a study published in Circulation. If you suddenly feel out of breath or have no energy you should ask your dotor to check your ECG. 2. Chest pain or pressure One of the most common signs of a heart attack is a sharp pain or pressure across your chest. Chest pains can also cause pain in other areas of your body. Sometimes the pain occurs in your arm (most often the left armpit or arm), but you can also feel pressure in your throat, neck, jaws, back or stomach. The pain normally lasts for around 15 minutes. 3. Trouble breathing Before a heart attack strikes, it’s common to experience difficulties breathing. This is often due to the lungs not receiving enough blood due to the arteries being blocked. If you suddenly find it difficult to breath, you should contact your doctor immediately. 4. Exhaustion If you often feel weak and exhausted, it could be because your muscles aren’t receiving enough blood. You should be extra aware of Chronic Fatique Syndrome, as stress can cause a heart attack. 5. Dizziness and cold sweats Excessive sweating can be the first sign of a heart attack. If you experience this syndrome, you should contact your doctor. Dizziness can be caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. 6. Flu/influensa Are you plagued by a cough, cold and fever? Don’t panic, it’s often just a common cold. However, in some cases these symptoms can come a month before a heart attack. Especially if you’re also experiencing many of the symptoms named above. It’s important to remember that the symptoms of a heart attack can vary a lot between different people, especially between men and women. 7. Hair loss Another early sign of a heart attack is hair loss. This most commonly affects men over the age of 50, but women can also be affected. It happens due to a disrupted blood circulation in the brain, one doctor tells ABC News. 8. Irregular pulse Arrhythmia, irregular pulse or an unusually high pulse may occur unexpectedly and last for 1-2 minutes. If it doesn’t return to its usual pace quickly then you could feel dizzy and exhausted. If this happens you should contact your doctor immediately, reports American Heart Association. Share this video with your friends on Facebook so that more people can be aware of these warning signals, before it’s too late! If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Here Are 21 Amazing Uses And Benefits Of Vicks Vaporub
subscribe our channel for more ! Here Are 21 Amazing Uses And Benefits Of Vicks Vaporub Vicks VapoRub is one of the homemade remedies to get rid of belly fat and cold. It also helps to get silky and smooth skin. It is basically a topical analgesic that contains a number of ingredients including camphor, menthol, eucalyptus and some other ingredients in a petroleum base. It has been used for getting relief from headaches, cold, cough, congested nose, and chest and throat stuffiness. In addition, Vicks VapoRub can also be used in many ways. Vicks is a supposed treatment for many diseases than just a congested chest. Here are amazing uses of Vicks: 1) Keeps mosquitoes away Vicks can be used to keep mosquitoes away. You can do this by applying a little bit of Vaseline on your clothing and skin. 2) Reduces sinus headaches If you are suffering from sinus headache, Vicks helps you to get relief immediately. Apply Vicks below your nose and take a deep breath. The menthol from Vicks helps to get relief from headache and cold. 3) Ease acne Vicks helps to clean your skin. You can just apply it n your acnes a few times daily. It will dry out your acne and sooth the affected area. 4) Keeps insects away If you want to keep flies away, open the Vicks bottle. Mosquitoes will fly away. It will act as the best eco-friendly trick. 5) No more bruises Apply a pinch of salt in Vicks VapoRub and apply it on a fresh bruise, It helps you to get rid of it immediately. 6) Alleviate Sore Muscles Vicks can be used to lighten your sole muscles. Massage your sore muscles with Vicks and cover that area with a warm and dry towel. Lift the sore limb until the pain reduces. You can perform this three times per day. 7) Moisturize Your Skin Vicks VapoRub can be used to moisturize your skin. You can see the positive results. 8) Tennis Elbow Apply Vicks to get rid of the pain from tennis elbow. Menthol and camphor will help you to feel good. Rub again until the ache stops. 9) Treat cracked heels Vicks can be used to reduce your cracked heels. In order to get rid of them, apply some Vicks on your feet and heels and then put on your socks. Wash your feet with warm water on the next morning. It will exfoliate the softened skin with pumice stone. You can do this activity every night to keep your feet healthy and smooth. 10) Fingernail or Toenail Fungus Apply Vicks on the infected fingernail or toenail twice daily. After applying, put on your socks. Do not forget to trim your nails until your fingernail recovers from the infected part. 11) Relieve Congestion Symptoms and Cough To relieve from congestion symptoms and cough, apply Vicks on your throat and chest. 12) Prevent Your Cat’s Scratching If you want to stop your cat’s scratching, rub some Vicks to your windows, walls, and doors. 13) Fast Healing of Cuts and Splinters You can increase the time of healing and prevent infection by applying Vicks on any splinter or cuts. 14) Reek-free Racehorses Professional racers rub Vicks below the nostrils of racehorses on the race day. This prevents the horses from the fascinating stench of the female pony and keeps them focused on the race 15) Stretch Marks You can reduce the visibility of the awful stretch marks by applying Vicks on the affected area. You can see the best result after two weeks of regular application. 16) Prevent Your Pet’s Peeing To avoid your pet’s wetting on the rug or any area of the house, place an open bottle of Vicks in those areas. 17) Eczema-free By applying Vicks on the affected skin, itchiness, inflammation of eczema can be reduced. 18) Relieve Terrible Ear Pain You can receive relief immediately by applying some Vicks on a cotton ball and then put it in the painful ear. You can also warm garlic clove in the microwave for 10 seconds and then apply some Vicks vapo rub on one of the ends of the clove and place it in your ear. 19) Athlete’s Feet Heal athlete’s feet by applying Vicks twice daily. 20) Remove Warts In order to remove Warts, apply Vicks twice a day and cover it with gauze and a sock. Continue this for two weeks, until the wart disappears. 21) Fat Burning Cream Use Vicks VapoRub to reduce fat. It can stimulate fat burning in the problematic area, such as abdomen and legs. Vicks can also reduce fat accumulation, remove cellulite and make skin tissue certain. All you need to do is prepare a cream with Vicks VapoRub, baking soda, camphor and a little bit of alcohol. You can do it when you are at house, at work or before doing your exercises. Vicks Home remedy: Needed ingredients: – Vicks VapoRub – Camphor – Sodium bicarbonate – Alcohol How to prepare it: Squeeze the camphor well and mix it with ingredients until it turns as a paste. Place it in a plastic or glass container. Apply the cream in the evening and make circular movements. Then, cover the area with plastic wrap and let it be there for 30 minutes or overnight.
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20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect
subscribe our channel for more ! 20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect 1. BACK PAIN AND LOWER BACK RIGHT SIDE PAIN: A lot of cancer patients indicated this as liver cancer sign. Also breast cancer can do this since the tumor presses back to the chest or spine and ribs. 2. CHANGES IN THE NAILS: Fingernail changes could indicate several cancers. For example, a brown or black streak or a dot under the nail could be a symptom of skin cancer, whereas the newly-discovered “clubbing”- enlargement of the ends of the finger with nails that curve down over the tips- could indicate lung cancer. Furthermore, pale or white nails could sometimes be a symptom of liver cancer. 3. SWOLLEN FACE: Many lung cancer patients have swollen or red face due to the fact that lung tumors block the chest blood vessels and restrict the blood flow to the face. 4. SORE/SKIN LUMPS: Check every skin and as these lumps or bleeds may indicate skin cancer or basal cell melanoma. 5. RED/ SWOLLEN/SORE BREASTS: A clear sign of breast cancer. 6. NIPPLE CHANGES: The most common change before a final diagnosis is made. The nipple might be inverted, flat or sideways. 7. PAINFUL AND STRANGE PERIODS OR IN BETWEEN PERIOD SPOTTING: This might be uterus cancer. Do a trans-vaginal ultrasound if you have heavier periods. 8. SHORT BREATH/ WHEEZING: Indicates of lung cancer. 9. CHRONIC COUGH/CHEST PAIN: Indicates on a several types of cancer like leukemia, this is followed with bad cough, lung cancer is followed with chest pain and it is taking your down side and the arm. 10. FEVERS AND INFECTIONS: Frequent fevers and infections may indicate leukemia as the infectious blood cells remove all shields of energy of the body. 11. SWELLING IN LYMPH NODES, NECK, ARMPITS, AND GROIN: Enlarged nodes often indicate cancer. 12. DIFFICULTY SWALLOWING: This issue may be a sign of throat/esophageal or lung cancer. 13. BRUISES AND BLEEDING’S THAT DON’T STOP: This can be a sign of leukemia since this diseases is manifested by more leukemia cells than red blood cells, which in turn inhibits the transportation of oxygen and leads to clotting. 14. WEAKNESS AND FATIGUE: General fatigue and weakness may be a sign of many kinds of cancer. Consider any other weird symptom that you have in order to determine whether it is cancer. Consult your doctor every time you feel exhausted for no reason, also in cases when proper sleeping does not help either. 15. BLOATING AND ABDOMINAL WEIGHT GAIN: Women who suffer from ovarian cancer, reported unexplained abdominal bloating which appeared suddenly and continued on and off for a longer period of time. 16. LOW APPETITE: Low appetite is common sign of ovary cancer and many patients reported having less appetite than normal. 17. PELVIC PAIN: Pelvic pain, cramps around the pelvis, and bloating may indicate ovary cancer or leukemia, due to the enlargement of the spleen. 18. UPSET BELLY/BELLY ACHE: These cramps also mean colorectal cancer. 19. UNEXPLAINED WEIGHT LOSS: This symptom usually points out to colon and other digestive cancers. Additionally, it could be a sign of cancer that has spread to the liver, affecting the appetite and the ability of the body to eliminate toxins. 20. BLOODY STOOL/RECTAL BLEEDING: This is a result of colorectal cancer. The blood on the TP is a reason enough to seek medical advise. THANK YOU. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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For Smokers And Ex-Smokers – A Drink For Cleansing The Lungs
subscribe our channel for more ! For Smokers And Ex-Smokers – A Drink For Cleansing The Lungs According to the American Lung Association contain more than 600 items that are harmful to our health. When we are actually smoking them they release over 7000 toxins! 69 of these toxins can create cancer formation in our body. Many people are not aware of the fact that some of these toxins are also included in some common market products. However, each product is labeled what exactly contains and you can make a chose, unlike the cigarettes. This is a list of chemicals and smoke toxins cigarettes contain: • Acetic acid of hair dye • Arsenic in rat poison • Butane in fluid in lighters • Formaldehyde in embalming fluids for medicine and autopsy • Lead in battery • Hexamine in barbecue fluid for lighting • Acetone of polish remover • Nicotine in insecticides and such products • Tar in paving road materials • Carbon monoxide in car exhaust fumes • Methanol in rocket fuels • Ammonia of house cleaners • Benzene in rubber cement • Cadmium in battery acid • Naphthalene in mothballs • Toluene in paints The lungs are full of toxins of people who are smokers and also ex-smokers as well. Luckily, there are some remedies that can effectively clean your lungs and we chose the best one and the most effective one for this article. It only contains 3 ingredients ginger, onion, and turmeric. The ginger can effectively remove the mucus in the lungs, while on the other hand the onions have anti-cancer properties and can help with any respiratory issues. The turmeric is abundant in minerals and vitamins. Moreover, it contains omega 3 fatty acids and other compounds that are essential for our health. The turmeric has the ability to fights bacteria and viruses. Ingredients: • 2 big spoons powder turmeric • 400 g onion • 400 g raw sugar • 1-liter water • Ginger root, organic Preparation: 1. In a pot of water add the sugar and place it on the heat and leave it until it starts to boil. 2. Chop the onions and the ginger and add them to the mixture. 3. When it will start to boil, lower the heat and add the turmeric. 4. Let the mixture simmer until you get half of the total amount. 5. Strain the mixture, leave it to cool down and then transfer it into a glass jar. After that, you can store it in the fridge. Use: Consume 1 tablespoon of the mixture before breakfast and one tablespoon couple of hours before going to bed. After you finish the remedy you will be amazed the effects and your lungs function will significantly improve. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Try This Simple And Effective Method And Say Goodbye To Sciatic Nerve Pain
subscribe our channel for more ! Try This Simple And Effective Method And Say Goodbye To Sciatic Nerve Pain The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, situated at the back of the legs, extending starting from the buttocks, to the feet closes. In the event that it is inflamed, this nerve may be the reason for serious and extraordinary torment stretched out from the zone beneath the knee above to the ribs, and even in the back. This torment is frequently showed by shivering sensations, heaviness in the legs and numbness. This torment and the going with side effects can be damaging and exasperate each and every movement and the regular day to day existence overall. The force of the agony is dictated by the reason for the issue, however it can be calmed with the assistance of characteristic cures and exercise. There are many torment alleviating items available, yet they treat the manifestations just, and not the foundation of the issue. The sciatic nerve torment, and in addition the aggravation and weight, can be treated with the accompanying 10-minute treatment. Contingent upon the phase of the condition, the impacts change, yet it is certainly to a great degree supportive. TAKE AFTER THESE DIRECTIONS PAINSTAKINGLY: Consistently, before going to sleep, into a can, pour 10 liters of heated water, include 1l of apple juice vinegar and a modest bunch of salt, and blend it well. At that point, put the feet in the water for 10 minutes. At that point, take them out and use a towel to dry them. You can warm the legs with a cover too. This will keep them warm amid the whole night. In the morning, put on socks and shoes, and abstain from being shoeless. The torment will be soothed even after the main treatment, however the impacts will enhance each and every day. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Here’s How To Detoxify Your Whole Body Through The Feet
subscribe our channel for more ! Here’s How To Detoxify Your Whole Body Through The Feet Although there are different detox methods you can try, it seems that one ancient Chinese technique is the best. The ancient Chinese practice of reflexology believes that the body has certain pressure points which can be stimulated in order to destroy toxins within and improve the overall health. There are more than one ways to do it, and you can see the options below. Foot detox pads The foot detox pads are easy to apply and present in almost any health store for an affordable price. The best time to use them is just before sleeping – when you get up in the morning, they should be black, which is an indication that they worked. Ionic foot bath Ionic foot can detoxify your whole body through your feet by generating electrolysis, a process that uses electrical current which creates a specific reaction within the body that will get rid of all the chemicals and toxins. The hot water from the bath will open the pores on your skin, and the salt used in the bath promotes efficient elimination. It’s not unusual for the water to turn dark by the end of the bath – it’s a sign that the process worked. Here are a few simple ionic baths: Salt bath Ingredients 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon Epsom salt A tub of hot water Preparation Pour the baking soda, salt and Epsom salt in the hot water one by one and mix until they dissolve, then relax your feet in it for up to 30 minutes. A salt detox bath can raise the magnesium levels in your body, promote detoxification and resolve any skin problems. Clay bath Ingredients ½ cup Epsom salt ½ cup bentonite clay Essential oils of your choice (optional) Preparation Just like with the previous recipe, add the ingredients in the bath and soak your feet in for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water in the end and repeat the process 2-3 times a week to extract all toxins from your body. Oxygen bath Ingredients 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide 1 tablespoon powdered ginger Preparation Pour hot water in a tub and let the ingredients dissolve, waiting for a couple of minutes before soaking your feet in. Oxygen baths will promote detoxification and resolve numerous problems such as hypersensitivity and various ailments. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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The Best Things Happens To Your Body When You Drink Moringa Every Day
subscribe our channel for more ! The Best Things Happens To Your Body When You Drink Moringa Every Day Moringa is one of the most powerful plants on Earth, since it is a rich source of many essential minerals and vitamins, like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, folate, zinc, and numerous important nutrients. Moringa has 25 times the iron content of spinach, 17 times the calcium than milk, and 10 times the beta-carotene than carrots. Moreover, the leaves are abundant in potassium, iron, zinc, vitamins B and C. Therefore, this amazing plant can help you boost your health in countless ways. Here are the health benefits of its leaves: Liver protection The leaves of this plant are rich in phytochemicals like catechins, epicatechins and ferulic acid, which boost the liver function and prevent liver damage. Improved kidney function This plant is a powerful detox and diuretic agent, which prevents infections and cleanses the urinary tract. It improves the function of the kidneys and eliminates the calcium deposits, preventing the formation of kidney stones. Digestive problems They are high in fiber and isothiocyanates, so they treat digestive issues, and help digestion in a natural way. Diabetes These leaves regulate blood glucose levels and prevent diabetes, according to studies. Prevention of neurological problems The Moringa leaves boost the production of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which support brain health, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Reasons Why Your Legs Cramp Up At Night And How To Fix It
subscribe our channel for more ! Reasons Why Your Legs Cramp Up At Night And How To Fix It Leg cramps are a common issue that tortures many people during sleep, and they are unexpected and fast muscle spasms or contractions, felts in the thighs, feet, and calves. They usually occur after the person falls asleep, or just before opening the eyes in the morning. Yet, the pain they cause can be pretty intense and might last for up to a few minutes. When it goes away, the muscles remain tensed and tight and are sensitive to touch and sudden movements. Yet, leg cramps and restless leg syndrome are not the same. Namely, people experience greater pain when they move their legs during the cramping, while in the case of the restless leg syndrome, makes people feel relaxed when they move the legs. The reason for leg cramps is still unknown, but some scientists argue that certain health conditions and activities might cause this painful experience. Some possible causes include: Pregnancy Dehydration Magnesium deficiency Injury Potassium deficiency Kidney diseases Calcium deficiency Pregnancy Physical activity Muscle overload Poor blood circulation Thyroid issues Prolonged exposure to low temperatures The use of some specific pharmaceutical drugs. The following natural methods will help you treat muscle cramps: Physical activity To relax the muscles and prevent muscle cramps, you should avoid long periods of standing, and start walking for a while every day. Stretching Start stretching the muscle that is cramping, and gently rub the place. Increased Water Intake Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day to prevent dehydration, which is one of the main causes of muscle cramps. Massage or Acupuncture Acupuncture effectively relaxes muscles and thus directly targets the root of the problem. Moreover, you will benefit a lot from regular massages. Magnesium You should optimize the levels of magnesium in the body, as this essential nutrient will help you prevent muscle spasms. Therefore, consume more seeds and nuts, or rub the legs with magnesium oil. You should boil half a cup of distilled water and add half a cup of magnesium chloride flakes. Then, remove the oil from heat, leave it to cool, and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray 5-10 times on both legs at bedtime. Epsom Salt bath Epsom salt has been found to be of great help in the case of muscle cramps, and the baths with it will soothe the muscles and provide lots of magnesium. Yet, these remedies will help you avoid muscle cramps, but when you do experience them, you need to follow these tips: Try to move the leg if possible, in order to boost the blood circulation. Rub the muscle for some time to relax it. Sit on the floor, extend the legs and flex the feet at the ankles. Then, drag the feet with the hands to stretch the muscles. Ensure a good air flow in bed, so use good-quality blankets, sheets, and clothing. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
11 Surprising Ways A Pinch Of Baking Soda Can Change Your Life
11 Surprising Ways A Pinch Of Baking Soda Can Change Your Life Baking soda is frequently used in everyday life, but still remains a mystery to many in regards to its benefits and qualities. Baking soda isn’t only good for cooking- it actually provides numerous healthy properties that take care of the organism ideally. Defining Baking Soda Baking soda is completely composed of sodium bicarbonate. This compound can be used in the culinary field, helping the dough to rise and enriching other dishes in flavor and texture. Baking soda has been used to make bread for centuries back, and it is even used for that purpose today. Naturally, baking soda is known as nahcolite, a derivative of the mineral natron. In Egypt, people used natron for cleaning their households. Then, in 1846, Dr. Austin Church and John Dwight began the process of creating baking soda that is still used today. However, it wasn’t until the 1920s that baking soda was first used as a medical mean. 11 Ways to Use Baking Soda for Your Health Baking soda is extremely cheap and available in all stores. It is often used to heal accidents and injuries, but it found a place in other cosmetic products as well. Natural Deodorant Store deodorants can contain plenty of parabens and aluminum, so if you want to avoid these heavy compounds, baking soda is the key. By solely brushing baking soda under the arms and on the feet, you’ll get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat. Insect Bites and Poison Ivy Prepare a baking soda and water paste and apply it directly on insect bites to stop the itching. Baking soda can also help with treating poison ivy rashes and other itches. Heartburn, Indigestion, and Ulcer Pain Baking soda is very powerful when it comes to treating stomach acid, heartburn, indigestion and even ulcer pain. The ideal recipe is to mix ½ teaspoon baking soda in a half a glass of water. Take this every two hours, and be mindful if you are over 60- this might be a huge dose for you. Foot Soak and Exfoliator Mix three tablespoons of baking soda with warm water and soak your feet in it. Also, you can prepare a paste and scrub the feet with it. It is also beneficial to use this method to cleanse the skin without any side-effects. Relaxing Soak Combine baking soda with apple cider vinegar and you’ll get an amazing soak-in bath. Afterwards you can leave it a little bit more to clean the bathtub as well! Hand Cleanser Combine three parts baking soda with one part of water and use this to clean your hands from dirt and unpleasant smells. Splinter removal Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a small glass of water. Use this on affected area two times per day. It takes only days for the splinters to go away. Sunburn Treatment In lukewarm water, add ½ cup of baking soda and lie in a bathtub full of this soak to treat heavy sunburns. You can also dip a towel or a cloth in the mix and apply directly on painful areas. Enhanced Sports Performance Baking soda capsules are known to athletes who use them all the time as an energy booster. Still, make sure to do a full research before trying this at home. Here is what researchers pointed out on the subject: “Essentially, sodium bicarbonate is an alkali substance that increases the pH of the blood. This seems to reduce and offset the acidity produced in the muscles during intense, anaerobic exercise that produces lactic acid most quickly, such as fast running or swimming.” Tooth and Gum Paste Teeth can benefit amazingly from using baking soda. However, keep in mind not to abuse this method in order to protect your dental health. According to a study, baking soda soda “enhanced plaque removal effectiveness of tooth brushing to a significantly greater extent” than the traditional toothpaste brushing. The oral hygiene is very important and baking soda can help you get rid of all bacteria, such as the Streptococcus mutans bacteria, in no time. Mix six parts of baking soda with one part of sea salt. Pulse them in a blender for 30 seconds and transfer to a tube. To get the gums clean, use index finger to massage a small amount of it on the gums directly. Let the paste act for 15 minutes and then rinse your mouth. Still, be careful not to overuse baking soda as far as the teeth and gums are concerned. Teeth whitener Use a ripe strawberry and combine it with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Apply on your teeth and let it act for five minutes. Brush teeth and rinse well. Repeat once a week, but not more, because you might hurt the teeth enamel. Baking Soda as a Natural Cleanser Baking soda has long been used as a household cleanser, and even served to clean the Statute of Liberty during its 1986 restoration. Baking soda can help you clean your kitchen just by sprinkling it on the dirty surfaces. To enhance the effect, add a couple of essential oil drops. subscribe our channel for more !
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How To Apply Castor Oil To Grow Thick, Luscious, Enviable Hair!
subscribe our channel for more ! How To Apply Castor Oil To Grow Thick, Luscious, Enviable Hair! Castor oil is one of the most beneficial natural oils you can use, with strong medicinal, cosmetic, and cleansing properties. It is obtained from the castor plant, known as Ricinus communis, by extracting it from the seeds. It is commonly used in the production of health and beauty products, massage oils, and numerous medicines. Its oral use relieves constipation and kills the parasites in the gut. For hundreds of years, it has been used as a natural way to regrow the hair, support its health, nurture it, and make it shiny and thick. Therefore, it is an affordable way to boost the health of the hair and make it luscious and shiny. Here are some of its benefits: – Thickens and regrows hair: Castor oil is loaded with omega-9 fats, which nourish the hair follicles, enters the pores and boosts hair growth and volume. Dandruff: Apply a mixture of olive oil, castor oil, and lemon juice on the scalp and leave it to act for an hour. Then, rinse it off. It will soothe the scalp and prevent dandruff. – Split ends: Rub some castor oil on the hair ends and leave it for a couple of hours to heal the split ends. – Long lashes: At bedtime, apply some castor oil on the eyelids using a Q-tip. This oil stimulates the growth of the hair, has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, prevents hair loss, and boosts the circulation on the scalp. Its regular use will neutralize the harmful effects of chemical hair products, and due to the antioxidants, it contains, it will support the keratin in the hair and make it strong and smooth. Make sure you always use cold-pressed castor oil, which does not contain hexane. The sticky texture of this oil can be a bit difficult for application, so here is how to use it: For an easier application, in a small bowl mix it with some other oil in equal amounts, such as argan, jojoba, or coconut oil. Then, place the bowl in a larger one, full of hot water, to warm it up. Spray a bit of water on the hair to dampen it, dip the fingertips in the warm oil and massage the scalp. Rub the oil between the palms and run in through the hair. Then, cover the hair with a shower cap, wrap it in a hot towel to boost the absorption of nutrients through the pores, and leave it to act for an hour. The effects are amazing! If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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6 Signs That Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat (And How To Stop It)
subscribe our channel for more ! 6 Signs That Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat (And How To Stop It) Our liver has a very important job in the body, as it disposes of amasses poisons through the urine and dung as waste. Because we are constantly encompassed by poisons and toxins, it can frequently move toward becoming overpowered, and inadequate to dispose of all the waste, which prompts its stockpiling in fat cells. The inordinate fat sums in the liver, when they get more than 5-10% of its aggregate weight, prompt fatty liver illness. This ailment can be of two sorts: non-alcoholic fatty liver illness and alcoholic liver malady. The last is caused by the over the top utilization of alcoholic drinks while the non-alcoholic fatty liver sickness is caused by other non-alcoholic components, similar to elevated cholesterol or hereditary qualities. These are the most widely recognized side effects of a fatty liver ailment, which caution you that you have to detoxify this organ so as to work ordinarily: Ceaseless Fatigue Poisons block the digestion of muscle tissues, and in this way cause torment and physical exhaustion, which prompts crankiness, furious upheavals, and discouragement after some time. Terrible Breath You may experience the ill effects of some liver issues if your breath is terrible despite the fact that you keep up a legitimate oral cleanliness. Unexplained Weight Gain At the point when the liver does not work well, the poisons aggregate in the fat cells, and fat courses from the gut, through the bile, goes to the liver, prompting weight pick up. Exorbitant Sweating The liver effectively gets hot when it is exhausted and exchanges the warmth all through the body. While trying to cool itself, the body begins to sweat too much. Hypersensitivities When it works legitimately, the liver makes antibodies which battle allergens, so in the event that its work is diminished, the body stores the allergens. To react to this, the mind makes histamine, which is a synthetic which denotes the allergens which ought to be wiped out, and in abnormal states, prompts sensitivity side effects, for example, migraines, irritation, fogginess. Acne The harmful development in the liver regularly prompts hormonal irregular characteristics, which lead to skin inflammation. On the off chance that skin break out is caused by the diminished liver capacity, it can’t be dealt with remotely. Fatty Liver Disease Treatment However, you can switch this malady and diminish its side effects by joining some sound way of life propensities. As a matter of first importance, begin devouring solid nourishments, similar to ginger, dandelion root, bananas, sweet potatoes, and evade a wide range of processed sustenances. The accompanying two breakfast formulas will be of incredible aid when you to need to help crafted by your liver: Mix ginger, banana and dandelion root and devour this smoothie to decrease the side effects of your liver issue. Mix a teaspoon of dandelion root, 2 tablespoons of nutty spread, some Greek yogurt, a banana, some smashed ginger root, and devour this smoothie one or two times on a daily basis. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Will Change Your Life For Good
subscribe our channel for more ! Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Will Change Your Life For Good It is used for many purposes, it is a versatile and miraculous ingredient -- we’re talking about the amazing Apple cider vinegar. It can be used for insect repellent, a medicine, a beauty care item, a product for cleaning and many other things things. Be careful with the choice of the Apple cider vinegar, make sure it is a high-quality one, raw, 100% organic and it is unfiltered. That way it contains all the acetic acid bacteria and yeast. If you are consuming it orally, make sure you mix it with water, and start with a very small amount, and increase the dose from day to day. The 22 amazing and surprising uses of Apple cider vinegar: Soothe sunburn In a bath of lukewarm water add a cup of apple cider vinegar, and soothe the sunburns very easily. Treats a sore throat Containing powerful antibacterial properties that can fight pathogenic bacteria, mix it in a glass of water and gargle for a few times a day, and relieve from the sore throat. Body detox Support the function of your liver by taking a tablespoon of it once a day, that way you will stimulate the enzyme secretion and the bile flow. Lose weight According to a study which was published in a journal, taking it mixed with a glass of water before meals will provide a feeling of satiety. Boost digestion Also before meals mix the apple cider vinegar with water and drink it, that way you will help your digestive system and saliva release, that way the food in your stomach will be processed much easier. Regulate blood sugar Lower your blood sugar over night, by taking 2 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar before meals. Treats acid reflux Prevents from acid reflux and heartburn, because it can stimulate the release of digestive juices and can provide a healthy digestion. Skin cleanser Because of its antimicrobial components, apple cider vinegar is one of the best skin cleansers, in a bowl of water add a few drops of it, wash your face with it and clean it from any impurities. Treats sugar cravings Reduce your carves for sweets by, drinking apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before your meal. Treat your feet Soak your feet in a bucket full of water with a couple of drops in it, it will help you kill the bacteria on your feet for only 5 minutes. Supports heart health It is very rich with polyphenols which are helping and reducing the oxidation of the bad cholesterol, so it protects from many cardiovascular diseases. Home cleaner A powerful antimicrobial agent is contained in the apple cider vinegar, the acetic. It can be used as a house cleaner by housewives. Teeth whitening Mix the apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, swish for a while in your mouth, this is a natural mouthwash. It leaves your teeth healthy, bacteria-free and pearly white. Clean with water after the swishing. Cooking To enrich the taste of your meat, chicken or fish, try adding it to your marinades. Eliminate fleas Mix it with water in equal amounts and put it in a spray bottle, spray it on your dog or cat to protect it from fleas. Healthy and shiny hair In a cup of water put a few drops of apple cider vinegar, after washing your hair, use the mixture to rinse it a little bit, it will make it strong and shiny. Repel fruit flies Put apple cider vinegar in a jar, and pop a few holes on the top, put it in your kitchen where you keep your fruit, it will be a trap for the flies that came for the fruit. Natural deodorant Put a little bit of apple cider vinegar under your armpits, use it as a natural deodorant. Preserve your leftovers To stop the process of your fruits burning brown after they were bitten, rub some apple cider vinegar on it. Salad dressing Mix it with some extra virgin olive oil and dried herbs, this can be a dressing for your salads. Vegetable and fruit wash Fill your sink with water, put the vegetables or fruits in it, and add a few drops of apple cider vinegar, and leave the veggies or fruits for a while. Boost your bone broth To extract the most important minerals from the bones, add it to your bone broth. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Avoid Pain At Any Age And Stay Flexible With These 12 Everyday Stretches
subscribe our channel for more ! Avoid Pain At Any Age And Stay Flexible With These 12 Everyday Stretches The sedentary lifestyle we lead nowadays causes severe health issues, including muscle pain, neck tension, shoulder tension, and lower back pain. These problems are usually treated with the help of painkiller or creams, but it would be much better if you prevent them in the first place. Stretching is an incredibly effective way to energize the body, improve blood flow, improve flexibility, and prevent pain. It is also a natural way to relieve stiff joints and muscles and prevent injuries. Yet, you must follow these tips: Stretch slowly You should not stretch injured muscles Stretch chronically tight areas Relieve the stiffness with the help of magnesium To boost muscle growth, you should practice stitching after the exercise Hold the stretches for 20-30 seconds to force the muscles to relax Here are 12 effective stretches to treat muscle pain: Before you start, align the neck with the spine, and sit with the chin tuck down and back. Neck Rotation Turn the head to the right side, hold for 30 seconds, and then repeat on the left. Neck Tilt Stretch the neck with the weight of the arm, and repeat on both sides. Fold Over The neck should be positioned properly, and then bend over in the chair. Hip Flexor While lying on the mat, bring the opposite knee to the chest while one leg is straightened, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. Trunk Rotation You should cross the arms over the chest, rotate the trunk, and focus the look over the shoulders. Repeat on the opposite side as well. Hyperextension Bend a bit and stretch out the spice, but not too far. Trunk Lateral Flexion You should bend the body to the side with the opposite side’s hand diagonally lifted above the head. Repeat on the other side. Leg Extension You will need a band or a towel to perform this stretch. Hold it for 30 seconds, and then repeat with the other leg. Piriformis With the back and neck down, fold the left ankle over the right thigh, just above the knee, and hold. Repeat with the other leg. Back Scratch You should reach the hands but not hunch over. Hold the stretch and then make the same on the other side. Quad Stretch Stand up straight and grab the top of your foot, hold, and repeat with the other foot. Heel Chord With the toe on the wall and the feet planted, bend the front knee toward the wall, and hold to stretch the back muscles. Perform these 12 stretches regularly, and you will enjoy your pain-free life, full of energy! If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
How Sleeping on Your Left Side Affects Your Health
subscribe our channel for more ! How Sleeping on Your Left Side Affects Your Health The position in which we sleep significantly affects our overall health, and a bad sleeping position can be the cause of: Heartburn Poor circulation Stomach issues Headaches Back and neck pain Sleep apnea Fatigue Muscle cramps Premature wrinkles Yet, it has been found that sleeping on the side prevents such issues and reduces the likelihood of interrupted sleep. Here are 7 benefits of this sleeping position: Prevent Nighttime Heartburn While sleeping on the left side, the stomach is below the cardiac sphincter, which links the esophagus to the stomach, and this prevents heartburn, by preventing the contents in the stomach to flow back into the esophagus. Improves Drainage of the Lymphatic System The role of the lymphatic system is to get rid of the impurities and toxins from the body, and sleeping on the left side helps it to better drain into the thoracic duct placed on the left side, and thus accelerate the process. This will also bring back the escaped protein back to cells. Normal Heart Function When we sleep on the left side, the heart easily pumps blood toward the body. Moreover, gravity also helps the function of the circulatory system. Prevents Liver Congestion The liver can often become overburdened, and sleeping on the left side can neutralize the toxins before they are eliminated or accumulated in the liver. Boosts the function of the Gut The ileocecal valve (IV), which links the large and small intestine, is located in the left body side, so this sleeping position aids the transfer of waste from the small and large intestine and allows gravity to help regular bowel movements. Improved Spleen function This sleeping position also boosts the function of the spleen, which is located on the left side of the body, since gravity stimulates the blood flow to it. Beneficial for Pregnant Women Sleeping on the left side can be highly beneficial, especially in the least trimester, as it boosts blood circulation and helps the function of the liver. You might find it a bit hard to get used to sleeping on the left side at first, but after a while, you will start feeling the numerous benefits and it will become your usual sleeping position. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Stops Mosquito Bites Better Than Repellents With This All Natural Mosquito Repellent
subscribe our channel for more ! Stops Mosquito Bites Better Than Repellents With This All Natural Mosquito Repellent During the spring and summer mosquito bites can be a constant irritation – the menacing buzz of the winged insects can signal days of irritation and itchy red marks. But mosquitos don’t just cause minor irritations, in fact, according to the World Health Organization, the mosquito is actually considered to be the most dangerous animal in the world. We may think of it as a pesky insect, but it spreads the deadly malaria virus – which kills 440,000 people every year. Although we may all eagerly be waiting for the dark winter months to end, no one looks forward to the bugs that often come with the warm weather and many of us dread them arriving. And applying toxic repellents isn’t the most pleasant experience, and some of the toxins in them aren’t the best for us either. But they seem to be the only solution to avoiding those nasty red bites, which sometimes only appear a day or two later. But there’s actually a simple home remedy that doctors say is more effective than repellents – which means we don’t have to lose that repellent power just because we’ve gone natural. Needless to say, when I heard this, I was very excited! By combining a blend of lemon and eucalyptus oils, it’s simple to create a deterrent that is both powerful and completely natural. According to research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, some popular repellents give 84 per cent protection against mosquitos across four hours, but this simple home remedy provides a staggering 97 per cent protection. That’s right, 97 per cent! Creating this powerful repellent is easy, it only requires a few ingredients which you mix together. You’ll need: 30 drops of lemon-eucalyptus essential oil blend. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 4 ounces rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. The best place to mix the ingredients together is in a small spray bottle, so it’s then easy to apply and protect yourself and others from those nasty bites. No one likes getting bitten by these irritating insects, but using the recipe above will give protection against them for about four hours – so don’t forget to reapply! If you hate getting bitten by mosquitoes please share so you can make others aware of this simple home tip! If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Natural Remedy For Cleaning Your Eyes And Improving Vision In Only 3 Months
subscribe our channel for more ! Natural Remedy For Cleaning Your Eyes And Improving Vision In Only 3 Months Maintaining good vision is one of the most crucial things, and experiencing vision issues can be a challenging and devastating condition. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Some of the most common causes of cataract are depression, diabetes, smoking, heredity, and eye inflammation. When experiencing vision issues, one of the most important things you can do is improve your diet. Consuming plenty of vegetables, fruits, and food rich in vitamin A is essential. For instance, you should increase the intake of blueberries, cabbage, and cherries. Moreover, there are other popular and effective methods and natural remedies. Check out this eye drop recipe below! Eyebright Drops This natural remedy will improve your vision, sharpen the eyes, hinder the development of cataract and prevent your eyes from any issues. Ingredients cup of rose petals 4 teaspoons of raspberry leaves 4 cups of boiling water Preparation First, boil the water and add the rose petals and the raspberry leaves. Simmer the mixture for several minutes and leave it to cool. Then, strain the mixture and use it to wash your eyes carefully on a daily basis. After three months, your eyesight will be significantly improved. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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Onions Are A Great Natural Remedy For Common Illnesses – Here Are 12 Unexpected Ways To Use Them
subscribe our channel for more ! Onions Are A Great Natural Remedy For Common Illnesses – Here Are 12 Unexpected Ways To Use Them Onions are great for salads and frying up as a side dish, but some may argue that there even better for curing ailments and helping out around the house. Onions are a vastly versatile natural remedy because of it is filled with antiseptic and antibiotic agents due to ts high sulfur content. They also help your body fight off free radicals that cause chronic disease, like cancer. Onions can boost your immunity, stop vomiting, treat respiratory conditions and help treat diabetes, heart-related issues, lower cholesterol, and arthritis. They have been used by Native American to treat colds and flu, and even the World Health Organization now recognize onions as a good way relieve respiratory infections, bronchitis, cough, and congestion. Here are some healthful ways that you can use onions for common ailments: Cough Peel and slice an onion in half and put a tablespoon of brown sugar over each slice and cover them for an hour. Eat this relish twice a day to get rid of your cough. The sulfur in onions has anti-bacterial properties that kill cough-causing microbes. Sulfur also works as a detoxing agent to release toxins in the body. It’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce plain and inflammation that occurs during a coughing fit. Fight Hair Loss Boil some water with an onion in it and use the liquid as a pre-shampoo rinse to help fight hair loss and grow out your hair. Its antimicrobial properties will stop dandruff and promote new growth, while the antioxidants will stop hair loss and also help it to grow stronger and fuller. Loosen Chest Congestion Crush up an onion and make a paste by adding some coconut oil. Coat your chest with the paste and cover it with a dish towel. Onions work like a natural antibiotic and strengthen the immune system. The vapors that onion give off also work as an expectorant to loosen the mucous in your chest that causes coughing. Soothe a Colic Baby To soothe a colic baby give them a teaspoon of onion tea every hour until they are calm. The onion has properties that will relax muscles, strengthen the stomach, and regulate digestion. Boil a diced yellow onion in some water and allow it to cool before draining. Soothe a Bug Bite Place a piece of onion or some fresh onion juice onto a bug bite to soothe it. The anti-inflammatory properties of an onion will reduce inflammation and discomfort from the insect bite. Ear Infection Chop up an onion and put it inside of a thin sock and tie it closed. Put the sock over your ear and hold it in place with a hat. Leave it on until the pain goes away. Cuts Use the film of your onion skin for a cut. This will work as an antiseptic agent that stops bleeding quickly. The antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties help to heal the wound, while the antimicrobial properties will prevent it from getting infected. Soothe a Sore Throat Make a decoction from onion skin and water. Drink a little and gargle with it. If the taste is unbearable you can add some lemon and honey. The onion’s anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the pain and inflammation in your throat. Vomiting Grate an onion and squeeze it with a cheesecloth and collect the onion juice. Brew some peppermint tea and let it cool. Drink two teaspoons of the onion juice and wait five minutes. Then drink two teaspoons of peppermint tea. Repeat this until your stop vomiting. Cleanse the Air An onion will purify the air by sucking out bacteria and viruses of the air and absorbing it. Treat Sun or Minor Burns Rub some fresh onion on your burn to prevent infection. The sulphuric compounds will speed skin regeneration and reduce burning and redness. Fever Cut up some thin onion slices. Run some coconut oil on the bottom of your feet and apply your thin slices onto the arch of each foot. Wrap your foot with plastic wrap and cover with a sock. The onion will draw out toxins, bacteria, and sickness from the body overnight. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Lavender Lemonade – Nature’s Best Cure For Anxiety And Headaches!
subscribe our channel for more ! Lavender Lemonade – Nature’s Best Cure For Anxiety And Headaches! Lavender oil is one of the most frequently used and most beneficial essential oils that exist. It is rich in essential nutrients and offers a variety of health benefits, which makes it a must-have for everyone’s home. According to studies, the oil contains over 150 active compounds that give it its powers. Lavender oil has antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative and antispasmodic properties. A recent study from the University of Florida has revealed that it can reduce anxiety and heart rate in students during exams, and using it in aromatherapy can lower stress in patients before surgery. Some experts say that the oil works better than massage or rest, and that it can reduce pain during labor, help you sleep better and treat depression. There’s much evidence of lavender oil helping people suffering against sinus congestion, headaches and migraines, hangovers and different types of pain. There have been very few clinical trials that have demonstrated the oil’s efficiency against anxiety, but thousands of people that tried it claim it works. The aromatherapy effect can be “blamed” on the psychological effects of the oil’s aroma combined with the physiological effects of the limbic system’s volatile oils. In general, most people use lavender oil as a way of relieve stress due to its powerful sedative effect. Although you can inhale it, there’s an even better way of benefiting from lavender oil – consuming it in the form of lemonade. Here’s how to prepare it: Ingredients 1 drop lavender oil 12 cups water 6 lemons (squeezed) A cup of honey Lavender sprigs (optional and for decoration) Preparation Just mix everything in a pitcher, then add some ice cubes and pour yourself a glass. Drink the lavender lemonade every day to relax and prevent anxiety. Besides the lemonade, you can also diffuse the lavender oil in your home, add it to a bath, or mix it with a carrier oil and rub it on your skin to repel insects. Whatever you pick, the oil will surely help you feel much better than before. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Home Remedy To Say Goodbye To Diabetes, Cholesterol Liver Problems And Eliminate Accumulated Fat
subscribe our channel for more ! Home Remedy To Say Goodbye To Diabetes, Cholesterol Liver Problems And Eliminate Accumulated Fat People are nowadays turning to natural medicines instead of the medicines designed to treat diseases, as they pose serious health risks, and cause various side-effects. On the other hand, alternative organic medicines are safe and completely natural. Cilantro is one of the most popular natural medicines, used for centuries, which helps in the fight against diabetes, high cholesterol amounts, pancreatic and liver issues, and excess fat figure. These are some of its numerous health issues: -- Helps digestion -- Improves the function of the liver -- Regulates blood sugar levels -- Promotes a healthy eyesight -- Treats diarrhea and digestive issues -- Has powerful diuretic properties -- Prevents the fat accumulation in the tissues -- Treats conjunctivitis -- Prevents the build-up of oxalates in the kidneys and the development of renal stones -- Has strong antiseptic properties that treat ulcers The following treatment with cilantro is extremely beneficial in the case of kidney stones: You will need: Coriander Parsley Water Instructions: Boil the water, and add the herbs. Leave to simmer for 5 minutes on low heat. Then, leave the tea to cool, strain, and drink it right away. You rest of the tea can be stored in the refrigerator. Drink the tea throughout the day, on a regular basis, to improve overall health, and solve the issues with the renal stones. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
COCONUT OIL AND LEMON MIXTURE – IT TURNS GRAY HAIR BACK TO ITS NATURAL COLOR It is well known that gray hair is a process which occurs naturally as we age, but however, there are many other reasons which can be the cause for its appearance such as malnutrition, chemotherapy nutritional deficiency, genetic, etc. Nowadays, there are various products which are believed to help you in the treatment of graying or to completely stop it. but there are quite expensive and usually they have toxic chemicals in their content which can be really harmful to your health. So, instead of spending a fortune on these products, we suggest to solve your issue in a natural way. Recipe against gray hair Coconut oil can provide numerous health benefits. It has the ability to strengthen the root and hair due to its rich content of lauric and fatty acids and antimicrobial properties. Also, it stimulates the hair to grow again. The fatty acids together with the vitamins will nourish the scalp and remove the buildup of sebum, which is made from hair follicles. Lemon is very beneficial for the hair due to the fact that it has a rich content of vitamin C, vitamin B, phosphorus, and phytonutrients which have antioxidant properties. Lemon is even recommended by doctors for preventing white hair. Needed Ingredients: 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 50 ml Coconut Oil Method of preparation: First, you need to wash your hair and mix the lemon juice and coconut oil into a small plastic bowl. Then, apply the resulting mixture on your scalp and massage gently. Leave it to stand for 45 minutes-1 hour. Next, wash your hair with shampoo. You need to repeat this procedure twice a week. Furthermore, this remedy is extremely effective against dandruff. subscribe our channel for more !
Honey With Turmeric: The Most Potent Antibiotic That Not Even Doctors Can Explain
subscribe our channel for more ! Honey With Turmeric: The Most Potent Antibiotic That Not Even Doctors Can Explain With certainty, turmeric is one of the most popular spices in the whole world and it has extraordinary culinary and medicinal properties. It has been used in Ayurvedic, Indian, and Chinese medicine for a long period of time. This spice has a unique flavor and a deep yellow color. People have used it as a powerful natural remedy for a variety of health problems such as respiratory issues, liver diseases, skin problems, muscle sprains, cuts and wounds, and gastric issues. What’s more, it can be highly beneficial against issues with the digestion, various types of infections, inflammations, as well as malignant tumors. This Is Why Turmeric Is so Important for Our Health and Well-Being Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-microbial characteristics that make it the perfect natural solution to microbes, gastritis, peptic and gastric ulcers, and H. pylori. Research points out that this vital substance has a positive impact on the DNA, cell survival, and on the inflammation molecules. It also has the capacity to lower osteoarthritis symptoms; this can be achieved by taking 200 mg of turmeric on a daily basis. Turmerone is another ingredient in turmeric and it is known as a bioactive element that has the ability to better one’s brain function and treat Alzheimer’s by repairing the cells in the brain. How to Make a Natural Antibiotic with Turmeric Needed: 1 tbsp of turmeric spice 100 grams of organic honey Preparation: Put the ingredients in a glass jar and mix them well. Use: If you have the flu, take half a spoon of the antibiotic every hour. The next day, take the same amount, but every 2 hours. On the third day, take the same dosage, three times per day. Before swallowing the mixture, make sure you melt it in your mouth. Feel free to add it to your daily cup of tea or milk. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Use This Oil to Tighten Your Lose Breast in Just 1 Month
subscribe our channel for more ! Use This Oil to Tighten Your Lose Breast in Just 1 Month The aging process and breastfeeding may make your breasts lose shape. This is a problem for millions of women around the world that they can’t seem to fix. If you’re suffering from it as well, you’ve come to the right place – we have a great natural mixture that will reinforce your breasts and recover their shape! Here’s what you need to do: Ingredients 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds 3 tablespoons of olive oil Preparation and use Put the ingredients in a pot and heat them up, cooking until the seeds gain a slightly darker color. Now, take the pot off heat and leave the mixture to cool down for a bit before using it. Rub it on your breast in circular motion for 10 minutes – begin from the base and go upwards slowly. Repeat the process 2-3 times a day for a week and your breasts will regain their lost shape! If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
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How To Take Apple Cider Vinegar To Lose Weight And Reduce High Blood Pressure
How To Take Apple Cider Vinegar To Lose Weight And Reduce High Blood Pressure High blood pressure, regularly called “a quiet killer” is a typical medical issue that influences various individuals. Despite the fact that there are some professionally prescribed medications which can lessen your hypertension, the vast majority of them would lead to negative symptoms. In this way, the most ideal approach to deal with your hypertension is to utilize natural fixings that you certainly possess in your kitchen. Apple cider vinegar is known for its various medical advantages. In any case, likely you are wondering about the way of using apple cider vinegar to get thinner and diminish high blood pressure. All things considered, continue reading and you will discover more about the extraordinary forces of this fixing! Why Using Apple Cider Vinegar for High blood pressure The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asserts that about 33% of the Americans, experience high blood pressure. That is just about 67 million individuals. Besides, elevated amounts of circulatory strain can add to 1,000 deaths in one day. Hypertension would cause severe medical issues, including: Increased risk of heart attack Peripheral artery disease Kidney damage Vision loss Stroke Tired circulatory system Today, we have an old natural cure that will fundamentally enhance your levels of blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar is full with an acetic acid that can bring down the hypertension by diminishing the renin movement. Renin is a compound basic for controlling the thirst, urine output and blood pressure in the body. The most effective method to Take Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Weight and Reduce Hypertension As we have mentioned previously, the vinegar is full with acetic acid that can adequately treat high blood pressure. We advise you to mix it with honey to utilize it for diminishing hypertension and getting more fit. Required Ingredients: A glass of water 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon of honey Instructions: You need to pour the vinegar in the water and mix in the honey. You also need to blend well and consume this instantly. It is advised to devour this drink twice a day. This natural cure is advised for anybody, especially for those with high-sodium nutrition. Honey and apple cider vinegar are abundant in potassium, which manages the sodium levels in the body, along these lines diminish hypertension. You also need to have a healthy eating regimen and begin some workout program to deal with your levels of blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar is full with a natural acid that can enhance and accelerate the digestion, in this way helping you lose some weight. subscribe our channel for more !
How To Prevent A Stroke Before It’S Too Late !Early Signs Of Stroke.
subscribe our channel for more ! How To Prevent A Stroke Before It’S Too Late !Early Signs Of Stroke. Strokes, which are medical emergencies caused by lack of blood flow to the brain, are the 5th leading cause of death in the United States. Every forty seconds, someone has a stroke. Every four minutes, someone dies of one. Each year, more women than men have strokes. There is no proven reason for this, but women statistically live longer than men, and age is a major risk factor for increased chances of having a stroke. For African Americans, the risk of stroke is also higher, with it being the 3rd leading cause of death, making African Americans the most stroke-susceptible racial group in the United States. What Causes Strokes? There are two main types of strokes, ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes are caused by blood clots (i.e. the brain is unable to receive blood and the corresponding body part is affected) and hemorrhagic strokes are caused by arteries in the brain either leaking blood or bursting. The main cause of blood clots is fatty deposits in the arteries. Hemorrhaging can be caused by hypertension (stress), blood thinning medication, trauma, and weakness in the walls of blood vessels. In short, strokes are often caused when existing medical conditions take their toll on the body’s arteries and blood cells. Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Strokes Strokes happen quickly, so there often isn’t any obvious warning before it’s happening. Signs that a stroke is occurring are: Sudden numbness, particularly limited to one side of the body Sudden confusion Difficulty speaking or understanding words Vision problems Lack of balance Dizziness Trouble walking Headaches These stroke symptoms highlight how dangerous strokes can be for people with existing medical conditions. If you often have headaches or trouble with numbness, you may be inclined to “wait it out”. If a stroke happens and goes undetected, your body will not get the medical treatment it needs. So it’s important to always be aware of your body and be sure to address ongoing medical conditions so they don’t hide signs of emergency situations. Stroke Prevention Methods Because strokes can happen suddenly, it’s important to be active in stroke prevention, even if you don’t think you’re at risk. If you feel you are at greater risk for stroke because of pre-existing conditions, many communities have medical resources specifically for communities at higher risk. Be sure to reach out to get the help you need. There are daily steps you can take to prevent your risk of stroke. These include: Eating a healthy diet– That promotes optimal blood flow and circulatory health. This includes foods like nuts, greens, dark chocolate, citrus fruits, tomatoes, garlic, and green tea. A plant-based diet is high in the nutrients needed to prevent stroke. Foods rich in potassium and magnesium are also beneficial. Avoiding foods– That are high in sodium or deplete uric acid levels (like dairy). Exercising– Regularly to encourage proper blood flow Not smoking– As nicotine and tobacco inhibit circulatory function and lower immune system function as well. Avoid excesses drinking– As alcohol puts physical stress on your body. You should also regularly monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol, as changes in these numbers can indicate increased risk for stroke and other serious conditions. Strokes are extremely common in the United States and it’s important to maintain your health in ways that prevent strokes from occurring. Luckily, these practices tend to improve your overall health too. What methods do you take to stay healthy and reduce your risk of stroke? Share in the comments! If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)
Say Bye Bye To Cavities, Plaque And Bad Breath And Hello To Pearly White Teeth!
subscribe our channel for more ! Say Bye Bye To Cavities, Plaque And Bad Breath And Hello To Pearly White Teeth! Some populations are widely known as fortunate enough to keep all their teeth healthy and functioning even in their old age. Tibetan monks belong to the group of those “lucky ones,” who succeed in maintaining their pearly whites strong and healthy for however long they need them. But, what is their secret, and how can we all keep our teeth healthy for a lifetime? Well, it might be easier than you think, and it involves the use of a simple home remedy. Traditional Tibetan Recipe for Healthy Teeth Preparing this simple home remedy is the key to achieving strong, healthy and shiny teeth. It will help you remove dental plaque, reverse cavities and tooth decay, eliminate bad breath, and maintain good oral health in general. Here’s what you need to do, step by step, to prepare it: First, boil some fresh water and allow it to cool down. Fill ½ a glass with the cool water. Add one tablespoon of either pink Himalayan salt or Kosher salt to the glass and stir to mix well. Continue to stir hard for at least one minute. Foam is going to form at the surface of the glass, so make sure to remove it once you’re done stirring. Use this salt mixture to brush your teeth as you usual. Dip your toothbrush into the salt mixture and brush your teeth as usual. It is even recommended that you use this mixture as a substitute for your regular toothpaste. Afterwards, finish brushing by rinsing your teeth with the same salt water. Once you start using this potent dental treatment, your will soon witness amazing results. Your teeth will gradually become whiter, stronger, and free of cavities and plaque, while your gums will become healthier and pinker. It is important to note that this salty mixture may cause tooth sensitivity when you first start using it. However, this type of discomfort is nothing you should worry about. Regular use of this salty paste will help you eliminate all bacteria and toxins found in your oral cavities. Foods That Help with Teeth Whitening Besides regularly using the amazing salty paste, eating the following foods will also help you keep your teeth shining bright. Sesame Seeds Sesame seeds can help you “wipe out” plaque and any stains due to food and drinks from your teeth. Simply chew on some seeds or use sesame seed oil for swishing. This will also help you strengthen your gums and prevent gum bleeding. Raspberries and Strawberries These delicious fruits contain xylitol, a potent compound which has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria found in your mouth. They also help in teeth whitening. Black Tea and Green Tea Both teas possess powerful antioxidant flavonoids, which help destroy all types of bacteria in the mouth, thereby making your teeth whiter and eliminating bad breath. Cheese The consumption of cheese will help you solve any issues associated with acids, as it aids in neutralizing the pH of your mouth. Mushrooms Mushrooms are great when it comes to fighting gingivitis, an oral condition characterized by gum inflammation and bleeding. Broccoli This vegetable is high in iron, an essential mineral which is vital for maintaining the dental plaque strong and preventing any oral health issues. If you like our video then do subscribe to our channel. Please leave us a comment and give a thumbs up. It means a lot. Thank You :)