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Big payout with only 75 cent bet on Timber Wolf Slot Machine
#LasVegas #Casino #LasVegasCasino #SlotMachine #BonusRound
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How to Get FREE gifts at Casinos
In this video I'm just giving a quick overview of: the Player Rewards programs at casinos, how you can use your points to get 🆓 comps, and how the casino issues 🆓 gifts!!!🎁
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Spice - Black Hypocrisy - Colorism in the Black Community
Dancehall Queen spice didn't really bleach her skin. It was a brilliant publicity stunt to promote her new song called Black Hypocrisy. Both the song and video address colorism experienced by dark skinned women in the black community. https://youtu.be/WXdl3mpCbz4
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Dancehall Queen Spice: Skin Bleaching & Colorism
Discussing colorism and skin bleaching. Dancehall Queen, and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Spice is apparently pretending to have bleached her skin in order to promote a song called Black Hypocrisy on her new mixtape. It worked! She has definitely opened up a conversation about colorism and skin bleaching. I think it was brilliant: https://youtu.be/a5jAPGzeAaQ Black Hypocrisy Video: https://youtu.be/WXdl3mpCbz4
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Getting the bonus on Timber Wolf Slot machine
#TimberWolf #SlotMachine #LasVegas #Casino
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68 free spins on Buffalo Deluxe Slot Machine!
A lady and her husband were getting very lucky on the slot machines at Gold Coast Casino. The wife went into the free spins bonus on a Buffalo Deluxe slot machine. The bonus re-it several times and she wound up getting 68 free spins!!🙌🏾 #LasVegas #Casino #LasVegasCasino #GoldCoastCasino #Buffalo #BuffaloDeluxe
Просмотров: 54 Shay Zeigler
Hitting a bonus within a bonus on a Dragon Links slot machine!!!
Catching two bonuses on a dragon links slot machine at Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. #SlotMachine #LasVegas #Casino #DragonLinks #Bonus
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Bonus Round on Moon Maiden Slot Machine
My friend got the bonus on the moon Maiden slot machine and chose 48 free games/spins with the Buffalo symbol stacked. #SlotMachine #LasVegas #Casino #Suncoast
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Chicago Bucket Boys Drummers🥁 on Freemont Street in Las Vegas
Just showing a little Hometown love to the Chicago Bucket Boy drummers who play nightly on Fremont and Las Vegas Strip.
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Bonus Round on Buffalo 🐃 Slot Machine at Palms Casino in Vagas!!
I played my $5 free slot play and ended up hitting a lick in the bonus round!! 🙌🏾🎊💰💵🎊🙌🏾 #CasinoComeUp #Vegas #Casino #BuffaloSlots #PalmsCasino
Просмотров: 62 Shay Zeigler
Getting double Minor bonuses on Lightening Links slot machine
#LasVegas #Casino #LasVegasCasino #SlotMachine #LighteningLinks #BonusRound
Просмотров: 33 Shay Zeigler
Nice hit on Dragon Link Slot Machine 🎰 during free spin bonus
A screen full of the top symbol and wilds on a Dragon Link slot machine at Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. #LasVegas #Casino #LasVegasCasino #GoldCoastCasino #SlotMachine #Gambling
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Creamy Grilled Chicken Pasta Mukbang! Casino story time: He Won $1600
Mukbang of a yummy creamy grilled chicken pasta at the Grand Cafe inside of Palace Station Casino.🎰 Also a story time of a recent Casino trip where a gambling buddy of mine got up to $1,600 💵💰💸 off of $40 buy in!!!
Просмотров: 70 Shay Zeigler
Getting the $1,000 Jackpot on Sweet Skulls💀☠ Slot Machine
Getting the $1,000 jackpot on the sweet Skulls slot machine. #LasVegas #Casino #SweetSkulls #SlotMachine
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Vegan Spinach and Mushrooms Soup with Glass Noodles
In this video I show how I prepare a vegan soup using: organic vegetable broth, spinach crimini mushrooms, rosemary, glass noodles and your choice of seasonings. Enjoy and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up 👍🏾 and SUBSCRIBE!!!
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Twist Out on 4C Natural Hair
I'm doing a twist out on my 4C natural hair and talking about why I like to buy black owned products. #4C #NaturalHair #BuyBlack
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Why you shouldn't sing🎤 karaoke after you've had several shots of tequila and a 🍹cocktail.🤦🏾
Video from Shay Ziegler My co-workers and I were working a Roadshow in the San Diego area. We were working 11-hour shifts and dealing with a very busy and hectic event. We decided to have some drinks and let loose at a local pool hall and karaoke bar! As you can see I was lit and had a ball! 🙌🏾🎉🍹🥃🎊🙌🏾
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Lots of Wilds on Wild Wolf Run Slot Machine
This is an older video. But believe I had just gone from the minimum bet of 40 cents up to the middle bet of a $1.20. I did it just in time to get a screen full of Wilds!!! #Casino #SlotMachine #BigHit
Просмотров: 54 Shay Zeigler
Big Sean Speaking words of encouragement during his performance at Drai's in Las Vegas Vegas
#BigSean #LasVegas #Casino #CromwellCasino #Drais #Rooftop #Lit #VegasFridayNights
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Bonus on  Lock It Link slot machine
#LockItLink #SlotMachine #LasVegas #Casino
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